Once again, Glenn Greenwald is right

Talk about living in your head.

We’re only trying to get through tomorrow with a minimal amount of gunplay and bloodshed. Meanwhile Glenn hasn’t bothered to notice what the Trump half of America has been saying, or doing, or promising to do if that bitch steals the election.

He thinks Republican politicians can be reasonable people, inured to their rabid supporters, politically distinct from the likes of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, and can come to the sober conclusion that Hillary Clinton is the once-in-a-lifetime sort of president (…female, Democrat, Clinton…) they can all unite behind. Of course, Glenn, because…? Because two or three of them walked out of Donald’s KKK rallies? Please.

It is currently politically risky for any Republican to be anywhere to the left of Pepe the Frog. If you really want to know what the GOP leadership are likely to do, you can look at them right now – they’re united behind Donald Trump. How the outcome of tomorrow’s election completely upends this reality, I don’t know.