One problem with candidate Hillary Clinton

In losing to an awful no good racist sex criminal who happened to be the Republican nominee, we have in Hillary Clinton a bad candidate. An historically bad candidate. We have someone who did not know the country, did not understand its current politics, and could not connect with voters. Frankly she just wasn’t interested. The job was already hers, why should she bother?

The GOP may have gotten stuck with a hard charging despoiler, but, after the most painful presidential campaign in history, America preferred him.

That’s how bad Hillary was. This is how badly the Democratic party ended up doing. And don’t annoy me, not everybody in America is a scumbag, okay? Not everybody is an uneducated bozo. There should have been obvious ways for Hillary to win. It should have been easy.

But she stank. In a time where politicians, Republicans particularly, are a bunch of entitled do-nothings that know fuck all about America, and obviously don’t care, she looked like an example of the problem. Nobody has a proper idea of the things Hillary Clinton has done for anyone. Nobody has any idea what it is she really gives a damn about. The Iraq War, the Bankruptcy Bill, the incestuous ties with the party – we’re all familiar with that. But what’s her true passion? Where’s the soul of this politician?

Barack Obama didn’t help.

“I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman, not me, not Bill, nobody more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America.”

What about John Kerry? He too was a Senator. Not just for a paltry eight years, for twenty-eight years. Now he’s the Secretary of State, just like Hillary was. Has there never been a more qualified person to serve as president than him? Is he someday the greatest candidate ever?

How about Chuck Hagel? He was a senator for 12 years, then he became the Secretary of Defense. Has there never been a more qualified person than Chuck to serve as president? Will we someday call him the candidate of the century?

It makes no sense. What’s Obama getting at? Why would he go out of his way to say this? Answer: Because the candidate was once the spouse of a president. That’s the sizzle in the argument – this person once lived in the White House. She’s been there before.

How dumb is that? She didn’t have any constituents, she had no official duties. She did not participate in the government, never argued for or against any legislation, never ruled on a case before the Supreme Court, and cast absolutely no votes in Congress in eight years. But Obama, like so many other giddy Democrats, actually thought Americans would ultimately be swayed by this mundane fact. The difference between Clinton and all those other senator-secretaries is…she used to be First Lady.

This is what made the candidate a slam-dunk. This was why no discerning person could vote for Donald Trump. This was why, without a doubt, there’s “never been a more qualified person to serve as president.” Because she once was married to a president.

Imagine saying the exact same thing of another candidate. Imagine saying that of someone who happened to be a man-person. If somebody named Steve Smith were a former first gentleman and senator/secretary? If he ran for President? Would Democrats say he was the greatest candidate ever? Anyone making that argument would get laughed at. If anything, people would find it a reason to vote against him.

Americans didn’t buy the hype, and you can’t blame them. The sad truth is that Hillary Clinton is probably more of an idea than she is a politician. But you can bet the “Mrs. White House” argument made it much easier for all those smartypants neoliberal gurus to run her campaign. I mean, hell, who doesn’t love a first lady? President Donald Trump would like to thank every one of them.


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  1. avatar SAm says:

    I have to disagree with you on this one. I think everyone is over-analyzing this. I think what pushed him over the top was non-political couch potatoes turning out in droves to vote for the man on the Tee Vee. Poll watchers report many virgin voters being excited to be part of the chaos. It’s almost like half our population is below average, and don’t possess the critical thinking skills to differentiate between reality and Reality TV. Add in the Alex Jones crowd, along with the fundagelical idiots, and you have a pretty big voting bloc in militia country.

    Plus there were tons of last minute dark money ads in swing states claiming Hillary was under FBI investigation and about to be indicted. Donald Trump was definitely not self-funding his campaign, but that’s one of his lesser lies.

    Which brings us to the bullshit investigation of her emails, which followed the bullshit investigation of Benghazi, and the string of bullshit investigations by the House GOP. If we had real journalism in this country, the real story would be the serial prosecutorial misconduct of Gowdy, Issa, Chaffetz and other Republican goons. We need to see all of their emails.

    This was nothing short of a Fascist coup. In short order our courts are going to be packed with Federalist Society goons (like James Comey) who will set in stone the second class status of women and minorities, and discover new “rights” the wealthy have to abuse the poor.

    I think she ran a fine, positive campaign but she couldn’t overcome the 30 year smear campaign that has gone on largely unnoticed by our bloodhound liberal media — probably because those hearings get better ratings than stories about powerful women going about their jobs with competence.

    I was proud to vote for her, and I’ll be proud of that vote to my dying day.

    … then again, the DNC does suck*.

    * that doesn’t mean Bernie would have won

  2. avatar toma says:

    This was nothing short of a Fascist coup. In short order our courts are going to be packed with Federalist Society goons (like James Comey) who will set in stone the second class status of women and minorities, and discover new “rights” the wealthy have to abuse the poor.

    This is right. Everything you said is correct. The RW scumbags came out in droves to ratfuck everything in sight, and they got away with it. Though I’m proud of voting for her, and I’ll be proud of that to my dying day.


    Having a machine politician fronting our party made it all possible. Having someone who nobody had any passion for paved the way for the scumbags to take her out.

    If you believe that Repuglicans will ever behave themselves, you’re a fool. You have to run someone who people will be legitimately excited about. Otherwise the G. Gordon Liddy – Roger Stone – James O’Keefe faction will put their dicks up the tail end of the country and have their way.

    The truth is that the other side of the political game are completely obsessed with this stuff and can’t let it go. When you put out an average candidate, you’re playing into their hands. You make it possible for them to do horrible things and have the rest of America only shrug it off. “Whatcha gonna do?” Your neighbors will only throw up their hands and walk away.

    There’s no police for politics. There’s no Deus Ex Machina. There’s only the people.

    If the people aren’t going to rise up and put your candidate in power, then you get what you get. What we got, through the media, and a rudderless GOP, and Breitbart News, and Barack Obama’s good pal James Comey, was President Donald J. Trump.

    It’s just not good enough to vote for a decent person. It’s not good enough to vote for a better person. It’s not good enough to vote for a woman, or a Latino, or a university professor.

    You have to have someone who inspires. Who excites. Who gets people off their couches to go and vote.

    In 2012, African-American voter participation exceeded that of white voters for the first time in our nation’s history. The black vote made such an impact that, in 2012, it accounted for Obama’s entire margin of victory in seven states, which included Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia (Cook Political Report 2015).

    Black-voter participation has increased over the past three elections cycles since 2000 – that is, until Hillary Clinton led the ticket.

    …until this old lady do-nothing led the ticket. Until this meaningless centerfield figurehead politician ran her twice-a-week aloof campaign and engaged nobody on nothing. And handed the Oval Office to a mentally ill billionaire with a spite complex so big it could engulf the country.

    It is incumbent upon us to put liberals in the White House. It’s not good enough to run a decent bureaucrat person. You have to run somebody who can win.

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