Some blog news

Hey there blog-pals. For those of you interested, here’s the shorter: I started a new blog…

It was almost exactly 8 years ago to the day that I started this blog. Because I knew there was going to be a big change in the way ‘politics’ was going to be done under the Obama administration, I thought it might be fun to go along for the ride. I thought I would ‘blog’ along with the new president.

Well two administrations later we are at the end of that era. And a big change is coming at us once again. I just can’t imagine continuing to write about politics in the same sort of way – I mean, what’s already happening is so bizarre. I figure it’s probably time for a new blog.

So here you go: what trump!

The site is certainly rough around the edges right now. But I have managed to migrate about 50 of the most recent Trump-focused snarkings and demonstrations of disrespect from here to there. So if you’re in a mood to get your hate on, it’s a good place to hang out. Hope to see you there.