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Twinks For Trump, from the Fabulist School

Here’s a thing I came across on Memeorandum.


Ugh, It’s Jim Hoft. But I do like the idea of the art world having never seen a Frederic Remington.

At least 6 Conservative artists were preparing for Saturday’s historic opening. But Brooklyn gallery cancels after online threats and harassment by gay fascist mob.

Artist Lucian Wintrich says the artists are now scrambling to find another gallery for Saturday’s show.

Don’t feel too bad for Lucian. He’s a preppy East Coast ultra-WASP brimming with self confidence, as to be creepy (…cross a gay Ben Shapiro with Harry Potter – then see this. [warning: everything]). But instead of selling you worthless bonds, or country club memberships, as his people have done for generations, Lucian would rather sell you his photographs.

Because he’s apparently the first conservative artist in the world, or something. And his latest, ergo inital, collection for you to ooh and aah over he’s calling “Twinks For Trump.” If that’s a bit much for you to try and picture in your head, imagine this: Photographs of some barely clad hairless young men. Alright fine, but then what about the ‘Trump’ part? Are these men perhaps hanging on the elbows of portly billionaires exiting Park Avenue limousines? Not exactly. Instead, every Lucian hot twink is wearing a Make America Great Again hat too big for his head (…see here [warning: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]).

Now before you say, “Give me a break. He just pulled those out of his spank pile.” Oh NO. This young artist is better than that – he is the real thing. Not because his photos are more than a curiosity on the aesthetic spectrum, but because – remember? – the Gotham queers. Lucian is a bona fide victim of today’s politics no systematic oppression oh yes that’s it Auschwitz. Tell us, oh young Wintrich Joselewicz:

First they removed my family from positions of power. My relatives in Poland included doctors, lawyers, and leaders of Polish society. Then they removed us from our homes and our contracts. Then they started killing us.

Lucian is related to Holocaust survivors. Which makes a Wintrich photograph, in terms of Conservative Art, a back-lit Kincade.

My grandfather would not believe what is happening in America today. It is fascism and it is all coming from the left. This is how people like Hitler took power. They believe it is alright to silence people. If they keep doing things like this we know what comes next.

Oh yes. We certainly do.

** Please let’s make sure this show happens – Please donate here…

Of course. And in case you’re not all that interested in softcore porn, rest assured there will be other Picas-so-sads at the big show as well.

Contributing Artists:

Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, and Martin Shkreli among participating artists in first ever pro-Trump gallery exhibition.

The opening for #DaddyWillSaveUs will be held at 191 North, 14th Street, Brooklyn, New York October 8th starting at 8pm ET.

See you Saturday night.


Much like cubism, but with squares

I felt Roy was tracking a fascinating if weird phenomenon, what with the con-bloggers going all “We lost because the liberals own the culture.” This comes in response to the election disappointment. He quoted Auslin at National Review:

Without getting too bogged down in esoterica, it seems uncontroversial to say that, at the end of the day, politics is culture (and of course, political systems reflect the cultures from which they grow). If that’s the case, then we will be in ever greater danger at the national level unless we start winning on the cultural battlefield.

So the argument goes: The kids can’t separate the politics from the fun. When Transformers 4 is chock full of white jerks, you can’t expect Mitt Romney to have any chance, can you? If Grand Theft Auto, with all its, uh, urban characters, is selling 80 million copies, think of the advantage Barack Obama has. Pop culture is eating us alive.

I love the complaint, and I love reading Roy. But that’s not exactly a serious concern of theirs, is it? Au contraire:

Many say the answer is to boycott Hollywood — some already have. But when you do that just realize that you are turning your back on the culture and that can have, in fact already has had, drastic results.

As the late — and increasingly lamented — Andrew Breitbart pointed out repeatedly, “Politics is downstream from culture.”

This is Roger Simon. Simon.

Put simply, give up on the culture and you lose forever. (It’s hard enough with the media and the educational system rigged the way they are.)

So my point is quite simple. Quit bitching and start doing.

The more I look for these pep talks, the more of them I see. Roy is right, they’re everywhere (lesson: don’t question The Edroso). We cons can’t compete with you who make us look foolish in the movies. So we’ll make some kewl movies of our own, and then we’ll be the Hip-Hop Presidents, and such. Wait you’ll see.

Good luck, loons! First, you have no talent. Second, you are aware of nothing. These are the crises that rendered you conservative to begin with. It’s true. Look — I’ve been using the blog to post the political cartoons of conservatives for 3 years. Why? Because they are stupefying.

See? Watergate, the hotel? Clark Kent represents a person? Somebody involved in the Benghazi affair? Something else? What is he supposed to rescue? The word, or the concept? Maybe the building? Wouldn’t we already expect Bizarro Clark to do nothing? So the point is . . gawd knows. The thing is nonsense. A disaster. But Conservatives absolutely get it, and it slays them.

Which brings me to my point. When it comes to art, wingnuts, YOU CAN’T DO IT.

Nonetheless, here comes another warrior:

[The GOP] are supposed to be helping us educate voters, grow our base and win elections. From what I’ve seen, they’ve failed miserably at all three. Not only have they failed, they’ve absolutely refused to do anything innovative, to change their thinking in any manner whatsoever or to make any attempt at all to leverage the power of popular culture.

He’s got the answer.

The way I do this is through music. You might have heard of the band I manage – it’s called Madison Rising. We’re somewhat of an anomaly in the music industry, being a pro-American rock band and all. Turns out we’re not really very welcome in that environment. Fortunately though, that hasn’t stopped us from becoming a #1 best selling artist, spending 15 weeks on the top 100 list on the Amazon music charts this past summer . .

He’s doing it. He’s filling the right-wing void with edgy, infectious art carrying a traditional message. Dig. How has he done it? What’s the secret?

. . we are a patriotic, pro-American rock band who believes in hard work, integrity and gratitude for all we have as Americans. Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know, that’s what conservatives are supposed to stand for.

Unfortunately, they don’t know how to convey it. The vast majority of political meeting I go to are nothing but one big (and boring) social event. Everyone talks over each other, complains, moans and incessantly promotes their pet project to a room full of other people all doing the same thing. The end result is that everyone leaves with nothing ever getting done. The message never gets out of the room.

Listen to the guy! The band made it by getting out of the Hannity cotillion, people. They didn’t just rock their pals, they rocked the streets. And now it’s like a Madison wildfire out there — the kids can’t get enough of the sound and the message. That’s how you win 2016, or something.

Boom. Curious? Yeah, lay the MadRizz on us man. Here’s the track that landed them somewhere on the Amazon charts. But grab your wig or flip your rig:

Not exactly Captain Beefheart, is it?


Nakoula the revered Christian filmmaker

The modern American Egyptian saint. Hail or crucify? Let’s get him.

Obama to Condemn Christian Filmmaker Before United Nations

We don’t like the religious and we’re not so hot on movies either. We’re urbane. We are the space age people of doing buggery and drugs in shrinking spaces. Where are the priests? I’ve got some urbanization to do.

Not only are we seeing the White House and State Department call more attention to the Mohammed-mocking “Innocence of Muslims” than any terrorist network ever could’ve hoped for . .

The White House? This?

On September 17, about 500,000 Lebanese protested in Beirut at a rally where Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah made a rare public appearance, calling for sustained protests against the film, calling the protests the “start of a serious movement in defense of the prophet” . .

On September 18, a female suicide bomber drove a car filled with explosives into a mini-bus with foreign aviation workers in Afghanistan, killing at least nine people, reportedly including eight South Africans and a British woman and possibly also a number of Afghans.

The White House’s fault? They can barely run a presidential campaign. They can round up maybe 10,000 people, but only with months of planning. I don’t think so.

. . but the President’s indefensible scapegoating of the film and filmmaker to draw attention and blame away from U.S. security failures apparently knows no bounds . .

My God, between the media and the Obama White House, we are finally witnessing Orwell’s “1984” blossom to life.

1984: The Breit Bartening. It opens with the Pope of one country. He films a documentary about the Prophet of another country. No one knows about anything ’til a great blogger —–> #WAR. The peasants are screamed into protests of submission. Or submissions of protest. The media rub their hands and broadcast it all. Everybody dies. It’s pretty much The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.


Art for D-Day: Conservatives misunderstand. Act angry and hurt.

As part of the 67th commemoration of D-day, the World War II invasion of Normandy, a French artist named Rachid Khimoune currently has a large installation on Omaha beach:

An installation of 1,000 casts of Russian, German and American combat helmets of WWII which also represent turtles, to denounce global violence, created by French artist Rachid Khimoune, is seen on Omaha Beach in Colleville sur Mer, western France, Sunday, June 5, 2011 at the eve of the D-Day Anniversary.

. . as is utterly predictable, the echoes of “to denounce global violence” were too much for some folks to bear:

Stupid art is objectively pro-Nazi
pajamas media | June 5 2011

Tell me: How could the French government countenance this art installation, which manages to be both juvenile and deeply insulting at the same time?

Dear Zombie: To Denounce Global Violence. It doesn’t get any simpler than that, it ain’t complicated.

Does French D-Day ‘Art Installation’ Desecrate Omaha Beach? | The Blaze
The American Patriot Blog | June 6th 2011

. . Making it worse, Zombie has discovered that the Omaha Beach desecration is not an isolated incident for this artist . .

For what it’s worth, I have a video of Khimoune playing with his turtles on location . .

Horrors. My experience with these sorts of things, where people point to a war and denounce violence, followed by conservatives being furious that anyone would say that war wasn’t awesome, is that the veteran themselves are usually okay with the calls for peace. They know the price of violence — all violence. Many of them find it hard to sleep not for what was done to them, but for what they had to do. Let’s not put anyone in that predicament again, okay? Can we? Okay.

Incidentally, just what is “The American Patriot Blog”? It’s “The Official Blog of the American Patriot: Michael J. Maxim.” Oh, the one and only.