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‘Twas Perfesser Instapundit in the USA Today with the butthurt

attack of the wuss

Perfesser Emeritus of Dumbsplaining Glenn Reynolds stands at the USA Today lectern and readies himself, looking serious (turning his notes upside down, then downside up) before today’s lecture: The Media Hate Republicans.

He opens with a stab at rhetoric.

Why do organizations like CNN let Democrats’ arrested for felonies slip through the cracks?

The question sets the tone brilliantly. Isn’t the world a seesaw battle between Democrats and Republicans? And if CNN is not willing to be mean to one, aren’t they being mean to the other?

California State senator (and, until last week, candidate for secretary of state) Leland Yee was well-known as an anti-gun activist. Then, last week, he was indicted for, yes, conspiring to smuggle guns and rocket launchers between mobsters and terrorists in exchange for massive bribes…

This all sounds like news. You’ve got charges of huge bribes, rampant hypocrisy, illegal weapons and even a connection with foreign terrorists — and from a leading politician in an important state.

A ‘leading politician in an important state’ I probably would have heard about. But unless you live in Northern California, like me you’ve never heard a word about Leland Yee, the San Francisco politician who was arrested for shoplifting in 1992 and stopped for soliciting prostitutes in 1999. Gun-running sure as hell trumps those previous raps and he’s welcome to rot in jail.

But why isn’t CNN all over this story? A gun-hating Chinese Democrat from Pelositown exporting arms from the Philippines? If they’d only let the perfesser run their San Francisco bureau he’d have Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy on this in a heartbeat.

CNN…didn’t report the story at all. When prodded by viewers, the network snarked that it doesn’t do state senators. Which is odd, because searching the name of my own state senator, Stacey Campfield, turns up a page of results, involving criticisms of him for saying something “extreme”. Meanwhile, CNN found time to bash Wisconsin state senator and supporter of Gov. Scott Walker, Randy Hopper over marital problems.

But there’s a difference. They’re Republicans. When Republicans do things that embarrass their party, the national media are happy to take note, even if they’re mere state senators.

Glenn doesn’t understand how ‘media’ work. Which is understandable since he believes all things originate from authority. CNN is failing in its role as Media Daddy, refusing to focus proper attention on Leland Yee and start a political wildfire. If the resulting scandal should burn down the White House, well that would be a fine example of balanced reporting.

But life is more complicated than that. There’s a second authority involved in the media complex: The audience. If they’re bored with a story, then they kill it. And it doesn’t matter how much indignation a perfesser manages, the controversy simply goes away.

In the case of Stacey Campfield, CNN were only taking their orders from the crowd. He’s a provocative asshole who posted an image of an “assault pressure cooker” to lob insults at gun control advocates while Boston Marathon bombing victims were still fighting to survive. The predictable and purposeful outrage landed him an interview on, yes, CNN. It shouldn’t surprise Glenn that CNN’s archives retain links going back to CNN’s interviews, but it does.

In the case of Hopper, CNN has a single four-paragraph blurb on him in Ed Hornick’s ‘Political Circus.’ And only then because Hopper was being recalled when his wife informed reporters he’d abandoned the family to live with his young mistress. Dear me the extent to which CNN will go to take down Republicans, it shocks you. But if you’re not yet full of astonishes, you can always try swallowing whatever argument Glenn cooks up next. In this dish, a turkey:

We’ve seen this before, of course: Washington Post reporter Sarah Kliff dismissed the horrific Kermit Gosnell trial as a “local crime story”, even as the press was going crazy covering another equally local crime story, the George Zimmerman trial.

Take in the warped panorama of Instapundit world, where Gosnell plays an ignoble Democrat and Zimmerman a good Republican. In George’s case, CNN had it in for the young conservative while the rest of the country couldn’t have cared less. But somebody left the TV on in the den, and then all sorts of people got angry, or at least said so, or feigned their outrage or something. And for no reason! If the media had pulled the same crap on Kermit Gosnell you’d have seen NBA players standing center court in support of the pro-life movement, sporting the same “Abort Obama” t-shirts the cool kids wear.


Because the Irish have a great friend, as you know, in Rupert Murdoch

attack of the wuss

Oh no. We Irish have hard feelings about something somewhere. If only a billionaire could come to our rescue.

Thuigim? No fays in our religious parade. Either that or we don’t drink Guinness, which is a small price to pay for me and my people because we don’t really care for its timeless raven warmth, like mother’s milk. We might also not sleep or sunburn casually or start fights about every useless thing on the planet.


George Will: I am a truck.

attack of the wuss

Just in:

The era of Gesture Liberalism is at hand.

It occurs to George Will. We are full of shit. Never before in all his 72 years have the hippies protested anything or held a demonstration.

It may be more amusing than consequential.

We could carve that on his tombstone. Burnish it in the peach fuzz on his ass. This maybe, too: “Helluva Bow Tie There, Caligula.”

Americans who exercise consumer sovereignty wherever Barack Obama still tolerates it are constantly disappointing him. For generations they persisted in buying what he calls “substandard” policies from what he calls “bad apple” health insurers. They stopped only when he forced them to stop — when he rescued them from their ignorance by banning their benighted preferences.

Last year all you could afford was a $10,000-deductible insurance policy. When you bought it, that was an expression of your “sovereignty.” Freedumb! This year, for the same price, a $1500-deductible policy became available. And this was your undoing, I take it. The second policy equals bad, somehow. Or is George Will a blockhead?

Have consumers thanked him for trying to wean them from their desire to drive large, useful, comfortable, safe vehicles that he thinks threaten their habitat, Earth?

Their habitat. We’re a bunch of zoo animals.

NOAA global temperature

Christ, what an asshole.

The 2013 numbers tell the tale of their ingratitude. In 2013, for the 32nd consecutive year, the best-selling vehicle was Ford’s F-Series pickups.

That’s what your mom wants to drive, right? A truck. Perfect for commuting, Sunday drives and picnics. It’s summertime, and we’re going upstate with the dogs lashed down in the bed. There goes Snowball.

But let us play George’s silly game, shall we? You Stoopid Hippies, The Market Is What Decides:

Even with SUV and crossover utility vehicles sales surging, the average fuel efficiency of new vehicles sold in August set a new high for the U.S., according to a new report…

“I am not surprised that overall fuel economy is improving,” says Sivak, who has been tracking fuel efficiency for the last six years. “Buyers are selecting more fuel-efficient vehicles within each class of vehicles.”

In case snotface can’t read:

fuel economy over the years

Fuel efficiency is a decades-long buying trend. A market behemoth. If you want to make a mint, offer the American consumer an economical car. Couldn’t be any clearer. And only a mothballed Ford F-150 would be considered a “comfortable, safe vehicle.” Friends, thinking about maybe getting your head torn off in an automobile accident? Well, then, you should think about getting yourself a CO2-brapping pile of steel:

Take a vehicle’s Insurance Institute for Highway Safety score, throw it into a data pot that includes Consumer Reports ratings, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash safety results and J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study numbers, mix thoroughly, then pour out the most dangerous vehicle on the road today: The Ram pickup truck.

The website 24/7 Wall St. created this analysis to reveal the models with consistent quality problems and poor safety scores. All of the vehicles scored poorly in one area or another in crash testing, typically side or rear impact tests. They all scored badly in rollover testing, except the Jeep Wrangler.

In order, the best of the worst are:

1. Dodge Ram
2. Chevrolet Colorado Super Cab
3. Mazda CX-7
4. Mazda CX-9
5. Nissan Pathfinder
6. Jeep Wrangler
7. Suzuki SX4

Mobile coffins. A truck, a bigger truck, an SUV, a bigger SUV, a huge SUV, a Suzuki, and a Jeep. George Will is brilliant. And if that isn’t the best of all possible worlds.

Liberals try to gag the pundit with their Hyundai Utopias, but he isn’t swallowing. American glory will not be satisfied with such sexless, academic petitions. The shrunken Prius, the flaccid Tesla. A clitoral Fiat. Hear him: NO! The trucking brute! Vrooom! Smelly and Manly! Overlarge, overpriced, to beat you at the gas pump and put you in the hospital. ‘Tis George Will! Wishing.

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Benghazi! You can’t! You won’t! And you don’t stop!

attack of the wuss, muslin death charge

The wingnuts are pissed at the New York Times.

Down the Times’ Bengahzi Rabbit Hole
Nitpicking over which jihadists did what lets the Obama administration evade the real questions.
By Andrew C. McCarthy | National Review | January 4, 2014

So Andrew McCarthy takes another crack at BENGHAZI!!1!! The Republican obsession is harder to kill than a vampire, although David Kirkpatrick’s in depth reporting comes close to driving the stake. Months of investigation in Benghazi revealed the violence came about spontaneously, as much a response to the Innocence of Muslims video as anything else. Dozens of young men from a number of militias participated in it. In short, it was a street riot, with armaments. But that sort of thing doesn’t really stoke the fear of mastermind Musselmen in America’s quaking hearts, does it? So McCarthy will do what he can to revive the menace of it all.

Of course, if it had happened in Chicago that would have been alright too. Andy would have called for better Stand Your Ground laws and the rollback of affirmative action. But since it all went down in Libya he’s got to work a different angle. Try a little something else. Anti-Americanism. Mass murder. Conspiracy. Jihad.

What was the commander-in-chief of the United States armed forces doing through the night of September 11, 2012, while he knew Americans were under jihadist siege in Libya?

Then he calls aloud: Hillary Clinton! And Vince Foster rolls over in his grave.

The Times report is a labor of love in the service of President Obama and, in particular, the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign ramp-up. Former secretary of state Clinton, of course, was a key architect of Obama’s Libya policy.

Also Muslims. And terrorists.

She was also chiefly responsible for the protection of American personnel in that country, including our murdered ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens, and the three other Americans killed by Muslim terrorists…

It’s a horror film that sells itself. The only thing missing is the buttered popcorn. Well, a little popcorn and the slightest bit of anything that refutes Kirkpatrick’s reporting…

…why do I say, “Mission Accomplished”? Because the objective of Kirkpatrick’s novella is not to persuade; it is to shrink the parameters of newsworthy inquiry to a punctilious debate over nonsense: The cockamamie trailer and the dizzying jihadist org chart.

Cocklefish and bodskins! You’re screwing it up! I laughed so hard at this paragraph, then I stopped reading. I wonder why he didn’t just yell poopyhead.

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Look what Lindsay is up to now

attack of the wuss

Well. What a surprise…

As he moves to introduce a bill in the Senate banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday the issue is a conversation a “humane” society needs to have.

“This is a debate worthy of a great democracy. When do you become you? At 20 weeks of a pregnancy, what is the proper role of the government in protecting that child?” Graham said on “Fox News Sunday.”

I remember when something called ‘Lady Gaga’ suddenly started popping up on my internets. What is this? A person? A movie? Perhaps it’s a blasphemous art movement, like the Fauvists. ‘The Lady Gagas have just constructed a five story butter-sculpture of Jim Nabors in an airport atrium.’ Crazy.

Anyway I haven’t the faintest idea what “abortion” is so I’m off to educate myself. I’m sure this is exactly what Lindsay expects of me in anticipation of the Great Debate. Wikipedia maybe? The first of the historic discussions will start any second now but, first, apropos of nothing . .

Graham’s approval in his home state has dropped nearly 30 points among conservatives in a new Winthrop University poll. Among Republicans and GOP leaners, 45.2 percent approve of the job Graham is doing, down from 71.6 percent in February. His approval among all registered voters stands at 37.4 percent, with 48.5 percent disapproving.

. . it appears that Graham’s right-wing base is evaporating like witch hazel on a blazing iron. Conservatives normally being pathologically loyal, this would be a disaster. For whatever reasons, even his fellow right-wingers, the defiant amid the sane, have come to despise the old drama queen. If something doesn’t turn this trend around, look where his election day support will end up:

Right above zero. This would be among the most conservative people in South Carolina. Maybe he could find an issue to rouse the right-wingers and revive his fading chances. Graham has taken political solace previously in our many marches to war, but that drum has been beaten ragged. What about capital punishment? How about prayer in school? The old devil, I imagine he’ll find something.

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Today in Mark Steyn blows a cockroach

attack of the wuss

You want to give people healthcare while China is still around?

The West’s rivals do not think like this . . The Daily Telegraph in London reported this week that the Chinese have just signed a deal to lease five percent of Ukraine (or an area about the size of Belgium) to grow crops and raise pigs on . . Beijing thinks the half-millennium blip of Euro-American dominance is coming to an end and the world is returning to its natural state of Chinese preeminence. The West assumes it can endure as a kind of upscale boutique unaffected by the changes beyond. Like, say, the frozen-yogurt shop at the Westgate mall in Nairobi — until last weekend.

Zing. Or like, say, a security brokerage in the World Trade Center. Hiyoooo…

China’s Ukraine deal may sound kinda wacky, but the People’s Republic consumes about 20 percent of the world’s food yet has (thanks to rapid industrialization) only 9 percent of its farmland. As Big Government solutions go, renting 5 percent of a sovereign nation to use as your vegetable garden and pig farm is a comparatively straightforward answer to the problem at hand. By contrast, try explaining American “health” “care” “reform” to the Chinese: You could rent the entire Ukraine for about 3 percent of the cost of Obamacare, and what does it solve?

Inflammation of the factoid? Fracture of the fib-you-lie? Death is a phantom menace, apparently. Meanwhile look at all those Chinese people eating succulent pork ribs. If that isn’t testament to the yellow horde’s supremacy, I don’t know what is.

Apropos of nothing, China spends around $340 billion annually on healthcare. The U.S. government’s expenditure on Obamacare in 2014 will skyrocket to about $110 billion. Remember when your second grade teacher warned you not to try to count to infinity? That’s how dumb Mark Steyn is.


Today in Mark Steyn blows a gerbil

attack of the wuss

Peggy Lee impersonator Mark Steyn:

A few years ago, after the publication of my book America Alone, an exasperated reader wrote to advise me to lighten up, on the grounds that “we’re rich enough to be stupid.” That’s to say, Western democracies and their citizens are the wealthiest societies ever known, and no matter how much of our energies are wasted on pointless hyper-regulation for the business class and multigenerational welfare for the dependency class and Transgender and Colonialism Studies for our glittering youth, we can afford it, and the central fact of our wealth will ensure that our fortunes do not change. Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, we have been less rich, and our stupidity ought in theory to be less affordable. Instead, it’s been supersized. To take only the most obvious example, President Obama has added six-and-a-half trillion bucks to the national debt, and has nothing to show for it. As Churchill would say, had his bust not been bounced from the Oval Office, never in the field of human spending has so much been owed by so many for so little.

Recession? Hullo? Mark lives up his ass.

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Noonan tsk-tsks Putin. Putin would now prefer to die.

attack of the wuss, ops and eds

Peggy Noonan reads some Vlad Putin and then concern trolls.

He twisted the knife and gloated, which was an odd and self-indulgent thing to do when he was winning.

Normally it’s the losers who are all “Look at me!” while stabbing you in the liver.

In any case, the steely-eyed geopolitical strategist has reminded us that he’s also the media-obsessed operator who plays to his base back home by tranquilizing bears, wrestling alligators and riding horses shirtless, like Yul Brynner in “Taras Bulba.”

I’d like to see Peggy riding a horse shirtless. With her hand under her chin and her head tilted in a thoughtful way, the thundering stallion in full gallop across the plains of Stolichnaya, with the sounds of drunken bongos…

Mr. Putin’s challenge to the idea to American exceptionalism was ignorant and tone-deaf. The president had thrown in a reference to it at the end of his speech. Mr. Putin, in his essay, responded: “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation.” After all, he said, God made us all equal.

My goodness, that argument won’t get you very far in America…


…America is not exceptional because it has long attempted to be a force for good in the world, it attempts to be a force for good because it is exceptional.

There’s the epigram you’ll find calligraphy’d in pubescent sans on a slice of stationery in Peggy’s locket.

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Christian pastor posts video of black kids beating up white teen, commenters explode with racism

attack of the wuss, race

Doug Giles is your wingnut heartthrob and evangelical pastor at Clash Church in Miami, Florida. He runs the Clash Daily website and comments (very badly) at and other right-wing outlets. The Trayvon Martin killing and murder trial have gotten under his skin. So Doug has used his blog to attack his perceived enemies and capitalize on the simmering conservative outrage over one of theirs being tried for the murder of an unarmed teen.

In his relentless pursuit of a race apology, or a public flogging, Pastor Doug has recently posted “An Open Letter to White, Black, Brown and Yellow Thugs,” as well as “ATTENTION AL SHARPTON: Black Dude in White Hoodie Viciously Stabs White Teenage Girl.” These missives got people plenty mad. But his latest post is a real hair-tearer:

MY THREE SONS: Three Black Teens Brutally Beat White Teen, No Word from Obama, Sharpton, Jackson
By Clash Daily / 9 August 2013 / 685 Comments

Gulfport, Florida police released video last week of a horrible racial beating on a school bus.

A white student was seen brutally beaten by three older black teens as he stood up to leave the bus.

The black bus driver did nothing to stop the beating.

The cops said ‘no racism’ was involved in the beating. How they know that is beyond me.

The blacks teens beat this white kid to a pulp because he reported to his school officials that one of the black assailants was dealing weed.

The 13yr. old boy suffered a broken nose, black eyes and a broken arm.

The mirror post was called “Another Black on White Beat Down: Why George Zimmerman Carried a Gun and Why You Should.” But Townhall apparently wanted nothing to do with the nasty video, so Doug proudly put it up back at his place, with a snazzy title designed to mock Trayvon Martin’s dad, President Obama. So please to everybody go there. Which everyone did. And the beastly racism came spewing forth like fourth-quarter Tostitos puke at an Olde English Super Bowl bash. Doug’s friends are really some of the most terrible, awful human beings. What a good thing it is that he’s buddies with Jesus Christ because, you know, he might well end up otherwise in a very unpleasant place.

• Walter Shipley

The white kid was racist, you can tell by the color of his skin. The black kids were just defending themselves. If Obummer had three sons, he would look just like these three.

• Gary Arciszewski

Zimmerman did the right thing, too bad he wasn’t driving the bus.

• Allen Gottsch

If that was my kid I’d be hanging a few spooks!! It’s time to go back to the old ways to retrain these IDIOT’S!! So go ahead and call me a racist!! My kid is a thousand times more important than these wastes of flesh, can’t even call them human!! More like the little apes they are!! Back into your trees monkeys!!!

• All American

Blacks in a fight cannot go one on one, I takes a least three of more blacks to whip one white person.

• dashandra monika

das right. cracker was racist. he be not payyen respect to the brothas

• TrueGrit

Dats cause day dont deserve no respect ,days thugs and no laws is for dem.De laws was written for de white folks in town ,no laws is for dem cause day is brown

• Ed

After Obama gets out of office he will be on TV and the show will be called my three ni$$ers

• Ricarrdo estavans

I read the report and saw the video of the attack. I went to the card store to buy a birthday card. A black guy in a wheel chair asked me for spare change. Not more than an hour age. I told him to go fug himself.

• John W.H.

Looks like three more monkeys right out of Ba-rack Whoisinsane Obama’s family tree

• Freedom Fighter

Now there are 3 Niggers that should be beat to death with baseball bats.
George Zimmerman were are you when we need you!

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Where Ariel Castro, porn and the Catholic Church collide

attack of the wuss

I was going to make glib work of the triple-X bewailing to be found here, by way of Amanda Marcotte, but it requires some sober attention. The Most Reverend James D. Conley, bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska, is capable of writing some seriously twisted stuff.

Few of us can imagine or understand the depravity of Ariel Castro’s heart. Castro is the Cleveland man who recently was arrested for kidnapping, raping, and imprisoning three women for over a decade. He impregnated the women he held captive and beat one of them until she miscarried. Ariel Castro is obviously sick, obviously broken, obviously enslaved by the forces of chaos and evil in a way that few of us have ever witnessed.

Now watch Columbo, our celibate with a hunch, bumble across the murder weapon.

Ariel Castro belongs in prison. Last week, he was sentenced to serve more than one thousand years. But despite the depths of his depravity, when Castro stood shackled in a Cleveland courtroom, he confessed a common American problem. “I believe I am addicted to porn,” he said, “to the point where I am impulsive, and I just don’t realize that what I am doing is wrong.”

That paragraph is a doozy. It’s a swirling black hole at the intersection of degrees and relevance. Aherm: It’s hard to believe, friends, but while Ariel Castro kept teenagers chained upstairs in his house, he was addicted to porn. Clang. Sound of one hand clapping. I take this as a cue to spit Mr. Pibb on my monitor. *SPLORT* . . I watch that shit! Now we’re copacetic. Just like everybody else, Castro’s got himself “a common American problem.” Or like some guy who beats and rapes women, I myself have got a problem. Nothing outside the routine tending and feeding of the second floor, I hope.

Pornographic addiction is powerful, destructive, and all too typical. Ariel Castro’s addiction is no excuse for his actions, but it points to a deep and sobering reality: Free, anonymous, and ubiquitous access to pornography is quietly transforming American men and American culture . . It is increasingly unreasonable to argue that pornography use is ever harmless or victimless.

His Excellency provides whimsical evidence for this gargantuan charge. A National Review article that references the august American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, for one. The swearing that there are undeniable correlations — rapists and porn, jerks and porn — that are highly correlated, for two. But if and when you ask me, once you’re fool enough to agree that Castro is both totally evil and typically normal, the ball’s landed in your court. Now you’ve got to take seriously the heartfelt sentiments of the Cleveland Monster, with the tsk-tsking of a head, or with the right hand a-tremor and making signs of the cross:

“I am a good person, and I hope [people] find it in their hearts to forgive me and do a research on people who have addictions so they can see how their addiction takes over their lives,” he later added.

Empathy is called-for with these addicts. You can imagine what it’s like to abduct a terrified, defenseless teen. HOT. But now it’s back to the dungeon forever with you, my meatbag. There will be workaday beatings, and threats of death, and the steady sounds of crying from way way back in the dark. Way HOTTER. You know what I mean.

I’m not trying to make excuses,” he said. Mr. Castro said his habit of watching pornography for two to three hours a day stems from what he says was his own sexual abuse as a child.

Oh no, my Bishop, look what the bastard did. Confessing to being the victim of another, different, “common American problem.” A crime that strikes children, altering brain structure and function. A centuries-old problem that the Catholic Church as an institution is more responsible for than any other in history. If we’re to take His Most Reverend any more seriously than Ariel Castro, self-aware subhuman, He might consider that there are far more devastating causes of dysfunction and violence than click-tastic porn.

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Brent Bozell vs. The Schlong

attack of the wuss

Bleating media scold Brent Bozell really takes it to Disney Inc. here by way of ABC Television. Paul Schrader and Bret Easton Ellis’ pathetic romantic-torture flicker The Canyons marks the mostly-clothed debut of porn horse James Deen (nom de boink). We won’t call it going legit because he only hopes the Hollywood thing goes well enough to give him a back-up.

The business slash chutzpah architecture of the future cinema bomb is enough to give Bozell an instant palsy. But ABC reporting on a flesh star cast in a feature film surely means the four horseman are trying to cram his niece in John Holmes’ ’75 Econoline van.

ABC reporter Cecilia Vega sold Deen as a 27-year-old hazard to teenaged girls. They’re boasting that he’s found a new frontier of porn consumers, “some of them so young we couldn’t even interview them on camera. Their parents had no idea that secretly they have a crush on a porn star. It is a phenomenon that not even the man at the center of it fully understands, but it’s one that he fully defends.” Insert ooooh-ahhhh track here.

That the now-execrable Nightline takes exactly the same apocalyptic line on Deen/Sevilla’s introduction is lost. The eternal point is that it’s ABC’s job to feature only tired and cheesy Gospel. Guys with big dicks are not Christian (…laff…2…3…) Just imagine this sleazebag in a film, with his pants-meat because, well, Brent has a Paypal account and a computer. Of all things, you can’t put that with Lindsey Lohan.

This is not Ted Koppel’s “Nightline,” watching him yammer with an expert about Iranian mullahs. This isn’t professional journalism. It’s crotch-centered tabloid fare for the MTV crowd.

After the horndog MTVers have rent Ted Koppel’s sainted-bastard liberal soul, the curtain will ring down upon the Michelangelo or Proust of our day. I have fond memories of Bob Denver, as Maynard G. Krebs, acting like Maynard G. Krebs. They say Thespis himself could play just about anything, but let’s see him as a coconut-chucking castaway. Then we can talk.

It quickly becomes apparent that this ABC story is not a warning against Deen. It is a commercial for Deen. Anchor Juju Chang began the segment by insisting “James Deen, of course, is not his real name. It’s his porn name, and it could soon be a household name.” ABC shows you and talks about Deen’s blog, lingers over Deen’s Twitter page with 111,000 followers, as Vega cooed, “And if the visitors to his site are underage, well, Deen says that’s not something he can control.”

Walt Disney LLC begs: America Do Anal With This Guy. Right.

Anyone spending five minutes on Deen’s blog could see ABC’s spin was ridiculous. Click on an ad and you’re quickly led to Deen’s catalog of work on, where Deen is not “showing a little romance.” He’s slapping the spit out of his leading ladies while he dominates them sexually.

If Deen could just take a few sack-acting tips from, say, L. Brent Bozell, we wouldn’t even have a problem. If he’d been short-dicked, drunken and slapping a dot-matrix image of Phyllis Schlafly over your Glaring Eagle cameo ass tattoo, we’d have been All Good. No worries m’lady. And I don’t imagine L. Brent is an angry bearded wimp in the bedroom any more than he is in every other room on the planet.

There’s even a film for sale titled “Christian Speed Dating — Innocent Girl Gangbanged on Film.” That’s in case you love the idea of four men gang-raping a virginal Christian girl. The actress — who we’re assured is over 18 but doesn’t look like it — is being strangled in the promotional picture. So much for holding hands.

Oh the XXX factories LOVE that stuff, don’t they? It’s a naked conspiracy. If Pope Francis owned a pizza joint, half of Van Nuys would have raised their transoms to let in the shirtless delivery! guys now wearing miters. You wanted pepperoni? Bow-chigga-bow. Et cum spiritu tuo. Bow-biggee-bow.

Here’s the longer sales blurb: “Donna Dolore develops a diabolical plan to get unsuspecting Christian girls who are saving themselves for marriage to lose their virginity on camera for all to see. After luring them in with promises of finding a soul mate she offers them money to do an interview about their experience for promotional material. Trusting and naive Jodi enters a hotel room to film the video, only to be ambushed and f—ed in every hole possible.”

Hint: Christian naifs rarely sport inch-long Nailenes lacquered in Carmine Clitoris.

ABC News never located an actual parent who might disapprove of Deen and this kind of filth. They never found an anti-pornography expert or a social-conservative think-tanker for a single discouraging word.

They never promised a five-grand appearance fee to L. Brent Bozell. I see.

Put simply, ABC was a porn star’s pimp.

But they wouldn’t agree to be yours. Aww.

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The New Black Panthers’ growing influence over conservative thought

attack of the wuss, propaganda, race

Now that the verdict’s been handed down and the face palming, for the most part, is over the hard questions linger. Chief among them: How did we get here? How did a man manage to profile a 17 year-old neighborhood kid and then kill him without any legal consequences?

Ta-Nehisi Coates I think has the best answer. Frankly it’s a good one because it mirrors my own thinking and I have a blog. This has to do with the manner in which Stand Your Ground has polluted the legal environment.

Effectively, I can bait you into a fight and if I start losing I can can legally kill you, provided I “believe” myself to be subject to “great bodily harm.” It is then the state’s job to prove — beyond a reasonable doubt — that I either did not actually fear for my life, or my fear was unreasonable.

And how in the world does the state prove that? With difficulty. A psychic, maybe. Unless of course there are some terrific eyewitnesses. The best witness, really, being the – oh right he’s dead. A seance? Stand Your Ground legal reasoning happens to construct murder trials that are meant to be won. You might remember this the next time you get into a nasty fight. Remain calm, murder the other guy. Tell the police very little, and you should come out alright.

Of course there are other theories about our legal shambles.

If the head is split, you must acquit.

This is radio host Carl Boyd jr.

The George Zimmerman case was forced to court from day one when President Obama interjected himself in it . . Then came the race-baiters Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the New Black Panther Party proclaiming Zimmerman killed Trayvon because he was black. What about the evidence?

Naw, there was never a legal case here. No one even cared about this one little killing until the New Black Panthers got involved. I lay the blame for this fiasco at their dusky feet.

Like the racially-charged sham prosecution of the Duke lacrosse team, the racially charged prosecution of George Zimmerman was partly triggered by the threats of Malik Zulu Shabazz, the head of the racist and anti-Semitic New Black Panther Party.

Satanizing the miniscule Panther group happens to be J. Christian Adams’ life calling.

Shabazz is also the same defendant that Attorney General Eric Holder and his Justice Department cut loose from the voter intimidation case of United States v. New Black Panther Party, a case I prosecuted . .

After Trayvon Martin was killed, Shabazz took his act on the road to Sanford, Florida.

There, Shabazz used threats of mob violence, as he did in Durham, North Carolina, to cause Sanford law enforcement to tremble and to act.

The hands of the Sanford police department shook so badly they couldn’t even fill out the paperwork on Zimmerman’s indictment. Couldn’t even close the door on his cell. It took a Florida State Attorney, and a few Xanax, before George could be charged and brought to trial. The Nuge:

The race-baiting industry saw an opportunity to further the racist careers of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Black Panthers, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, et al, who then swept down on the Florida community refusing to admit that the 17-year-old dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe Trayvon Martin was at all responsible for his bad decisions and standard modus operendi of always taking the violent route.

Don’t snark at Ted because he can’t spell ‘operandi’. Cat Scratch Fever goes from ‘A’ to ‘B’ to ‘C’ and that’s as far as it gets. The gobbledygook is a phrase of Latin, and please remember: there are no italics in Kick Ass Guitar.

With an obvious racist chip on his shoulder, referencing the neighborhood watch guy as a “creepy ass cracker” to his fellow racist female friend who admitted under oath that that is how non-blacks are referred to normally in their circles, Trayvon had no reason not to attack, because it was the standard thug thing to do.

Yes, thugs, with ‘their circles’ and ‘things’. Which brings us right back to today:

Roslyn Brock from the NAACP—who by the way, at their meeting this morning, the chatter at breakfast is there’s now 100,000 signatures on the DOJ petition. Well, the petition’s great for raising the roof, if you will, on what they want.

But in reality – where is the Justice Department and their actions on this? . . They have a conflict now. Their Community Relations Unit…went down there and spent money, taxpayer dollars, to fund rallies or facilitate rallies against Zimmerman. That’s picking a side.

Tea Party radio guy David Webb riffing post-acquittal. He’s talking about the possibility of a civil rights case being brought against Zimmerman, as well as referencing a debunked anti-Zimmerman conspiracy theory. They fit together nicely, don’t they?

Now the DOJ should really be looking inside and saying, “Are we doing the right thing?” Will Holder do that? I doubt it. Let’s see how he acts with the New Black Panther Party on this.

Bullseye. Thugs never quit. It’s the same lesson from the shooting.

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