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I just don’t know what to do, but someone does

We liberals have a history of working tirelessly to learn right from wrong, and to do the right thing when it matters. But when the rats start crawling out from under the floorboards, we’re frequently too timid about watching them only take the place over.

When the networks declared Florida for Bush (shortly after 2:15 a.m. Eastern), Gore told his advisers, “I want to concede,” and he proceeded to do so by phoning Bush. Gore’s mistake was not merely failing to check in with his own campaign staffers, who had very different numbers from the networks at that moment. His more fundamental mistake was thinking there needed to be a concession speech, from one candidate or the other, on Election Night…

Gore hadn’t realized that the fight for the presidency had only moved on to its next chapter. There was plenty of work still to be done to keep the rats from taking the White House over – which they inevitably did. September the Eleventh, the War in Iraq and the Great Recession were the horrific results.

Charlie is right here:

The FBI Is a Player in the 2016 Election, and the FBI Is Out of Control

…Clearly, there are FBI sources dissatisfied with decisions made not to keep investigating Hillary Rodham Clinton’s e-mails and/or the Clinton Foundation. They’re talking. There also seem to be FBI sources who are frustrated with what they see as the too-close-by-half relationship of the Donald Trump campaign to Russian oligarchs up to and including Vladimir Putin. They’re talking. And there are people completely outraged by the bungling attempts by FBI director James Comey to involve himself so directly in the presidential election, and they’re all talking. The FBI, in short, is out of control.

If you think the last minute swing in the polls [‘Enthusiasm For Clinton Has Ebbed’: Newest National Poll Shows Trump Up by 1 Point] has absolutely nothing to do with Director Comey’s independence being so above reproach he should be allowed to do whatever he likes, then sure why not – let’s spend this last week feeding and petting the vermin.

Fuck it: It’s RatFest 2016. Cue voiceover: This time, it’s like the other times

But we know from sad history that electoral politics is one area from which the FBI, and every other institution of the surveillance state, should stay away—or be kept away—at all possible costs, because they can do more damage by accident than any terrorist can do on purpose.

And now the FBI, after not having its records vault auto-Twitter function running since October 2015…has fixed the feed! Just now – lucky us! And its first new release of requests is 129 pages of its investigation into…Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich! From 2001! The timing!

The ham-handedness of this is pathetic, but the response is worse. No, there’s not much I can do. But there are plenty of Democrats in the government. The President can certainly speak up here. The Attorney General is essentially Comey’s boss and can call him on the carpet. But they’re not going to do that because…civility requires Al Gore do the right thing! Or some such bullshit.


Really, Roger Ailes? Why, I mean, that is so weird.

Race-baiting Nixon crony and Fox News evil genius Roger Ailes apparently thinks women were put on His Earth to fellate Him unto corner-office boardroom eternity.

…Carlson alleged that Ailes began “ostracizing, marginalizing, and shunning” her when she refused to have a sexual relationship with him and complained of her treatment by Ailes…

When Carlson met with Ailes to discuss the discriminatory treatment to which she was being subjected, Ailes allegedly stated, “I think you and I should have had a sexual relationship a long time ago and then you’d be good and better and I’d be good and better,” according to the complaint, adding that “sometimes problems are easier to solve” that way.

Unfortunately the former Miss America wasn’t interested in “solving” Ailes’ 76 year-old junk. So she filed a lawsuit Wednesday, about a fraction of a second after she got fired. I’ve heard of bad liars before, but lickety-split ones? New to me.

It seems that Murdoch’s Göring has been forcing his bloat-mealy self on women waaay out of his league for decades. Lord knows how many of these poor creatures have given The Blob his workplace-orgasms over the last half century. Frankly, one prefers to remain free from wondering about such things lest the shock to his fight-or-flight cortex begin The Eternal Vomiting.

I was 16 years old living in Radnor, Pennsylvania. I was sent over for a walk-on part on The Mike Douglas Show in the winter of 1967. It was 6:30 in the evening and the place was totally closing up. Ailes took me into this big office and locked the door with a key. He reclined on a couch in a seating area under a map that had flags of all the cities they were syndicated in. He proceeded to pull down his pants and very gingerly pull out his genitals and said, “Kiss them.” And they were red like raw hamburger.

Now THERE’s a picture for you. Good night y’all, god bless, you go and have yourselves a lovely Saturday evening…


Brock Turner: Now you know (pt. I)

If you’re wondering how someone grows up to be the kind of person who would take an intoxicated woman behind a dumpster, put her down in the dirt, strip her clothes off, take cellphone pictures of her for his pals LOL, and then sexually assault her, you might try reading the ‘character’ letters sent to Judge Persky from Brock Turner’s family and friends. You’ll get a pretty good picture of the punkass environment the teen has been stewing in all his life. Years from now I imagine anthropologists will unearth the Turner clan’s heartfelt missives and marvel at the people who apparently, like the Pirahas of the Amazon, who neither draw nor understand pictures, have no concept of the word ‘rape.’

Our lives now exist in 2 phases-prior to the weekend of Jan. 17/18, 2015 and after that weekend. The weekend started out pretty exciting for Dan and I-we sold the home we raised the kids in after Brock graduated. We need to downsize not only the size of the house but our payment. Having Brock in school across the country meant added expenses so we needed some extra money. We moved into our new home on Jan. 17, 2015. Then we got that fateful call from Brock on Sunday the 18th and our world was been spinning apart ever since. This house now reminds me of the horror of that moment. I have not decorated the house nor have I hung anything on the walls. I am a mom who loves family pictures but I haven’t had the heart to put photos around of our family being happy. How can I?

How can Brock’s Mom? Hmm Judge? Now that her son has been charged with, well, whatever this thing is? And she loves family pictures, but there’s isn’t one currently hanging on the walls. Hard to believe she could write such a letter and never once speak of the victim or the crime, but there it is. Ma Turner isn’t courageous enough to try taking a broader view. As in, you know, one outside herself. This is as close to the real world as she gets:

We will never be happy again. Those happy family times are gone forever, replaced by despair, fear, depression, anxiety, doubt, and dread. I don’t think I have been able to take a deep breath since this happened.

Dear me. This would probably be a good time to wonder how the victim has been doing, incidentally. Right?

The isolation at times was unbearable. You cannot give me back the life I had before that night either. While you worry about your shattered reputation, I refrigerated spoons every night so when I woke up, and my eyes were puffy from crying, I would hold the spoons to my eyes to lessen the swelling so that I could see.

Yeah whatever, back to gloomy Mom.

Then that awful, horrible, terrible, gut-wrenching, life-changing verdict was read. I know what a broken heart feels like. It is a physical pain that starts just below the collar bone and extends to below the rib cage, it is a crushing and heavy ache that feels like I am being squeezed. This feeling has not left my body since the verdict. This verdict has destroyed us. Brock is a shattered and broken shell of the person he used to be… My first thought upon wakening every morning is “this isn’t real, this can’t be real. Why him? Why HIM? WHY? WHY?”

WHY oh WHY my Special Guy? Li’l Brock? Poor distraught confused and hope-less Mrs. Turner, living out her colorless days in a picture-free home. I mean of all the people in the world, the police went and chose HIM? Oh the pain, you can only imagine. As for the WHY, I’m really only spitballing here, running around in circles in left field, but here goes: Because Brock is a turd? Because society has standards, and laws? Because putting people down in the dirt and violating them should have consequences? Might I mention that if you, Carleen Turner, were 20 years old again, and had gotten too drunk at a party, Li’l Brock could easily have done it to you?


Mitch McConnell is a very good and honest man.

If the Senate’s anti-Constitutionalist Republicans aren’t beginning to feel the heat, then what’s this?

After Obama’s sneaky Supreme Court nomination of a very measured, moderate, lukewarm-tea-at-high-noon-with-Philippe-Petit-downtown-in-the-cafe-Piliers-du-Retenue centrist, Merrick Garland, these TV ramblings of Mitch McConnell’s that appear to be his feelings and opinions – though no sensible person certainly would ever assume he had anything to do with them, heavens, given the brazen unabashedness and feral abandonment denoted, though we just saw McConnell’s jowls bobbing along in humdrum synchronization – would have to be understood later, in somewhat sobriety, and in Christ’s good name, to be odd. Peculiar, perhaps. Strange.

In response to a question from host Chris Wallace, who asked if Senate Republicans would consider the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court after the election if Hillary Clinton prevails, McConnell responded that he “can’t imagine that a Republican majority in the United States Senate would want to confirm, in a lame duck session, a nominee opposed by the National Rifle Association [and] the National Federation of Independent Businesses.”

What a wonderful guy. You can ask Mitch McConnell what he personally thinks about the politics of the day but he’s too much a gentleman to answer. However he will note that there are some people other people call “Republicans” – not that he’s got anything to do with them, mind you, don’t make that mistake – and that, if he recalls correctly, those people currently comprise what political philosophers call a “majority” in some kind of hazy political institution. Which incidentally would be…what? The “United States Senate”? Hey kudos to this Mitchell person, he knows some seriously trivial stuff.

Judging by his tone, not to mention his humility, and if his memory serves, which it does so aren’t we lucky, the entrenched politicians within that “Senate” are a far-flung and powerful bunch of people, cantankerous and unpredictable as hell, to such extent that there’s no point in us talking sense to them, or about them, or predicting what they might do (except in this case). Not that he would ever deign to criticize them, no – your man Mitch would never dare to impugn so august a body, certainly not by implying he has ever been aware of it, or had some sort of relationship with it, or is currently running it as the Majority Leader after having been elected to it five times and serving within it for thirty one years. Nor would genteel Mitch ever suggest that he had called up, bullied over, bloodied up, directed to connive, consort and conspire with or received manifold manic-monkey blowjobs from the likes of “the National Rifle Association [and] the National Federation of Independent Businesses” inside the Wade Hampton men’s room, off the breezeway from Statuary Hall, as part of his sterling “service” to our country.


They dragged him to death

How shocking it is to learn that South African police are stupid, cruel and violent. I figured their behavior for civil and serene, even after you whap one in the head and take his gun. We learned today that taxi drivers are not allowed to do that, incidentally. It’s a no-no in Johannesburg where the cops, despite the cries of a crowd, choose to dispense instant and Medieval justice:

Video recorded by a witness and posted on Facebook by South Africa’s Daily Sun newspaper showed police officers chaining the man to the open back of a police van that came to the scene later and, over the loud objections of a horrified crowd, driving off, dragging the man along the road.

About two hours after the arrest, the review board said the taxi driver was found dead at the police station where he had been driven. At a post-mortem on Wednesday, “the cause of death was found to be head injuries with internal bleeding.”

In some sort of better future, after our animal rage dissipates to motes and flecks, society will run every police cadet through a zillion psychological exams. And 98% of our current crop of peace officers will have to find something better to do.


Outraged Daily Caller names developmentally disabled Obama voter

It really pissed people off the way Obama won the election again, today. The ongoing revelations of stolen power continue without any hint of end. Our President’s dastardly efforts are being more and more exposed, the Marxist Capone stuffing dime bags into the threadbare pockets of Messicans and Blahs and winning their uneducated votes. But little known, until the Daily Caller revealed the scheme hours ago, was the crowning part of his winning strategy. He cattle-prodded the Retards to the polls and twisted their stupid wrists until they cried. He told them: You meat sacks will vote for me or you’ll starve. Game over, democracy.

Group-home staff took illiterate, developmentally disabled resident to vote
Laura Byrne | November 4, 2012

Cecil Pearson is “shocked” his daughter voted for Barack Obama in November, but not for a typical reason: Darlene, Pearson’s daughter, is intellectually disabled and functionally illiterate, and lives with five other women in a group home operated by Easter Seals . .

“My wife and I became her legal guardians in 1996 to prevent exploitation like this,” Pearson told the Carolina Journal. “We were not consulted. She is not capable of making an informed choice, and as her guardians we would not have approved it.”

Listen to Cecil, concerned friend of the Daily Caller. If you’ve got Down Syndrome, or if you’re illiterate, your only job on November 6th is to crawl back in your hole. You may technically have the right to vote, but America doesn’t mean it. You’re too fucked up to pick up on this, so you can just take our word for it. The children of our slaves weren’t much better than you, but they figured this much out. And that’s why the history of voting in America is Everything Went Just Great.

Anyway! Now we have your name, Darlene Pearson, thanks to Dad calling you out in the wingnut press. You won’t be hard to find, Missy. And I’m sure you won’t mind answering endless pointed questions from the voter vigilantes about why you think you have the right to cast a ballot for the President.

“We are here to support the individual’s rights and we help them exercise their rights as adults,” Jeff Smith, Easter Seals chief communication officer, told The Daily Caller.

Said the thief. Way to steal the election, pal.

“We we were providing the support for those individuals based on their community involvement and desires, and in this case their desire was to vote.”

How much did Democrats pay you?


The Ambassador Stevens rape fantasy

The appalling rape and murder of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Libya and the ongoing assaults on our embassies across the Middle East cry out for a rapid response from the United States government.

I got to know Ambassador Stevens more than a decade ago when he worked . .

When he wait — WHAT!?


The horror is unimaginable. The world “radically transformed” by Obama.

And more gruesome then Obama’s lethal delusions is the diversion he is attempting to create using Mitt Romney . .

You people are certifiably insane. Why not say Muslims stuffed the ambassador in a boiling pot and then ate him? Why can’t they be cannibals? By the way, you’re soiling the memory of a good man.


He tells us that children deflower our Catholic priests

It’s understandable why the senior clergy in the Catholic Church are seen as pimps. They walk the streets in colorful and provocative garb. Their professional patter is bizarre and unintelligible. They amass mountains of money without lifting a finger. And defenseless teens are recruited to fulfill the sexual desires of their pals.

It’s a unflinching reality that shocks us today. The Church is an enterprise that trades the low work of ecclesiastical service for the triumph of raping children. Right now, as we speak.

But no, they’re such good people! It just couldn’t be true. The folks whose job it is to learn us about Christ, the saints and grace, would never abandon us that way. Allow us to be sexually abused. Assaulted. Sodomized. Raped.

A prominent New York-based friar has sympathy for some pedophiles — including defrocked priests and former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky — saying they are sometimes “seduced” by their underage victims. . .

In some of these cases, children “looking for a father figure” are responsible for the relationship with someone in a position of power — like a coach or clergy member, [Father Benedict] Groeschel told the National Catholic Register.

No. Father Groeschel would never do that.

“Suppose you have a man having a nervous breakdown, and a youngster comes after him. A lot of the cases, the youngster – 14, 16, 18 – is the seducer,” said Groeschel, a founder of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.

Pressed on the point, Father Groeschel says “It’s not so hard to see – a kid looking for a father and didn’t have his own – and they won’t be planning to get into heavy-duty sex, but almost romantic, embracing, kissing.”

He’d never allow it.

“I’m inclined to think, on their first offense, they should not go to jail because their intention was not committing a crime.”

He also has some sympathy for Jerry Sandusky, convicted in June of 45 counts of sexual abuse of boys.

“Here’s this poor guy – Sandusky – it went on for years. Interesting: Why didn’t anyone say anything?”

He would stop it. Because he’s a good man.


George Zimmerman needs food, will trade for murder

Like most famous killers in America, George Zimmerman needed a website. Today, he got one. It’s ‘’ Feel free to go there, click the PayPal button and send him your hard-earned money. Look at the glorious front page:

It’s missing apple pie and gramma, but it still stirs the soul. As you take in the website’s dignity, you come to realize that the death of Trayvon Martin has become a whole new ballgame. It once was a horrific tragedy. It used to be a terrible collision of events. George’s friends recalled how he’d been crying non-stop. They said that, in some way, George’s life was over, too. How very awful. Has the tragic no bounds? Will it ever stop?

Well, sports fans, George doesn’t feel that way any more. George feels like a hero. He’s happy to be called a patriot. Now he couldn’t be quicker to receive your attention and your money. He’d also like to give you what you really want: a personal relationship with a red, white and blue celebrity, the George Zimmerman.

This website’s sole purpose is to ensure my supporters they are receiving my full attention without any intermediaries. . .

I have created a Paypal account solely linked on this website as I would like to provide an avenue to thank my supporters personally and ensure that any funds provided are used only for living expenses and legal defense . .

So buck up, wingnuts. There’s an inspirational place for you to piss away your savings account, where quotes from humble ole’ George intermix with those from Thomas Paine. There’s even one piece of advice, from the Founder of Modern Conservatism, Edmund Burke, that’s so vital a bit of the Zimmerman philosophy, it handsomes every page of his site:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing.”

Do you sense the gravity of the thing? As if George were sending us a message? Something about leaping into action, perhaps. Maybe he means for you to leap into action. This would be your chance to address a great man whose towering political achievement is murder, and to state with pride: “I support you wholeheartedly, George Zimmerman, courageous shooter of an unarmed teen. Bless you.”


Eddie Long Resurrects Jacko’s Molester King

You’re criminal. You’re deceitful. You’re disgusting. You serially sexually abused four young men, buying their trust with cash, trips and gifts (hee-hee!).

You had to step away from your ministry, for a bit. Your lawyers had to settle with your victims. And then your wife had to leave you, because (duh) you’re gay. If there’s anyone blessed with a mortal soul, Eddie Long, it’s gotta be you.

So it’s with some surprise we heard news of your coronation.

Congratulations, King Pastor Eddie. It couldn’t have happened to a creepier guy.


How is it that Mark Berndt continued to victimize children?

This Mark Berndt case is so vile, so disgusting, it turns your stomach. It troubles me in so many ways, it’s difficult to be analytical about it. Miramonte Elementary is only about 12 miles from where I live, a couple miles east of the infamous Florence and Normandie intersection dubbed the ‘flashpoint’ of the 1992 riots. In Los Angeles’ terms, it’s a stone’s throw away. In neighborhood terms, it’s in another world. I haven’t even begun to wonder if poverty plays any role in this. Anyway, I can’t wonder while I’m sitting here holding my head.

Los Angeles teacher charged with lewd acts
Scott Gold, Richard Winton and Paloma Esquivel | Los Angeles Times

In the fall of 2010, a drugstore photo technician was running a batch of 35-millimeter film when a disturbing image tumbled out of the machine — a child, blindfolded with a white cloth and gagged with clear packing tape. From that first photograph, detectives spent the next year following a trail that led them to a South Los Angeles elementary school.

They say they found acts of staggering depravity.

There were more photos, it turned out — 400 more, traced to an apartment in nearby Torrance, then to a bustling schoolhouse in South Los Angeles. There, officials alleged Tuesday, a veteran third-grade teacher sought sexual gratification by spoon-feeding his semen to his students.

The question today is: If they had photos of his “staggering depravity” in, say, October of 2010, why was he fired in March 2011? Why was he arrested only this week? There’s an extraordinary time lapse between his acts being discovered and his being put in jail.

I can understand that some evidence may be difficult to gather. The victims were often blindfolded, meaning they couldn’t even act as witnesses to some of what was going on. They maybe never knew they were being photographed. That no one reported him earlier and that he was a veteran of 30 years of teaching tell us he knew his victims and the school system well enough. He exploited both for his own ends, with horrific results.

But why wouldn’t these facts cause authorities greater alarm? Given the potential nightmare being visited upon the victims and the Miramonte school system (whose working class reputation is probably now forever shrouded in horror), why did it take months to identify him? Why would it take so long to remove him and then fire him?

The authorities’ likely assertions of the need to gather evidence should be scrupulously vetted. Perhaps the most shocking ‘report’ (we don’t yet know if this is true) is how they ‘proved’ he was feeding his semen to children.

Others depicted girls with what appears to be a spoon up to their mouths as if they were going to ingest a clear-white liquid. Children were fed Berndt’s semen from a spoon or on cookies, Marquez said.

Kids reported being fed something distasteful. A blue plastic spoon and container found in the trash in his classroom tested positive for his semen, authorities said.

Police recommended the children in the photos be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. There also may be more victims given the length of time that Berndt taught at the school, Marquez said.

If the above is correct, even though the photographs had been discovered, Berndt was allowed to continue doing as he pleased. They merely kept him under some surveillance. But for some reason they wondered about the spoon he threw in the trash . . ? So they tested it and found his semen. The authorities are going to have to explain how they couldn’t have prevented that particular child from being victimized.

And after that, it only took how long to arrest him? 10 months? Wow.


L.A. teacher Mark Berndt arrested for abusing, photographing elementary school students

So horrifying:

Teacher accused of taking elementary student ‘bondage’ photos
By Alan Duke, CNN

Los Angeles (CNN) — A Los Angeles elementary school teacher allegedly took bondage photos of more than two dozen students in his classroom, including some with suspected semen-filled spoons at their mouths, investigators said Tuesday . .

“They thought they were being blindfolded and gagged as a game,” [Sgt. Dan Scott] said. “And they were rewarded with cookies or spoons full of sugar (but) they did not realize the spoon contained semen.”

The man’s name is Mark Berndt:

While the investigation began more than a year ago, the arrest came soon after lab testing matched Berndt’s DNA with semen found on a spoon recovered from his classroom, Scott said. Investigators persuaded the suspect to voluntarily give them a DNA sample just two months ago, he said.

There are going to be so many questions as to why it took so long to find, fire and then arrest this guy. Cases like this make you ashamed to be an adult.