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Breaking: Pamela Geller more drunk than usual

Just ran across this on Little Green Footballs. And O, I did laugh.

What a great drunken post.

Decades ago we cringed when any news story of corruption and collusion broke about our long venerated trusted newsmen We trusted those powerful subversive like Walter Cronkite, Dan Wallace, etc, These men with enormous power weilded . .

Dan Wallace. Mike Rather, same thing.

. . the Chroncrite legacy and we ahve gonthat much further of the deep end. Media ia a propactvisit arm whose one goal – shape the news, change the ness, even live about the news to advance a collectivist, pro-sharia agandena. How else culd an unqualfied, bitter Ameria hater hold the eat in the Obama office.

That’s a good question, ostensibly? I’m currently working on a translation of the Rosetta Stone so what the hell: How else culd an unqualfied, bitter Ameria hater hold the eat in the Obama office. (?)

Now the answer. It’s simple:

And this:

The mardcore Hama scruops in thr US HAMAS CAIR, MSU,MSA, ICNA are doing thr Htiler stompin jig to get these conter terrorim messures removed so that devout Muslims can roam freeem to plan the next 911.

There it is, the greatest sentence ever written. I can die now.


La Familia Michocana’s leader, “El Rojo,” captured

From time to time, we check in upon the ultra-Christian, ultra-wingnut decapitating Mexican drug cartel, La Familia Michoacana. Breaking: in another setback, LFM’s latest leader has been captured.

Leader of “La Familia Michoacana” captured in Toluca
Milenio online | 3-20-12

Elements of the Public Safety Secretariat (SSC) arrested Juan Carlos Coránguez Gonzalez, “El Rojo,” leader of La Familia Michoacana while staff of the same unit said six other suspected kidnappers, including a woman, were captured during an operation in the south of the state on the border with the state of Guerrero.

Juan Carlos Coránguez González, “El Rojo,” captured

Through its official Twitter account, the security minister, Salvador Neme Sastré, revealed the capture of “El Rojo”, but without giving further details about the operation . .

After La Familia had their founder and spiritual leader killed and had many of their faithful split off into Los Caballeros Templarios, the group hasn’t been as strong as they once were. A couple days ago, rivals of La Familia exacted tit-for-tat revenge:

Mexico police find 10 heads outside slaughterhouse

ACAPULCO, Mexico (AP) — Mexican authorities have found 10 severed heads dumped outside a slaughterhouse in a town in northern Guerrero state. They are still looking for the bodies.

A statement from the Teloloapan police says the heads of seven men and three women were left with a message that appears to threaten the La Familia Michoacana drug cartel. The warning says: “This is going to happen to all those who support the FM.”

Sunday, the cops went out looking for the bodies, and . .

ACAPULCO, Mexico — Gunmen ambushed and killed 12 police officers who had been sent to search for the bodies of 10 people whose severed heads were found in southern Guerrero state, authorities said Monday.

Guerrero state police spokesman Arturo Martinez said six state and six local officers were killed Sunday night on a road leading out of the town of Teloloapan. Another 11 officers were wounded.

These folks are a God-fearing bunch. As that guy is really crazy.


Kim Delaney salutes Defense Secretary Robert Gates with drunken meltdown

Former defense secretary Robert Gates was honored Thursday night. Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center hosted a ceremony and awarded him their Liberty Medal.

One of the guests who honored Gates at the event was the star of Lifetime’s Army Wives, Kim Delaney. Kim, unfortunately, melted down during her two minutes on stage. This video of her flaming in the midst of the somber proceedings is, frankly, awesome. You will be hard pressed to find a better video demonstration of a mind swarming with insects while the serious and sober stare:

The staff ended up running a video and issuing a stage hand to end the awkward mess. The opening few seconds of this “speech,” or whatever it was, where Kim begins . .

Dr. Gates, this is for you . . okay . . so, I’ve served . . in active . .

. . and then whips around to scold a poltergeist:

— this is my job —

. . are priceless. Thank you, Ms. Delaney. We look forward to hearing you’ve gone to alcohol re-hab for the third time.


Governor Rick Scott’s petty, grudging government

This is beyond stupid. It should be criminal.

9 Investigates: Welfare Drug Testing

CENTRAL FLORIDA — Just six weeks after Florida began drug testing welfare applicants, WFTV uncovered numbers, which show that the program is already costing Central Florida taxpayers more than it saves.

9 Investigates’ reporter George Spencer found very few applicants are testing positive for drugs.

Gee, what a surprise. There will be a few drug users. What did anyone think was going to happen? Oh, it was Florida Governor Rick Scott’s idea. So there wasn’t any thinking: the guy’s both a criminal and a moron.

On July 1, Florida began requiring a clean drug test before giving cash assistance to needy families. The Department of Central Florida’s (DCF) region tested 40 applicants and only two tested positive for drugs, officials said. One of the tests is being appealed . .

DCF said it has been referring applicants to clinics where drug screenings cost between $30 and $35. The applicant pays for the test out of his or her own pocket and then the state reimburses him if they test comes back negative.

Therefore, the 38 applicants in the Central Florida area, who tested negative, were reimbursed at least $30 each and cost taxpayers $1,140. Meanwhile, the state is saving less than $240 a month by refusing benefits to those two applicants who tested positive.

For all that taxpayer money you wasted, you got to take out petty punishments upon people trying to survive from day to day, Rick. You got to turn the government into your personal bludgeon to bash a couple of pot smokers. You got to deny them a few bucks they could have used to buy their kids something. Food, clothes. Pot smokers have children, Rick.


As La Familia Michoacana and Los Caballeros Templarios battle it out, bodies are strewn across Southern Mexico

After last year’s killing of La Familia Michoacana’s notorious leader, Nazario Moreno Gonzales, by Mexican law enforcement, the ultra-Christian ultra-violent Mexican drug cartel split into two parts: a surviving La Familia faction, and Los Caballeros Templarios (the Knights Templar).

Violent fighting has erupted between the two factions as they seek control over the lucrative methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana drug trade in and exported from Michoacan and its neighbor states. The most recent fighting has been brutal, with dozens of message-laden bodies left scattered across Southern neighborhoods.

21 Bodies Found in South Mexico
Patrick Corcoran | 09 June 2011

Twenty-one corpses, seemingly killed by suffocation, were found in Michoacan, a state along Mexico’s Pacific coast known as the base of drug trafficking gang the Familia Michoacana.

. . turmoil among the remaining leaders of the Familia, which has been buffeted by a series of blows from the government in recent months, has precipitated a split, with former Familia boss Servando Gomez, alias “La Tuta,” taking a big chunk of the gang and forming a group dubbed the Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templar).

The portion of the group still calling itself the Familia is loyal to leader Jose de Jesus Mendez, alias “El Chango,” and the Caballeros have been battling it out for control of Michoacan, which is a valuable site of methamphetamine production as well as home to one of Mexico’s largest ports, in Lazaro Cardenas.

The most recent killings came over the weekend:

23 Bodies dumped in southern Mexico
June 21, 2011

The bodies of 23 murder victims have been dumped at various locations in the southern Mexican state of Michoacan over the past three days, an official told Efe.

Five men were found shot to death Monday in Paracho, a town about 80 kilometers (50 miles) west of Morelia, the state capital.

The five bodies were left at three different spots in the town, each accompanied by a message claiming responsibility on behalf of Los Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templar), a remnant of the La Familia Michoacana drug cartel, the state official said . .

On Saturday, the bodies of eight murdered men appeared on the streets of Lazaro Cardenas, a port city in Michoacan . .

The La Familia faction led by Jesus Mendez is battling the faction led by Servando Gomez and Enrique Plancarte, who formed Los Caballeros Templarios in March, journalists from Michoacan told Efe.

La Familia Michoacana began unraveling after the death in a shootout with Federal Police officers in late 2010 of Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, known as “El Chayo.”

A total of 15,270 people died in drug-related violence in Mexico last year, and nearly 40,000 people have died since President Felipe Calderon declared war on the country’s cartels shortly after taking office in December 2006.

And now, breaking news: La Familia’s leader, Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, got captured by federales yesterday. In the war between the two ultra-Conservative Christianist drug cartels, the advantage swings to the Knights Templar.


Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, “El Chango,” leader of La Familia Michoacana, captured

After last year’s killing of La Familia Michoacana’s notorious leader, Nazario Moreno Gonzales, by Mexican law enforcement, the ultra-Christian ultra-violent Mexican drug cartel split into two parts: a surviving La Familia faction, and Los Caballeros Templarios (the Knights Templar).

In yet another blow to LFM, their remaining leader, Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, was arrested Tuesday.

Mexican authorities: Top cartel leader captured
CNN Wire Staff | June 22, 2011

Mexico City (CNN) — . . Federal police captured Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, also known as “El Chango,” in an operation in the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico’s national security spokesman said.

Spokesman Alejandro Poire called Mendez the “principal head” of La Familia Michoacana cartel and said his capture was the federal government’s “most overwhelming blow” to the group.

“This capture destroys what remained of the leadership structure of this criminal organization,” he said.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon praised the capture on his official Twitter account: “A large blow by federal police to organized crime. One of the most wanted criminals was captured. Congratulations.”

Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office had offered a 30 million peso ($2.5 million) reward for information leading to his arrest, saying Mendez was the mastermind behind drug trafficking, kidnappings and killings.

It’s a significant win for the federales, Calderon, and the people of Mexico:

La Familia Michoacana are extremely twisted, violent and right-wing (see here). The numbers of people that have died at the hands of the Christianist beheaders may total in the thousands.

I wouldn’t bet against their former brothers, now rivals, the Knights Templar, tipping off the federales to Mendez Vargas’ whereabouts in order to eliminate him. Both factions are well-tied to police and other law enforcement personnel.


Death Of Jose Guerena: Tucson SWAT team invades Iraq veteran’s home, shoots him 60 times, blocks waiting paramedics, finds nothing

This is an appalling story. These things don’t happen here in America, you think. They happen in third world countries, with their shoddy, clownish police squads and mindless paramilitary drug enforcements.

No, they happen here — it happened in Tucson. This is the American truth: cops hear the word ‘drugs,’ and bad things happen. In American law enforcement, ‘drugs’ is automatically equivalent to ‘evil’ and ‘violence,’ and the police feel it’s their responsibility to wipe all of it out. It provides a rare opportunity when they’re green-lighted to unleash violence of epic proportions.

In this tragedy, a Tucson SWAT team descended upon the home of Jose Guerena, 26, and his wife, Vanessa, on May 5th to serve a search warrant.

“She saw a man pointing at her with a gun,” said Reyna Ortiz, 29, a relative who is caring for Vanessa and her children. Ortiz said Vanessa Guerena yelled, “Don’t shoot! I have a baby!”

Vanessa Guerena thought the gunman might be part of a home invasion — especially because two members of her sister-in-law’s family, Cynthia and Manny Orozco, were killed last year in their Tucson home, her lawyer, Chris Scileppi, said. She shouted for her husband in the next room, and he woke up and told his wife to hide in the closet with the child, Joel, 4.

It’s a good thing Vanessa took Joel and got in the closet. The SWAT team was about to start as violent a one-sided firefight as one could imagine.

Guerena grabbed his assault rifle and was pointing it at the SWAT team, which was trying to serve a narcotics search warrant as part of a multi-house drug crackdown, when the team broke down the door. At first the Pima County Sheriff’s Office said that Guerena fired first, but on Wednesday officials backtracked and said he had not. “The safety was on and he could not fire,” according to the sheriff’s statement.

SWAT team members fired 71 times and hit Guerena 60 times, police said.

In a frantic 911 call, Vanessa Guerena begged for medical help for her husband. “He’s on the floor!” she said, crying, to the 911 operator. “Can you please hurry up?” . .

A report by ABC News affiliate KGUN found that more than an hour had passed before the SWAT team let the paramedics work on Guerena. By then he was dead.

The Tucson Sheriff’s response to the shooting death of Jose Guerena has been shocking and insulting. They appear to be more interested in covering their asses, fighting it out with the media and dirtying the dead man’s name than assessing the catastrophe.

In a statement, the sheriff’s office criticized the media, saying that while questions will inevitably be raised, “It is unacceptable and irresponsible to couch those questions with implications of secrecy and a coverup, not to mention questioning the legality of actions that could not have been taken without the approval of an impartial judge.”

Mike Storie, a lawyer for the SWAT team, said at a press conference Thursday that weapons and body armor were found in the home as well as a photo of Jesus Malverde, who Storie called a “patron saint drug runner,” according to KGUN.

Storie defended the long delay in allowing paramedics to enter the home, saying of the SWAT team, “They still don’t know how many shooters are inside, how many guns are inside and they still have to assume that they will be ambushed if they walk in this house.”

Storie here won’t even acknowledge that the SWAT team had obviously already been inside the home. This is the level of discourse emanating from Pima County law enforcement.

Whose decision was it to let Guerena bleed to death on the ground? Why didn’t they call for help? Why pretend it took so long to secure the location?

“It is my understanding, and considering what happened and the size of the house, that wouldn’t have taken very long at all,” [Guerena family attorney Christopher] Scileppi said, adding that his biggest concern is that Guerena wasn’t given medical care after he’d been shot. “I think it’s tragic on so many levels. On a human, level, it’s tragic. My biggest question is, why was he denied medical attention?”

Paramedics were standing by, but were not allowed to enter the home, despite Vanessa’s pleas to a 911 operator. After an hour and 14 minutes of waiting, emergency responders received word that Guerena was deceased.

“His last thoughts were, ‘I’m defending my home, my wife and children from a home invasion.'” Scileppi told KGUN9.

Having seen these stories so many times before, I think I know what the cops are doing: they’re digging into Guerena’s background. They’re hoping to get even one hint that he was a bad guy, especially hoping he were a drug user. American law enforcement know that the public are okay with the violent deaths of druggies — especially the deaths of casual drug users. Sheriff Clarence W. Dupnik is crossing his fingers that even the death of an Iraq veteran will be acceptable if he smoked a little pot. Then, it’ll have been perfectly okay to shoot and kill him.

More on the Jose Guerena SWAT shooting:

–Tucson law enforcement’s lame excuses
— A case of “Death by Address“?
— The insulting SWAT lawyer
— Jose’s death captured on SWAT video


Conservatives call for 18 year-old drinking age, again

If you’re old enough to watch The Hangover, you’re old enough to drink until you black out. And hell, if you’re old enough to do that, you’re old enough to beat a man into unconsciousness. And if you can do that, well, you might as well kill him. I suppose you’re allowed to do anything at that point. See? Right?

Reality isn’t much more than a wobbly set of dominoes with a “me too!” complex:

Old Enough to Fight, Old Enough to Drink
by Glenn Reynolds | Apr 13, 2011

‘If you get shot at, you can have a shot.” That’s the rationale behind Alaska State Representative—and Vietnam veteran—Bob Lynn’s effort to establish a drinking age of 18 for active-duty service members.

It’s an idea that has gotten consideration in other states, and it makes sense. Unfortunately, Mr. Lynn’s proposal would violate the 1984 Federal Uniform Drinking Age Act, costing Alaska federal highway money. This is a battle that Republicans—and fair-minded Democrats—in Congress should join.

The “old enough to fight, old enough to drink” argument has force.

Boy, if you love hollow cliches, it’s a whopper. I assume this argument ends with ‘booze for everybody who is 18.’ I’m not paying a penny for a Reynolds product no matter how the Wall Street Journal begs, so the rest of this extended cliche will rot on the shelf.

But can we agree that sending 18 year-olds to war is an evil that societies do out of fear and desperation? Can we agree it ends in national mourning and tragedy? Yes. So I don’t use a government’s suicide campaign as a measuring stick for what’s reasonable for teens to engage in. Nobody should ever be asked to do it, but, certainly, 18 year-olds still figuring up from down shouldn’t be asked.

And there’s the rub. The young frequently don’t know better than to say “Yes.” Thus, they’re easy targets for war-mongering governments and self-appointed world beaters.

So, right-wingers, these folks that don’t know enough to avoid things that will rip their legs off, eviscerate them, blind them, kill them — they should drink? Sure.

Drop drinking to 18
April 13, 2011 by Don Surber

When I was 18, you could drink.

Then Reagan ruined it, which was fine with me as a parent. But our youngest kid turned 21 in 2007.

Drop it back to 18! 18! 18!

DRINK! DRINK! DRINK! Don got drunk on FREEDOM! and wrote this. Yay! Sorry, no matter how you look at it, it just isn’t a good idea. Alcohol is a dangerous, poisonous thing.

Among the causes of preventable death in the U.S., trailing the two far and away champions (smoking and obesity), is booze, at number 3: 85,000 die every year because of it.

Leading causes of all deaths in older teens? Number one, far and away: car accidents. It’s ain’t 10% of the deaths of older teens, it’s 40%. The raising of the drinking age attacked this shocking fact. Almost 1,000 teen lives have been saved every year since 1984.

From 1975 – 1996, the estimated number of lives saved reached nearly 17,000.(2) In addition to a 63% decline in alcohol-related crash fatalities among young drivers since 1982, findings show that the [minimum legal purchase age law] has decreased the number of DWI arrests, youth suicides, marijuana use, crime, and alcohol consumption by youth.(3,4)

It’s just a bad idea, plain and simple. Being a blogger, incidentally, doesn’t give me access to facts that these fools can’t find, my Google’s just like yours or theirs. The life and death stats just line up to one side. And what again is the benefit to society? For the ‘teen drinking = freedom’ bunch, I think it approaches this: “REPUBLICANS ROCK! WHOO!”

I’ll tell you I choose to be a hypocrite on this one. I did more than my share of beer drinking before it was legal (California: 21). I thought it was kind of stupid having to wait to do it. It never really stopped me, but it sure got in my way.

That surprises no one. So we already know what the real drinking age is. I don’t think it should go any lower. But wait! It occurs to Don:

Funny, you can get an abortion at 18 but not a Tequila sunrise.

Pity anybody who piles his buddy in an abortion and wraps it around a tree. And since when do they think it’s OK for teens to have sex?


Drunk, flaming and offering to blow the police guards is no way to go through life, Father . .

Meet Father Ignatius Kury. He’s not the manliest prisoner on the planet. “I’ll give you the Sermon on the Mount. Your Sermon on the Mount is this: get these fucking cuffs off of me because I’m getting a RASH . .”

Video captures bizarre jailhouse rant of alleged drunk driving priest
By David Edwards | 03.3.11

Police say that Father Ignatius Kury of Holy Ghost Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church was drunk when he crashed his car [in] Brimfield Township, Ohio.

Note to priests. This is a lame prison threat: “Oprah Winfrey’s gonna have her vag down here, and YOU are gonna have your ass against the wall.”

The priest was so unhinged that officers decided to record him in his cell offering them oral sex and promising that Oprah Winfrey would rescue him. At one point, Kury even offered a rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

“I want you to see me America…I want you to love me.”



Federales kill Nazario Moreno Gonzales — “El Chayo” — leader of La Familia Michoacana

As a result of running gun battles between La Familia Michoacana and Mexican government forces that raged week-long across the western state of Michoacan, a serious blow was dealt to the Christianist drug cartel Thursday. The head and spiritual leader of La Familia, Nazario Moreno Gonzalez — El Chayo — was shot and killed.

Nazario “El Chayo” Moreno, one of the purported founders of “La Familia” drug cartel, was thought to have died during a battle this week with security forces, said Alejandro Poiré, the Mexican spokesman on security matters.

Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, the leader of Mexico’s La Familia drug cartel, was shot and killed yesterday by authorities in the western state of Michoacan, government security spokesman Alejandro Poire said today.

Moreno, known as “El Chayo,” was a founder of what the U.S. government calls “one of Mexico’s newest and most violent drug cartels.” The Mexican government had Moreno on its most- wanted list, offering 30 million pesos ($2.4 million) for information that could lead to his arrest.

The extensive fighting underscored the government’s growing willingness to fight the ultra-violent cartel. El Chayo’s death is a big victory for Mexico, its people, and President Felipe Calderon. The horrible intrastate violence came at a steep price, though: a number of people were injured and killed, civilians included.

The conflict in Michoacán included shootouts between federal forces and cartel gunmen in 12 cities across the state. Among the dead: the teenage daughter of a city mayor and an eight-month-old baby who authorities said was hit by a stray bullet.

This week’s sweeping battles took a toll on security forces. Five federal police were killed along with three people believed to be drug gang members, Mr. Poiré said.

The damage done to La Familia Michoacan as a result of El Chayo’s death is yet to be known, but is likely significant. La Familia was famous not only for its extremely violent ways — beheadings were a trademark of the group — but also for its demands that members follow an extremist Christianity inspired by American John Eldredge.

A favorite of James Dobson and his ‘Focus on the Family,’ Eldredge wrote and taught about a brand of Christian men’s life that emphasized machismo. Eldredege claimed that the essential nature of men, as personified by Jesus Christ, is one of being ‘Wild at Heart,’ the title of his book that made the dubious case.

El Chayo took Eldredge to heart, and reinforced the ‘wild’ idea to its members. It was he who created the disciplined but contrasting behavior of a drug gang who were quick to ambush and kill policemen, assassinate cartel rivals whose severed heads became public calling cards, but also to read and take to heart both Eldredge’s incitements as well as El Chayo’s: he wrote his own ‘bible’ and proudly distributed it freely to members and Michoacanas.

We will see how effectively his lieutenants can carry on his spiritual philosophy and teachings. With La Familia Michoacana, the personal imprints of ‘El Mas Loco’ certainly fueled its quick rise to success, notoriety, and vast riches. Within the world of the cartels, eternally at war with the government of Mexico and its people, we hope they fail.

[sources: Business Week, BBC, Wall Street Journal, Momento 24.]

ADD: Here’s a Google-and-me translated sketch of the notorious life of La Familia’s now dead leader, Moreno Gonzales:

“El Chayo,” boss who brought “divine justice” to Michoacan with AK-47s, killed
Julián Rodríguez Marín | Dec. 10, 2010

(EFE) – He was considered a messiah by his countrymen, but Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, alias “El Chayo,” cartel leader of La Familia Michoacana, was more likely to bring “divine justice” to his enemies.

Also known as “El Mas Loco,” Gonzales was killed yesterday in a lengthy shootout with Mexican security forces in his native Apatzingan, one of his strongholds in the southwestern state that served as a base, Michoacán . .

According to sources, as leader of the cartel, Gonzales evangelized members into La Familia by recruiting recovering drug addicts in clinics opened, ironically, to treat addictions to the drugs he dealt.

Once clean, they were prohibited from using drugs and alcohol and became part of “The Family.” Prayer meetings and target practice were parts of their discipline.

The group took a major leap in the scale of drug smuggling in 2004 through an alliance with the powerful northern Gulf cartel operating in his name and under the name “The Company.”

La Familia offered loans to farmers, businesses, schools and churches, and provided social support to the area’s most disadvantaged.

This won some support among sectors of Michoacán, which offered the cartel a large network of informers and collaborators, including politicians and police . .

According to several experts, La Familia’s core businesses included dealing cocaine, marijuana and designer drugs in Mexico and to the U.S., and frequently employed kidnapping, beheadings, torture and extortion among their violent tactics.

In 2006, several gunmen threw five heads onto the dance floor of a nightclub, along with the message: “La Familia does not kill for money, does not kill women, does not kill innocent people, only those who deserve to die. Know that this is divine justice.

After a series of challenges by the Government, which offered a reward of 2.4 million dollars for “El Chayo”, La Familia suffered a series of setbacks in 2009.

In August of 2009, President Felipe Calderón, a native of Michoacan, sent thousands of soldiers and police to the state in retaliation for the killing of twelve federal police and to check the growing brazenness of the cartel. One year and four months later, “El Chayo” was shot and killed.


Why is Rachel Marsden so bizarre? And illiterate?

Not that Marsden is any different now. Hadn’t really checked in on her for a while, but now I remember why: Rachel is one illiterate weirdo.

Here’s an anti-Proposition 19 (California marijuana legalization) piece she wrote just before the midterms. And, holy cow, why does she even bother? I only wish it were funnier, it’s mostly gibberish:

George Soros: Smoke a Bowl for California
Rachel Marsden | Human Events

The international financier who poured millions of dollars into unsuccessfully blocking George W. Bush’s re-election in 2004, and who delayed the creation of the Euro eco-nomic zone in 1992 by exposing the British Pound Sterling as stuffing its bra, has now reportedly found a million dollars between his sofa cushions to support the Proposition 19 campaign to officially legalize marijuana via the November 2nd ballot.

So, of Soros: he opposed George W. Bush, he exposed the Pound as a flat-chested woman, he found a million dollars in his furniture and put it under Proposition 19:

George Soros apparently put the blood of virgins to fine embossed paper made of yak’s eyelids and exposed himself to The Wall Street Journal this week. To sum up his argument, “California’s a-broken. Time to get tokin’!”

He threw the blood of virgins on some paper, he ripped the eyelids from yaks, he took off his clothes in front of the Wall Street Journal, and then he argued “Let’s get stoned!” I’m feeling pretty stoned myself.

I live in California, so I can tell you that this post is a lot like watching a documentary film. Unfortunately, it’s a documentary on psychopathic autism called “Rachel Marsden.” Who reads this stuff? Who can read this stuff?

The new law would legalize pot smoking in designated areas and at home and would grant the freedom to grow a limited supply for one’s own use. Anyone who truly believes that that is where the legalization will end in practice has obviously never taken public transit or walked down a sidewalk.

Because if you had walked down a sidewalk, that that would make you truly believe people will grow an unlimited supply. If you’d taken public transit, that that would make you truly believe people will smoke it in undesignated areas or not at home. Didja get all that? Or a migraine?

Every day, as a non-smoker, I’m subjected to smokers of both legal and illegal substances lighting up in various banned locations. Why not just urinate on people in public, while you’re at it?

I assume Rachel is being facetious here. But just in case: let’s not urinate on each other in banned locations, k? Thx.

When Soros laments the violation of “rights and civil liberties,” economic principles dictate that he take the side of those who are imposing toxic fumes on the general population. He couldn’t care less about those who have to contend with the resulting toxicity. By this same argument, he should be backing gas-guzzling diesel trucks.

Or, better yet, diesel-guzzling diesel trucks. I have put gas in a diesel truck, and I can tell you the guzzling is short-lived. My job was nearly short-lived. My shirt was very, very short-lived. The useless gas/diesel mixture — now there’s something that will last forever. Let’s be backing the diesel/diesel thingie because explosively short life-spans can be a practical blessing.

Racial inequality, according to Soros, is also fostered by arrests for possession of pot because while blacks smoke it in equal proportion to whites, they’re caught more often. Presumably, Soros imagines that if pot only were legal, blacks would finally be arrested on a par with whites, ending such racial injustices once and for all.


How bizarre a person do you have to be to poke fun at that? “Soros thinks that if he can just end this one racial injustice, then . . uh . . it will have ended.” Gee, Rachel, you’re so snit-fitty and wise.

People who try to stop these things, the rich ones with their stupid furniture cushions and journals fashioned from ruby-hammered yak hide, they’re all, like, “Dopedy-doopsey, look at me.” You tell ’em, Rachel.

Add: I got tired of reading her gobbledy-goo, so I stopped. I missed this bit:

. . I grew up in Vancouver, BC, the world mecca for pothead snowboarders, activists, and academics. During one of the criminology classes I took at university, I even heard a pro-pot cop lecture on the benefits of pot and the evils of criminalization. (Incidentally, he is now dead from a massive abdominal tumor; coincidence?)



La Familia Michoacana get hit by Americans in Atlanta and rivals in Acapulco

The ultra-Christianist ultra-violent right-wing drug cartel from western Mexico, La Familia Michoacana, have been hit hard in recent days and weeks by both anti-drug authorities and rivals.

Mexico drugs cartel suspects arrested in Atlanta area
BBC News | 4 November 10, 2010

Police in the United States have arrested 45 people they accuse of belonging to the Mexican drug cartel La Familia Michoacana. Agents also seized cash, guns and drugs as part of their operation against the cell, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Police said the city had become a major drug distribution centre, from where drugs were being shipped to neighbouring states. But they said the arrests would disrupt the cartel’s operation in Atlanta.

It’s a serious setback for La Familia’s efforts to establish itself as the pre-eminent drug distribution operation in Atlanta.

The agents said they seized 23kg (50lb) of methamphetamine, 43kg of cocaine and more than 2,000kg of marijuana, amounting to a street value of $10m (£6.14m).

Senior agent in the US Drug Enforcement Administration John Comer warned that while the operation to dismantle this particular cell had been successful, it was just one of many operating in the Atlanta area.

“Mexican cartels such as La Familia Michoacana have collectively become the most powerful drug trafficking organisations in the world, and have an impact on the United States,” he said.

Weeks earlier, a group of 20 La Familia members were overtaken and kidnapped in Acapulco in retaliation for their accelerating territorial acquisition and influence. Their bodies were only recently discovered in a mass grave:

Mexican police have found a mass grave near the Pacific resort of Acapulco, holding what they believe to be victims of the country’s drug war.

So far 18 bodies have been recovered but officers were due to conduct further searches of the site.

Police have so far not confirmed the identities of the dead, fuelling speculation they may be from a group of 20 men abducted over a month ago.

In a modern twist to the usual violence, after La Familia found at least two of the mass killers, they tortured and beat the men, and then recorded their words to upload onto YouTube:

20 Kidnapped and Missing in Acapulco, Now Found in Mass Grave
T. C. Baker | Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Two battered men with hands cuffed behind them speak in a one minute nine second video . .

A voice asks, “Who ordered the kidnapping of the Michoacanos?” The off-camera voice refers to the kidnapping of at least twenty people that visited Acapulco from Morelia . .

The dialogue continues…“What were your orders?” “We were going to take them to Cuernavaca, but the way to that city was full of military checkpoints…Then the orders were to bury them in the town of Tres Palos,” answered the two. “Why did this massacre happen?” the voice asked. “All this happened because of La Familia Michoacana…because they took the plaza of Ciudad Altamirano away from us.”

The two men’s battered bodies were found on top of the mass grave, accompanied by a sign that read: “The people they killed are buried here.”