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A brain dead Texas woman…hmm. That doesn’t strike one as particularly newsworthy. No. One more time: A Fort Worth hospital kept a dead woman on life support because she was pregnant. What a wretched case. Yesterday a judge put an end to the horror show:

The judge, R. H. Wallace Jr. of 96th District Court in Tarrant County, ruled that Ms. Muñoz, 33, who has been on life support at John Peter Smith Hospital since November and is now 22 weeks pregnant, was legally dead, agreeing with the family’s lawyers that the hospital had erred in its decision to keep her on life support. The hospital had said the Texas law addressing life support for pregnant women prevented it from granting the family’s wish, but the judge said the law did not apply to Ms. Muñoz because she is dead.

Pretty sound logic there. Ms. Muñoz is not a pregnant patient because Ms. Muñoz is not. She doesn’t exist. Sad but true, she is dead. I applaud the court for exercising its sharp legal mind. Readers of Ann Althouse, not so much:

So, the baby is abnormal according to the testimony of the husband’s lawyer. The hospital responsible for the child’s care has not spoken publicly of the baby’s condition.

Ann has provided the link at the top of the page. Has anyone bothered to click it? Althouse droogies, are you kidding?

The hospital acknowledged in court documents that the fetus was not viable.

Amazing. It’s not the facts of the matter that matter, only that the matter appears to support the facts. Their facts, which are all that matter. Those are excreted freely within the confines of Ann’s Outhouse, soft and below the belt, and flung so carelessly, as needed. Very much as needed:

Either way, the judge has ordered the execution of the child. Perhaps only because it is unwanted or a burden for the father.

Certainly the malformed tissue has been sentenced to death. Oh of course the husband’s an asshole. Think nothing apart of it, you bet he is. Don’t take humble opinion as any sort of convenience.

Moments after Judge Wallace made his ruling, Mr. Muñoz, 26, who had been sitting in a bench behind his lawyers, slumped in his seat and began weeping. He was embraced by his relatives.

“There’s nothing happy about today,” Ms. King said outside the courtroom. “This was a sad situation all the way around. We are relieved that Erick Muñoz can now move forward with the process of burying his wife.”

…and again all you had to do was read the article. Genius me, that’s what I did. That’s how I came to think that this Erick character might not be the Genghis Khan of Embryohaven. But don’t let his tears stain the nobility of your politics. Right?

While the mother is innocent by virtue of her untimely death, the father is derelict in his duties and responsibilities for a human life that he participated in conceiving.


“When I bend down to kiss her forehead, her usual scent is gone, replaced instead with what I can only describe as the smell of death. As a paramedic, I am very familiar with this smell, and I now recognize it when I kiss my wife. In addition, Marlise’s hands no longer naturally grip mine for an embrace. Her limbs have become so stiff and rigid due to her deteriorating condition that now, when I move her hands, her bones crack, and her legs are nothing more than dead weight.”

Remember what they did to Michael Schiavo? The right to life crowd are such a respectful and reasonable bunch.

You know what kills me?

Most of the people baying for the death of this baby are the same ones who if it was a dog and puppies in this situation instead of humans, would be donating money to keep the dog alive until the puppies were born.

They’re really, really smart too. Remember the time they kept that dog’s body alive for two months so it could have puppies? No? Maybe it was an episode of “Doctor Space Fido.” I do get confused.


Why always isn’t Katty Kay naked?

The mystery is solved. A monkey can use a computer.

. . if you look twice at news women, it’s hard not to think; “pole dancer.” Some media babes even help with suggestive stage names. Katty Kay of BBC and CPB comes to mind; surely not as bold as Pussy Galore, but much more aggressive than Kitty Whatshername.

Nightly news as a sandbox. Kay isn’t an Oxford toff, she’s a waiting nymph. I imagine this baboon spotting Katty at a restaurant and then chasing her around the bar, knocking over chairs. C’mere you little tease! You with that name!

In spite of all the puffing about talent and sexual equality, the attributes most admired in news chicks are visual; face, décolletage, weight, and youth. Literacy or intelligence is not necessarily a show stopper if a girl has better twins, or legs, than a teleprompter.

Post inventory: we got ‘pole dancer,’ ‘babes,’ ‘chicks,’ ‘pussy,’ ‘kitty,’ and ‘twins.’ And we got the upside-down application of ‘show stopper.’ Watson! Holmes? The demonstration of hulking intelligence. Yes, well, it’s thee American Thinker. Say nothing more, act casual. Didn’t people also call something ‘Mount Hood’? Well Katty probably straddled Wesley Snipes 11,239 feet in the sky. Of course. America: Youse sincerity is appreciated. You don’t gotta make good on nothing ‘cuz you got a angle.

Yes, yes; there are exceptions. Call them tokens if you will. Andrea Mitchell, Doris Kerns Goodwin, Diane Rehm, and Barbara Walters would hardly qualify as spring chickens or eye candy.

Kearns, good. Say, why do TV hags even exist? Do you know?

Media matrons are a testimony to tenure or the need to service homely, geriatric, or liberal demographics. Indeed, the public airways are no slouch when it comes to tokens. American Public Broadcasting has at least one aging, zaftig, black, female anchor.

He doesn’t go as far as radioactive or wildebeest but ‘female’ orphaned of ‘nude’ is enough.


What’s the frequency, Jennif?

You’re at the side of the road. You turn your head and you notice WaPo blogger Jennifer Rubin standing next to you. You nod. She nods. Civil enough.

Here comes the parade. Local kids in Boy Scout uniforms, looking a little stunned, wave as they tread by. Girls in sequined leotards showboat and twirl batons. The high school band marches past, blaring a meaty Sousa march. In comes the cavalry, or the deputy sheriffs on horseback, with beards at the ready and sidearms holstered. The wind blows. The smell of hot dogs. The back end of the affair thins out. There’s another high school band, but not as polished. Getting quiet. Dogs meander by. Parents walk on.

You turn to Jennifer. ‘Not bad,’ you say.

Jennifer replies. ‘So much for the grebes.’

Obama owes much to Bush (all Americans do, in fact), including economic policies he inherited and took credit for — TARP, the auto bailout.

How? What? Does she know that people can read this? American people? Millions out of work, millions more on food stamps, 60 and 70 hour work weeks on minimum wage. And we owe George W. Bush.

Obama was handed a military success in Iraq (and then fumbled it away by withdrawing all troops to leave Iraq wallowing in sectarian violence).

How was it a military success in 2009? Because we were there at the time? The old sects and tribes and warlords all despised each other irrespective of our having parked a trillion dollars worth of armed technology downtown. And how was the “success” lost? Because we’re not now slaughtering all the Baghdad bombers and jihadis? Lockdown for the far-flung and despised. What a good reason to keep dying.

Osama bin Laden hunt and drone missile program, both successes, were undertaken by Bush.

While I was piss drunk last night I began to hum the overture for a comic opera. That doesn’t make me Rossini. I assume the reason this woman is compelled to editorialize is that her parallel universe is so astonishing.


Too Megan to be drawn into boring discussions

Sorry about the meager posting, I’ve been busy. But here’s a piece from Megan McArdle that just popped up on the internet [where else?] and which provides us with a chance to jeer and hoot. You didn’t think we’d be left with only standard issue wingnut jabbery as regards the same-sex SCOTUS tilt? Did ya?

In some sense, it doesn’t really matter how the Supreme Court rules on the gay marriage case it’s hearing today. The culture war is over on this front, and gay marriage has won. Even if it loses at the Supreme Court this term, it will win in the legislatures . . . because it is already winning in popular opinion.

As usual Meg will prefer to cut to the chase because that’s smart, which is kewl. If only the gays with their tedious legal gripes could be so chill. South Carolina, who waited 150 years after the Civil War to outlaw slavery, would have no problems at all with dozin’ on the couch and playin’ video games and generally smokin’ a doob Dixie-wise instead of going el-seven Bill Lumbergh over the latest civil rights denial. M’yeah, I’m gonna have to ask you to legalize this before 2014, mmmkay, that’d be great. That’s not how they roll.

The ways the rest of the world will roll, you read and you marvel at:

At this point, it’s just a matter of time. In some sense, the sexual revolution is over . . . and the forces of bourgeois repression have won.

Any smarter and Megan cuts past the chase. Then we don’t even recognize her any more. ‘Honey? Gay people are the new Amish?’ ‘Ha. Pity the poor fool that wrote that.’

That’s right, I said it: this is a landmark victory for the forces of staid, bourgeois sexual morality. Once gays can marry, they’ll be expected to marry. And to buy sensible, boring cars that are good for car seats.

Gay people famously do whatever silly thing the straights want them to do. In the past it was sucking each other off, and enjoying it. Next up, after the nod from Scalia, the gays get delivered the twin delicacies of privilege: Velveeta and Viagra. We had to wait some time before Megan figured this out — the squares and hipsters have been locked in a game of master n’ slave. Wait until Pat Robertson hears, there won’t be enough twink porn (or Kleenex) in all of Christendom.

I know, it feels like we’re riding an exciting wave away from the moral dark ages and into the bright, judgement free future. But moral history is not a long road down which we’re all marching; it’s more like a track. Maybe you change lanes a bit, but you generally end up back where you started. Sometimes you’re on the licentious, “anything goes” portion near the bleachers, and sometimes you’re on the straight-and-narrow prudish bit in front of the press box. Most of the time you’re in between. But you’re still going in circles.

I see little good in that. Better to do homosexuals a cultural ‘solid’ by denying them their rights. Given how well they interpret Cole Porter, probably best that we go back to the days when it was alright to beat them in the alley. Just to be safe.


Government sponsored moron

Spiders can dance the Mashed Potato. Did you know?

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma Common Education committee is expected to consider a House bill that would forbid teachers from penalizing students who turn in papers attempting to debunk almost universally accepted scientific theories such as biological evolution and anthropogenic (human-driven) climate change.

Dear ‘F’: These are not the Jeebus clods you are looking for.


Don’t you talk to me about Junior

The pundits have decided to convince you that George W. Bush was an acceptable president. Among the huddled intelligentsia in the McCarthy Library, it was Victor Davis Hanson pulling the short straw:

At times the venom accorded Bush in popular culture reached absurd — and even sick — levels . . that hysteria once led to Charles Krauthammer’s identification of “Bush Derangement Syndrome” — a pathology in which the unbalanced seemed to channel all their anxieties, frustrations, and paranoias onto George W. Bush. And yet, following 9/11, Bush had calmly led the nation and enjoyed one of the highest positive appraisals of any president since the advent of modern polling . .

He was so great we could not resist. You’re the best, Junior! Having our psyches shattered to shards, driving ourselves to funerals, these were the things that buoyed our love for him. That guy is awesome.

Hanson’s six-point Bush rehabilitation continues in this manner, blind and debilitated, with a recurring theme: Other people were just as stupid. Good job! Go with that, Vic. Americans love a middling dolt, especially one you’re not allowed to assign any blame to ALTHOUGH HE WAS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

“Bush lied, thousands died,” was a popular mantra that followed from the absence of stockpiles of WMD in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq — the chief casus belli of the Iraq War. But looking back, quite apart from the politics of the moment, we now remember that Congress had approved 23 writs authorizing the removal of Saddam Hussein.

Wrong. Despite the ongoing legislative rhetoric, only the Iraq War Resolution “authoriz[ed] the removal of Saddam Hussein.” The approval came only after 1.) The greatest failure of an American president to protect and defend his citizens, resulting in thousands of deaths, and 2.) A massive Bush administration deception, extending to the chambers of the U.N., to establish a bogus link between Hussein and Al Qaeda, and to forecast the use of fairytale weapons of mass destruction against us here at home. Whether it was purposeful lying or murderous incompetence to blame, the consequences were horrifying: 4,844 Americans and 100,000 Iraqis dead, many of them women and children.

The pro-war speeches of John Kerry and Hillary Clinton were simply amplifications of President Clinton’s signing into law of the 1998 “Iraq Liberation Act,” in which were outlined in graphic detail the dangers of the Hussein WMD arsenal. We do not know what exactly happened to those weapons, but perhaps the end sometime soon of the Bashar Assad regime in Syria — amid rampant rumors of a sizable WMD depot — could shed some light on prior cross-border traffic between Assad and Hussein.

Do you love how breezy Victor is? George W. Bush was a lot like everybody else, so why fuss? Maybe this weekend we’ll find the weapons of mass destruction and everything will get sorted out. Right. Maybe we’ll hear clapping from the VA cemeteries and the sewers of Baghdad, but I wouldn’t count on it. Victor doesn’t hold the slightest interest in seeing a president as any different from you or me despite the gob-smacking power and responsibility. Until of course someone else enters the picture . .

George Bush averaged a 2.7 percent ratio of deficits to GDP (less than those of Reagan or George H. W. Bush), Barack Obama so far 8.9 percent. Under Bush, quite excessive federal spending reached about 20 percent of GDP, but under Obama it has already grown to 24 percent . . whether we count Bush’s responsibility from 2001 to 2008 or 2002 to 2009, and Obama’s from 2009 to 2012 or 2010 to 20012, we are nevertheless arguing whether the latter doubled or nearly tripled the Bush rate of borrowing.

By my calculations Franklin Roosevelt ran up a modest $23.5 billion yearly deficit throughout his first two administrations. But then his successor took over and the deficit exploded to $320.4 billion! In only his first year! Do any of you sleuths have any explanation why that should be, other than Truman being a bastard? Hint:

Oh I see. How about some hints for Victor? The current drivers of our deficits:

. . George W. Bush’s tax cuts, George W. Bush’s wars, George W. Bush’s collapsed economy and our attempts to clean up the mess. It’s his greed, his violence, his incompetence, but it’s only our desperate efforts that earn any criticism. Victor’s the kind of guy who’d run over your grandmother then complain about the sirens. He’d be appalled the way anorexia survivors eat like pigs. You can’t expect the deranged who would defend Bush to come to any terms with epic indictments: our current reality.


Dumb up in black and white: The 2012 Texas Republican Party Platform

What a barn full of hoot owls. What a yard of dumb cows. I’ve been reading the just-released 2012 Texas State Republican Party Platform. How green do you like your pasture patties, friends? Where to begin?

Let’s say we start with “PRESERVING AMERICAN FREEDOM.” That’s as good a joke as anything else in the routine. You know what chaps the hide of Texas lovers of liberty? Can you guess? Article V of the Constitution.

Constitutional ConventionWe strongly oppose any constitutional convention to rewrite the United States Constitution. We encourage the Legislature to rescind its 1977 call for such a convention. We call upon other states to rescind their votes for such a convention.

The Constitution is sacred, after all. So screw it. This is the logic of simple, traditional folks. Folks proud to defend the damned thing they can no longer abide:

Federal Tax ReformWe recommend repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, with the goal of abolishing the I.R.S and replacing it with a national sales tax collected by the States.

That needs to be done immediately. If only there were some way. More AMERICA:

ReparationsWe oppose any form of reparation.

Screw you Japanese Americans interned in World War Two. Eff you Indians dragged across the Trail of Tears. American slaves, islanders of Bikini, whatever. You snooze, you die, you lose. Ha ha, freedom.

Banning the Use of Red Light CamerasWe oppose the manner in which alleged vehicle violations are documented and fines levied against individuals without proof of their having been the driver of the offending vehicle and we call for the ban on Red Light Cameras in the State of Texas.

Serious shit people.

Livestock and Pet LocationsWe oppose a mandatory animal identification system.

Stick a chip in a steer’s neck? Next thing you know, there’s one in mine. No way, comrade.

Smart MetersWe oppose the mandated use of Smart Meters as well as the use of collected data to reduce freedoms of U.S. citizens.

You’re not putting one of those doohickeys in my electrical box. You can’t stick me in a concentration camp. See how Texas loves science and technology?

Unelected, Appointed Bureaucrats (Czars)We decry the appointment of unelected bureaucrats, and we urge Congress to use their constitutional authority to defund and abolish these positions and return authority to duly elected officials, accountable to the electorate.

There are thousands upon thousands of bureaucrats in the Executive Branch of our government. A total of two of them are elected (see if you can guess which ones). So this policy would streamline the government, quickly. To the point of ending it. Loose facts: Number of Czars under Clinton? 8. Under George W.? 33. Do you remember who was the former Czar of Domestic Policy, 2004-2006? Karl Rove of course. This is why Barack Obama will face impeachment, soon.

There are too many nuclear cuckoo things in here to even begin covering it properly. This is only the first section of the first part. Laws that the platform eventually calls to repeal? The War Powers Act, Affordable Healthcare Act, Endangered Species Act, Voting Rights Act of 1965, McCain-Feingold, Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Law, Federal Reserve Act of 1913, Community Reinvestment Act, all hate crimes laws, virtually all taxes on anything, all minimum wage laws, and whatever established the Texas State Lottery. Get your jollies reading the crap for yourself.

Also, get the freaking government out of raw milk:

Unprocessed FoodsWe support the availability of natural, unprocessed foods, including, but not limited to, the right to access raw milk.

Have fun, Texas, killing your kids with teeming doses of Salmonella and E. coli. Morons.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s digital image expert may be an idiot

Some people are not smart. That’s just a fact. Those people probably shouldn’t be Sheriff Joe’s digital image technology experts. That’s all I’m saying. Sure, go ahead and mount yourself an American coup d’etat, loons, knock your selves out. Take your president down. But try starting your revolution without piling the caissons with derp powder.

Mara Zebest at American Thinker:

Strange Anomalies in the Famous Situation Room Photo

Recently, the MSM were shocked by the news that a girlfriend in Obama’s Dreams book was a composite. For many, such news comes as no surprise. The concept of a composite presidency certainly comes as no shock as someone who participated as a contributor and authored evidence presented at Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s press conference on Obama’s long-form birth certificate report.

Mara has made herself quite the Birther celebrity, hitching her star to the likes of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Jerome Corsi. She’s now known across the internet as “Adobe expert Mara Zebest.” Here she extends her expertise to vetting the famous Situation Room photo of Team Obama watching the Bin Laden strike.

But why in the world would it be faked?

The answer to that latter question can be summed up in one simple thought: To hide the truth. Obama was out golfing while the OBL mission was unfolding, and the administration needed the Situation Room photo op for public perception — to give the illusion that he’s presidential.

The alleged Zebest anomalies are an analytical muddle, if not allegedly explosive: midget-sized Obama, with his pinhead, eyes looking in the wrong place, some floating aides’ hands, and mysterious mutated arms. But then there’s this. This is proof:

Look at that! What the hell is that? Mara’s got the goods, and the photoshop lecture is off and running. What else are you trying to pull, Mr. Obama?

You, your amateur self, you wonder. So you look at the supersize image, and there it is. The photo, in the middle of the room. But it’s been obviously and intentionally blurred by the White House before release. Intelligence, anyone? Abottabad compound, perhaps? Satellite image capabilities, people?

Bravo. A responsible redaction on the administration’s part means the President preferred to play golf while his biggest gamble played out in Pakistan. This is how brilliant Sheriff Joe’s people are. I’ve been too busy to mock Mara properly after her May 9 post, but I wasn’t too busy today.

And whaddyaknow! Mara’s got another post up at American Thinker just now. Perfect timing. She says there’s another Situation Room photo that’s a complete fraud. Stare in wonder at Zebest’s image analysis:

Obviously, Obama was never actually in the room. And by the way . .

A final note focuses on the blurred photo in front of Hillary Clinton, in which the White House narrative offered the explanation that the blur was necessary to hide sensitive material.

What a surprise.

Fair enough. However, how is it that this supposedly sensitive document was obscured, while the binder sitting on Hillary’s lap is left untouched?

You could ask the same of the White House’s imaginary photoshop tech, you whackadoodle. Way to pick ‘em, Joe.


Ann Althouse: Obama a high school bully also [No]

When you need to see people act like idiots, remember that Ann Althouse’s place is a raucous Monkey Bijou. Far from her readers, Ann’s posts remain homages to Punch n’ Judy: “Ann Althouse: Althouse attacked again in Madison [h/t Ann Althouse].” For your entertainment, the assaults of myself.

The comedy is robust; today is no different. Having heard that 18 y.o. Mitt Romney was a gay-bullying charmer back in 1965, yes, Ann posted the story. But she then sat quietly for a few minutes, stumped. How to beat this? The truth is an Althousian construct after all. There must be something I can do to make everything right.

I know, she thought: I’ll go after Barack Obama. Fair is fair, after all:

ADDED: Obama bullied a black girl:

BINGO. “Dreams from My Father.” What a terrific pile of oppo that’s become, huh?

Her name was Coretta, and before my arrival she had been the only black person in our grade. She was plump and dark and didn’t seem to have many friends. From the first day, we avoided each other but watched from a distance, as if direct contact would only remind us more keenly of our isolation.

Finally, during recess one hot, cloudless day, we found ourselves occupying the same corner of the playground. I don’t remember what we said to each other, but I remember that suddenly she was chasing me around the jungle gyms and swings. She was laughing brightly, and I teased her and dodged this way and that, until she finally caught me and we fell to the ground breathless. When I looked up, I saw a group of children, faceless before the glare of the sun, pointing down at us.

“Coretta has a boyfriend! Coretta has a boyfriend!”

The chants grew louder as a few more kids circled us.

“She’s not my g-girlfriend,” I stammered. I looked to Coretta for some assistance, but she just stood there looking down at the ground. “Coretta’s got a boyfriend! Why don’t you kiss her, mister boyfriend?”

“I’m not her boyfriend!” I shouted. I ran up to Coretta and gave her a slight shove; she staggered back and looked up at me, but still said nothing. “Leave me alone!” I shouted again. And suddenly Coretta was running, faster and faster, until she disappeared from sight. Appreciative laughs rose around me. Then the bell rang, and the teachers appeared to round us back into class.

So you wonder about this tale. The kids all seem awful young, don’t they? You do a little digging, and you find out that the school, Punahou, was in Hawaii. And Barack transferred into it when he was all of 10 years old.

Coretta is Joella Edwards, who now lives in Florida. In interviews, she recalled the day Barry Obama arrived as a fifth-grader, having returned to Hawaii from four years in Indonesia with his mother. “He had a brown and white weird-design shirt, and just kind of stood there,” Ms. Edwards said. “I remember thinking, ‘Wow, there’s another black person here.’”

By the time ‘Coretta’ started chasing him, and he shoved her, what do you think Barack would have been? 11? Maybe? Nice try, Ann. ‘Coretta’ got so sick of Punahou that she left when she was 15.

Anyway, this isn’t even “bullying.” It’s embarrassment. When you dig up the incident, Ann, where 18 year-old Barack gets a gang of his buddies to hold down a lesbian teen so he can cut off her ponytail, call me. You idiot.


Ayn Rand uh-choppin’ broccoli

The hub of online libertarian thought and discourse focuses upon this week’s high court doings. The arguments on Obamacare draw the interest of the unflinching intellects who inhabit the eminent

Expect the usual. ‘Gosh, the proceedings are serious (titter). Look at how hard everybody’s trying (cough).’ Serious people always find the rest of us silly. Folks who can quote Ayn Rand chapter and paragraph from thousands of pages of stultifying prose probably find Supreme Court arguments whimsical.

Press your ear to Earth’s brain-box. You can fairly hear their thoughts . .

“How hard is it to be Ruth Bader Ginsburg, really? Who can’t sit at a desk? How hard is it to set fire to a gavel? What’s so smart about everybody when everyone’s stupid? You guys should try feeding America a diet of greed. Try baking a palatable philosophy with narcissism. When any of you losers can manage that, we’ll talk.”

With that attitude, Reason went right at the proceedings. Justice Scalia’s argumentum ad absurdum proved to be damn amusing.

“Could you define the market — everybody has to buy food sooner or later, so you define the market as food, therefore, everybody is in the market; therefore, you can make people buy broccoli,” Scalia asked during the second day of oral arguments.

Mr. Obama, you’re basing your argument for the mandate upon the Commerce Clause. Well, buying vegetables is commerce, too. What about a broccoli mandate? Hmm?

Now there’s some Randian lightning. John Galt would have shoved the government’s celery right back up its *ss, for sure. You too, Michelle. Scalia’s coup de rhubarb proved so logically devastating that the Reason-ers had to turn the question upon the world. Well, world?

87 Percent of Americans Agree With Conservative Supreme Court Justices on Broccoli Mandate
Emily Ekins | March 27, 2012

“If the government can do that, what else can it do?” asked Justice Antonin Scalia, referring to the individual mandate portion of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. He then questioned whether Congress could also require individuals to buy vegetables, such as broccoli.

Ever seen a poll on intentional absurdity? Look!

The recent national Reason-Rupe poll of 1200 adults released yesterday shows 87 percent of Americans believe it is unconstitutional for Congress to mandate that you buy broccoli. Eight percent think Congress can constitutionally force you to buy vegetables.

Notwithstanding the rampant intellectualism, I’ll assume broccoli is a vegetable.


Open your mouth. Right, fine, now breathe.

Gen. George Patton, on the gender war:

Will Maher Go the Way of Olbermann?
By Victor Davis Hanson | March 17, 2012 6:11 P.M.

David Axelrod’s moral-equivalence argument that Limbaugh’s smear is worse than Maher’s because the former is both more influential and more identifiable with Republican circles is a sad sort of sophistry. Limbaugh may have a larger audience, but I suspect if you googled “Rush Limbaugh” and compared it to “Bill Maher,” the so-called hits would be about the same . .




When it comes to the economy, Rick Santorum is a fool

This is a pretty good demonstration of Rick Santorum’s mastery of the mechanics of our country. This is his grasp of our most vital national commons, the U.S. economy.

If I were to ask you what caused the recent historic and disastrous collapse of our fiscal well-being, I imagine you’d say something like this: “It’s complicated.” Some of you would add, “Lending institutions over-extended themselves in reckless attempts to make quick profits. While the influx of loan money caused an artificial inflation in home values, the sickly loans were sold to investment firms. A house of cards got built across several vital sectors of the economy. And, when it collapsed, we were left with crippling debt but almost no way to pay it off.”

For Rick, however, things aren’t so messy. Things are pretty simple:

“We went into a recession in 2008 because of gasoline prices,” Santorum told a packed hotel ballroom of supporters. “The bubble burst in housing because people couldn’t pay their mortgages because of $4 a gallon gasoline,” he added.

This isn’t a new attack Santorum is road-testing in Michigan, he’s said it before:

“We went into a recession in 2008. People forget why,” Rick Santorum told an audience recently. “They thought it was a housing bubble. The housing bubble was caused because of a dramatic spike in energy prices that caused the housing bubble to burst … People had to pay so much money to air condition and heat their homes or pay for gasoline that they couldn’t pay their mortgage.”

As far as reasons a sane observer might offer for our economic misery, this is an absurd one. Look at gas prices in 2008:

The spike around June is remarkable. But the epic price collapse is even more astonishing. If Rick thinks a short price hike in gasoline is capable of wiping out the American economy, he’s a frighteningly poor student of the world. Someone foisting that logic upon us better be able to defend the chronic nature of the recession in the face of the exact same critical factor collapsing to no effect. How can gas prices drive the economy in the middle of 2008 and have absolutely no effect a few months later?

If you look at the details, Rick’s supposed understanding of our economy becomes even more preposterous. From the beginning of 2008 to the spike, gas prices rose about $1.10. That means that, at its worst, the rise in gasoline cost the average American family an additional $103 a month. Bad, but hardly devastating.

The peak was over in a couple of months. Meantime, gasoline costs were something people had control over: they could drive less, carpool, or switch to fuel-efficient cars. Rick figures that, instead of choosing to solve the gasoline problem, Americans simply threw up their hands and sacrificed their houses.

This demonstrates a knowledge of virtually nothing vitally important to the workings of our economy, least of all the behavior of that element — Americans — he’d like to get to vote for him. And anyone who argues that the economy entered a recession after 2007 can’t be taken seriously.