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In the Republican style: New Jersey’s Chris Christie

October of 2010:

The largest public transit project in the nation, a commuter train tunnel under the Hudson River to Manhattan, was halted on Thursday by Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey because, he said, the state could not afford its share of the project’s rising cost…

The governor, a Republican, said he decided to withdraw his support for the project on Thursday after hearing from state transportation officials that the project would cost at least $2.5 billion more than its original price of $8.7 billion.

But Christie lied.

Now, a report from the Government Accountability Office makes it clear that the cost-cutting talk was political bluster. Mr. Christie estimated that the project could cost more than $14 billion, of which New Jersey would have had to pay 70 percent if you counted federal stimulus dollars and Port Authority money. The report said later federal estimates ranged from $9.8 billion to $12.4 billion and that the state’s real share was 14.4 percent. The benefits would have been huge…

The report, which Mr. Christie continues to dispute, cited estimates that home values and tax revenues would have risen, and that the construction would have added $9 billion to the regional economy.

It would have done so much good. But the Governor wasn’t having it.

At the time, analysts predicted that the project would raise New Jersey property values by $18 billion and allow $50 billion in new wages to come back to the state from New York City.

What a tragedy for New Jersey. And none of it makes any sense…until it does.

As Streetsblog reported at the time, it was all about New Jersey’s empty, debt-ridden transportation trust fund. New Jersey’s gas tax, the third-lowest in the country, hasn’t been raised for 23 years. The infrastructure funding woes that can be found across the country, therefore, are even more acute there. When Christie killed the ARC tunnel, the highway trust fund was expected to go bankrupt within a year.

Because the Republican wouldn’t raise the gas tax a couple pennies, the transportation fund was broke. So he killed the tunnel, stole the federal government’s money and then deposited it in New Jersey’s account. And though it earned the state an expensive federal lawsuit, he declared himself Fiscally Responsible. What a clever little man. Maybe he should run for president.

But of course Chris Christie is a big fat liar.

THE decision by the administration of Gov. Chris Christie to settle an environmental lawsuit against Exxon Mobil Corporation for roughly three cents on the dollar after more than a decade of litigation is an embarrassment to law enforcement and good government.

Even more troubling are the circumstances surrounding the decision, which recently came to light. As a judge deliberated whether to assess the $8.9 billion in damages New Jersey sought, the administration stepped in and agreed to take about $250 million and settle the case.

The state of New Jersey had won their environmental damage case against ExxonMobil. Their prosecutors were waiting to see how much – if not all – of their $8.9 billion claim the judge would award. But then Christie stepped in.

Former colleagues of mine in state government, where I served as commissioner of environmental protection from 2002 to 2006, have told me that Mr. Christie’s chief counsel inserted himself into the case, elbowed aside the attorney general and career employees who had developed and prosecuted the litigation, and cut the deal favorable to Exxon.

The oil giant, one of the most profitable energy companies in the world, had already been found liable. The only question that remained was, how much would it have to pay?

Now we know, and the result is a disgrace.

So ExxonMobil got away with barely a scratch.

I don’t see how this is good government. A fully-funded $8.7 billion dollar tunnel project that returns many more billions back to the people of New Jersey is too expensive for the skinflint governor, or so he says, and he kills it. But an $8.9 billion dollar lawsuit that the state had already won is quick-settled for pennies on the dollar, without so much as a plausible reason, or public comment. All of this leaves New Jersey short…$8.7 billion dollars. Meanwhile, his vaunted transportation fund

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign, a nonprofit advocacy and transportation policy organization called the fund’s insolvency “a legitimate crisis” worsened by the fact that Christie’s 2016 budget calls for slashing transportation spending by 8.4 percent, or about $119 million less than the current fiscal year.

…is once again broke. Oh, if only the governor hadn’t butted into the courtroom. The settlement from the lawsuit could have bankrolled the entire trust fund for 6 years. Or it could have plugged the hole in New Jersey’s yearly budget – the Christie Crisis – for the next 11 years. Or it could have paid for that old tunnel project, ignoring the fact it had of course already been bought and paid for, until some politician scotched it then pocketed the government money.

So it turns out that Chris Christie is not really fiscally responsible. He is in fact shockingly reckless, self-serving and stupid. And while as governor he should be trying to better the lives of his own constituents, he’d just prefer to grease his own dick. He’s…well, a Republican. I’d certainly be interested to hear what the famous loudmouth has to say about all this, but I get the feeling he’s currently hiding somewhere.

Christie was scheduled to give the opening speech at the American Enterprise Institute’s World Forum at a luxury resort on Sea Island, according to Bloomberg News. Corporate documents show that ExxonMobil has been a major benefactor of AEI, a conservative think tank in Washington whose scholars have disputed the scientific consensus on climate change and touted ExxonMobil as a “taxation hero.”

Or hanging out with old friends…


The Politican and The Nurse

We have people here in America, doctors and nurses, who are willing to fly to dodgy places in order to help save the lives of people they don’t even know. And when one of these selfless professionals comes home, what happens to her? Does she get offered a simple ‘Thank You’? Does anybody greet her at the terminal and hand her a trophy, or plaque? NO. These days, what happens is a New Jersey politician uses her to wipe his ass. Just forget everything you heard him say only three days ago…

“[B]ut we are not going to be in the business of stoking hysteria about this in the public,” he continued, citing that his experience in crisis management in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has made him convinced of the need to remain calm.

“Let’s not be hysterical about it,” Christie added.

…because getting into the White House demands more from a wily politician than simply knowing a little science or using common sense. When your campaign advisers are telling you that you’re not likely to get another issue this juicy, one that so predictably gets voters to shat their Dockers, it’s time for you to change your mind. When the political hacks have become even more hysterical than the public has, this is what you get. That is when you’re candidate for U.S. President 2016, Chris Christie.

She said she was then taken to an isolation tent for three hours and is now under a 21-day quarantine period in New Jersey, even though she lives in Maine…

“I realized that information was only shared with me if I asked. Eight police cars escorted me to the University Hospital in Newark. Sirens blared, lights flashed. Again, I wondered what I had done wrong”…

She wrote: “Doctors took my temperature and other vitals and looked puzzled, ‘your temperature is 98.6’ they said, ‘you don’t have a fever.”

Because she’s fine. But Christie doesn’t give a damn.

“My heart goes out to her because she’s someone who has been trying to help others and is obviously ill.”

“I’m sorry if in any way she was inconvenienced but inconvenience that could occur from having folks that are symptomatic and ill out amongst the public is a much, much greater concern of mine,” he told the newspaper. “I hope she recovers quickly, and we’re going to do everything we can in New Jersey and in our public health system to make sure that she does.”

He’s locking people into isolation and lying outrageously about their health because he’s simply got to be president. He’s the worst kind of politician. Chris is the sort of guy who’d bowl your mother over to get to a camera and then tell everybody she deserved it. Bullies are all the same, even in New Jersey. Prisoner Kaci Hickox:

“Everyone keeps asking how I’m feeling physically and of course I’m fine physically, but I don’t think most people understand what it’s like to be alone in a tent and decisions are being made that don’t make sense and show no compassion,” Hickox said, starting to cry.

“I just feel like fear is winning right now, and when fear wins, everyone loses.”

She’s not allowed to have her luggage and was given paper scrubs to wear. Hickox said she has no shower, no flushable toilet and the hospital gave her no television or any reading material. Mostly, she says, she stares at the walls.

For America’s heroes, it’s but a small price to pay for Chris Christie’s dreams.


What do black people do all day?

As we saw with Roger Simon’s effort to foil the rage of Ferguson’s citizens (you fools, the Great Society killed Michael Brown! [...or: Soylent racism, it's liberals!]), conservative ‘intellectuals’ will say almost anything to avoid discussions about race. For them, racism exists only in a historical context. Like rural illiteracy, the r-word had once – sigh, yes it’s true – been a big problem in our country. But then, because we’re American, we rooted for the Green Bay Packers, built an atomic bomb, and saw how Sammy Davis Jr. learned to live with his asshole wop buddies [harp glissando], so no problem. You heard me knucklehead, shush.

Which makes it somewhat confusing, at least for me – pray for me, won’t you? – when the same ‘intellectuals’ can’t help but tug on the sturdy threads that tie the tragedy of Ferguson, Missouri, to THUG LIFE.

Preening celebrities showed their solidarity with Ferguson, Mo., at the MTV Video Music Awards show this week. Rapper Common led the convocation, preachifying about the positive impact of hip-hop music on society as a “powerful instrument of social change” and “truth.”

Cameras showed drug-addled gangsta rapper Snoop Dogg bowing his head and flashing a peace sign during a “moment of silence” for Ferguson. MTV President Stephen Friedman aired public service announcements plying social justice messages. “It’s a call to action to our audience that we have to confront our own bias head-on before we can truly create change,” Friedman pontificated.

You’ve been listening to “Bloodstained Hypocrisy of Hollywood’s Violence Profiteers,” with Michelle Malkin. She picks her jaw off the floor, then she furies: You’re upset about white people shooting black men?

Spare me the shizzle and hypocri-dizzle.

You can’t get enough of black people doing the same thing! Amirite?

The night before the VMAs, a gunman barged into the 1Oak nightclub in West Hollywood and shot rap mogul Suge Knight six times. He survived…

The Bloods-affiliated Knight’s reign of criminal terror has been well documented by law enforcement and rap aficionados. A climax: the still-unsolved shooting deaths of rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, which multiple insiders believe the record executive ordered.

Who is it that loves Negro violence? Who is it that encourages it? Liberals. And only a black person is nasty enough – and skeevy enough, frankly – to prosecute both sides of a murderous feud. Good luck sandblasting the smug look off of Michelle’s face.

Speaking of Ferguson-nasty, Ann Althouse is way too smart not to have seen the Hitler similarities. Or hadn’t you noticed? Michael Brown was a thug. Michael Brown was an ethnic. Michael Brown was shot…six times. I mean, is this freaky news or what?

Ann Althouse cares

The odds of the two greatest heroes of progressivism being assassinated days apart are like, what? 3 to 1? And shot six times? Eerie. It reminds me of that old poster on John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln.

From Wikipedia: “Marion Hugh ‘Suge”‘ Knight, Jr…. is the founder and CEO of Black Kapital Records and co-founder and former CEO of Death Row Records.

And ahem, Ann dropped in that link that for the tragically un-hip. For the country cousins in the crowd. Because when she asked “Who shot Suge Knight?” it was only a question that had really been bugging her. For days on end, mystery had been gnawing at her soul [...and, mystery. *mmph?* please get that out of your mouth.]. Ann wanted to know, because she cared dammit. She wasn’t just casting hip-hop aspersions on someone who’d been shot in the head and was no longer around to defend himself from the yahoos of her world.

althouse douches

Bonus. What about that other liberal icon? Florida, the gangsta kid? ‘Member him?

althouse douche 4


Will exhibits a deft touch with the victims of rape

George Will wants to talk about rape. The word ‘snide’ comes to mind.

Colleges and universities are being educated by Washington and are finding the experience excruciating. They are learning that when they say campus victimizations are ubiquitous (“micro-aggressions,” often not discernible to the untutored eye, are everywhere), and that when they make victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges, victims proliferate.

The privileges of going to a hospital, then later to trial? What an introductory paragraph. All of his arguments have to follow from here. But there’s no indication that rape is a horrific crime that needs to be taken seriously. There are only Will’s epic mockery and disparagement of victims.

And academia’s progressivism has rendered it intellectually defenseless now that progressivism’s achievement, the regulatory state, has decided it is academia’s turn to be broken to government’s saddle.

Catch that bit? Government is raping academia. Sometimes bad things happen to you, but then there are crimes. This is THE INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH. ‘Two can play at this game’ George is telling everybody. Still think rape is serious, man?

Consider the supposed campus epidemic of rape, a.k.a. “sexual assault.”

Sexual assault is barely a thing in his world. It’s something somebody probably made up. So to be fair, to him, we need to set it aside as “sexual assault.” As if.

Now the Obama administration is riding to the rescue of “sexual assault” victims. It vows to excavate equities from the ambiguities of the hookup culture, this cocktail of hormones, alcohol and the faux sophistication of today’s prolonged adolescence of especially privileged young adults.

And look at his view of university students: confused, overwrought, oversexed, privileged, immature, and stupid. George can’t believe a woman exhibiting any of these traits could be assaulted. She’s too beneath his dignity to earn any sympathy.

Since he oozed his way over to Fox News Will has been less and less concerned with acting civilized and it really shows. This screed is no different from anything your drunken uncle would yell at Jerry Springer. George is just the oak panel version of white trash.


Professor Gropey McRape with Charlie Gibson to the rescue

Well done Ms. Sullivan.

Kloman would likely still be teaching today but for the fact that one of his victims, Anne Sullivan, saw him in 2011 at the Washington Episcopal School in Bethesda, Maryland, where he was a substitute teacher at the time. “Imagine my surprise, walking down the hallway of my son’s school a couple years ago, and seeing Mr. Kloman, the seventh grade teacher who assaulted me in a swimming pool 40 years earlier,” she said in a press conference after Kloman’s sentencing in a Fairfax County Court. “Kloman still had access to kids? My son’s classmates could be his victims? Enough.”

Can you imagine? 40 years later. And that’s when Christopher Kloman’s tenure as an elite prep school child molester ended. How he managed to stay out of prison all these years is a damning mystery, but these nightmares were once protected as cultural conspiracies. Back then the victims were akin to a societal bargain, like the furniture in a rented apartment. The crimes just happened and everybody kept their mouths shut. At one point the Potomac School administrators were made aware of his pedophilia, so they sent Kloman to counseling. For that yawn of accountability the beloved academy will be parting with millions of dollars, courtesy Gloria Allred.

Beauregard made an agreement with Kloman that she would clean his apartment in exchange for skiing and driving lessons. Everything was “normal” the first time, but she says that when he asked her to come back one day to clean again, he answered the door in a short, blue terrycloth bathrobe and led her to front of the house. “He spun me around so fast, sat down in a chair and pulled me on top of his naked lap. When she asked what he was doing, she says he calmly replied, “Don’t worry, I do this all the time with your best friend.” He asked her to go upstairs. “And believe it or not, I did. From that moment, I just completely shut down emotionally.”

Over the next five months, Beauregard says Kloman raped her eight times. “He always used protection, though I had no idea what it was at the time. My only sexual experience up until then was kissing a classmate.”

So Christopher Kloman was sentenced to 43 years in prison. And this is notable on my little blog because Judge Jan L. Brodie threw McRapey deep in the hole despite the pleadings of some of the country’s Most Trusted Men. The prep school daddies of Virginia took a sizable liking to their child-assaulting pal and they weren’t about to let him go to prison without a fight.

Kenneth Starr, for example. He was the Republican special prosecutor who for years pursued the scandal-phantom of Whitewater until he finally learned that the President was having some oral sex. That shocked Kennie badly enough that he had no choice but to feed the country into a meat grinder. Which is just what you’d expect a good person to do.

Ken and Alice Starr:

…My husband Ken always found him to be a gentleman and sincerely interested in our children’s education and well-being during parent-teacher conferences each year. We would occasionally see Mr. and Mrs. Kloman on social occasions, and again, there was no evidence whatsoever of inappropriate behavior.

In short, all of us in the Starr family have admired Mr. and Mrs. Kloman for many years. We do not know of any occasion when he was abusive to women or children. Thus it is possible that once Mr. Kloman had children of his own in the 1970s and once he was promoted to head the intermediate division, he made a concerted effort to correct his behavior of the past.

We used to pile in the station wagon and go to Red Lobster, and I never saw him rape any children. Okay?

Mr. Kloman is currently repenting for his past sins and will continue to do so if given a chance to serve his community and neighbors. Community service would be a far better punishment than having him languish in jail.


Missus Witch Trial.

If that doesn’t giggle your belly, or ache your head, try this one.

By way of introduction, my name is Charlie Gibson.

He’s not just the former ABC nightly news anchor, he’s Charlie by way of introduction. And he apparently has enough time in retirement to grace the judge with a combination of phrase and cliche so sincere it’d make your sex-predator buddies weep.

I tried throughout the 12 hours or so after I read the Washington Post account to reconcile the Chris Kloman I read about and the Chris Kloman I know.

Pause. Paragraph.

And I could not.

Ka-ching, carriage return.

And I was left with an ineffable sadness. I grapple with the thought that good men can do bad things, that, as Thoreau wrote, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

Poor anchorman, having to google Thoreau. Maybe now Charlie feels quiet and desperate too. Staring out the window, perhaps he’s nipping at a tumbler of fine scotch and just allowing the pain to come. Or maybe like his friend he’s trapping a fourteen year-old in his apartment, putting on a rubber, and raping her.

In my experience as a reporter and in my personal life, this is not the first instance I have observed of such a phenomenon, but to me this is the most difficult to try and understand.

In part because I’m not reading it on a teleprompter. I got this Kloman guy into the Shriners, incidentally.

For I have known Chris as a wonderful husband, great Dad, and, yes, a truly fine teacher.

Oh, a truly fine teacher. In all this rush to hear the stories of students, now grown, and to recognize them as horrors, and feed them into the gears of the justice system, Charlie’d like to remind everybody how hard all of this has been on him.

It is a case almost Dostoyevskian (if I can coin a word) in that Chris must have carried this guilt with him for years and I can’t imagine how the knowledge that it would some day come out, as it inevitably would, must have eaten at his soul.

And how hard it’s been on Chris Kloman, reluctant children-raper. Admit it, judge: You felt bad for Raskolnikov. And if Anne Sullivan hadn’t walked into her kid’s school that day, would we even be here? If not for an unlucky break just imagine how much worse Chris would feel. Now like a good little talking head, who if nothing else knows his audience, Charlie brings it home:

I have tried since learning of Chris’s actions to put myself in your shoes. You have the most difficult of jobs. For I don’t know how one can determine what is fair or right after all these years – fair and right for the young women who were involved;

The women who were involved. Not the children who were used, groped, and humped. It really wasn’t much of an office romance, was it?

. . fair and right for Chris. I do know that I believe in redemption. When I was hosting Good Morning America we frequently broadcast . .

Yes, he underlined it. I bet Chuck would be less prone to flog his résumé if he’d hosted Good Morning Joey Buttafuoco.

…we frequently broadcast stories and I was amazed that some people who were victimized had reserves of forgiveness far greater than mine. Any punishment for Chris now strikes me as punitive not rehabilitative, but at the same time I realize there is a need for accountability.

Any punishment would be punitive, you’re right. But sometimes that’s the business of justice. But any punishment? One day in prison, a little fifty dollar fine? It’s all too grotesque a fate to contemplate for our victim, the rapist Kloman. Yes you may have heard about the unspeakable things he’s done, and you might think you have a right to judge him, but there’s something more important here: We knew him. We who trafficked in the same Fairfax social circles! Know ye this so justice may prevail.

You can be grateful that Judge Brodie wasn’t buying any of the bullshit the Virginia Brahmin And Butthurt were peddling and that Kloman will ‘languish in jail,’ exactly as Alice Starr feared. If we were any luckier, we’d have the whining and privileged keep him a week’s company for being such assholes.


Proving forever that white people are stupid

White people think they know everything. It’s annoying.

The politically correct forces of liberalism have found a new target, the Washington Redskins. Never mind that the team nickname has an 80 year history, all knowing white liberals believe that the term Redskins is somehow offensive to Native Americans.

So says Townhall’s chief correspondent for ethnic studies from the non-ethnic point of view, Jeff Crouere. Somehow offensive? Let’s take a look at the Oxford dictionary:


dated offensive

an American Indian.

Classicly offensive. Definitively offensive. Does that count? Then again look at who wrote the dictionary – old Brits. And they’re pretty white, except for the coolie hacks and the lazy islanders, so maybe we’re right back to where we started.

Fortunately, the Redskins team’s owner, Daniel Snyder, is not backing down. He pledges to keep a name that he considers a “badge of honor.”

Daniel Snyder, the jillionaire with a none-too-small penchant for Injun Knowledge. So we all better pay him some attention. Otherwise Big Wampum and his proud Redskins could end up, uhh…

It is the last stand of the Redskins; will they suffer the same fate as George Custer in the Battle of Little Bighorn?

…attacking the encamped Lakota? And getting slaughtered?

Hopefully, in this case, as in the famous battle, the Native Americans will prevail and the proud name will live on, not as a symbol of hate, but as a “badge of honor.”

Wait – the “Native Americans”? So you’re not actually one of them, you’re only speaking for them. You are actually…

. . the whitest little chipmunk in the forest. But you happen to know The Indians Are Really Very Grateful to be called ‘Redskins’ because why? Because you are insulting and you are conservative. Okay there, Running Joke.

How about we turn our attention away from this parody and listen to the words of Kevin Gover, a Pawnee? “This word is mean, rude, impolite and we would like you to stop using it.”

Suzan Shown Harjo, a Cheyenne: “Because the r-word is the most derogatory thing Native Peoples can be called in the English language.”

Vernon Bellecourt, an Ojibwe: “AIM sees the Washington Redskins, the Atlanta Braves, basketball teams, Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Indians baseball teams with their grinning buck-toothed mascot Chief Wahoo as demeaning the beautiful culture of the indigenous nations of the Americas. We are a living people with a vibrant culture and we refuse to have our identity trivialized and degraded. Indians are people, not mascots for America’s fun and games.”

I mean, my god. How dumb could a person be?


Blow his campaign to smithereens

The Sacramento Bee’s Jack Ohman.

Poor Governor R. Boom:

While I will always welcome healthy policy debate, I won’t stand for someone mocking the tragic deaths of my fellow Texans and our fellow Americans.

The cartoonist:

I’m defending this one because I think that when you have a politician traveling across the country selling a state with low regulatory capacity, that politician also has to be accountable for what happens when that lack of regulation proves to be fatal.

That’s exponentially more offensive to me.

The incineration of those poor West Texas folks should relegate Perry to the depths of political revulsion. A governor with a shred of courage should have by now admitted that it was criminal to put a fertilizer plant next to houses. And, too, that the person who responded to the state’s safety concerns with a chuckle knowing a half million pounds of ammonium nitrate sat nearby deserves a prison cell.

Instead, the coward will stand tall on the victims’ graves and wave to gullible crowds while he runs for President in 2016. Sic semper horizon.


Suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings

The FBI has leads on two suspects. Suspect one:

Suspect two:

“Suspect two set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion just in front of the Forum restaurant.”

Plenty of people know these two. WHITE guys, incidentally. So it’s up to you, whoever you are. 1-800-CALL-FBI.


When the Texan thought of the Baroness

Representative Steve Stockman of Texas gets himself plenty riled up over the passing of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher:

“While many mourn, Baroness Thatcher reminded us ‘I fight on I fight to win,’” Stockman said in statement. “The best way to honor Baroness Thatcher is to crush liberalism and sweep it into the dustbin of history.”

Annhilation. Extinction. Aaarghh. Curiously, in the middle of all this death, and ruin to come, the Republican shows a remarkable dainty side.

. . Baroness Thatcher inherited a country that was demoralized, economically broken and bankrupted by expansive government. Unlike Obama, Baroness Thatcher restored prosperity and optimism. Where Obama has failed, Baroness Thatcher succeeded. While Obama forges chains of dependency and government bloat, Baroness Thatcher took a sledgehammer to the machinery of liberalism. Baroness Thatcher’s record . .

Hoo the Baroness, and the Baroness, and the Baroness. I had no idea the same guys who enjoyed whittling the pig fat from their teeth could hold such respect for peerage. Had it been the Queen who died, they’d have had to wheel in a crane to pick Stockman from the floor. This too is a howler:

In a statement following the announcement of Thatcher’s death President Obama called the Iron Lady “one of the great champions of freedom and liberty, and America has lost a true friend.”

A champion of liberty? In a swine’s eye. How about these doings, for freedom’s sake? Thatcher called the African National Congress “a typical terrorist organisation.” Their leader, Nelson Mandela, later negotiated the end of Apartheid, freeing millions from government oppression. He then became South Africa’s first democratically elected president.

Meanwhile she called herself “President Botha’s candid friend.” P.W. Botha was the last great champion of official state-sponsored racism. He suffered a stroke while trying futilely to preserve it, then resigned his presidency. Botha later refused to testify at the Truth and Reconciliation hearings because, among other atrocities, he’d have to confess to being a domestic terrorist. He authorized the bombing of the South African Council of Churches headquarters.


The Thatcher government supported the Khmer Rouge keeping their seat in the UN after they were ousted from power in Cambodia by the Cambodian–Vietnamese War. Although denying it at the time they also sent the SAS to train the Khmer Rouge alliance to fight against the Vietnamese-backed People’s Republic of Kampuchea government.

This would be after, not before, the Khmer Rouge slaughtered two million Cambodians in a genocide. Given a situation where it wasn’t necessary to choose between evils, Thatcher chose to support the modern-day Nazis.

Maggie never cared for freedom. She favored authority. And rather than use that power to liberate the oppressed, she employed it to decimate her political enemies, like the union coal miners. Which is exactly why Rep. Stockman is such a big fan, with his ‘destroy all liberals’ schtick. Good luck with that.


Papa Bear with the creepy creepy

On Wednesday, the 8th annual Iowa Governors Conference on LGBTQ Youth will be held outside of Des Moines.

All students deserve a safe and supportive place in which to learn including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning (LGBTQ). For many LGBTQ youth, school can be a terrifying place due to bullying, harassment, and discrimination. In order to eliminate bullying in Iowa schools and create leadership opportunities for LGBTQ youth, Iowa Safe Schools founded the Annual Iowa Governors Conference on LGBTQ Youth.

The yearly effort to protect vulnerable students obviously begged for a biblical smiting or running-through or something. So the FAMiLY LEADER, the folks who once counseled us that black children were better off 200 years ago as chattel slaves, assembled a group of its nattily dressed supporters and took to a press conference. There the group’s Vice President affected the mien of an overwrought adult, and a heartsick parent, and generally creeped the hell out of everybody with an obscene dose of Tyrannosaurus paternalism:

“My name is Chuck Hurley, and I’m the Vice President of The FAMiLY LEADER. But much more importantly, I’m the father of eight biological children, two adopted children, and several foster children. I’m also a church elder and a teacher. I’ve been an attorney in juvenile court, family court. I’ve been a legislator, and I am a taxpayer. This Papa Bear is here to say, regarding the Governor’s Conference, stop coming after my kids and other people’s kids with evil propaganda.”

. . but, then, with the utterance of the words “evil propaganda,” the galactic irony hammer did fall upon Chuck. And this did smoosh him. Among the ordinary, there was rejoicing.


Pity the poor witch hunter

Something like 3 billion of our fellow human beings survive on $2.50 a day. A billion of those can’t read or write. The 10 major conflicts ongoing across the globe will kill over 100,000 people this year. And about 25,000 people, almost all of them children, will die today from starvation. But that’s not so bad, really, considering what some Americans have to go through.

If you are a conservative evangelical who believes in the biblical definition of traditional marriage then guess what? You are one of the following: An outcast, a bigot, narrow-minded, a “hater” or all of the above. It’s a different type of ridicule but it’s still ridicule.

It’s not the type of ridicule that makes you to want to hide in your closet. It’s a ridicule that makes you want file back into your megachurch to re-load, politically. C’mon, you’ve got to come up with better ways to denigrate your fellow Americans as filthy, hell-bound, diseased and disgusting. Gay teens don’t become suicidal all by themselves, folks.

The tables have been turned. Evangelicals are now the ugly stepchild. In our American culture today, you can easily make the argument that it is harder to stand for biblical truth than it is to be a supporter of gay marriage in today’s society.

Persecution is harder than it looks. You try it sometime.