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Dodgers do it again (lose)

I grew up here in L.A. and I love this town. But this Dodger team is killing me.

Since they won the World Series in 1988, they’ve been to the postseason 10 times. They’re 4 and 10 in playoff series. They’re 18 and 32 in playoff games. They’re 6 and 16 in National League Championship Series games in just the last 9 seasons. That’s .270 for the stat guys.

And they haven’t once been to the World Series. 50 playoff games, zero World Series appearances. We haven’t so much as won a 3rd game in the NLCS in 28 years. I’m thinking this is some sort of historic lameness, but I’m too pissed off to look it up. GAH.

We have no one to blame but ourselves. Closer Kenley Jansen has a regular season ERA of around 2.20, but he was 4.20 this year in the postseason. Joe Blanton was at 2.59 for the season, but then he hit the playoffs: 21.00. Clayton Kershaw won his 3rd Cy Young two years ago with an earned run average of 1.77(!). But his lifetime playoff ERA is 4.95. Over and over, when the Dodgers go to the playoffs they turn into pumpkins. That’s the story. October shows up, and they stink.

ADD: Oh yeah. Congratulations to the Cubs (grumble).

MORE: It’s a record. The Braves and the A’s have 9 postseasons in a row without a World Series appearance, but the Dodgers have 10. Hooray, we win.


BREAKING: Scientists find that mud is yuck, squishy

Is Donald Trump a racist? Is it proper for us to say that he is? The candidate hasn’t actually said the word “nigger” yet, as far as I know. So are we being fair to him? Hmm.

Don Advo: Interesting thing in the Donald Trump campaign. He’s hired a guy named Bannon, or Brannon, who is the leader of the Breitbart website. And this has really had the yids flipping their lids in a manner of speaking. Ben Shapiro, one of the neocons, says “Breitbart and the alt right just took over the GOP, and if the Republicans aren’t careful they’ll soon see true conservatism banished from their party.”

Don is co-host of the David Duke radio show.

Don: So, something extonishing has happened. We appear to have taken over the Republican Party.

David: Well, rank and file, but a lot of those boll weevils are still in those cotton balls, and, uh, the Republican Party may be a European-American populated party, but like a ball of cotton, you can have boll weevils in there that are going to rot it out from the inside.

I don’t find it all that extonishing that racist people have ‘taken over’ the GOP [dear me]. Just about anywhere you go in Republican America you can spot one of these:

john wayne statue iowa

A statue of a Hollywood actor. This one is in Iowa.

John Wayne cowboy

This one is in Oklahoma, in a cowboy museum.

john wayne airport staue

This one is in Orange County, California. The wingnuts named their airport after him.

A “man of humility, of honesty, and a hero of the American West (who) was a symbol to the world of the traditional American values.”

(Resolution of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, June 20, 1979)

Care to listen to a little of thespian-man’s famous honesty?

“We can’t all of a sudden get down on our knees and turn everything over to the leadership of the blacks,” Wayne said. “I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don’t believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people.”

He was no fan of the Indians either. Apparently they were selfish children who needed to have their continent-toys taken away from them.

John Wayne’s swaggering racism was never a secret. But he is still considered by many, even today, as perhaps The Greatest American Ever (…a movie actor. What a country.). My point is that we have always been a petulantly racist nation. No one is about to tear down any of The Duke’s likenesses. So please stop pretending that calling somebody on their bigotry is somehow a shocking act. The charge is frequently true, that’s the story. Here’s Maine’s current governor:

“A bad guy is a bad guy. I don’t care what color he is. When you go to war, if you know the enemy, the enemy dresses in red and you dress in blue, you shoot at red,” he said. “You shoot the enemy. You try to identify the enemy. And the enemy right now, the overwhelming majority of people coming in are people of color or people of Hispanic origin.”

Here’s his endorsement:

“Make sure he knows before he leaves here that we have picked a winner,” LePage said of Trump when he joined him at a campaign event in Maine last month.

It is common for Americans to believe that white people amount to a superior race without them bothering to don sumptuous robes in public or burn a cross on anyone’s lawn. I think we can agree on that. Of course Donald Trump is a racist.


Farewell Jose’s finger

Before you go and shoot one of your body parts off – and I realize there are a lot of you, I know – here’s something to keep in mind. The list of ready replacements is a short one indeed. Barring that limited option there’s only so much that modern science can do for you. Those delicate little blood vessels can be a bitch to re-attach.

Here it was

jose's smelly finger

…but like a crusty band-aid, it just fell off. Cheers to you Jose’s smelly finger, you had a good run.


Biology class demands your best manners, madame

While I think learning biology can make a teenager wise and sophisticated, if not unfailingly sexy and charming, I don’t believe the subject extends itself into every aspect of life. There’s no need, for example, to have a local surgeon carry out a large bowel resection before the classroom. Yes the oozing guts will be a fabulous example of ‘biology’. But the unconscious student will fail to see the point.

BOISE, Idaho (AP) – An Idaho biology teacher is facing possible disciplinary action after killing and skinning a rabbit in class to show students where their food comes from…

The rabbit was then skinned and cut up in front of the 10th graders

Westfall says the demonstration isn’t part of the biology curriculum….

The teacher’s name hasn’t been released.

Except at the molecular level, pretty much everything mammals do with food is disgusting. Let’s not bring a cart ox into class and have it defecate on the floor. Let’s not demonstrate ‘where the food goes.’ Much of high school biology is necessarily a delicate farce.


So much for that amazing historic World Cup win…

39 seconds.

Michael Bradley has got this
That’s all that was left in the game. 39 seconds and the U.S. would beat Portugal, the 4th best team in the world. America would become the first team to advance from 2014’s Group of Death…

But no.

Remember: It is not appropriate to kill him. America doesn’t love soccer that much. Please adjust your broken heartedness/playerhate accordingly.


There once was a ‘larming ole’ scribbler…

As a bottle of Hendrick’s Bulgarian-rose and cucumber gin sat in the freezer.

This afternoon there’s nothing to do but snow haiku. My attempts at 5, 7, 5:

Dame Peggington with her weather poetry. Oh no.

Full fat flake fell far
To sleep on the rude pavement.
Grraaawwwr. The shovel. Run!

Snowflake: distinctive,
Unique. Liquefies, blends. A
Loss, but less lonely

Oh my god. Make it stop.

All New York today
Is slush. Slip, fall, “Have a hand!”
We shyly love mess

Please kill me, now. Quite.
Seriously this minute.
I don’t want to live.


Professor Gropey McRape with Charlie Gibson to the rescue

Well done Ms. Sullivan.

Kloman would likely still be teaching today but for the fact that one of his victims, Anne Sullivan, saw him in 2011 at the Washington Episcopal School in Bethesda, Maryland, where he was a substitute teacher at the time. “Imagine my surprise, walking down the hallway of my son’s school a couple years ago, and seeing Mr. Kloman, the seventh grade teacher who assaulted me in a swimming pool 40 years earlier,” she said in a press conference after Kloman’s sentencing in a Fairfax County Court. “Kloman still had access to kids? My son’s classmates could be his victims? Enough.”

Can you imagine? 40 years later. And that’s when Christopher Kloman’s tenure as an elite prep school child molester ended. How he managed to stay out of prison all these years is a damning mystery, but these nightmares were once protected as cultural conspiracies. Back then the victims were akin to a societal bargain, like the furniture in a rented apartment. The crimes just happened and everybody kept their mouths shut. At one point the Potomac School administrators were made aware of his pedophilia, so they sent Kloman to counseling. For that yawn of accountability the beloved academy will be parting with millions of dollars, courtesy Gloria Allred.

Beauregard made an agreement with Kloman that she would clean his apartment in exchange for skiing and driving lessons. Everything was “normal” the first time, but she says that when he asked her to come back one day to clean again, he answered the door in a short, blue terrycloth bathrobe and led her to front of the house. “He spun me around so fast, sat down in a chair and pulled me on top of his naked lap. When she asked what he was doing, she says he calmly replied, “Don’t worry, I do this all the time with your best friend.” He asked her to go upstairs. “And believe it or not, I did. From that moment, I just completely shut down emotionally.”

Over the next five months, Beauregard says Kloman raped her eight times. “He always used protection, though I had no idea what it was at the time. My only sexual experience up until then was kissing a classmate.”

So Christopher Kloman was sentenced to 43 years in prison. And this is notable on my little blog because Judge Jan L. Brodie threw McRapey deep in the hole despite the pleadings of some of the country’s Most Trusted Men. The prep school daddies of Virginia took a sizable liking to their child-assaulting pal and they weren’t about to let him go to prison without a fight.

Kenneth Starr, for example. He was the Republican special prosecutor who for years pursued the scandal-phantom of Whitewater until he finally learned that the President was having some oral sex. That shocked Kennie badly enough that he had no choice but to feed the country into a meat grinder. Which is just what you’d expect a good person to do.

Ken and Alice Starr:

…My husband Ken always found him to be a gentleman and sincerely interested in our children’s education and well-being during parent-teacher conferences each year. We would occasionally see Mr. and Mrs. Kloman on social occasions, and again, there was no evidence whatsoever of inappropriate behavior.

In short, all of us in the Starr family have admired Mr. and Mrs. Kloman for many years. We do not know of any occasion when he was abusive to women or children. Thus it is possible that once Mr. Kloman had children of his own in the 1970s and once he was promoted to head the intermediate division, he made a concerted effort to correct his behavior of the past.

We used to pile in the station wagon and go to Red Lobster, and I never saw him rape any children. Okay?

Mr. Kloman is currently repenting for his past sins and will continue to do so if given a chance to serve his community and neighbors. Community service would be a far better punishment than having him languish in jail.


Missus Witch Trial.

If that doesn’t giggle your belly, or ache your head, try this one.

By way of introduction, my name is Charlie Gibson.

He’s not just the former ABC nightly news anchor, he’s Charlie by way of introduction. And he apparently has enough time in retirement to grace the judge with a combination of phrase and cliche so sincere it’d make your sex-predator buddies weep.

I tried throughout the 12 hours or so after I read the Washington Post account to reconcile the Chris Kloman I read about and the Chris Kloman I know.

Pause. Paragraph.

And I could not.

Ka-ching, carriage return.

And I was left with an ineffable sadness. I grapple with the thought that good men can do bad things, that, as Thoreau wrote, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

Poor anchorman, having to google Thoreau. Maybe now Charlie feels quiet and desperate too. Staring out the window, perhaps he’s nipping at a tumbler of fine scotch and just allowing the pain to come. Or maybe like his friend he’s trapping a fourteen year-old in his apartment, putting on a rubber, and raping her.

In my experience as a reporter and in my personal life, this is not the first instance I have observed of such a phenomenon, but to me this is the most difficult to try and understand.

In part because I’m not reading it on a teleprompter. I got this Kloman guy into the Shriners, incidentally.

For I have known Chris as a wonderful husband, great Dad, and, yes, a truly fine teacher.

Oh, a truly fine teacher. In all this rush to hear the stories of students, now grown, and to recognize them as horrors, and feed them into the gears of the justice system, Charlie’d like to remind everybody how hard all of this has been on him.

It is a case almost Dostoyevskian (if I can coin a word) in that Chris must have carried this guilt with him for years and I can’t imagine how the knowledge that it would some day come out, as it inevitably would, must have eaten at his soul.

And how hard it’s been on Chris Kloman, reluctant children-raper. Admit it, judge: You felt bad for Raskolnikov. And if Anne Sullivan hadn’t walked into her kid’s school that day, would we even be here? If not for an unlucky break just imagine how much worse Chris would feel. Now like a good little talking head, who if nothing else knows his audience, Charlie brings it home:

I have tried since learning of Chris’s actions to put myself in your shoes. You have the most difficult of jobs. For I don’t know how one can determine what is fair or right after all these years – fair and right for the young women who were involved;

The women who were involved. Not the children who were used, groped, and humped. It really wasn’t much of an office romance, was it?

. . fair and right for Chris. I do know that I believe in redemption. When I was hosting Good Morning America we frequently broadcast . .

Yes, he underlined it. I bet Chuck would be less prone to flog his résumé if he’d hosted Good Morning Joey Buttafuoco.

…we frequently broadcast stories and I was amazed that some people who were victimized had reserves of forgiveness far greater than mine. Any punishment for Chris now strikes me as punitive not rehabilitative, but at the same time I realize there is a need for accountability.

Any punishment would be punitive, you’re right. But sometimes that’s the business of justice. But any punishment? One day in prison, a little fifty dollar fine? It’s all too grotesque a fate to contemplate for our victim, the rapist Kloman. Yes you may have heard about the unspeakable things he’s done, and you might think you have a right to judge him, but there’s something more important here: We knew him. We who trafficked in the same Fairfax social circles! Know ye this so justice may prevail.

You can be grateful that Judge Brodie wasn’t buying any of the bullshit the Virginia Brahmin And Butthurt were peddling and that Kloman will ‘languish in jail,’ exactly as Alice Starr feared. If we were any luckier, we’d have the whining and privileged keep him a week’s company for being such assholes.


Tell her the sausage factory is closed

Average therefore normal awesome America becomes apparently unhappy when a Boy Scout gets kissed on the mouth. This is a bad deal. Even though the Scout is a horny chick and the kisser is handsome Anderson Cooper, today’s Rock Hudson plus mountain fresh bleach. Unacceptable. Traditional America is wantin’ to give up stabbin’ sticks and wandrin’ dark tick-filled forests with child molesters if this keeps up. What with the boys kissing rich girls with big gazongas.

Anderson Cooper kisses “Boy Scout” to offend traditional America
Cliff Kincaid | Renew America

The headline says it all: “Anderson Cooper Kissed Madonna, Dressed In Boy Scout Uniform, at GLAAD Media Awards” . .

This was a deliberate effort to mock the Scouts for standing for traditional values and instructing young men to be “morally straight.” Anderson Cooper went along with the gag by “kissing” the faux Scout. It was supposed to be cute.

It was not. Cliff vomited in his mouth. And if he’d swallowed his corn-dog and beans lunch, a second time, he would have demonstrated the minimal talent necessary to earn himself the “Legal Proceedings Badge.” This a Scout gets for 1.) Poring over BSA civil court transcripts where they allege thirteen year-olds raped by their Scout leaders are not victims, but boyfriends, of said leaders, and 2.) Not cannon-hurling on a distant galaxy.

And should we take this Scouting revelation seriously, which followed the swearing of an oath, which my gosh they take seriously, we’d have to accept that Scouting routinely features thirtysomethings making tent pretzels of their newly pubescent [rrawf] boyfriends. So why does Cliff Kincaid care about this? So what if Anderson wants to steal a kiss from some soft-skinned Scout, with her curvaceous hips and heaving jugs?

As an Eagle Scout and father of three boys who also had some fun in Scouting, I don’t think it is right to mock this worthwhile program.

Ah, and maybe this is the point. Anderson and Madonna are legally permitted to commit whatever crimes against Jesus they like — unwed kissing between boys and girls, for example. But they shouldn’t do it in public just to mock the Boy Scouts. Closeted sexual experimentation (and pedophilia) is a traditional, worthwhile pursuit. Keep it naive. Keep it private. And keep it strictly same-sex, the Boy Scout way. Now that’s ‘some fun.’

Do most boys experiment with sex at Boy Scout camp?
Yahoo!Answers | Resolved Question | 4 years ago

When I was 12, I joined Boy Scouts. Since then I have attended summer camp every year. It has always been the same. Before going the first time, jacking off was something guys used to joke about and do in private. Not at camp! There, guys are doing it right in front of each other in the tents, woods and showers. Once, the first year, one of the counselors came into the shower after troop swim. Several of the guys were showing their erections to each other. The Counselor just said “Hurry up, other guys want to use the shower. You can do this stuff in the tents after lights out”. It was no big deal!

After saying “no” three times, I finally went into the woods with some other guys for a circle jerk. It was awesome! Everybody was squirting all over. Sometimes you could go hiking and find some guys doing more than jacking off.

My question is….are all scout summer camps like this??? . .

Dave S
Best Answer – Chosen by Voters

Yeah, that stuff went on at night at the scout camp I went to also. Mostly just jerking off with each other in the tents at night, but sometimes there would be a circle jerk in the woods.

Sometimes some guys would go further too! That’s where I first learned to give head.

You see Cliff’s point. Get Madonna out of there, at least.


In lengthy praise of Uncle Tom

When you’re a God-fearing black man you’re allowed to say whatever you like. At furious Christian website Renew America.

The modern day Sambos and Quimbos fall under two categories They are the poverty pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who may have begun on the proper path but have since been co-opted by racist liberal Democrats . .

‘Sambo’ Jackson and ‘Quimbo’ Sharpton.

And you have the just plain stupid Black leaders who have been selectively bred to drink the Kool-Aid with an insatiable thirst, despite the glaring evidence of the devastating toll that liberal policies have wreaked upon Black America . .

President Dumb was selectively bred to destroy his people.

They are the triumph of the changed Southern Democrat strategy adopted after realizing they couldn’t win with fire hoses, attack dogs and the hangman’s noose.

Once the tear-stained Republicans intervened and prevented Al Gore Sr. from lynching all their Negroes, Junior went and sent the suckers to college. It was a masterstroke of political strategy that the race-friendly GOP has yet to recover from. And by the way will a mister Clayton Bigsby please proceed to the courtesy phone?


Politics all sexy like a rock n’ roll Indian

Makeup saleswoman and video actress Gwen Stefani, partnered again with the gang from No Doubt, does her darndest to popularize a song dumber than “Just a Girl”:

Do you think I’m looking hot?
Do you think this hits the spot?
How is this looking on me, looking on me?
Do you think I’m looking hot?
Do you think this hits the spot?
How is this looking on me, looking on me?

That’s not the video, of course. The clip has all but vaporized from the world because nobody anticipated dressing rock stars like American Indians, who actually exist, was less hot than it was insulting.

But can you blame the Orange County kids? Now in their forties, millionaires and purveyors of all manner of retail crap? They were only trying to make rock n’ roll fun. Make it easy on the ears. Easy on the brain. Cowboys and Indians, get it? What a sexy good time.

We turn now to Politico, to my mind the No Doubt of politics. Before them, what the powerful did or said was mysterious and arcane, like a Bob Dylan song. Those videos were no fun. Bob very rarely filmed himself dressed up like Roy Rogers so he could save the fashion model squaw, though he could have. Think of the career he threw away, the one where he sold Stetson hats and sandalwood cologne. What a dinosaur. Talk about your opportunity lost.

Anyway, the new media gurus have educated themselves a great deal in 2012. After 12 months of making Entertainment Tonight out of cable access Channel 9 Rubidoux, California, on the internet, plenty has been learned. Politico shares the lessons:

The 2012 election will be remembered by history for its smallness in a big, historic moment: The high drama of the first debate was a rare respite from months of petty rhetoric, egged on from start to finish by gobs of money from millionaires and billionaires.

Nothing learned of any use, however. The first debate should have been interesting to Politico for Romney’s near-psychotic lying. And for the electorate’s tragic response to it, which was positive. Instead it was tingling historic drama because Team Romney wins! Look at the polls go! This is an epic ballgame, we’re telling you!

If anyone were capable of reducing actual issues, like a dishonest candidate who holds America in complete contempt, to little more than “petty rhetoric,” it was Politico. The site has never once produced a word of political coverage that wasn’t instantly disposable. But now they need a word with you, good people, to tell you the way the 2012 election year failed them, and America, with its propensity for shallow and short-sighted politics. They demand better. You should too:

For those who hate long campaigns, get over it.

The combination of increased early voting and unlimited money in politics means longer campaigns and earlier attacks.

Well not that bit, that fact’s deep and sophisticated. Big Money now makes for politics 24/7/365 and you should grow up and get used to it. Politico will be there the whole way, of course. But here’s a good point:

In Missouri and Indiana, two states that once seemed like sure-bet wins for Republicans, the party could now lose both because two old, white, Christian men thought it was fine to weigh in on why a woman who was raped need not have the legal right to an abortion . .

Republican operatives tell POLITICO that after the election, top officials plan to enlist some of the influential outside groups representing conservative grass-roots activists to see if they can help pre-empt the future selection of unelectable conservatives. The hitch: A lot of those groups couldn’t care less what the Wise Men of Washington want.

In fact, it was the locals that forced the loons down the throats of, you guessed it, entrenched Washington. But now that Politico’s CIA agents have identified if not solved this problem — empower the locals! — the GOP will recover their sanity. Valuable lesson learned or maybe not, but we wrote it so you should read it like anything else. And for you Democrats:

If President Barack Obama wins, he will be the popular choice of Hispanics, African-Americans, single women and highly educated urban whites. That’s what the polling has consistently shown in the final days of the campaign. It looks more likely than not that he will lose independents, and it’s possible he will get a lower percentage of white voters than George W. Bush got of Hispanic voters in 2000.

A broad mandate this is not.

Don’t you get too puffed up about this election, liberals, especially if you win. All your colored guy did was appeal to “Hispanics, African-Americans, single women and highly educated urban whites.” Without normal people, you’re stuck with a chunk of America that represents everything but the homogenous Republican base. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that those people really count: The good-looking folks with an interest in politics as cultural fashion, particularly when it’s delivered in an easily digestible manner.


If Orpheus had a stick, Steyn would need a helmet

It’s bad enough that lumbering ginger bitch Mark Steyn pesters the internet with his whining. Today he’s crying about an Obama campaign graphic, btw. A flag! Bastards!

But can you believe he sings? Or tries to?

Mark Steyn is an international bestselling author, a Top 41 recording artist, and a leading Canadian human-rights activist . .

“Top 41?” There is no Top 41, Dino. Any more than there’s a “Billboard Hot 99.” Or a “Kapitol Records.” Larfs.

“A Marshmallow World,” his Christmas single with Jessica Martin, reached number seven on Amazon’s easy-listening bestsellers, and number 41 on Amazon’s main pop chart . .

Marshmallow World! Great fartz of schmaltz. On YouTube, there’s also a Sweet Gingerbread Man. I shit you not! Typing and giggling, it’s harder than it looks.

The man has no soul, so how does he carry a tune? He doesn’t. He can’t come close. Mark Steyn has the music in him, and your budgie is Don Giovanni. He’s flat as a Texas panhandle:

Woof woof. Looking good, too.


George Will: I don’t know how to love him

This caught my eye. After Obama fired tonight’s yet unprecedented centrist salvo on the Charlotte crowd, this take on his political personality is precious:

Gee willikers!

Four years ago, Barack Obama was America’s Rorschach test, upon whom voters could project their disparate yearnings . .

No. That’s not how a Rorschach works. Nice try. No matter how thirsty I am, ink blots won’t make me cry ‘Water!’ The Rorschach test draws out obsessions. Pre-occupations. Pardon George for seeing his big-eared cabana boy everywhere and then writing this.