National Review visits a black neighborhood (the horror)

I don’t want to tell you how to spend your precious vacation time, but you should think about joining the National Review on their glorious post-election Caribbean cruise this November. Imagine how much fun it will be. You and 700 conservatives circulating among the bright lights of the legendary periodical for seven days.

On any evening you could pull a stool up to the bar and sit right next to the likes of, say, Kevin Williamson. With any luck he’ll point out to you what a complete failure Illinois governor Pat Quinn is, as he just did in the magazine. Maybe he’ll kick off the conversation the same way he did yesterday, detailing his fascinating encounter with indigenous wildlife:

East St. Louis, Ill. — ‘Hey, hey craaaaaacka! Cracka! White devil! F*** you, white devil!” The guy looks remarkably like Snoop Dogg: skinny enough for a Vogue advertisement, lean-faced with a wry expression, long braids. He glances slyly from side to side, making sure his audience is taking all this in, before raising his palms to his clavicles, elbows akimbo, in the universal gesture of primate territorial challenge.

Why does this exposé on “Pat Quinn’s crumbling Illinois” begin with an angry primate? I don’t know. Maybe it’s time you knew how pitiful the local fauna have all become? Does it matter that the ape is in the third grade?

Luckily for me, he’s more like a three-fifths-scale Snoop Dogg, a few inches shy of four feet high, probably about nine years old, and his mom — I assume she’s his mom — is looking at me with an expression that is a complex blend of embarrassment, pity, and amusement, as though to say: “Kids say the darnedest things, do they not, white devil?”

I’m much impressed by Williamson’s ability to discern chimpanzee human emotions. I have no idea how to decipher a “complex blend of embarrassment, pity, and amusement” on a woman’s face, but then mind-reading is a difficult art. Maybe if I owned a pair of Rich Lowry’s glasses – like the ones he was wearing when he saw Sarah Palin wink right at him – then I could get a bitchin’ cabin on the Lido Deck with full bar privileges, right next to Kevin’s.

It’s not the last challenge like this I’ll get here where the sidewalk ends, or the most serious one.

Finally – a bit of peri-baboon danger, though, technically, it’s relegated to the author’s use of foreboding. There’s some menace in the title, though: “Where the Sidewalk Ends,” which sounds like being overtaken by Amazonian swamps, or African jungle. There’s also the rest of Kevin’s piece, which I got about halfway through before he came across (oh dear) yet another Snoop Dogg, and I gave the tale up. So it isn’t at all clear why Kevin believes “danger and despair” have overrun the state of Illinois.

Incidentally, do you recall? Were there any monkeys in that book, Heart Of Darkness?

…where the only sign of life is a convention of legionnaires in their jaunty, flare-intensive garrison caps, then onward and downward toward the Mississippi until finally arriving at my terminus in East St. Louis, where instead of meeting my Kurtz I get yelled at by a racially aggrieved tyke…

Because I forget the story. Was it about a politician who turned America into an urban jungle? Or was it about a boat ride into white supremacist hell?


Anger management grad Tony Stewart kills 20 year-old driver

44 year-old NASCAR champion Tony Stewart struck and killed 20 year-old driver Kevin Ward Jr in a sprint car race Saturday night at Canandaigua Motorsports Park in New York. Ward’s car had become disabled after being struck by Stewart’s, and the young driver walked out onto the track to confront Stewart. As the number 14 car approached, Stewart gunned the engine and struck Ward, killing him.

Tyler Graves, a sprint-car racer and friend of Ward’s, told Sporting News in a phone interview that he was sitting in the Turn 1 grandstands and saw everything that happened.

“Tony pinched him into the frontstretch wall, a racing thing,” Graves said. “The right rear tire went down, he spun on the exit of (Turn) 2. They threw the caution and everything was toned down. Kevin got out of his car. … He was throwing his arms up all over the place at Tony for most of the corner.

“I know Tony could see him. I know how you can see out of these cars. When Tony got close to him, he hit the throttle. When you hit a throttle on a sprint car, the car sets sideways. It set sideways, the right rear tire hit Kevin, Kevin was sucked underneath and was stuck under it for a second or two and then it threw him about 50 yards.”

Among NASCAR fans Tony Stewart is known as ‘Smoke’ because of his temper. Two years ago Stewart, in the reverse role, threw his helmet at a fellow driver because he felt he’d been wrecked on purpose.

Tony Stewart has a long history of anger and aggression on the race track. His hot-headed nature got the best of him over the weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway when he threw his helmet at Matt Kenseth after the two crashed earlier in the race…

…he has a laundry list of incidents on the track. He has been fined for shoving a reporter who snapped a picture and has taken anger management classes to tone down his fiery temper.

By and large, Stewart is a much better person today than he was five or six years ago. He is starting to get far more recognition for what he does on the track, as opposed to the sideshows he was creating outside of his car.

This post comes from Bleacher Report in 2012. How sadly prescient they were:

NASCAR had a chance to send a message to Stewart and the rest of the drivers that these childish actions, which not only hurt the drivers but make the entire sport look foolish, will not be tolerated.

Instead, NASCAR did the exact opposite. By not fining Stewart, NASCAR is enabling him and other drivers to do whatever they want, when they want.

How is anyone going to take a fine seriously if Stewart is able to throw his helmet at another driver while still on the track?

NASCAR messed up big time by not punishing Stewart financially for his child-like behavior on the track. The decision-makers are enabling Stewart, because as we know with children, if they do something wrong once with no consequences, they will do it again until a parent intervenes.

…or until a hearse arrives. I think the days of NASCAR winking at the Dale Earnhardt™ anger management problems of their good ole’ boys are probably over.


Starring Ann Coulter in “Faster African! Die! Die!”

The question for today: What makes a hero?

There’s always some argument about this. We can’t agree who deserves to be called ‘heroic.’ For example: Can football players be heroes? You ask me: No. If they can do something great off the field, then I’ll be impressed. Otherwise they’re only grown men playing games. What about politicians? No, probably not. Very rarely do they become heroes. The few who do usually then become martyrs.

How about a soldier? Can he or she be a hero? If you ask Ann Coulter, the answer is clear.

[Pat] Tillman was an American original: virtuous, pure and masculine like only an American male can be. The stunningly handsome athlete walked away from a three-year, $3.6 million NFL contract with the Arizona Cardinals to join the U.S. military and fight in Afghanistan, where he was killed in April.

Here’s what Coulter finds so impressive:

He wanted no publicity and granted no interviews about his decision to leave pro football in the prime of his career and join the Army Rangers…

Tillman gave only an indirect explanation for his decision on the day after 9/11, when he said: “My great grandfather was at Pearl Harbor, and a lot of my family has gone and fought in wars, and I really haven’t done a damn thing as far as laying myself on the line like that.” He said he wanted to “pay something back” to America.

He died bringing freedom and democracy to 28 million Afghans… There is not another country in the world — certainly not in continental Europe — that could have produced a Pat Tillman.

He gave up a lucrative career to serve overseas, in a dangerous country. And he fought to bring “freedom and democracy to 28 million Afghans.” I don’t know about you, but color me impressed. While I’m not at all yet convinced the Afghans enjoy the freedom and democracy Pat brought them, I have no doubt he thought it was the right thing to do. And he died doing it. If you want to call him a hero, I’m pretty much okay with that.

Now, what about a doctor? Can a doctor be a hero? Ann Coulter:

I wonder how the Ebola doctor feels now that his humanitarian trip has cost a Christian charity much more than any services he rendered.

What was the point?… Why did Dr. Brantly have to go to Africa? The very first “risk factor” listed by the Mayo Clinic for Ebola — an incurable disease with a 90 percent fatality rate — is: “Travel to Africa.”

How confusing. Going to dangerous places and saving innocent lives are what make a man magnificently virile and American. If I remember correctly, that’s the sort of heroism that only this country’s males are capable of. And here we have a perfect example of indigenous selfless service, but Ann doesn’t seem to be turned on in the least. Just look at this title: Ebola Doc’s Condition Downgraded to ‘Idiotic’. She thinks this doctor is a complete dork.

What’s going on here? Can you help us out, Ann? Why is it that Tillman is so sexy and Brantly so stupid? Well, Ann informs me, it’s because America is in deep trouble. The country happens to be caught “in a pitched battle for its soul.” Huh?

More than 40 percent of babies are born out of wedlock. Despite the runaway success of “midnight basketball,” a healthy chunk of those children go on to murder other children, rape grandmothers, bury little girls alive — and then eat a sandwich. A power-mad president has thrown approximately 10 percent of all Americans off their health insurance — the rest of you to come! All our elite cultural institutions laugh at virginity and celebrate promiscuity.

So no, there’s nothing for a Christian to do here.

D’oh sarcasm. Brantly would have been quite the courageous and hunky doctor if only he’d tried to do something noble. I’d call him a hero if he’d simply dedicated his life to, say, stopping people from snickering at virtuous old maids, like Ann Coulter. Or if he’d turned to vigorously castigating the celebrities who flouted our norms, like Manhattan society slattern Ann Coulter. Right. If you think she’s just engaging in rough hyperbole, think again. That’s actually what Ann believes.

If Dr. Brantly had practiced at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles and turned one single Hollywood power-broker to Christ, he would have done more good for the entire world than anything he could accomplish in a century spent in Liberia…

If he had provided health care for the uninsured editors, writers, videographers and pundits in Gotham and managed to open one set of eyes, he would have done more good than marinating himself in medieval diseases of the Third World.

Such is Virtue, Ann tells us. Above all the world’s other evils – over war, famine, pestilence, and death – it’s ‘liberalism’ that good men are obliged to vanquish. Accordingly, Ann probably believes that Pat Tillman was only shooting at some version of Afghanistan’s Democrats. And, of course, when the Hollywood pansies finally premiere Dr. Brantly, Medicine Man, she’ll be the one throwing Milk Duds from the back row. Until Jon Voight gets that remake of The Searchers green-lighted, where all the Comanches look like Kennedys, that’s about all of the movie-fun she can handle.


Sean Hannity files actual war report, accidentally

Israel’s war in Gaza winds down – we hope – and some sense of twisted normalcy perhaps settle in. The victors may feel as if they’ve gotten the dirty job done, but the one-sided carnage has shocked millions of people.

The news media weren’t to blame for the worldwide reaction. They merely reported on events as they unfolded. Missiles strikes on trapped and unarmed civilians are certainly newsworthy events, in the ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ tradition, so they were only doing their jobs.

You may recall that Fox News’ Sean Hannity has a media job as well.

I think there are too many Hamas representatives put on the air. I don’t think enough emphasis has been put on the lives of the average Israeli. Where’s CBS? Where is all this so-called reporting on NBC and CNN?

Sean spent the last four days overseas reporting on the bloodshed. From Israel.

I stayed two days on the Israeli-Gaza border and speaking with the mayor of Sderot, and going to an indoor playground because the kids can’t go out, where rockets landed five minutes before the cease fire. It gives you perspective of how dire the situation is.

It would be more desperate for the little kids if they didn’t have a second playground, indoors. It would be worse for them if their first playground had gotten blown up along with many of their friends. Of the 1500 Palestinian civilians killed so far, at least 300 of them were children. I don’t know how many of the war’s three Israeli civilian fatalities were also children. I should know that grim statistic by heart, and MSNBC has obviously failed.

TVNewser: Overall do you think the U.S. media has been balanced in its coverage of the current conflict?

Hannity: Absolutely, positively not. I think it was interesting when I asked the Prime Minister about it in a round-about way. He challenged the media, saying to reporters ‘now that you are not under the threat of Hamas, now you can tell the story.’ How they are using mosques and hospitals as shields. He was challenging the media to tell that story.

So we’ve been blessed this week with Sean Hannity’s perspective on the war.

…I thought the story wasn’t being told from the side of the average Israeli. As I’m leaving I feel like we gave a good picture, with context and texture about what life is like in these border towns.

And I commend him for that. No kidding. Really:

To be perfectly honest, I got comfortable with the sirens. On the first night, I was in restaurant and the sirens went off, and people, including IDF soldiers, casually walked into a bathroom, and it was no big deal. And at the end of the day I understood it.


Rush Limbaugh tells the dittoheads that nicotine kills Ebola

Given his tight grip on the intellectual reins of America’s conservative movement you’d think Rush Limbaugh would employ a great deal of rigor when presenting his audience with facts. Because he engages so many listeners, and because they “ditto” everything he says to their weary families, friends and co-workers, you might assume Limbaugh would work tirelessly to separate right from wrong. He’d be quick to dissect fact from fiction, conjecture from reality.

You would be incorrect.

“Okay, wait for it, wait for it. You’re gonna love this. Folks, you’re absolutely going to love this. Well, wait. Maybe some of you won’t love this. Let me speak for myself. I love this. You know that magical serum that was given to two white Americans suffering from Ebola? You know what the magic ingredient is? Nicotine.”

Not close.

“Tobacco is the magical ingredient in the serum. It’s a Kentucky tobacco plant from which they derive the magical serum that has caused massive reversals of the symptoms of Ebola in the two white Americans.”

First: Rush’s audience has gotten so science-skittish that the only way to dazzle them with research news is to call it “magic.” There’s no other way of impressing upon his fans how a new drug might work. Any dittohead incidentally can turn a light on in a dark room and suddenly see the carpet, but how does that happen? What’s the weird connection between the two? NO ONE knows. Let’s just say that it’s “magic.”

But now here’s the best part of the broadcast: The eye-of-newt in the magic potion would be NICOTINE? Dear sweet lord, no. The drug, ZMapp, is a mix of three monoclonal antibodies that bind to the Ebola virus. Mapp Biopharmaceutical sequenced and cloned the proteins, and then produced the antibodies in Nicotinia plants. That’s right: Tobacco plants happen to be good at growing human antibodies.

But no, it doesn’t mean there’s any nicotine in ZMapp. Maybe that sounds confusing, but it’s really not. You can think about the drug’s production a simple way. Remember back when your grampa used the family bathtub to make prohibition-era gin? He would bottle the booze and leave the porcelain behind. The tobacco plant also happens to be a handy tool, but in this case for making antibodies. The key difference would be that the ‘bathtub’ ultimately gets harvested and destroyed, but that’s a small price to pay. Congratulations, you now know more about the fight against Ebola than all of Limbaugh’s listeners combined…


GOP immigration point man, or spokesman for the White Race?

Because Republicans are obsessed with immigration you wonder where they’re going with the issue. Traditional politics dictates there be an end game afoot, but I’m mystified as to what that might be. The Republican dominated House doesn’t even seem to know.

In a huge embarrassment for the Republican leadership, the House has withdrawn a bill that would deal with the southern border crisis…

On Thursday, the House leadership cancelled a vote on a supplemental budget for border security to deal with the tens of thousands of unaccompanied Central American minors who have entered the U.S. illegally this year.

The Cruz-ites upended the bill because it didn’t target Obama’s executive-ordered DACA, the effort to give immigrants who came here as children, and have been here for years – some for decades – a little extra time before being deported. Other than presenting themselves as the Marquis de Sades of immigration it’s difficult to see what the GOP’s ultimate goal is.

…National Journal’s Ron Fournier…told Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday that “the fastest growing voting bloc in this country thinks the Republican Party hates them. This party, your party, cannot be the party of the future beyond November if you’re seen as the party of white people.”

Even politics bog denizen Ron Fournier is roughly aware of the demographics of the United States. Many current voters came here as immigrants. Which is to say it’s an issue rich with electoral politics, so there’s plenty at stake. What should be the Republican strategy on immigration? Rep. Brooks has an idea.

“This is a part of the war on whites that’s being launched by the Democratic Party. And the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else,” [Mo Brooks (R-AL)] said during an interview Monday with conservative radio host Laura Ingraham.

He will call the mostly anti-immigrant Democrats a bunch of racists. A bunch of anti-white racists – which is a surprising accusation to have arisen out of a discussion about Central Americans. It’s almost as if Brooks sees the issue as a controversy over the mixing of races. And, in his head, as if the white race only naturally lines up on one side of the matter. Wait – praise the SAINTS – Rep. Brooks, by way of rigorous intellectual work and post-racial politics, has just weighed in on that same side. I don’t suppose I really need to google which Democrats claimed that “whites hate everybody else,” I’m pretty sure I know where the sentiment came from.

“It’s part of the strategy that Barack Obama implemented in 2008, continued in 2012, where he divides us all on race, on sex, greed, envy, class warfare, all those kinds of things. Well that’s not true.”

Not true. Because I speak for white people, and we’re just not that way. This idea would be more convincing if Mo Brooks were an ambassador from some remote white planet, sent to us on a trans-galactic mission of goodwill. But he’s only an Earth-bound Republican, so it’s less believable than that.


Some of my worst friends are Krauthammer fans

Charles Krauthammer likes to say intelligent things because he’s no Jew-hating Nazi bigot wondering if hundreds of innocent people are dying without any good reason.

“The rest of the world’s reaction to what’s happening in Gaza is Orwellian,” Krauthammer said. “It is shocking, especially in Europe. It is a resurgence of anti-Semitism not seen since the `30s, this is a recurrence, it’s all over the world, and don’t tell me its anti-Zionism. You listen to the slogan, you see the sign, Hitler was right in Germany, a sign in Germany saying that this is a veneer that is a front for anti-Semitism and it is back. It’s all over the world.”

Gaza. The reaction to it all over the whole world has been that everyone hates The Jews for no reason at all. All across the planet Charles Krauthammer has become a suddenly hounded minority, which proves that George Orwell was right all along. If there’s a point that Charles is trying to make, a good one, I admit, it’s that there are some things even worse than bigotry. There is something more despicable than hating someone for no reason, and that thing is hating someone for a reason.

For example: Acting like a violent asshole. That’s just exactly the type of reason – heck, it could even be the actual reason – why anti-slaughter sentiment may have exploded all across the world. Apart from that, just why everyone has returned to their 17th-century racist roots is a mystery. Incidentally, a fellow who equates “The Jews” with “Israeli Politicians” in order to portray millions of people as persecution victims is, I’m fairly sure, an intelligent and thoughtful non-partisan.

Given the mood I’m in I’m pretty sure I could go on all day about what a choleric viper Charles Krauthammer is. But then, alternatively, I might post the reactions of his never racist Zionist conservatives to his well-supported accusations of rampant anti-Semitism. Because if there’s anyone among us who secretly hates The Jews, I’m fairly convinced that it’s going to be us. The Liberals.

The left pride themselves on counterfactualism.

Yep, it’s all about emotions; car salesmen use the same trick [apology to car salesmen] to get you emotionally invested and in that new ride TODAY, just sign on the dotted line.

Effin’ hippies…and I’m an old hippie.

LoL Car salesmen is a Jew job.

Don’t forget – they’re also bankers, shyster lawyers and conspiracists. These are the opinions of the pure-hearted and cosmopolitan commenters at

How anyone of the Jewish faith voted for Obama and the democrats is beyond my understanding.

Simple. They put their liberalism ahead of their faith.

They have had a history of worshiping false idols.

Some would say it’s the reason why they’re always getting into trouble.

I think you just explained it. Jewish FAITH. Not to be confused with left-leaning secularists (if not outright Marxist atheists) who happen to have Jewish ancestors.

Such people are no more Jewish by virtue of their pedigree than I am Catholic for having ancestors from County Cork. Judaism is a belief system, not a birthright.

The Secular Jews you speak of are still racially Jewish. And because of their biological drives engage in communism/Marxism.

That’s an accusation right out of the Hitler handbook. How these guys can be both disgusted by those people and mesmerized by Krauthammer is a puzzle.

Unfortunately, there’s more. Internet Superintelligence™ Vox Day re-posts Krauthammer’s take to remind everybody that he predicted all of this long ago. Then he makes an argument Chuck might not exactly agree with: Viral and planetary Jew-hating isn’t just real, it’s well deserved.

One would do well to reflect upon why the Roman treatment of the Jews was so much harsher than their treatment of nearly every other people they conquered from Britain to Egypt, aside from the Carthaginians. Were the Romans mysteriously anti-semitic too or did the Jews manage to upset them in some manner?

Would you like to know? Wonder no more; it’s the latter.

Anti-semitism can be irrational but it is not always so, and pretending otherwise is both disingenuous and futile… The world knows that the U.S. Congress is Israeli-occupied territory. The world knows who owns Hollywood, the U.S. media, and the bailed-out banks. The world knows who has been flooding its nations with third-world barbarians who don’t even understand the concept of indoor plumbing.

I can’t imagine why a prudent conservative like this would get thrown out of the Science Fiction Writers of America…

…too many of us have seen incompetent, inept, and lazy Jews advanced in tribal fashion over far more capable, competent, and responsible Gentiles. Too many of us observe that Germany and China appear to be doing rather well these days despite lacking the benefit of Jewish guidance. Second, and much more importantly, no one cares why.

That bit about China managing to survive even after their Jews were expelled, or exterminated, really made me think. The fact that no one (other than Vox) even bothers to talk about their obvious fecklessness – not to mention their gob-smacking existence – proves the world is finally sick and tired of them. So we can live without you now Chinese Zac Efron, and Winona Ryder. You might think you’re a real big deal but you’re not.

I could easily go on with more examples, but I have a life.

The way Charles Krauthammer sees the world is sad and laughable. To him, the Israeli politicians running the slaughter in Gaza are fine and credible examples of moral Jewry. And how you react to what they do specifically is simply the way you see Jewish people in general. This is the staggeringly stupid notion he clings to, to the detriment of all other notions. Other than bigotry, he sees no reason why anyone would bother to complain about the deaths of innocent women and children. Meanwhile, shockingly large numbers of his fans are actual anti-Semites. They’re the types of people who would hate Charles on sight if he weren’t so darn good at reminding the world that liberals are the real racists.


Look kiddies it’s Mommy and Daddy Gunnut

In case you were looking for some light Summer reading.

This unique kid’s book will be treasured for years to come and will be passed down to new family members.

Perhaps while you were dodging gunfire at the beach, of course.

Come join 13-year-old Brenna Strong along with her mom, Bea, and her dad, Richard, as they spend a typical Saturday running errands and having fun together. What’s not so typical is that Brenna’s parents lawfully open carry handguns for self-defense.

It’s the Open Carry Family! Mommy? Bea Strong. Daddy? Dick Strong. Somebody’s been reading Joseph Campbell, I see.

There’s even a photo-album to go along with the book. Get a load of these parents:

Mommy and Daddy gunnut

Fascinating. How can two nine year-olds have a thirteen year-old daughter? Is it safe to assume that Dick has gone bald? Has his hulking upper lip uprooted the downy hair from his scalp? So many questions. One thing’s for sure though, these three are destined for a Palin-style reality show. Ahem, and NOW, for your viewing pleasure, the WB presents: The Armed Strongs. Episode One… Bea and Brenna dress up the neighbor’s dog like Katy Perry for an impromptu tea party. Dick shoots it. See you all next week when a skirmish breaks out after Dick gets caught using someone’s Justin Bieber CDs for target practice.

But don’t get me wrong. I know better than to laugh at this. I’ve come across plenty of guys like Dick before. He looks a lot more like Cindy Sherman than Sandy Alomar, but once he gets that Glock strapped on…

Daddy wingnut in public

…he’s every bit the man. And with any luck, I’ll be somewhere else.


The Donald patriotic as a fickle wind

Donald Trump is no intellectual, but he knows how to drive the wingnuts into fits of rage.

The thousands of unaccompanied immigrant children are being treated better than American veterans and a Marine stuck in Mexico, Donald Trump said on Laura Ingraham’s radio show.

The mouthbreathers think the President’s a foreigner, so Donald plays him up as a traitor. Trump, perhaps even above money, loves a tawdry thrill.

Which is why Obama is exactly the sort of guy to run your mother over with a welcome wagon racing to the border. Or haven’t you noticed? And what about those expeditionary patriots returning from some guerrilla war, just trying to get themselves back home? Back to family, Sunday school and apple pie – what about them? Why are they being shot down at the border, or something?

“You know, the only one we can’t get back into the country is our Marine,” Trump said on Thursday, referring to U.S. Marine reservist Andrew Tahmooressi, who mistakenly crossed in to Mexico with firearms and is being held there by the Mexican government. “I mean, everyone else is flowing in from Mexico and the Marine is stuck in prison.”

Any red-blooded Commander-in-Chief would have invaded Mexico by now and liberated the guy. Does it really matter how many of another country’s foreign laws he’s broken? When he’s a Marine? Sorry he spit on your corner-stand tacos, Judge Flaco, but we’re all going home now. And we’re real sorry about the body count too, pal, kmalobye.

But that won’t happen, not with the country the way it is, not now. Instead of an American leader, this nation has been cursed with… an African Cumbaya. There he is down on his knees at the Mexican border, only too happy to receive the disease-ridden chupacabritos with open arms. And dare I say with our best healthcare:

Additionally, needy veterans continue to suffer from through the widespread mismanagement at the Department of Veterans Affairs, he said, “but I guarantee we’ll take care of these [immigrants] if they come.”

Donald’s point being of course that Americans are the best. They deserve only the very finest we can offer. For a president to give preferential care and treatment to others – who haven’t even earned it, obviously, absent even the smallest virtues or sacrifices – is an example of treasonous politics. Foreign favoritism. Anti-Americanism, sheer and stark. Harumph.

Oh and by the way, speaking of sacrifices. Did you hear about the pair of American volunteers who got infected with Ebola virus?

An American doctor and another U.S. aid worker helping to combat an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa are now infected with disease.

The first American reported to have contracted the disease is Dr. Kent Brantly, 33, from Fort Worth, Texas, the North Carolina-based charity Samaritan’s Purse said…

The second American to contract the disease was identified as Nancy Writebol of Charlotte, N.C. Isaacs said she was a worker with an allied aid group SIM, or Serving in Mission, which runs the hospital where Samaritan’s Purse has an Ebola care center on the grounds. He said she was in stable and serious condition.

About that, there’s some good news. They’re being returned home. That’s no surprise, it’s their best shot at surviving the deadly disease.

So now they’ll be getting the country’s very best healthcare.

Because they’re Americans, and they deserve nothing less.


Goldberg: TV vampires aren’t cool because they’re Jewish stereotypes

You might think you’re a real cool cat. Like you listen to the rock n’ roll music. Or you watch that horror show on TV. Maybe you smoke a little of the pot. Well aren’t you special? But tell me, Jeff Spicoli, do you think you’re cool enough to try a little…REALITY?

[True Blood] was intended from the outset to provide running commentary on gay issues. It was never subtle about this. The opening credit sequence shows a sign like you might see outside a small town church or fire station that reads “God Hates Fangs.”

This is what intullexyools call ‘subtext.’ Sometimes it’s more interesting than what’s happening onscreen. Sometimes there’s even a second secret meaning to the story, behind the first secret one, that only the very smartest people can perceive. That’s why we keep ole’ Jonah around, and Hollywood – are you listening? J’Accuse.

According to True Blood’s own storyline, vampires have been evil, bigoted, cruel, and murderous for millennia. They have their own secret, manipulative agenda. They control events from dark corners. They quite literally have the power to brainwash people. Not surprisingly, the comparison to vampires is a classic staple of anti-Semitism.

BOOM people. Stone cold knowledge dropped on your ass. And on your 13 year-old niece, that jew-hating bitch.

First the whole original storyline is about how Bill Compton is different than other vampires because he’s noble and decent, suggesting the other vamps aren’t. Second, try to make that kind of “it’s not all gays” or “it’s not all blacks” or (outside of the Middle East, U.N. or, increasingly, MSNBC) “it’s not all Jews” argument without sounding bigoted. Hey, I can’t be anti-vampire, some of my best friends are vampires!

And yet True Blood gets away with this argument every week. If there’s anything worse than a bigot, it’s an artfag bigot.

And, third, let me explain something else: Shut up.

YOU TELL ‘EM. Goddamn what would we do without wingnut cultural critique? How could we go on without ever having to read stuff like this?

Conservatism is the Ramones at CBGB – loud, fast and alive. In contrast, liberalism is the headliner at a state fair concert. It’s Foghat, serenading its anesthetized fans as America slow rides into decline.

Couldn’t bare it.

And the fans have eagerly embraced America’s decline around the world. Yeah, Obama’s been through the desert on a horse with no name, and when he left the desert he called it a victory even though ISIS took over.

Gimme some WATER
Cuz’ I shot a Sunni on the Pakistan border…

I miss those old Cal Jam festivals.

In the desert you can’t remember your name
With the ghost of Neville Chamberlain a-hauntin’ your brain
La laaa laaaaaaa……


Didn’t kidnap anyone, didn’t kill anyone, deserving to die all the same

It’s only 1000 Palestinians. It’s not yet September The Eleventh in Gaza. Remind yourselves of that, and maybe you’ll feel better about it.

The total population of the United States is 313.9 million people. Suppose some Martian power invaded the US and started bombing it coast to coast from land, sea, and air and killed precisely the same percentage of Americans, namely 0.055 percent. How many Americans would that be? It comes down to 172,852 people – men, women, children, and even entire families.

Killing one half of one tenth percent of a large community is mass-murder. A dreadful atrocity. 80 percent of the dead have done nothing wrong by anybody’s standards. How can this be happening? Why would Americans be willing to tolerate it?

Claim that Hamas killed 3 teens is turning out to be the WMD of Gaza onslaught
Adam Horowitz and Phil Weiss on July 26, 2014 42

Truth is famously the first casualty of war, and the Israeli war on Gaza is no exception. Yesterday Jon Donnison of the BBC pulled the rug out from under the Israeli government’s pretext for the Gaza onslaught with a series of tweets about a conversation he’d had with Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld about the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens in the West Bank in June.

The boys were not killed by Hamas, Rosenfeld told Donnison, as he reported on Twitter:

It Turns Out Hamas Didn’t Kidnap and Kill the 3 Israeli Teens After All
By Katie Zavadski

When the bodies of three Israeli teenagers, kidnapped in the West Bank, were found late last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not mince words. “Hamas is responsible, and Hamas will pay,” he said, initiating a campaign that eventually escalated into the present conflict in the region…

BuzzFeed reporter Sheera Frenkel was among the first to suggest that it was unlikely that Hamas was behind the deaths of Gilad Shaar, Naftali Frenkel, and Eyal Yifrach. Citing Palestinian sources and experts the field, Frenkel reported that kidnapping three Israeli teens would be a foolish move for Hamas. International experts told her it was likely the work of a local group, acting without concern for the repercussions…

Today, she was proven right:

OH NO the justification for Israel making a slaughterhouse of Gaza is a lie. Doesn’t it always end up like this? Does anybody wanna split a pizza? If I remember my polls correctly, more than half of Americans now believe they were opposed to the Iraq War in 2003 when they weren’t. Alternatively, more than half of Republicans still believe that Saddam Hussein was somehow responsible for 9/11 when he wasn’t. We flatter ourselves that we’re a real smart bunch. We think we always know right from wrong, but we don’t.


It’s the National Football League over women in a rout

Back in February of this year Baltimore Raven running backray rice and girlfriend Ray Rice and his girlfriend Janay Palmer were leaving an Atlantic City casino when the two got into a verbal altercation. Ray punched her in the face, knocking her unconscious. TMZ posted a video of the football star dragging Janay’s limp body from an elevator.

Yesterday the NFL and its commissioner Roger Goodell handed down Rice’s punishment for breaking the league’s conduct policy: a two-game suspension. His coach was pleased.

“It’s not a big deal; it’s just part of the process,” Coach Harbaugh said. “We’ve said from the beginning that the circumstances will determine the consequences. There are consequences when you make a mistake like that. I stand behind Ray. He’s a heck of a guy.”

His teammates were relieved.

“Ray Rice is a great guy. I’ve known him for six, seven years now. I know he knows he made a mistake and he’s going to work through it,” said Ravens defensive lineman Haloti Ngata. “All I can do is just support him and be his teammate”…

“…I know how Ray is as a person and I know how Janay is, and they’re working to improve on everything,” said wide receiver Torrey Smith. “I’ll be glad when those two games are up.”

The fans were satisfied.

“I think it was the right decision. I don’t think it was harsh,” one Ravens fan said.

“Everybody makes mistakes, and I guess he made a mistake. And I guess his testimony will be proving it to us on the field,” said another.

“He’s a good guy at heart. We’re all human,” another fan said.

“It’s his first offense. I think that, all and all, it was fitting of what he did,” another said.

But there were dissenting opinions. Mine for instance. I’ve said before that the NFL is shockingly tolerant of violence against women.

That’s not to say that they’re tolerant of all offensive behavior. Last year the Miami Dolphins suspended Richie Incognito for bullying and casual racial slurs, and that lasted for eight games. The league just suspended Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon for smoking pot, and that’s a season-long ban – sixteen games. I suppose if we’re to gauge the NFL’s value system, we’re to assume that being a pothead is eight times worse than beating a woman senseless. Strange.

Unfortunately, beating women, or even killing them, is nothing new to professional football. Here’s a look at just a few of Ray Rice’s fellow ball carriers:

In 1999, Jim Brown was convicted of vandalizing his wife’s car. He also was charged with “making” terrorist threats to her, a charge later dropped.

The court gave Brown the option of doing community service and receiving counseling, rather than doing jail time. He refused, taking the six-month jail sentence, released after four months. While in jail, he went on a hunger strike for two weeks.

Rather than suffer through anger management classes, the Greatest Running Back Ever went to jail, then went on a hunger strike.

At 12:10 am on June 13, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were found murdered outside Brown’s Bundy Drive condo in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson had divorced two years earlier. Evidence found and collected at the scene led police to suspect that O.J. Simpson was the murderer. Nicole had been stabbed multiple times in the head and neck with defense wounds on her hands. The wound through her neck was gaping, through which the larynx could be seen, and vertebra C3 was also incised.

The Second Greatest Running Back Ever slashed the neck of his ex-wife from ear to ear.

Lawrence Phillips may be the poster boy for anger control problems. He has been convicted several times of assaulting women. The most notable probably came into college when he broke into his ex’s dorm and then dragged her by the hair down three flights of stairs.

Philips is currently serving a 30-year sentence after he tried to run over a group of teens after they got into an argument during a pick-up football game.

One of Nebraska’s Greatest Running Backs Ever is serving 30 years in prison for a number of violent crimes. Sadly Phillips never became an NFL star, perhaps because he revealed his tendencies in college.

This was no one-time crime. For the first time, authorities had connected all the attacks and realized what they had. “Because of his history, this guy’s basically a serial rapist,” said Simpson, who noted that [Dave] Meggett’s attacks all followed a similar pattern: He targeted young, vulnerable, and compromised white women. He befriended them — or “groomed” them, in criminal justice parlance — often under a false name. Finally, he used the same hold while raping them. His pattern of this behavior was known to stretch back more than a decade, and as his life spun out of control, the behavior was escalating, with the time between assaults becoming shorter.

One of the New York Giants Greatest Running Backs – their Greatest Kick Returner Ever – raped an untold number of women. He’s also now serving 30 years.

Now how about some wide receivers? The Carolina Panthers:

Rae Carruth’s girlfriend, the woman carrying his baby, was shot four times in a drive-by shooting. She survived long enough to call 9-1-1.

She described to the dispatchers that Carruth pulled up in front of her and stopped his car so that she could not move. The assailants soon drove up next to her and shot her. Carruth received an 18-24 year sentence for his involvement in the crime.

The Seattle Seahawks:

According to witnesses at the scene and the Crown prosecutors, [Tommy] Kane had been discussing suicide before his wife arrived. While arguing about the possibility of divorce, he dragged her into the kitchen by the hair, slammed her head on the floor, punched her repeatedly in the face, and stabbed her in the throat…

Canadian Superior Court Justice Fraser Martin described Kane as “narcissistic” and “manipulative.” He also said, “By your act, Mr. Kane, four children are deprived of their mother. The circumstances of the homicide were particularly shocking.” He sentenced Kane to 18 years in prison, which Kane’s attorney told the press was “unusually harsh.”

The Miami Dolphins:

…Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson was released on bail today after allegedly head-butting his new wife during an argument over his purchase of a box of condoms.

Johnson, 34, and his wife, Evelyn Lozado, who have a reality TV show due to premiere next month, were ordered to have no contact.

The two were unpacking groceries Saturday night when Lozado found a receipt for a box of condoms in the trunk, according to the police report. They sat in the driveway in their parked Smart Car, arguing, when Johnson grabbed Lozado and headbutted her, she told Davie, Fla., police.

Here’s what Johnson did:

evelyn lozada in hospital

Maybe if the fans could see pictures of the victims they’d begin to care. And maybe that’s the way to get the league to change, by getting the people who pay their salaries involved. Left to themselves, the NFL has never shown any interest in protecting the girlfriends and wives of their players. Yesterday was no different.

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