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Art for D-Day: Conservatives misunderstand. Act angry and hurt.

As part of the 67th commemoration of D-day, the World War II invasion of Normandy, a French artist named Rachid Khimoune currently has a large installation on Omaha beach:

An installation of 1,000 casts of Russian, German and American combat helmets of WWII which also represent turtles, to denounce global violence, created by French artist Rachid Khimoune, is seen on Omaha Beach in Colleville sur Mer, western France, Sunday, June 5, 2011 at the eve of the D-Day Anniversary.

. . as is utterly predictable, the echoes of “to denounce global violence” were too much for some folks to bear:

Stupid art is objectively pro-Nazi
pajamas media | June 5 2011

Tell me: How could the French government countenance this art installation, which manages to be both juvenile and deeply insulting at the same time?

Dear Zombie: To Denounce Global Violence. It doesn’t get any simpler than that, it ain’t complicated.

Does French D-Day ‘Art Installation’ Desecrate Omaha Beach? | The Blaze
The American Patriot Blog | June 6th 2011

. . Making it worse, Zombie has discovered that the Omaha Beach desecration is not an isolated incident for this artist . .

For what it’s worth, I have a video of Khimoune playing with his turtles on location . .

Horrors. My experience with these sorts of things, where people point to a war and denounce violence, followed by conservatives being furious that anyone would say that war wasn’t awesome, is that the veteran themselves are usually okay with the calls for peace. They know the price of violence — all violence. Many of them find it hard to sleep not for what was done to them, but for what they had to do. Let’s not put anyone in that predicament again, okay? Can we? Okay.

Incidentally, just what is “The American Patriot Blog”? It’s “The Official Blog of the American Patriot: Michael J. Maxim.” Oh, the one and only.


This Sarah Palin would slap the bitch out Lindsay Graham’s mouth

Found this interesting bit of Conservative propaganda art on the Renew America website. The artist is a talented guy you can track down by going to the ‘DaleToons’ link.

It’s Sarah Palin:

sarah poster2

Great image.

Look at it for a bit, and you’ll probably pick up on some fascinatin’ stuff.

The forward, muscular arms, broad shoulders and the thin waste. The beefy legs and long feet. Sit with it for an another minute and you’ll also see that her upper torso is immensely long. Greatly extended, like an NFL receiver’s, or an extra from Avatar. The image presents an incredibly long and athletic build. This is a man.

The sturdy post she’s sitting on? How could you miss it? I assume the artist meant to compliment her on her spunky, open sexuality. And, of course, there are the shotgun shells in her crotch, buttressed by her splayed legs. The legs of a powerful man, but there they are.

Last: if you ignore the outlined head by her left elbow, the snake’s body forms a great pair of tusks for an African elephant. When I first saw it, I swore she’d put down a tree stump on the lifeless and unseen head of an animal she’d just bagged on safari. What a great metaphor for the future of the GOP.

Other than that, it’s an image dripping with what Conservatives want to see.

sarah love

I’ve been working in the L.A. art community for, oh, 12 years. I’ve probably handled 100,000 pieces of art, installed maybe 10,000 of those, and I can tell you: this is the single greatest statement of the pulchritude and power of transvestites I have ever seen.


The paintings of Thomas Kinkade speak of such horrors

I feel a song coming on
By Marita Vargas

marita vargasIt’s hard to say what American artistic expression will look like under tyranny. We’ve had so little practice perfecting our chops while the iron rod threatens our backs . .

Overall, in the last century the gulag and the re-education camp had a way of concentrating the mind and cleansing the artistic doors of perception in a way that freedom and prosperity did not here at home. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer freedom and prosperity. But we are on the verge of losing both, and it seems quite natural to ask what the cultural fallout will be . .

It is late in the day for anyone out there to produce the “1984” of our time, but that doesn’t mean anyone so inclined should not try. Of course, now is the perfect time to read the original. “Animal Farm” is a must read, and so is “Brave New World.” “It Can’t Happen Here” is a personal favorite, and of course, “Fahrenheit 451” is off the same cut and not to be missed.

Let’s see, Orwell wrote 1984 while in a London jail, check. Animal Farm, he wrote after being transferred to a prison farm outside of Ely, check.

Huxley wrote Brave New World while he commuted between French and British prisons in the early thirties, check. And then he was shackled and tortured in sunny Los Angeles for the rest of his life.

Sinclair Lewis was the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, in 1930, which landed him in a Minnesota gulag. He promptly protested his fate by writing It Can’t Happen Here, check.

And Ray Bradbury wrote Farenheit 451 after he was starved to death in a San Fernando Valley concentration camp. Check.

If I remember correctly, Jazz started out as nothing more than county jail inmates tapping out complementary rhythms on the walls. Charlie Parker died in a penitentiary, improvising solos on a kazoo that a merciful guard smuggled him.

It’s gonna be a great century.


What Ed Ruscha made says everything about Obama’s mind. What Conservatives make says nothing about them at all.

The ‘serious’ people and their penchant for ‘serious’ discourse continue. Amazing how crystal clear the essential nature and motivations of the President are while they remain utterly opaque to themselves.

Obama’s Revealing Taste in Art
By Nick Schulz
October 7, 2009, 11:03 am

The Times has a big front-page story today about President Obama’s continued indecision on an Afghan force buildup. In an unintentionally ironic twist, the Times also carries a big story, this one on p. A13, about the art borrowed from the National Gallery by Obama to hang on the White House walls.

It includes the following painting:


As the Times puts it:

Another contemporary work chosen by the Obamas is a word painting by the California artist Ed Ruscha. Called “I Think I’ll … ” it deals with the subject of indecision.

Indecision and Obama. You don’t say.

These people are so intelligent. And reeeeaalllll deep.

This, Apparently, Is Not a Joke
[Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Barack Obama has this hanging in the White House:

Obama's Indecisive Artwork

Well, now we gotta impeach him. Or shoot him. Meanwhile, the sort of stuff that they themselves create with their own hands and minds has absolutely nothing to do with them, or anything else, ever. So shut up:

“I genuinely regret the decision I made in passing this e-mail message along. Directly to President Obama, I sincerely apologize for offending him. This was, in no way whatsoever, my intention. The image has nothing to do with my feelings or thoughts on any race or culture. I recognize that this image is offensive and hope that the nation refocuses on assuring all Americans have access to high-quality, affordable health care with no party interfering in the patient-physician relationship…”said [Dr. David] McKalip

In an interview yesterday with the St. Petersburg Times, which picked up the story, he declared: “I am not a racist. I am simply a person speaking up to make sure patients don’t get hurt by the government and by insurance companies.”

As a defense against the racism charge, he noted, in the paper’s words, that he had “helped organize a career counseling day several years ago for African-American Boy Scouts.” And he blamed liberal activists for touting the email, which he called a “satire.”

And then this guy

Some [e-mails] compared Obama to O.J. Simpson while others suggested that “nigger rigs” should now be called “presidential solutions.”

Perhaps the most overboard e-mail was sent on Jan. 15. It read: “Breaking News Playboy just offered Sarah Palin $1 million to pose nude in the January issue. Michelle Obama got the same offer from National Geographic.”

[Atwater City Councilman Gary] Frago admitted sending the e-mails, but showed no regret. “If they’re from me, then I sent them,” he said. “I have no disrespect for the president or anybody, they weren’t meant in any bad way or harm.”

Well, that’s a relief.