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Republicans losing heart, having to learn impulse control

Lessons learned.

Roxanne Rubin was a loyal Republican who worked on the Las Vegas strip. She hated the way Democrats got away with cheating our American voting system.

“This has always been an issue with me. I just feel the system is flawed,” she told the AP Thursday. “If we’re showing ID for everything else, why wouldn’t we show our ID in order to vote?”

So last November she decided to do something about it. Roxanne decided that she would vote twice. That would show everybody.

Rubin voted at the Anthem Community Center in Henderson. Later that day, she appeared at a Las Vegas polling station at 9725 S. Eastern Ave., and attempted to vote a second time.

A records search showed she already voted, but Rubin insisted she had not and should be allowed to cast a ballot. Poll workers did not allow it…

Rubin’s deal requires her to pay $2,481 to the state in restitution, complete 100 hours of community service, stay out of trouble and complete an impulse control course.

Oh sure, go and hassle the Republican. A Mexican immigrant votes ten times before breakfast, do you ever see that in the news? Does a prosecutor ever bring him before a judge? NO. Because liberal media communism. His oldest kid can barely walk, but they gave him a trophy. His wife can’t add two and two, but they made her an accountant. She’s got a corporate job with a salary and a company car. ‘Kim Kardashian’? Really?

Roxy wasn’t the only fematriot who’s had enough.

Bay Buchanan, a top Mitt Romney lieutenant who’s been involved in politics ever since serving as treasurer of Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign, saw last November’s loss as a signal to get out of presidential politics.

“It was so tough. It was brutal,” she said of the loss to President Obama. “I think it’s the toughest because we really expected to win it,” added Buchanan, a former Treasurer of the United States who also ran her brother Pat’s three campaigns for president.

“I thought to myself in November, I have another career in me,” Buchanan said. So two days after the election, she started an online real estate course and now has her sales license and a firm: McEnearney Associates Inc. in McLean, Va.

Is there a lesson here? Maybe don’t watch Fox News, that’s a good one. Also: Be careful what you name your daughters, that’s important. ‘Bay’ and ‘Roxanne’ come with some risks.


Washington Bizarro Times Holiday Picayune Joey and Monica

Journalism? Politics. Politics? Journalism. How do you do? How do you do. Right. Whaddyasay we go someplace a little more intimate? Somewhere where we could get together. Have a couple of pops, strafe the breeze. Jam a nightstick up reality’s ass. Sure.

How about the Washington Times editorial board?

EDITORIAL: Obama: Whites need not apply
Liberals don’t want our government to mirror our society

Who puts two colons at the front of a title? Oh: That’s right: An editor. Clowns. These guys get: Paid to — punctuate for … a living.

I enjoy the Times the way I enjoy watching re-runs of Friends. I sit, and I think, “These people are retarded.”

The White House issued an executive order on Thursday titled “Establishing a Coordinated Government-wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce.” The purpose of the order is “to promote the federal workplace as a model of equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion.” In other words, it would be better for the government if public-spirited white workers sought employment elsewhere.

It would be better for some White people to seek employment elsewhere. Members of the Ku Klux Klan, for instance. People who’ve had facial reconstructive surgery to look like a Fuhrer. Pat Buchanan. Bay Buchanan. Knuckleheads who name their kids “Bay.” “Bay” women. People named “Bay.”

Whatever were Obama and his committee commies thinking?

Comrade Hidalgo: Comrade, Sir, have you seen the latest polls?

Comrade President: [*sigh*] Yes.

Comrade Hidalgo: We need to do something, and quick.

Comrade President: Yes. Yes — it’s that time, Hidalgo.


Comrade President: Jinx. Buy me a potato.

Comrade Hidalgo: [scribbles on arm]

Comrade President: ‘We begin by starving them. Kick them out of their cushy politburo jobs.’ Good. Let’s call it “Blah Diversity Blah.” Change part of that, if you like. Then, of course, phase two.

Comrade Hidalgo: [starts scribbling . . ]

Comrade President: . . the Julian Schnabel paintings.

Comrade Hidalgo: [stomps feet]

Comrade President: Buy me a tractor.

Wait. There’s more:

The partier in chief
President relaxes on Martha’s Vineyard while American economy falters

President Obama is chilling out at the beach while the country’s economic engine is headed for a deep freeze. Those lucky enough to have a job will slug it out at work Monday while Mr. Obama parties with the rich and powerful.

This is the third year the Obama family has escaped to the liberal, upper-crust enclave of Martha’s Vineyard . .

. . which is, what, 140 miles from Kennebunkport? So it’s on another planet, apparently.