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Calling ElaKuizza Doolittle

The ladies of Brooklyn could use some pointers. Three weeks from today, the right Republican New York Senator Marty Golden will hold an event on 76th street, at Bay Ridge Manor. Lucky youze.

It won’t be no boring fundraiser. Naw, it’ll be like a debutante’s ball, or a cotillion. Or like a 17th century Viennese social, replete with powder-flecked waltzes and some delicious palace intrigue. If you don’t know what that is (I don’t), don’t you worry. Professor Higgins will be there to tell you:

SENATOR MARTY GOLDEN invites you to Refresh your Business Etiquette and Social Protocol Skills!


. . so. Youze been putting Marty in a headlock? No, no, ladies, that is no way to behave. We run a polite society here. Marty is a Republican. Upon presentation to Mister Monsignor Senator Fancysox Golden, you lie on your back and present the parts for wanding. Legs high, pinkies askew. Here I am. Now let me know who’s hiring, pal.


Bigoted former NY mayor stabs Dems in back

Ed Koch makes some news again. He does this from time to time — rattles the political pots and pans to get some camera crews to come around and wonder if he’s still alive.

Koch: Vote for GOPer a vote for Israel

In “a shot across President Obama’s bow,” Democratic former Mayor Ed Koch yesterday urged voters in Queens and Brooklyn to make “history” by voting for the Republican candidate to replace randy ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner in the Sept. 13 special election — as a protest against the White House’s policy on Israel.

Can we come up with some pithy name for the “pro-Israel” (what liberal is anti-Israel, incidentally? nobody) folks who run off the reservation? The people who think American politics is fine and quaint, but everybody’s forgetting that Israel is about to be destroyed? ‘Izzers’? ‘Pocalyptos’? ‘Idiots’?

Israel’s not about to be destroyed. No way, no how. With its seemingly permanent economic and technological deficits, the Palestinians are far more likely to vanish than the Israelis. Of course, it’s at this point in the conversation that some ass will try to remind me of their breeding habits. I had a roommate like that.

Ed Koch isn’t so far from that. He charmed the pants off the Fox crowd in 2010 with this bit of cool-headed pro-Israel analysis:

We’re afraid to call them Muslim Islamist, uh, terrorists. We’ll call them anything but because we don’t want to alienate Muslim countries, that’s ridiculous. Of course, the vast majority of Muslims — there are a billion four hundred million — are not terrorists. But there are hundreds of millions who are. They want to kill every Christian, every Jew, every Hindu who won’t convert.

So if the “vast majority” aren’t terrorists, but hundreds of millions are, what do you figure the murdering/peaceful split is? 900 million/500 million? That sounds about right.

Says here that there are 360 million people in the entire Arab World. I suppose the former New York mayor can start there and begin recruiting.


page x – tasers kill pt.ix

The denial’s a joke, the front is keeling. Tasers flat kill people: the cops were suckered, were badly trained. The weapon is dangerous.

Taser victim Iman Morales’ kin file
$10 million suit
against city, cops

The family of a Brooklyn man who died after police Tasered him is suing the city, a cop and the estate of another officer who killed himself for $10 million.

Relatives of Iman Morales, 35, want the money and a review of police protocols and training in the use of Tasers.

“He didn’t deserve any of this,” said Morales’ mother, Olga Negron, 55, who was at the scene when her mentally ill son was struck and then fell headfirst from a ledge onto the concrete 10 feet below. “It was horrible.”

Authorities have been dealing with the mentally ill for centuries, don’t tell me that they were overwhelmed with the situation. They ran short of patience and pulled the Taser because it’s an intervention machine.


page x – tasers kill pt.iv

The taser is a sucker’s weapon. It gives the appearance of solving one of the nagging problems of law enforcement: what do with people who are out of their minds.

People who are wired as hell, agitated, are some of the worst things you face if you’re a cop. You can try to grab them and beat them, but they fight back. And you’ll probably need more than one cop, and you’re all probably gonna get hurt, too. It also looks ugly, and then there will be charges of brutality, and it will be in the papers, and there will be inquiries. So cops are almost always pissed off at crazy people.

Plus, a lot of the folks who become cops are itchy about control, they don’t like chaos. They don’t feel they should have to wait for a situation to get better–they’re supposed to make the situation better, and soon.

That’s why Tasers have been so popular. They are situation intervention machines, they stop a situation cold. And since they’re so famously ‘non-lethal’–would the New York P.D. lie to you?–it looks like a win-win solution.

That’s the obvious mentality of the cops here, they never thought twice about what they were about to do. The fable of the ‘non-lethal intervention’ blinded them to the reality. The guy who ordered the ‘tasing’ later killed himself.

[h/t Jason Phillips]