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First: Kathryn Lopez talks sex. Next: Dung beetles on cuisine.

Contraception is Not the Solution
Kathryn Lopez | Feb 25, 2011

Why are Republicans waging war on contraception?

Idiocy? Fear of sexuality? Anger with a few, wanted children? Take your pick.

It’s not the first time the question has been asked, and it won’t be the last. Truth be told, Republicans aren’t engaging in battle on that front — but the phrase gets close to a legitimate fight.

Kathryn Jean Lopez. Ugh. What an intellect.

“Here’s a question — why do we do this stupid stuff? Aw, heck, we DON’T! Nope! NOT US! I was kidding around, throwing you a bone, having a little fun. Incidentally, I call this essay . . ‘IT’S BETTER TO BE STUPID.’

While women may want love and marriage, they don’t expect it. Justice Sandra O’Connor wrote in the Planned Parenthood v. Casey opinion that women had “organized intimate relationships, and made choices that define their views of themselves and their places in society, in reliance on the availability of abortion in the event that contraception should fail.” And why wouldn’t they? Who, nowadays, encourages them to want more?

K-Lo, pictured here . .

. . the Catholic prude, will turn 35 in a couple weeks. And she’s a virgin. Well, we can assume she’s a virgin because she’s so Catholic. Given the way she carries her faith and scolds everybody, she’d BETTER be chaste.

But sexual inexperience doesn’t cause stupidity. Kathryn, people who are sexually active are the most expectant of love and marriage. That’s how human relationships operate: they increase in intensity and intimacy as they progress. Call it “wanting more.”

We’ve come to expect less for and from ourselves, and for and from one another. In part, it’s the fruit of the contraceptive pill. New York magazine recently observed in a cover feature: “The pill is so ingrained in BLAH BLAH BLAH . . .

No. Enough of the rookie bullshit. No coaching from spectators.


The Catholic Church is beginning to get the message . .

. . and the the message is: “Blame gay people.”

Pope’s No. 2: Pedophilia linked to homosexuality
By BRAD HAYNES (AP) – 17 hours ago

The Vatican’s second-highest authority says the sex scandals haunting the Roman Catholic Church are linked to homosexuality and not celibacy among priests.

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican’s secretary of state, made the comments during a news conference Monday in Chile, where one of the church’s highest-profile pedophile cases involves a priest having sex with young girls.

“Many psychologists and psychiatrists have demonstrated that there is no relation between celibacy and pedophilia. But many others have demonstrated, I have been told recently, that there is a relation between homosexuality and pedophilia. That is true,” said Bertone. “That is the problem.”

His comments drew angry reactions from Chile’s gay rights advocates.

“Neither Bertone nor the Vatican has the moral authority to give lessons on sexuality,” said Rolando Jimenez, president of the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation in Chile.

Jimenez also said no reputable study exists to support the cardinal’s claims.

“This is a perverse strategy by the Vatican to shirk its own ethical and legal responsibility by making a spurious and disgusting connection,” he said.

At least one of the highest-profile pedophiles in the Chilean church victimized young girls, including a teenager who became pregnant.

At the time, the archbishop of the capital, Santiago, received multiple complaints about Father Jose Andres Aguirre from families concerned for their daughters. But the priest — known to his parishioners as Father Tato — continued serving at a number of Catholic girls schools in the city.

Later the church sent Aguirre out of Chile twice amid abuse allegations. He was eventually sentenced to 12 years in prison for abusing 10 teenage girls . .