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Who is this ‘Rick Santorum’?

It’s been a good couple of months for politics. Meaning that it’s been bad for the wingnuts; it’s been good for the foul-mouthed blogging community. So many nasty people to talk about, so many silly things to laugh at.

And that brings up Rick Santorum, who is great for politics. This rat’s mere presence in your vicinity would irritate your skin. Only his mother could love him, and she’s probably lying.

Rick Santorum had only been in the senate for a few weeks when Bob Kerrey, then Senator from Nebraska, pegged him. “Santorum, that’s Latin for asshole” . .

Such a stew of sleazy self-righteousness and audacious stupidity has not been seen in the senate since the days of Steve Symms, the celebrated moron from Idaho. In 1998, investigative reporter Ken Silverstein fingered Santorum as the dumbest member of congress in a story for The Progressive.

That was back in 2003. His being considered seriously for president in 2012 is a shocking development.

America, if you’re so keen to destroy yourself, must it be by way of Santorum?

Santorum has long opposed the Supreme Court’s 1965 ruling “that invalidated a Connecticut law banning contraception” and has also pledged to completely defund federal funding for contraception if elected president . . “One of the things I will talk about, that no president has talked about before, is I think the dangers of contraception in this country,” the former Pennsylvania senator explained. “It’s not okay. It’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.”

President Santorum will lecture you about your Trojans. Ready for that, folks? Do you feel guilty about having sex? Do you feel bad about not caring for 10 children? You’ll feel better with President Rick.

We can’t have people having access to better health insurance than other people. No! It all has to be the same! Is that American? Equality of result? Is that what built the greatest country in the history of the world? No. That’s what’s destroying most of the countries in the world.

Rick vehemently opposes universal healthcare. If people don’t loot their savings to go to the doctor, then they don’t deserve it. The rich alone getting whatever they want is a sign of America’s greatness. The poor suffering and dying at home is typical of the greatest country in the world. How do you like this guy?

While talking about education during a campaign stop in New Hampshire today, Santorum stated that Obama “said every child should go to college,” then declared, “What elitist snobbery out of this man!” The claim drew cheers from many in the crowd.

Why does everyone have to get an education? A lot of you should forget it, the President particularly. There’s nothing wrong with being a janitor. Except when 30% of the country have to be janitors. There are only so many buildings, but that’s why America is great. Not enough buildings for everyone to have a minimum wage career. Is President Rick growing on you?

If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery. You have the right to anything.

And when the citizens have the right to do anything in their own homes, what sort of nation is it? Who wants to live in a place like that? We already have too much freedom. We don’t need anyone to give us more. We deserve less. Someone should take our things away from us: healthcare, contraception. Privacy. Peace of mind. We need to be denied. Vote for Rick.


Conservative legend Dennis Prager thinks a woman cumming is kinda shitty

G-d d-mn-d university students. With their f-m-le j-zz:

The $50,000 Orgasm
Dennis Prager | Mar 7, 2011 | Townhall.com

On Feb. 21, the 600 Northwestern University students enrolled in the popular Human Sexuality course taught by professor John Michael Bailey were told that if they wished to stay after class — it was clearly made optional — they would see a live demonstration of female ejaculation, the subject of that day’s class. A naked young woman (not a student) would demonstrate a “f—saw” and come to orgasm in front of the students. About 120 students stayed.

I don’t need to tell you this post will not go well.

But first, here are excerpts from the longer statement released by Bailey on March 1, after the story had begun to be national news:

“On the afternoon of February 21st Ken MB and colleagues arrived while I was finishing my lecture, on sexual arousal. I was talking about the female g-spot and the phenomenon of female ejaculation, both of which are scientifically controversial.”

This post will go very, very badly. Prager’s ‘sarcasm’:

. . since we are only animals, why shouldn’t students have a woman come to orgasm in front of a hundred students? Except for the possible titillation, the exhibition is no different than watching a female baboon having sex..

Told you. Female orgasms. Like a baboon.

By Northwestern’s logic, a biology class studying the excretory system would watch a man or woman relieve themselves in front of a hundred students. I cannot think of a single argument the man-is-an-animal crowd could offer against it.

Ball-twaddle! These pagan eggheads, wielding of surgical scissors and microscopy, they should be allowed to butcher the bellies of our sacred vessels, passed on as we might be? Who are they to fiddle-finger in the mysterious viscera of God’s inscrutable human-ism? Who would presume to tell us what a “liver” is? Where it may lie? Pray, what are we — the Great Hyena’s meat bags?

It’s a college lecture-lab on “Human Sexuality.” Great effort, Dennis, using logic to equate a woman’s orgasm with shitting.


Tea Party anti-masturbation candidate Christine O’Donnell is a whoop-whoop-WHACK-A-DOODLE

UPDATED: the revelations keep coming, see below . .

What else can you say of her?

Here are the O’Donnell issues, opinions and oddities:
1.) Viewing pornography is cheating on your spouse.
2.) Any fool who masturbates is ‘toying with his sexuality.’
3.) Radio interviewers who challenge her must be getting paid by the opposition. Conservative interviewers.
4.) She filed paperwork claiming that she made only 5,800 bucks last year. By contrast, Senator John Kerry from Massachusetts is worth a couple hundred million dollars. But wait: “I made more than $5,800,” O’Donnell told me in the September 2 interview, but said she did not have to and would not disclose how much. Oh, okay.
5.) She got demoted and fired from a $65,000 job and thought a whopping lawsuit in the amount of $6.9 million was justified.
6.) The incompetent, pro-right-wing lackey pollster Rasmussen is out to get her.
7.) It took 17 years and a few thousand for lingering university debts before she finally received her college degree, just a few days ago.
8.) Her tormentors are out hiding in her bushes and vandalizing her signs.

As for those liberal thugs lyng in wait so that they may leap upon her and seize her, perhaps imploring her to masturbate finally, this is what she said:

They’re following me. They follow me home at night. I make sure that I come back to the townhouse and then we have our team come out and check all the bushes and check all the cars to make sure that—they follow me.

That’s what’s disgusting, as you can see from the YouTube videos. They knock on the door at all hours of the night. They’re hiding in the bushes when I’m at candidate forums. In 2008 they broke into my home. They vandalized my home. They wrote nasty notes on my front door, on my front porch. They jeopardized my safety. They did the same thing to our campaign office. They broke into our campaign office. They vandalized our campaign office. They stole files. My campaign signs that had my picture—they put a spear in my mouth poked out my eyes, and cut out the part of my heart, and wrote nasty names all over those campaign signs.

This is an overwrought human being. And that’s why the overwrought Teabaggers have just put Christine O’Doodle ahead in the polling for that Delaware Senate seat . .

ADD: Then there’s this little tidbit, from the lawsuit filed on behalf of our pudding-skinned prude:

“On one occasion during her employment, a co-worker, Mr. Cain, in connection with Ms. O’Donnell’s efforts and work on the Gala, ordered or stated to Ms. O’Donnell to ‘strap it on,’ which was a crude and demeaning reference to an artificial male sexual organ used by some females in order to act like a male in sexual acts,” the complaint alleged. “To Ms. O’Donnell’s knowledge and belief, Mr. Cain was never disciplined or reprimanded for making this offensive statement.”


Tea Party lunatic and anti-masturbation queen Christine O’Donnell

Delaware gets its share of howling loonies, and this is a prime example.

Christine O’Donnell is running for Senate in the state. She’s running against Rep. Mike Castle for the GOP nomination. She’s crazy as a shithouse catfish:

“When a married person uses pornography, or is unfaithful, it compromises not just his (or her) purity, but also compromises the spouse’s purity. As a church, we need to teach a higher standard than abstinence. We need to preach a righteous lifestyle.”

On an MTV show about abstinence (as summarized by Huffington Post), O’Donnell explained:

“The reason that you don’t tell [people] that masturbation is the answer to AIDS and all these other problems that come with sex outside of marriage is because again it is not addressing the issue. … You’re just gonna create somebody who is, I was gonna say, toying with his sexuality. Pardon the pun.”

Pornography is adultery. Good Lord, masturbation is toying with your sexuality. And the government spends too much. Obviously, these are all horribly wrong.

Speaking of which — you know what’s not wrong? Having supporters and former employees call your fellow Republican, the guy you’re trying to beat to the nomination, an ass-humping prevert:

Actually, they didn’t call him that, they just passed on one of those rumors that everyone knows to be true and voters should really be aware of, cuz’, y’know, maybe they hadn’t heard it yet. Who wouldn’t be grateful for that breaking ‘news’? O’Donnell is a fount of good intentions and accurate information.

But, then, you know how recent college graduates can be, talking your ear off about all the crazy things they think they know.

MORE: Check out this ‘train wreck’ interview of O’Donnell’s with Conservative radio host Dan Gaffney. Christine gets so peeved she tells Dan that she’ll have to pray for him . .


Winger Todd Huston plies his considerable knowledge of women and their proper roles and the evil they do

Don’t Conservative men know terribly much about women? Why, yes they do. How do I know? Because they’re continually putting up posts like these in which the true nature of women is revealed.

For the rest of us, women are a beguiling mystery without end. For Warner Todd Huston, they are a simple, predictable commodity:

April 9, 2010
Another motherhood-hating, traditional gender role-attacking, San Fran liberal
Warner Todd Huston | Renew America

Margot Magowan a blogger for the San Francisco Chronicle must have gone to college. I say that not because she seems so well educated, but because she seems to hate traditional gender roles.

'Warner Todd Huston's thoughtful commentary, sometimes irreverent often historically based, is featured on many websites . . '

'Warner Todd Huston's thoughtful commentary, sometimes irreverent often historically based, is featured on many websites . . '

See? Has this woman strayed from the paths of normal womanhood just to attend one of those college-thingies? Yes, she has.

Though the two most generally traditional roles are probably pairing with men and having children, which are both fine, neither are rejected by Magowan anywhere. Nonetheless, Huston criticizes her strangely:

After all, the only place that women become radical feminists is in college because the real world does not teach such balderdash.

And here we digress for some ‘real world’ education in the way of the life of Margaret Sanger.

Her mother had 18 pregnancies, only 11 of which survived. She spent most of her childhood taking care of her siblings. She was forced out of boarding school at 16 to take care of her ailing mother who was dying and died of cervical cancer and tuberculosis. She herself contracted TB as a result.

She married at 23, had a child at 24, and started to figure out that the ‘traditional’ role for a woman could be a brutal and deadly one if pregnancies and child-rearing were all that was allowed. Hence, she became the great national crusader for contraception. She once had to flee to England to avoid prison — it doesn’t get much more radically feminist than that. And all of that thinking and conviction she mustered without a day of Harvard egg-heading, oops.

In a short April 7 blog post Magowan furiously attacked the magazine . .

Magazines and newspapers are dying left and right, the whole publishing industry is imploding, yet Good Housekeeping lives on? It survives not only to give women crucial tips on vacuuming, ironing, or what Febreeze actually is, but to produce a commemorative “125th Anniversary Collector’s Issue” graced with the creepiest cover photo of Michelle Obama I’ve ever seen.

Oh, gosh all mighty, it’s horrible that anyone could possibly still be interested in ironing, or vacuuming or keeping house in THIS day and age! Magowan is here to tell us all that the drudgery of housekeeping has been forever banished from the modern American woman’s life, dontcha know? No woman should be interested in tips on vacuuming anymore!

Verily, why shouldn’t ye wench be keen to receive The Pamphlets of Christian Plank-Dusting and Rat-Brooming? Modest Ker-Chief Tressing? Perhaps then, Braking News of The Spring Cleaning? I would feel amiss without a proper copy of Blunderbuss and Lead Ball. Ah, yes, Dodo Garroting Among the Sportyng Gents. ‘Tis the wasp’s knees.

And just what the hell are “tips on vacuuming”?

1. Plug it in.
2. Roll it around.
3. Put it away.

It’s just disgusting. Yes, it’s a tragedy, thinks Magowan, that any woman should still be purchasing any evil magazine of the likes of Good Housekeeping!

I guess Magowan delegates all her housework to her Mexican maid or perhaps she forces her Metrosexual hubby to do it… well, if she ever married him that is. Maybe he’s just a live in?

Oh HO! Because if she had a MAID do it, that would be A FAILURE OF FEMININITY! Or if the HUBBY did it, it’d be a definitive statement that SHE’S A SINGLE LESBIAN! God-damned chore-dodging is what’s got the White World running at zero population growth.

So, Good Housekeeping is like Spanish Fly. No, wait . . good housekeeping is like Spanish Fly. And good Spanish is, like, keeping your house fly. At least in Bel Air. Or Barcelona. Flemish mouse-creeping makes for good highs? We’re done.

Anyway, Magowan isn’t finished beating up on Good Housekeeping . .

Can’t you just feel the venom-spitting anger with which Magowan attacks the headline as “appropriately wifey”? Yes, folks, it is such a crime that First Lady Michelle Obama might want to be an appropriate wife to hubby Barack, keep a happy family, and raise content children isn’t it? Shameful, indeed. Horrible, even. Why, Michelle is an affront to Wymin’s studies programs the nation over.

Well, who doesn’t want to be “an appropriate wife”? Or husband? My fondest wishes for my own life are all about being fucking appropriate.

Then there’s this:

I’m so tired of the media’s abuse of first ladies, forever handicapped by that prissy label.

Wow. Now this cold feminist doesn’t even want us to respectfully call the president’s wife a “first lady”! What do we go with then? How about “da first bi_ch”? Would that be better Mz Magowan?

Out of all the words in the English language, you pulled ‘bitch’? Gee, how random. You’re a random class act.

And naturally, even though it has precisely nothing to do with the post, Magowan couldn’t end her post without attacking Fox News. All she had to do was stuff abortion in the post somewhere and she’d have had all the feminist shibboleths in this thing.

All I can say is, jeeze, give it a rest will ya broadzilla?

And now she’s ‘broadzilla.’ But that’s no angry, fearful shibboleth of yours from a right-wing goon. Aw, hell no, because you’re so far above the trash you attack.

Says here “Warner Todd Huston’s thoughtful commentary, sometimes irreverent often historically based, is featured on many websites . . “ Yeah? Which ones?