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They dragged him to death

How shocking it is to learn that South African police are stupid, cruel and violent. I figured their behavior for civil and serene, even after you whap one in the head and take his gun. We learned today that taxi drivers are not allowed to do that, incidentally. It’s a no-no in Johannesburg where the cops, despite the cries of a crowd, choose to dispense instant and Medieval justice:

Video recorded by a witness and posted on Facebook by South Africa’s Daily Sun newspaper showed police officers chaining the man to the open back of a police van that came to the scene later and, over the loud objections of a horrified crowd, driving off, dragging the man along the road.

About two hours after the arrest, the review board said the taxi driver was found dead at the police station where he had been driven. At a post-mortem on Wednesday, “the cause of death was found to be head injuries with internal bleeding.”

In some sort of better future, after our animal rage dissipates to motes and flecks, society will run every police cadet through a zillion psychological exams. And 98% of our current crop of peace officers will have to find something better to do.


Guereca family sues U.S. and “Agent Doe” for shooting death of 15 year old Sergio

Family of Mexican teen killed by border agent sues
wlbt.com | Jan 17 2010

EL PASO, Texas (AP) – A federal lawsuit filed Monday in Texas accuses the U.S. Border Patrol of wrongful death and civil rights violations in an agent’s fatal shooting of a 15-year-old Mexican boy in June.

The lawsuit filed in El Paso on behalf of the family of Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca seeks $25 million in damages from the U.S. government. The agency has not released the name of the agent involved in the shooting.

The filing can be read here. It charges that Sergio Guereca was unarmed, and that, after the shooting, border agent “Doe” didn’t even bother to check on him:

Suddenly, a United States border agent emerged on his bicycle, detaining one of the individuals, dragging the young boy along the concrete. The US border agent then stopped, pointed his weapon across the border, seemingly taking close aim, and squeezed the trigger at least twice, fatally wounding Sergio with at least one gunshot wound to the face. Sergio, who had been standing safely and legally on his native soil of Mexico, unarmed and unthreatening, lay dead on his back in his blue jeans and sneakers. He was fifteen years old.

More US border agents arrived on the scene, the shooter picked up his bicycle, and then they all left. No one took any action to render emergency medical aid to Sergio, leaving him dead or dying beneath Paso Del Norte Bridge in the Territory of Mexico.

That pretty much squares with the video of the shooting.


Video of Border Patrol shooting shows agent’s life in no jeopardy when he killed unarmed teen

For some background on the tragedy, click over to this previous post: El Paso Border Patrol agent fires into crowd of Juarez rock throwers, kills 14 year old

sergio adrian hernandez guerecaWell, the first lies have already been exposed in the tragic shooting and killing of Mexican teenager Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca. Stay tuned for more to follow.

Allegedly fearing for his life and surrounded by a “crowd” (as I wrote, above) of violent rock-throwers, the agent, patrolling in the culvert that forms the border between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, fired in self-defense and hit the 14 15 year-old’s head. Or so they said.

“Another agent arrived on his bicycle along the cement apron that forms the riverbank on the U.S. side,” [FBI agent Andrea] Simmons said in a release. “That agent detained a second subject, Augustin Alcaraz Reyes, but other subjects ran into Mexico and began to throw rocks at the agent.

sergio guereca shot dead

“This agent, who had the second subject detained on the ground, gave verbal commands to the remaining subjects to stop and retreat,” Simmons said. “However, the subjects surrounded the agent and continued to throw rocks at him. The agent then fired his service weapon several times, striking one subject who later died.”

A Top 10 Rule for Post-Modern Life: Don’t foist a despicable lie upon the public that tomorrow’s cell phone clip will blow out of the water.

Looks like stone cold murder to me. Unless they suddenly want to add the boy, incidentally, had a bazooka in his hands.

That’s all I want to say about this today. One, it’s just too sad. Two, this is an international scandal worthy of weeks of discussion. Three, Americans don’t give a fuck. They are a hard-hearted people when it comes to the deaths and lives of Mexicans.


Fox ‘News’ caught in shameless hackery: reporter gushes over Teabaggers while producer stokes them for the camera

No wonder Fox was so angry with the other major outlets’ ‘coverage’–those jerks just wouldn’t manufacture ‘the news’ last Saturday. Must be embarrassing for Fox, I’d imagine, to be exposed so comprehensively.

Here’s a clip of the sort of ‘coverage’ Fox News provided. Griff Jenkins, fresh from Planet Dweeb engineering, talks to the inventor of the 9/12 project, Glenn Beck. And do you sense there’s already some serious problems with Fox’s role here? Maybe?

While Fox inexplicably posts the chyron “9 Principles, 12 Values” (…any of you recall protesters going on and on about those 21 sacred things last Saturday? I don’t…), Glenn oh-so-sincerely wants to know “Who are these people?” Surprisingly, according to Griff, they’re just the Ultra-Diverse Salt of the Earth:

Meanwhile, on these remotes, Associate Producer Heidi Noonan carried out her Fox News’ duties beside the camera shots:

Having been primped, pimped and pandered to, how does the crowd show it’s appreciation?


No big surprise, Americans just love their journalists.


The hopeless stupidity of Conservatives: ’97 photo of D.C. ‘Promise Keepers’ rally? “That’s us!” January estimates of Obama’s inauguration? “That’s us!”

How fucking dumb do you have to be to try to pretend that a 50,000 person rally is actually 2 million people? How dumb do you have to be to run with that story long after it’s been proven rankly bullcrap? How dumb do you have to be to try to substitute others’ rally photos and National Park Service estimates for your own to pretend that your protest was “the largest event held in Washington, D.C., ever”?

These questions have no answers because Conservatives are too stupid to fathom.

Bloggers claim photo shows millions at “tea party” protest

…So supporters of Saturday’s “tea party” protests against President Barack Obama were quick to highlight their big turnout. To bolster countless claims on blogs and Facebook, many posted a photograph that showed a gargantuan crowd sprawling from Capitol Hill down the National Mall to the Washington Monument.

But it turns out the photo is more than 10 years old, apparently taken during a 1997 Promise Keepers rally…

Pete Piringer, public affairs officer for the D.C. Fire and Emergency Department, said the local government no longer provides official crowd estimates because they can become politicized. But the day of the rally, Piringer unofficially told one reporter that he thought between 60,000 and 75,000 people had shown up.

“It was in no way an official estimate,” he said.

We asked Piringer whether there were enough protesters to fill the National Mall, as depicted in the photograph.

“It was an impressive crowd,” he said. But after marching down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol, the crowd “only filled the Capitol grounds, maybe up to Third Street,” he said.

Yet the photograph so widely posted showed the crowd sprawling all the way to the Washington Monument, which is bordered by 15th and and 17th Streets.

There’s another problem with the photograph: It doesn’t include the National Museum of the American Indian, a building located at the corner of Fourth Street and Independence Avenue that opened on Sept. 14, 2004. (more…)