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Virginia Con attacks opponent’s patriotism with Soviet officer

Virginia Republican Patricia Phillips is running against Democratic incumbent Mark Herring for the state’s 33rd Senate district seat.

In a recent mailer, she tried to diminish Herring’s patriotism, alleging he didn’t appreciate America’s military people . .

. . by mistakenly featuring a Soviet veteran of World War II. On the sailor’s right hangs the “Order For Service to the Homeland in the Armed Forces of the USSR”:

On his left . .

. . the “Medal For Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.” The image likely came from the Monsters and Critics website. They covered the 2008 World War II Victory Day parade in St. Petersburg with a group of photos, including this one:

Caption: A heavily decorated Russian World War II veteran salutes during the military parade at the Dvortsovaya Square celebrating Victory Day in St.Petersburg, 09 May 2008. On May 09 Russia celebrates the 63rd anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany.

We thank you for your lip service, Patty.


I’m not a fan of Donald Trump

Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, these are your opponents, America. And if it were anything but politics, you could get staggeringly drunk before the match and still slap them all into oblivion.

But it’s politics. So you gotta accept that these happen to be the heavyweight contenders in a tilt beyond your simple little living. And, so. These are the pros who, by their same old means, could put down your guy in the second round. No, you can’t get in the ring, no, there’s nothing you can really do.

It’s an empty feeling.

Here comes more of that:

Trump’s Run for President . .
Feb. 22 | Kevin Hassett | Bloomberg

After making a big splash at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington this month, Donald Trump was asked if he is considering a run for the presidency.

“I’m incredibly tempted,” he responded.

Oh, how easy would it be to push Donald Trump to the ground? If you were ever allowed within a few feet of him? You’d expect the guy to go over like a porcelain clown. The impossible insult, too much; he’d go cold on the spot. Spit nothing of blood, just lay there like a statue. As he did, fans too terrified to touch The Donald, he’d become what he always wanted — a fixture of the landscape.

To be sure, Trump looked like a solid Republican presidential candidate at the CPAC meeting and on subsequent television appearances last week. He asserted, for example, in an interview with Fox News host Greta Van Susteren that, “I’m probably as conservative as anybody on your show, and that’s going a pretty strong step. I’m Republican, a very conservative Republican. I believe strongly in just about all conservative principles, just about.”

You don’t believe in shit. We keeled you over and you went morte. Dead.

This is a man who was a registered Republican from 1987 to 1999, then switched to the Independence Party in October 1999. In August 2001, he became a Democrat and flipped back to Republican in 2009.

Of course he did. Because he was the sort of opportunistic scum that deserved to be bludgeoned to death by trees. As soon as he showed his pinched face, the sky should have come down on him like a cyanide blanket. Taste would have publicly executed him. Mercy lashed his hands and feet. Propriety filmed the whole thing.

In 1999, he told Tim Russert on “Meet the Press,” “I am pro-choice in every respect.” Last week he said to Van Susteren, “I’m pro-life. I think that’s a big social issue.”

Violence please return this infant.

On health care, the old Trump said, “Our people are our greatest asset. We must take care of our own. We must have universal health care.” Today he promises to end the new health-care law, and has added that, “I do not think it’s constitutional.”

Righteousness rip him to bits. Vultures pick his eyes and then vomit them on cold concrete.


New Tea Party billboard: Barack Obama is a terrorist, a pimp, a beaner and a fag

Ho Ho! Free speech!

The billboard, erected along the I-70 Business Loop between 28 1/2 and 29 roads sometime Monday, depicts the four “Obamas” sitting around a table with playing cards showing only sixes bunched in groups of three . .

Beneath the Obama caricatures are numerous rats, some of which are labeled as the IRS, trial lawyers, the EPA and the Fed. Sitting above all that is a line, “Vote DemocRAT. Join the game,” which is positioned between two vultures, one of which is labeled the U.N. and the other with the name Soros, a reference to George Soros, a major national Democratic financial supporter.

“I am not allowed to say who (paid for it) at this time,” [artist Paul] Snover said in an e-mail Tuesday . . An Internet search of the self-described “constitutionalist libertarian” revealed numerous blog postings in which he talks about his support for tea party and 9/12 groups.

“The Constitution has been thrown in the trash and burned by our very own government and we the people watched TV while America burned!”

You left America in the burning trash! You fools!

“The enemy is not at the gate, it is a cancer within our own borders,” Snover wrote on the Mesa County Second Amendment Task Force website. “From what I have learned of history and what I see going on in all levels of government, I can but conclude that there is no constitutional republic any more, only a sick tyrannical twisted dictatorship. “

He can but conclude that it’s a dictatorship, but he concluded it anyway. And then he drew some messican homosexual rat-Presidents. I applaud your effort to publicize yourself and your cartoons, Paul, you nasty little bigot.


WRAL out of Raleigh/Durham reports that John Edwards will admit he’s the father of the Hunter child

What, you don’t remember this post from back in early May? “You heard it here: John Edwards will be forced to take DNA test, accept paternity.” I voted for this guy in the primary. What a disaster he would have wrought upon the Democrats.

Sources: Edwards to admit paternity of ex-mistress’ child

Raleigh, N.C. — Sources have told WRAL News that they expect former U.S. Sen. John Edwards to admit that he is the father of his former mistress’ 18-month-old daughter.

Edwards, a two-time Democratic presidential candidate, confessed last August to having an affair with Rielle Hunter, who served as a videographer on Edwards’ 2008 campaign. He has denied fathering her daughter, saying his relationship with Hunter ended before the child was conceived.

The name of the girl’s father isn’t disclosed on her birth certificate.

Andrew Young, a long-time Edwards aide, initially claimed to be the father of Hunter’s child, but he is reportedly writing a book in which he will claim Edwards is the father.

A federal grand jury is investigating whether Edwards’ campaign funds were illegally paid to Hunter to keep quiet about the affair.

Hunter spent nine hours last Thursday at the federal courthouse in Raleigh, where the grand jury was meeting. She brought her daughter, Frances, with her.

Young was at the federal courthouse in July when the grand jury was meeting.

Sources said Edwards’ public admission could come before the end of the criminal investigation.

Edwards’ attorney, Wade Smith, couldn’t be reached Thursday for comment.


And now, for ‘Ed’s Denseman’ and other defensive Teabaggers: this is why I said that Fox’s favorite Democrat, Ed Naile, is nearly illiterate

Because the guy (previously, here) writes more brutally than most high schoolers. Witness this crap. (…and witness Ed’s Denseman, who helps Ed run these ‘Democratic’ organizations.)

Let’s not waste a lot of time on this. After all, it’s not like Ed gets paid to manipulate the English language every day–he’s just a lawyer:

Awake And Smell A Smoldering Health Reform Plan

I think I have this Tea Party thing all figured out.

Liberal Democrats, you know the type, communists, socialists, communitarians, progressives, and all manner of moonbats, want socialized medicine in this country as a means to control the lives of people they consider lesser beings.

Good lord, what a mess. Parentheses anyone? How about…

Liberal Democrats–you know the type: communists, socialists, communitarians, progressives, and all manner of moonbats–want socialized medicine in this country as a means to control the lives of people they consider lesser beings.

Government run healthcare is the human equivalent of raising free range chickens – no real pens needed[,] and the end result is the same,[:] the chickens get the knife.

Here is the sales pitch for this liberal scam:

“Our health care system is broken[,] and we have to DO SOMETHING about it, ANYTHING, and we have to do it NOW!”

Ugh. Someone should do something about ‘ANYTHING’, but it’s a quote.

The ANYTHING part of this equation is pre-determined[,] and citizens who know how progressives work understand it completely. Just as Obama is questioned for saying in Portsmouth, NH[,] that AARP is on board with his plan is not true technically, they know it is a fact AARP will be on board with any Obama plan.

Wow, total nonsense. “Just as Obama is questioned for saying in Portsmouth, NH that AARP is on board with his plan is not true technically, they know it is a fact AARP will be on board with any Obama plan.”

1). Yes, Obama is being questioned for saying that AARP is on board with his plan. He is not being questioned for saying “that AARP is on board with his plan is not true technically.” As if the President said, “To say that AARP is on board with my plan is not true, technically.” Or: “It’s not technically true, my friends, that AARP is on board with my plan,” and that statement caused controversy. He never said anything like those about the technical truth of AARP’s being on board or not, so he couldn’t be questioned about it. This part of the sentence is just gibberish. This is the illiteracy I was talking about.

2.) Who the hell is ‘they’ in the sentence? It’s a mystery. Going backwards: the AARP? Progressives? You meant your ‘citizens’, didn’t you? That was a while back. Try to pay attention, as if you were one of your readers.

3.) This ‘just as’ is a fucking mess here. ‘Just as’ = ‘similar condition’? (“Just as the Norwegians feel the chill, the Swedes know Winter is coming.”) ‘Just as’ = ‘in the same time period’? (“Just as Scandinavians feel that winter is coming, New Zealanders notice warming temperatures.”) More loosely–‘just as’ = ‘because’? (“Just as they feel that Winter is coming, Scandinavians harbor no illusions about an Indian summer.”)

Yours: “Just as Obama is questioned for saying [something], they know it is a fact AARP will be on board with any Obama plan.”

Yuck, Ed. Try this:

The ANYTHING part of this equation is pre-determined[,] and citizens who know how progressives work understand it completely. Though Obama was criticized for saying in Portsmouth that AARP was already on board with his plan, wise citizens know the Association will eventually be on board with any Obama plan.

Better. You’ve blogged for a long time, but you can’t put together a decent sentence, Ed? I can’t go on forever like this, I’ve got a life of my own, man…

In [directing] the Democrats[‘] rush to use Chicago tactics of shoving [phantom] socialist heath care down American throats with unwritten legislation and make[-]believe emergency timetables[,] Obama has alienated vast legions of people who care deeply about heath care and its cost.

Phew. I’m working like a son of a bitch here, Ed. Since when, incidentally, is socialist healthcare strong-arming…’Chicago tactics’? Very whacko. If this were a high school essay, you’d be getting a ‘C’ at best. Or a chairmanship with the Young Republicans.

The frustration felt by average Americans with mindless Democrat spending, borrowing taking over of industry, and outright lying has created an odd situation where citizens are taking to the streets in unseen numbers.

We’ve been spending Democrats mindlessly? Borrowing has been taking over industries? (Do I get a factory with my loan?) Or is that meant more generally, as in profitability: borrowing now beats industrial production? But, of all this, you’re right, this is odd: people are taking to the streets, and they’re invisible. Or they’re ‘unseen’ when they’re together, in ‘numbers’.

Here is what I think they want:

Americans want tax and spend politicians out of office and they want them out NOW. They are willing to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to get this through to Washington elites. If it takes going to Tea Parties, protests, “town meetings” or other stacked, staged events and stand outside with a sign they are willing to do it.

The bussed in pro-Obama supporters to these town meetings like the one in New Hampshire are no match for the sleeping giant the liberal Democrats have stirred.

Like a humongous pitcher of Stoli Rip Van Winkles.


Fox News and Neil Cavuto actually interview a Democrat at Obama’s Town Hall? NO FUCKING WAY! ‘Cause he’s a lying, virulent conservative teabagger.

Ed Naile, the fringe, nearly illiterate angry anti-tax New Hampshire conservative radio host and blogger, is a Democrat? Gee, however did Fox end up finding this guy? What a freaky mistake.

Cavuto interviews “registered Democrat” who’s also a conservative activist
August 11, 2009 5:13 pm ET by Oliver Willis

On the August 11th edition of Fox News’ Your World With Neil Cavuto, Cavuto interviewed Edward Naile, who was protesting against the health care reform being discussed by President Obama in a New Hampshire town hall event. Fox’s on-screen text simply identified Naile as a “Registered Democrat” and as a “Small Business Owner”. Cavuto first introduced him as a “registered Democrat” and later described Naile as having “independent” thinking on the health care issue.

What neither Fox nor Cavuto noted was Naile’s history of conservative activism.

In 2004 the Boston Globe identified Naile as the head of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, a group that opposed out of state students trying to register to vote in New Hampshire.

In 2000 AP identified Naile as a member of the Coalition, identifying the group as an “advocacy group for limited government and limited taxation”…

On November 1, 2008 Naile wrote:

America needs to take a good four-year look at what the Liberal Left has offered up for President, and most of all, what the main stream media has unflinchingly protected and nourished since the decision to sell this communist standard-bearer of the Democrat Party as material qualified to be President of the United States.

Here are screenshots of his radio show site and the affiliated ‘Liberty Calendar’ site:

ADD: Here IS Brian Butterbaugh’s Teaparty song.