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Wall Street Journal aims at global warming, kills the entire endeavor of science

Robert Bryce writes as an energy expert for a number of different outlets: National Review, Wall Street Journal, Washington Examiner. His general view is that alternative forms of energy production are currently too technologically weak to be taken seriously as replacements for coal burning.

That’s not a trivial opinion. It’s true in the short term: we’re not likely to replace burning fossil fuels as a robust solution to our energy needs in the next quarter century. Anyone who believes that somehow, before 2030, some technological tour de force will save us from firing fossil fuels and releasing jillions of tons of carbon dioxide is naive.

But that’s not any reason to trivialize the new energy effort. Climate change is an historically serious challenge to human adaptability and survival. Previous crises, like the Bubonic Plague, killed as many as 100 million people. The European Continent remains inhabited, but half of it may have died before the threat abated.

Global warming will not be as intense as an epidemic, but it could be far longer-lasting: a century? Two centuries? And the solution to it won’t just pop up in our brilliant immune systems. Our savvy and innovation are all that can beat it. We should get serious about the work, right?

But back to Robert Bryce — Al Gore tanked, coal is cheap, Science is a bumbling thing. What can he tell you? Some problems have no solutions worth the bother:

Five Truths About Climate Change

1) The carbon taxers/limiters have lost. [blah blah blah]

Here’s a reality check: During the same decade that Mr. Gore and the IPCC dominated the environmental debate, global carbon-dioxide emissions rose by 28.5%.

I first thought Bryce was alerting us to the exploding threat even in the face of Al Gore’s media campaign. No: Bryce wants you to realize how Al Gore “dominated the environmental debate” yet didn’t dispatch the crisis. For 10 years, we patiently listened to his bitching and crying, but global warming is still around. Obviously, Al didn’t know what he was talking about.

2) Regardless of whether it’s getting hotter or colder—or both—we are going to need to produce a lot more energy in order to remain productive and comfortable.

Thank god someone pointed that out.

3) The carbon-dioxide issue is not about the United States anymore. […] . . over the past decade, U.S. carbon dioxide emissions—about 6.1 billion tons per year—could have gone to zero and yet global emissions still would have gone up.

Whew, another great argument. I’ve been looking at an Escalade.

4) We have to get better—and we are—at turning energy into useful power. In 1882, Thomas Edison’s first central power station on Pearl Street in lower Manhattan converted less than 3% of the heat energy of the coal being burned into electricity. Today’s best natural-gas-fired turbines have thermal efficiencies of 60%. Nearly all of the things we use on a daily basis—light bulbs, computers, automobiles—are vastly more efficient than they were just a few years ago. And over the coming years those devices will get even better at turning energy into useful lighting, computing and motive power.

Point number 4: save energy? Suck whale cock, Bob. Idiot.

5) The science is not settled, not by a long shot. Last month, scientists at CERN, the prestigious high-energy physics lab in Switzerland, reported that neutrinos might—repeat, might—travel faster than the speed of light. If serious scientists can question Einstein’s theory of relativity, then there must be room for debate about the workings and complexities of the Earth’s atmosphere.

HA HA. Argumenta ad ignorantium, logicam, absurdum, chortlensis, flimflammae, palmjobbum. One part of a single field of science broke new ground with heretofore impossible observations. As a result, for the first time in history, I think it’s safe to say: something’s gone wrong with science. Hate to break it to you, but the past couple comfortable centuries have all been for nothing, sadly. Science is no way to elect reality, vote for Robert Bryce.

Wall Street Journal op/eds have become hard news. Gay soldiers weaken our defenses — ad fay mortis — ICBMs inbound over the poles, off the equator.


Rep. Allen West is seriously full of shit

Did you know there hasn’t been a black House Republican from Florida since 1876? Until Allen West got elected last November? With any luck, there won’t be another until the year A.D. Donkey Ballz.

A decision by the President of the Wilton Manors Business Association, Celeste Ellich, to invite Congressman Allen West to address the non-partisan group ignited a local storm of controversy… When the legislative director of the GLBT Democratic caucus, Michael Rajner, found out about West’s upcoming appearance he authored a controversial letter demanding the invitation be rescinded.

“Bullies and opportunists like West have actively worked against the advancement of social justice for GLBT-people and others,” the letter read…

Just days before this latest controversy West said at a town hall meeting: “When you take the military and you tell it they must conform to the individual’s behavior, then it’s just a matter of time until you break down the military.”

It’s just like the gays, isn’t it? Forever making ridiculous demands. Khaki tu-tus and oral sex in the barracks, would that really be so bad? Not that they haven’t enjoyed hiding their true identities from the military for the last century or so. But now that they’re somehow in a position to dictate to the armed forces, everybody can get down on their knees, please.

There are very few things Allen West can’t SERIOUS the shit out of so that it no longer resembles any Earthly thing. Like when Rep. Wasserman-Schultz pointed out — not by name, mind you — that a certain serious Florida congressman was putting his constituency in jeopardy:

The gentleman from Florida who represents thousands of Medicare beneficiaries, as do I, is supportive of this plan that would increase costs for Medicare beneficiaries. Unbelievable from a member from South Florida.

It got an appropriate response from the representative, who veered from his initial plan to produce his sidearm, shove the barrel in the the enemy’s mouth and teach her a lesson.

You are the most vile, unprofessional, and despicable member of the US House of Representatives. If you have something to say to me, stop being a coward and say it to my face, otherwise, shut the heck up . .

I am bringing your actions today to our Majority Leader and Majority Whip and from this time forward, understand that I shall defend myself forthright against your heinous characterless behavior…

That’ll stop her, the bitch. Talking politics on the House floor, like that, wow.

Which reminds me — politics is just not West’s game. Nope, he hasn’t the taste for it. And what, pray tell, IS the colonel’s game? It’s humility, service, sacrifice, and a Hollywood-size lust for public relations. This man, he’s a serious patriot. He has no use for petty squabbling, or the rhetorical tickle-fights of the gay rotisserie roundforum, or whatever the hell it is they call themselves.

In these very tough economic times, I find it intolerable that the Florida Gay, Lesbian, Transgender Democratic Caucus would call upon a boycott to hurt small business owners trying to earn a living and only wanting to better be informed about business related issues from their Member of Congress. Clearly, we have learned who really are the intolerable individuals in South Florida.

Serious people don’t do whatever it is you’re accusing him of. Well, okay, he’s splitting infinitives and maybe not-knowing the word ‘intolerant’, which is pretty much like any other teenager — fine. But who’s the Rock of Red Florida? Who’s the small business genius loose in our world? None other than Allen West, the wingnut red-ass accustomed to sleeping in Quonset huts.

Entrepreneurs could use some advice from a guy like that. They might hear about the time Allen held his handgun next to the head of an Iraqi policeman and pulled the trigger, getting the spontaneous confession he did want – and the end of a twenty year military career he didn’t. A job-creator being denied that sort of business acumen, he could well go bankrupt. Or he could end up in the brig.

But there’s a lesson here for us. And it comes on the straight and narrow, which is the only way this lieutenant colonel can deliver it. When we don’t let crazy Allen West do and say exactly as he pleases, it’s America that loses out. It’s we who suffer, because…

“If it’s about the lives of my soldiers at stake, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can . . ”

That’s right. Which means, there was a time when the military wasn’t serious about the lives of its soldiers. There were days when the Army actually refused to abuse their own prisoners of war. But not good ole’ Allen, because he had plenty more courage than that. Unfortunately his superiors, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, didn’t agree that he knew better about torture, and war, than they did. So Allen’s days in uniform are over. Now’s the time for politics, and, about that, he’s gotten as serious as a man can get. So take note there, Debbie. Unless you outrank this officer, you can just shut the heck up.


Conservatives and Comedy Autism, a special Ken Catalino edition

Been a few months since the last installment.

This would be a special edition, for a special artist. One so ignorant of the makings of comedy — timely metaphors, biting satire, keen irony . . spelling — he deserves an entire post dedicated to him alone. This is an especially autistic political cartoonist.

So, ladies and gentleman, without further ado, I bring you Ken Catalino:

A routine sin for autistics. Simply draw the person you don’t like, and then have him say something stupid. This is how 5th graders make fun of you.

And like so. Ken doesn’t yet grasp that we treat different countries differently.

Another sin. Conservatives typically deal only with other conservatives so they get lazy. Skip the pretense and get to the point – embarrass the president, will ya? Not that Obama stiffed a waiter somewhere, or anything, but I bet he could have. Since he’s just that sort of jerk.

Pat downs are for security. Taxes are for . . ummm screw it, the President sucks.

Sometimes, these things are so ‘Inside Conservative Baseball,’ you’re not even sure what’s the point. Are the winners knocking down the door? Will the door hold? Are the usual politicians safe? Damned if I know.

Try interpreting this one. Is it that conservatives are opposed to condoms? Or opposed to change? The rendition here couldn’t get any more vanilla. It’s mysterious.

This is unfortunate. Catalino can’t spell.

You’d think he’d have an editor. Or a friend with a dictionary. Somebody who can read English.

Also unfortunate. Catalino doesn’t even understand the issue. He thinks ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ protects gays. Thus, abolishing it is expanding it.

He can’t even draw a scanner. Sad.

Okay, the appetizers are done. Now we get to the meat and potatoes of wretched cartooning: Bad metaphors.

Drowning in debt and soon to reach the ceiling. Except the ceiling is also…’debt.’ Damn.

Republicans believe in ghosts. And that’s why we’re stupid.

Timing is everything. Why wouldn’t experts give Obama a ‘political’ prognosis before the election? I would think he’d be in a hospital by now, at least. I have no idea what Obama is sitting on, incidentally.

All sorts of messed up. Again, why would Democrats avoid the President after they lose? The very next day he called it a shellacking, so does Catalino even care about politics? He’s also out of gas? Democrats are going to the Olympics? How many metaphors can a man half-ass?

Take that weirdos. If I remember the story, in the end good vanquishes evil, everybody gets what they want, and the President arrives back home safe and sound. Touche, sir.

Another mixed metaphor. He’s a ‘vampire’ so he’s an ’empty suit.’ By Catalino’s trailblazing sense of comedy, he could draw that for any person or issue. Except for a vampire controversy, because then that’d be sort of funny.

Classic. Mixed up everything, with useless commentary to boot. Get rid of the thought bubble, the sign, and ‘DEMS,’ and you’ve got a perfectly good cartoon.

The president, who is driving, is yelling at ‘spending’ to, um, turn the truck around. If you don’t get this, see a psychologist.

And finally . . this. Let’s see…the Democrats have chainsawed the Republicans’ ears. And tusks. See the dashes? But the GOP’s tax-cut bills defy gravity, or sit there, above the ground, because no explanation needed. Understand? There’s nothing I could say that could possibly make this any funnier than it already is.


Michael Medved dismisses homosexuality because of the pain and aggression of sex

Is it possible? Could it be? On the next to last day of the year, after all the casual and routine stupidity of the 363 days that preceded it, the single most moronic opinion of 2010 magically appears?

Believe it — Michael Medved’s *analysis* of the legitimacy of homosexual relationships (yes, it’s that dumb) is absolutely devoid of a whit of intelligence or wisdom with respect to the nature of men, women and reality.

By the time Medved is done, he’s essentially wiped out all sex, relationships and romance. And that’s what makes this a spectacle in its idiocy: Michael proves he knows absolutely nothing about his fellow human beings. What a demonstration:

Gay, Lesbian bonds no equivalent of heterosexual relationships – or of each other
Michael Medved | Dec 30, 2010 | Townhall.com

The New Year brings a new policy to America’s military that mandates acceptance, and even endorsement, of open homosexual behavior. At its very core, that policy denies the vast and crucial distinction between males and females—insisting that men and women are interchangeable when it comes to forming a valid, constructive intimate relationship.

Michael has decided some relationships are valid and other relationships are not. I’m going to guess he’ll invalidate the gay ones. Even though gay folks have had relationships for thousands of years, those have not been ‘valid.’ Don’t you just love it? Michael is so smart, he can out-think the entire history of man.

But the politically correct attitude not only insists that heterosexual and homosexual relationships are equivalent, but also erases differences between relationships between two women and relationships between two men. If men and women are profoundly different—and both science and common sense tell us they are- then an all-female couple is even more different from an all-male couple than either homosexual bond differs from a heterosexual union.

Michael claims people are of two perfect absolutes: man-types and woman-types. Thus, there are three absolute pair-types: man-man, woman-woman, and man-woman. And where, you might ask, is he going with this robo-analysis? Right up his own ass:

This distinction helps explain the oft-noted quirk in public attitudes that sees stronger opposition and denunciation, in the Old Testament and elsewhere, to a physical relationship between two males and intimacy between two females. A physical connection between a female couple, like a physical connection between man and woman, is based primarily on acts of affection. The most common sexual practice between two men involves an act of aggression —inflicting more pain than pleasure for at least one of the parties. Even decisions by Congress, equating homosexual and heterosexual relationships, or erasing distinctions between the interaction between lesbians on the one hand and gay males on the other, cannot repeal politically incorrect realities.

Pain? And sexual aggression? In a relationship?! That is bogus!

Meanwhile, once or twice a year, on a heap of velvet and goose down, Michael will take to m’lady in the dark with a throughly greasy finger-sized object he keeps at his disposal.

Now that’s ‘valid.’


Catholic columnist Matt Abbott infects his readers with the Syphilis of Hate

It’s been a great day. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell begins to wheeze its last gasps and crawl towards the light. Goodbye. See you. Rest in peace, you stupid, flawed, angry, punitive, backward policy. Cue the funky little person: “This house is clean . .”

Very much better. Meanwhile, the narrowly and perversely righteous violently lament. They beat their breasts and lash out with their tongues at witnessing the death-by-democracy of the patron saint of cramp-ed foxholes and communal showers, St. Gehfobia:

Congress infects military with ‘spiritual AIDS’
By Matt C. Abbott | December 19, 2010

Sad to say, I’m afraid Congress has just infected our military with “spiritual AIDS,” if you will, by repealing DADT — much to the delight of the homosexualists in our midst.

Let’s pretend Matt Abbott isn’t an utter moron? Let’s say we try.

Gays have forever served in our military. For centuries now, wherever the military went, gays went too. Whatever the military did, gays did too. And no one’s ever been able to discover a single gay soldier by assessing the quality of his or her service. There’s no issue about how well they serve and served their country.

So, Abbott’s “spiritual AIDS” consists entirely of this: not being able to throw them out of the military once someone knows their sexual orientation. In other words, if Matt’s buddies can’t rig up a whole ridiculous process by which they can tell gays “We Hate You” and then end their careers, a deadly spiritual sickness will set upon and kill the military.

Right — hey Matt: why don’t you cover your festering mouth? Keep your oozing hate to yourself? You’re stanking up the joint.




Why they want to homosexualize the military
By Tim Dunkin | December 17, 2010 | RenewAmerica.com

We all know that people on the Left are the great destroyers. There is not a single institution in this great land that they do not want to tear down, demolish, devastate, obliterate, and annihilate. There is not a single just and righteous law that they do not seek to subvert and overturn. There is not a single needful tradition that they don’t desire to delegitimize and replace with abject nonsense. The object of all this effort on their part is power — pure, unadulterated power

Whoooooooo? Us? Nooooooooo. [Sssshhh.]

“A man with a gun is a citizen. A man without a gun is a subject.” If there is anybody who knows the truth of this statement, it is the Left. Deep down inside, they know that an armed, independent populace is the main thing that prevents them from being able to openly step in and establish their control.

Oh, pshaw. Go ahead and have your guns. What do I care? Of course, your beloved little daughter will accidently shoot herself. Oh, those curious little kids, very sad. My, what to do. Yeah, hmm, maybe you’d like to toss your .38 Special into a receptacle for safe keeping — just for the moment? Try those blue boxes on your street corners, yes, very handy, pop ’em right in there. And you just let us know when you really need them, then we’ll get them back to you — pow! — in a flash. [Heh heh, POW, right.]

That’s where the military comes in. The Army has a lot bigger guns than the police do. While disgruntled gun owners may be able to use hunting rifles and shotguns to fend off the police, tanks and helicopter gunships are quite another matter.

Tanks, guns, bombs — whatever. What the hell would I know about any of this shootie thingie stuff? I’m just a regular old liberal, dopey dooby dooooooo. I try to get rid of ants by smothering them. With kindness.

The obvious answer, then, is to alter the composition of the military. And how better to do that than by making it a place where all those flag-waving patriotic regressives who just can’t get with the program won’t want to be?

Mmm, huh? Come again? I was just listening to a Richard Simmons on World Peace podcast. I just loooove him. He’s got an inner strength I very much admire.

This, perhaps, is what lies behind the insane drive to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and to homosexualize the U.S. military. The Left has been driving at this for years, under the guise of “civil rights” . .

[Damn it!] Err, what? OOOH, uhh, I said . . ‘SLAMMIN!’ Heh, this six cheese quiche is really something, I simply must have Hector give me the recipe, the little tongue-teaser. TWEET IT TO ME, HECTOR, AND TAG IT @WouldnaSmarmAFly. And voila, that’s little old me! Cheese!

. . if DADT is repealed, fully 1/8 of the U.S. military will leave. That translates into several hundred thousand persons. Persons who can then be replaced by out-and-out homosexuals. Homosexuals who, typically, have an antipathy towards flag-waving, God-and-country style conservatism.

Oh, don’t be silly. Not that many soldiers will up and leave. And the ones that do stay will get used to the new Army eventually. You know, the one where you get plenty of kisses while you sleep, and everybody showers with their penises erect, and they’re really clean because everybody keeps soaping them over and over and over while you’re around, and anybody who jumps into a foxhole with you immediately screams ‘Yoohoo!’

And as more gays join, more normal people will leave or will simply not join in the first place, until you have a military that is made up of two types of people — homosexuals and the morally weak who just “go with the flow” and won’t stand on any sort of conservative, traditional principles. Exactly the type of military force who will go along with disarming and subjugating the American people.

. . whaa — WHO said THA — what the…? That’s some kind of CRAZY. I DO NOT HAVE TO STICK AROUND HERE WHILE YOU BAD-MOUTH OUR ARMY. You should be ASHAMED, sir . . . I have never been so insulted . . .


Bryan Fischer: Homosexuality causes every evil that I can think of

There Bryan Fischer goes, again, ladies and gentlemen. The American Family Association’s gay-obsessed wingnut hangs another merkin of evil on the cock in his brain.

Why, Bryan? What have the bad old gays done now? Felt up some defenseless football players? Mustachio’d Mother Theresa’s Vatican portrait? Pissed in La Fontaine St. Ronnie at your local mall? Whaaaat?

Julian Assange is not the bad guy here — the homosexual soldier is
By Bryan Fischer | Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The out-of-the-mainstream media has [sic] collaboratively kept the focus on the sex criminal, Julian Assange, and off the guy who has committed actual treason, the homosexual soldier Bradley Manning, who sold out his country in what may turn out to be [sic] fit of gay pique . .

Regardless, he is a one-man argument for keeping open homosexuals from serving in the military in the first place . .

TREASON! . . I see. The ‘open homosexuals’ become traitors. The others can DADT-ly serve their country . . . ? Yes?

The absurdity of this is obvious. You want to counterfeit U.S. currency? Fine, we’re okay with it as long as you don’t tell us you’re doing it.

Yes, of course, no, it’s a crime too. Bravo, whacko.

After reading his latest, I laughed, as usual. Gay people caused the WikiLeaks and, so, Goodbye America. Sniff, how did I love thee?

There’s no reason to bother with Bryan, he’s just crazy as a craphouse cricket. But something crossed my mind about him. Is there anything he won’t blame on gay folks? Is there nothing too absurd to tattoo on the pleasant-smelling body politic of The Homos? After a few minutes and some web-checking, the answer is . . NO.

And here we go . .


Now realize that homosexuals cannot reproduce, so they have to recruit; it’s the only way to swell their numbers . .

. . part of the agenda of groups like GLSEN … is to urge students at younger and younger ages to come out of the closet and declare a disordered sexual preference for themselves. so you’ve got sexually confused young people – and again, they’re trying to push this down into kindergarten, they’re trying to get this brainwashing into students of all ages even starting in elementary school . .

So I’m suggesting that adults that pressure these students to declare a disordered sexual preference when they’re too young to know better, that they share some culpability for those that take their life . .

Finally, we come across the mysterious homosexual agenda: “Swell Our Numbers.” Insert classy internet jape . . wherever you like, it’s a free world. Frankly, I’d call pressuring kids into suicide too clever by whole.


Gay sex = domestic terrorism
by Bryan Fischer | Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some of England’s leading newspapers – The Sun, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail – all had feature stories yesterday about the latest Taliban terror tactic: burying dirty needles with their bombs in an effort to infect troops with HIV. They are planting hypodermic syringes below the surface with the points facing upward in hopes that bomb squad experts will prick themselves and become contaminated with hepatitis and HIV.

If the bomb goes off, then the needles become deadly flying shrapnel. Said a member of Parliament, “Are there no depths to which these people will stoop? This is the definition of a dirty war.” If we connect the dots here, the inescapable conclusion is that gay sex is a form of domestic terrorism.

Bryan apparently engages in an astral projection exchange with the Taliban. He brings them HIV-positive refuse, they allow him to call Afghanistan ‘home.’


No more taxpayer funding for AIDS research
By Bryan Fischer | Thursday, December 02, 2010

We know what causes AIDS: homosexual sex and injection drug use. The Centers for Disease Control tell us that of all the males who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS since the epidemic started in 1977, 91% contracted it either through having sex with other males or through intravenous drug abuse.

Since we know the cause, we know the cure: stop engaging in homosexual sex and stop shooting up with drugs.

Well, if that’s how the males got it, yeehaw, that’s a real good argument. And only talkin’ ’bout ‘Murrican males, then it’s DOUBLE-DY. Who like ah statistic-go-round? Looks like ‘Murrican AIDS-ey men like drugs and men . . DOE-SEE-DOE! Let the rest of the plagued world burn!

. . getting down to the perfidy nitty gritty:


Legal Sanctions for Homosexual Behavior
By Bryan Fischer | Friday, January 29, 2010

. . The bottom line here is that, biblically, those “who practice homosexuality” should come under the purview of the law just as much as those who take people captive in order to sell them into slavery . .

Thank you for contacting us, and I hope this response will help you think in a thorough and biblical way about this important social issue.

Obviously, the danger here is those “who practice homosexuality” might end up being really good at it. That would present all sorts of delicious trouble for Bryan.

Do you sense he sees The Queers as being almost immortal? God-like in their destructive powers? Given to mythic and senseless eyelash batting to rout civilization? No? It’s not like they haven’t tried it before. Or have you forgotten the recent history of the planet, Earth?


So Hitler himself was an active homosexual . . And Hitler discovered that he could not get straight soldiers to be savage and brutal and vicious enough to carry out his orders, but that homosexual solders basically had no limits and the savagery and brutality they were willing to inflict on whomever Hitler sent them after. So he surrounded himself, virtually all of the Stormtroopers, the Browshirts, were male homosexuals.

Hmm, Bryan. You’re trying to get at some point here, but I’m missing it.

Homosexuality, Hitler, and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
By Bryan Fischer | May 28, 2010

Homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and six million dead Jews.

And I, for one, welcome our familiar butt-humping overlords.


19 year vet of the Air Force, Col. Fehrenbach, admits same-sex act to Idaho police, sues to stay in service

Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach was accused of sexual assault by a civilian in Idaho. Idaho law enforcement interviewed him, found him to be Lt. Colcredible and the claims to lack any merit, and they refused to act on the allegations.

Unfortunately, the military demanded to be privy to the interview record and took interest in the Colonel’s admitting to engaging in a same-sex sex act. Fehrenbach’s been under investigation ever since.

Short of his 20th year in the service, he’s not letting them try to take him out:

Officer Sues to Block His Discharge Under Gay Ban
By JAMES DAO | August 11, 2010

. . On Wednesday, Colonel Fehrenbach’s lawyers filed papers in Idaho federal court requesting a temporary order blocking his discharge. The petition contends that a discharge would violate Colonel Fehrenbach’s rights, cause him irreparable harm and fail to meet standards established in a 2008 federal court ruling on don’t ask, don’t tell.

Good for him. Nobody’s asked him, he’s never told anyone. That is, outside of Idaho police who, understandably, should be accommodated the truth given a sexual assault investigation.

Openly serving gay military people have rallied around the case because Col. Fehrenbach isn’t just hoping for the best — he’s attacking the military for their illegal and destructive behavior:

Under new regulations issued by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates this year, “don’t ask” investigations must be based on information from credible sources. Colonel Fehrenbach’s lawyers argue that the credibility of his accuser is clearly undermined by the dismissal of the sexual assault case.

His lawyers also assert that his case underscores the ways the ban hurts military readiness, the very thing it is supposed to protect. They say that Colonel Fehrenbach’s performance reviews were consistently glowing, including his most recent one, which says he was a “proven leader” who “raised morale” in his unit, according to papers filed by his lawyers.

If Fehrenbach’s case is as it seems, it’s a good one. What do the government have to fall back upon? What have they ever really had to fall back upon, other than free-floating fear? Unease?

. . During his 19 years in the service, Colonel Fehrenbach says, he deployed six times as a weapons systems officer, in charge of finding targets and guiding bombs or missiles. He flew combat missions over Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. “I would love to get back into the cockpit and deploy again,” he said.


Arizona Mayor opposes faggoting the military

Prancing ballerinas in the Marine Corps! Tryin’ to talcum yer artillery? Perfume yer grenades? Dainty yer foxhole? NO! Can’t have ’em makin’ googly eyes at the Iranians, sending them XOXO kisses in the mail! We can’t tell them to rush into battle, have ’em whip off their uniforms and wag their wieners at the North Koreans!

Mocking! Sassing!? GIGGLING?! In THE ARMY? NO!

Can’t have ’em fixin’ their buddies hair! Wipin’ the greasepaint off their faces! Complainin’ about the heat! Can’t have ’em rolling onto their backs at the sound of gunfire, begging to be mounted! LA LA LA LA BAYONET ME!?


Adolf Hitler went *whistle-whistle* crazy when he ceded power to the gehs so that they could run the Nazi War Machine

May 28, 2010
Homosexuality, Hitler, and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
By Bryan Fischer

The bottom line from what follows is this:bryan fischer 2 Homosexuality gave us Adolph (WTF? –ed.) Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and six million dead Jews. Gays in the military is an experiment that has been tried and found disastrously and tragically wanting. Maybe it’s time for Congress to learn a lesson from history.

I don’t like the Holocaust. Gays are startin’ to bug me.


When you attack people you allow and desperately need to serve, you’re not ‘working’

McCain on military’s gay ban: ‘I believe that it’s working’

. . In 2006, McCain told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, “The day that the leadership of the military comes to me and says, Senator, we ought to change the policy, then I think we ought to consider seriously changing it because those leaders in the military are the ones we give the responsibility to.”

In past weeks, military leaders have come forward to do just that. Admiral Mike Mullen told Congress that repealing the ban and allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly would be “the right thing to do.”

Gen. David Petraeus told NBC’s David Gregory that troops probably don’t care if fellow soldiers are gay or lesbian.

But the Arizona Senator seemed to dismiss the opinions of those military leaders Sunday.

“Admiral Mullen was as quoted speaking personally. Just this week, commandant of the Marine Corps said that he did not want “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repealed. There are many in the military who do not want to,” said McCain.

McCain pointed to the training, retention and recruitment success of the US military and then went on to say that the discriminatory policy is effective. “I believe that it’s working,” he told David Gregory Sunday.

Scholar: About 66,000 gays are in military