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Goldman is Hillary’s problem

Who would Goldman Sachs pay $225,000 to give an hour-long speech? Who would they choose to address their meanest sharks and biggest whales? One wonders. Who would the fat cats think is worth that kind of money? A famous liberal of course.

When Hillary Clinton spoke to Goldman Sachs executives and technology titans at a summit in Arizona in October of 2013, she spoke glowingly of the work the bank was doing raising capital and helping create jobs…

This is Goldman Sachs remember, the vampire squid of capitalism. They were likely using Hillary Clinton as a palliative.

…Clinton offered a message that the collected plutocrats found reassuring, according to accounts offered by several attendees, declaring that the banker-bashing so popular within both political parties was unproductive and indeed foolish. Striking a soothing note on the global financial crisis, she told the audience, in effect: We all got into this mess together, and we’re all going to have to work together to get out of it.

Did you have a hand in the economic collapse? I didn’t. I doubt you did. For a politician running on the strength of her keen intelligence to accuse innocent people of taking part in an epic crime is a bit off-putting. One thing for sure: We did not all get into this mess together.

But Hillary was willing to say as much and that surely made a difference, for the powerful and guilt-ridden to feel a little less bad about what they did. Over the last couple years she made 2 million dollars soothing the likes of UBS, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and Citigroup.

Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon dismissed the recollections as “pure trolling,” while the Clinton campaign declined to comment further on calls that she release the transcripts of the three paid speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs, for which she earned a total of $675,000.

Goldman Sachs was nice to Clinton, giving her more than half a million dollars. Hillary was nice right back to them, pretending they weren’t to blame for millions of people being thrown into deprivation and misery. Confronted with Hillary’s marketable nice-ness…

“It was pretty glowing about us,” one person who watched the event said. “It’s so far from what she sounds like as a candidate now. It was like a rah-rah speech. She sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director.”

…a campaign spokesman bristled: It’s “pure trolling.” There’s the problem. If it’s so insulting to Hillary Clinton why did she do it?