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Maybe it’s time for Rush Limbaugh to hassle women

He should ask questions. None of this has been fair after all. Women always get the easy pass in life. Never receiving the kinds of ridicule or scrutiny that we do, yet there they are in business, in government, at the Old Towne Mall. They’re everywhere. It’s as if the tender of equality weren’t fairness, but say *burp,* or the scrimshaw of slaves.

We should do something. You know what we should do? Even the score. Let’s get someone to subject women to criticism. I’m spitballing here, but Rush Limbaugh maybe? He could be interested.

What is Hillary doing at the Time ‘100 Most Influential’ bash? Exactly how influential is Hillary Clinton? What has she ever accomplished as Secretary of State?

What the hell has she done? Two wars, getting out of one, trying to extract ourselves from the other, the Egypt thing, the Qaddafi thing, the Arab Spring and getting it right over and again but, what c’mon? Hang on, Rush. Gordon Liddy and Chuck Colson (retd.) and Ollie North and Alberto Gonzales and Laurita Doan and Scooter Libby and Harriet Miers and government criminals and brain-disableds by the bushels you call ‘friends’ will drop by so you can altogether laugh at Hillary. Sixteen times the most admired woman in America. They don’t make losers like that. Do they?

And now Hillary has reached the pinnacle, and all she is is a secretary. She’s the Secretary of Defense – State, whatever. But still a secretary. I don’t know. The left has the strangest definitions of success.

Why this reminds me of a story. Once upon a time a warthog was invited to dinner. A dinner so special, he blogged it from his Excellence In Digital Slop trough:

American Exceptionalism Still on Display at Horatio Alger Dinner
April 12, 2010 | The Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH: I have to tell you what I did over the weekend. I was invited to attend the Horatio Alger Association dinner on Friday night at Constitution Hall in Washington.

What made it so ptew! ptew! special? The featured guests. Their towering American achievements before the face of impossible odds made them figures of mythical stature. Like each was some crazy successful guy, from a silly story, that never existed. Except they did exist. Oh, yes, friends, they *sniff* very did:

I was overwhelmed, and I have to tell you why. Condoleezza Rice was inducted this year. There were a number of people — in fact, all of them, every one of this year’s honorees — stood up and spoke of this country in ways I haven’t heard a government official speak of this country in years . .

. . and you look at the commemorative something or menu, and there she is. Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State. You can just imagine goodlord where she must have started from if becoming all of a secretary made Limbaugh weep and pee his pigtail. Maybe sleeping on a steam grate all deaf and dumb with an empty bottle of Thunderbird for a wubbie.


All I wanted was apocalypse and he wouldn’t give it to me

Shorter Larry Klayman, Renew America:

December 18, 2011
Obama is a traitor!

Barack Hussein Obama, our president, is a traitor. Finally, his hatred for our nation and his plan to destroy it are crystal clear. He must be forced from office — legally — before our entire country goes down the drain for the final count!

If the fat lady sings, I’m not holding Iran’s bag.

Shorter Larry Klayman, Renew America:

January 1, 2012
Time to nuke Iran

Let’s be blunt. The Islamic Republic of Iran is and has always been the major problem and danger in the Middle East and internationally. President Barack Hussein Obama and his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, have pursued, at best, a policy of appeasement that has not worked — even assuming their intentions are genuine, which I doubt.

The sensible time to blow Iran off the face of the Earth has long since passed.


Amy Siskind, the Bill Donohue of gender politics

From Clinton to Palin to Bachmann: Why some Dems now support GOP women
Martina Stewart | CNN | July 18 2011

. . “Nobody in the GOP establishment is going to hand anything to Bachmann or (Sarah) Palin — just like (Democrats) did not for Hillary (Clinton),” said Amy Siskind, who supported Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid. “And it takes a certain type of leader to go out there and have the courage and the guts to say ‘I’m running (for president)’ and I admire Bachmann for that.”

Michele Bachmann? The homphobic, histrionic husband-servant. This is who Amy Siskind respects and admires?

After Clinton’s failed Oval Office bid, Siskind and a small group of women who had supported Clinton decided the best way to break the glass ceiling in presidential politics was to put ideology and partisanship aside and support any woman seeking a top political office — including Bachmann and Palin, two darlings of the tea party movement known for their conservative views on economic and social issues.

Well, I’m Irish, so I suppose I should support my people by applauding Bill O’Reilly. Or the IRA. Erin go barf.

Is Amy Siskind this goddamned oblivious? Apparently, yes. A frustrated ’08 Clinton supporter turned PUMA turned Palinista, today’s Siskind is only nominally a Democrat and robustly annoying.

Look up a few entries on Google, and this you’ll see: If ever there were a fan girl of head-smacking gender politics, it’s her. Amy is Bill Donohue of the Simple Woman’s League. She’s blessed with a bullheadedness that liberates her from considering the rest of reality.

Bachmann’s despising the great majority of America’s citizens shouldn’t be meaningless, but it is. Palin’s eternal nastiness and demonstrated incompetence — just look at her VP campaign, or the current one for president she can’t get off the ground — are hardly trivial, but then they are. Heck, it’s somebody else’s fault anyway.

So excelsior for Siskind’s women. In her world, they are all marvels and wonders. They’re so authentic, she’s decided they stand for you no matter how thoroughly you despise them. We similarly recall that Bill Donohue’s put-upon Catholics — real Catholics — embody vibrant Christianity and do no wrong. Some people straddle both victimhood and guilelessness in a manner approaching immortality. So, we hail Amy Donohue. And we salivate at the schizoid prospects for reality.

How everybody loves a face palming. Remember when Bill sought to remind all those secular hyenas that they were conveniently including thirteen year-olds in their allegations (*cough*) of CHILD molestation? Those are teenagers, you morons.

Can you imagine how Amy reacted upon hearing Sarah Palin had ditched her gubernatorial gig?

A Dark Moment for Our Country
By Amy Siskind on July 6, 2009

For not once, but twice in the last two years, my daughter has seen a hero fall . .

I watched today as many of you did and saw a woman who had just had enough. Not only the onslaught of sexism and vitriol aimed at her, but also at her family . .

How did we let it come to this folks? This is our country – a country we are proud to live in. How did we allow such a high level of acceptable sexism to exist and flourish? What about our daughters?

What about the human race? How did we allow ourselves to force Sarah to quit? Back there in Alaska, she was buffeted by sexism and vitriol. Free to roam the country now, bouncing from reality shows, Fox News, headline gigs, magazine covers, Facebook, Twitter and television interviews across the nation to an endless number of adjunct campaign appearances, she’s safely invisible now. She’s also the current subject of a movie, “The Undefeated,” documenting the distraught victim drowning in cash and worship.

Surely, the Amy-Bills do love victimhood, and aren’t they lucky? It’s everywhere! Bill’s so sick with it, inanimate objects get the best of him. He once took the Empire State Building to task for not paying tribute to Mother Teresa on her birthday.

6 months into Hillary Clinton’s service, Amy caught wind of a conspiracy the Big Boys had hatched for the Secretary of State:

If a woman gets too much power, she becomes a threat and she must either be silenced, discredited or simply disappear . .

Hillary got the memo. She wisely decided to give a high-profile speech to reassert herself. So as Hillary’s fans sat glued to their television sets eagerly awaiting her words, they were in for a surprise. Hillary wasn’t on. President Obama’s staff had scheduled an event in the Rose Garden, at, you guessed it, the same time. After all the build up for Hillary’s breakout party, well, you can catch the speech on YouTube.

Take that, Madame. But then, maybe Barack just hates all the women in his cabinet?

There’s a sign going up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It reads: “Boy’s Club: Girls Not Allowed” . .

The CNN piece was about the latest example of access and the boys club: Obama’s White House basketball game for Cabinet secretaries and members of Congress. Not a single woman was invited to the game. No matter that both Secretary Sebelius and U.N. Ambassador Rice were not only in town but both are hoops players.

Did George W. Bush take his cabinet members weightlifting with him in the morning? Basketball’s a dirty, junkyard game. I played for 10 years, and I got 3 or 4 broken ankles and broken ribs. Obama took an elbow to his jaw, got a few stitches. Players are forever getting into fistfights. But, a weightlifter, she can be regal: hold her head high, stare into space. Count to 10 in her mind, nod at the president once in a while — hello, yes, hey there. Talk to him. Obviously, these are serious issues.

Also serious, especially for rigid whackos: hypocrisy. Because if you can’t get straight with your one single issue, what have you got? You’ve got comedy. Like when Bill rants on and on about the bigots who’d bash someone’s religion:

One of the hallmarks of bigotry is the collectivization of guilt. By that measure, much of the criticism against the pope has been nothing if not Catholic bashing.

And then says . .

The Catholic community and the Islamists have much in common, so says the New York Times . . So Sister Mary Alice who leans left while working with the poor, and Father Murphy who works with pro-lifers, have much in common with Muslims who differ with each other on whether to kill Jews now or wait until they’re elected.

That’s funny. This too:

PETITION: MSNBC Pres Griffin – immediately institute Corporate Governance on Sexism or Resign!
by Amy Siskind |May 26, 2011

On Tuesday, MSNBC host Ed Schultz referred to radio show host Laura Ingram as a “slut.” In fact, the word flowed so effortlessly off his tongue, he referred to her as “slut” twice in two sentences! . .

But, Schultz’s short work leave is hardly fodder for revelry. Schultz is but an annoying gnat in the misogynistic cesspool that is MSNBC . .

Because the exact same Amy Siskind once took a look at this Miley Cyrus photo . .

. . and contrasted the previously cuddly Cyrus with this gender-friendly take:

Barely recognizable to the “slutty and ready” version of Miley in this months ELLE.

See? Comedy. Though the funny may depend upon which end of the ‘slutty’ you’re on. Or, in Bill’s case, which end of the fist. Once you poke any fun at the slobberer, he hurls threats at you:

. . guys like Maher want a brawl. He should be careful what he wishes for because there are those who pine to deliver.

At Bill Maher, again:

I’m a lot older than he is, but let me tell you something, I’d floor him.

At Christopher Hitchens, while they were debating on MSNBC:

Listen, you want to take it outside, Christopher, that’s fine.

Switch, and background. Amy started her own humble blog, “The New Agenda.” And when you read her website, you learn it’s the home for a Siskind Movement:

The New Agenda is a 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls by bringing about systemic change in the media, at the workplace, at school and at home.

The New Agenda seeks to achieve safety and opportunity for all women by addressing issues which unite us and by advancing women into leadership roles.

If only Amy’s touchy-feelies weren’t kindling for warming a website. After having been ridiculed by the charming she-devil, Mrs. Polly (of Snarkopolitan and Rumproast), she simply couldn’t resist the first opportunity for vengeance:

This gang of thugs, whom you rightly point out are closely associated with one another, have been harassing us and writing defamatory statements for the better part of a year.

Let’s bring them to justice!

They have left comments (e.g. their data) on our website and on the other websites for which I publish.

Let us know how we can help!

Find Mrs. Polly! Take her outside!


Barack hit my magical guilt spot

Ever wonder how other people see you? Let’s indulge this mystery. Why? What the hell else have we got to do?

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) will be our mirror. The loudmouth Tea Party freshman would be pleased; he loves an audience, and he always speaks his mind, whatever it amounts to. It doesn’t amount to much:

“Why was [Obama] elected? Again, it comes back to who he was. He was black, he was historic. And there’s nothing racist about this. It is what it is. If he had been a dynamic, white, state senator elected to Congress he wouldn’t have gotten in the game this fast.”

You are a shallow human being. Looking at the candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, you said, “I can have a Black one?” And here we are. Just think if there had been two Negroes, the world would have stopped spinning. We would’ve had to stage some sort of dance contest to figure out how to vote.

I won’t be as genial as Joe: when you pick a White person because you think White is cool, that’s racism. Since you did the same thing with Blackie, you’re a racist. Also: you think everything’s a game. I’m starting to wonder about you.

“This is what made him different. That, combined with the fact that your profession . . not you, but your profession, was just absolutely compliant.”

Joe’s talking to Dave Weigel, so he’s accusing you media types and netizens of being “absolutely compliant.” Either Black Barack was an open conspiracy that you indulged, or he was a dom you hired. In any case, nice going, Milf-y Milquetoast. OTOH, I’ve taken an interest in you.

“They were in love with him because they thought he was a good liberal guy and they were in love with him because he pushed that magical button: a black man who was articulate, liberal, the whole white guilt, all of that.”

I was in love with him because . . oh, this is embarrassing. Look, it was the first time I ever, you know, finished with a candidate, okay? In my little world, that counts for something. Yes, fine, I only think about myself, I’m a horrible person. Sushi?


A fresh look at whacko: Conservative bloggers name history’s worst Americans

If you aren’t familiar with the inner workings of cuckoo clocks, well, here’s your chance. No need for the coke bottle specs, these boing-ed springs and toothless gears merely lie around, here on the internetz.

jimmy carter reallyHere’s the question: who are or were the worst Americans? Like Hitler, for Germany. The USSR’s Stalin. Rome’s Caligula, Romania’s Vlad the Impaler. Nancy’s Spike, Tommy’s wicked Uncle Ernie: yuck.

Who are our worst citizens? Well, wouldn’t we like to know? Especially when the undisputed Top Guns of American History — CONSERVATIVE BLOGGERS — are the judges? Hell, yeah, I’d like to know because I could always use a good laugh.

Right Wing News did the polling:

Conservative Bloggers Select The 25 Worst Figures In American History
August 13, 2010

Out of all the gangsters, serial killers, mass murderers, incompetent & crooked politicians, spies, traitors, and ultra left-wing kooks in all of American history — have you ever wondered who the worst of the worst was? Well, we here at RWN wondered about that, too, and that’s why we decided to email more than a hundred bloggers to get their opinions.

Did and done.

Okay, ready for some highlights? Here we go:

–Number 23: Hillary Clinton. Former First Lady and Senator from New York. Current U.S. Secretary of State. What damage has she done to the United States? Not sure. The White House and the state of New York seem to have recovered. Maybe she’s doing something awful right now? Maybe we should scan the news.

–Number 19: Michael Moore. Moviemaker. He makes movies. Popular movies.

–Number 13 (tie): Richard Nixon. Illegally bombed Cambodia (ushering in the Khmer Rouge), refused to end Johnson’s deadly war (until later), carried out Kissinger’s literally mega-murderous Central and South American foreign policies, broke into the Democratic national headquarters to steal an election, broke into the office of the psychologist of a political enemy to destroy him, conspired to cover up multiple crimes, fired the special michael_moore reallyprosecutor looking into the allegations, generally subverted the government for political gain. Lied to the American people without end or shame. Destroyed Americans’ faith in government. Resigned in disgrace.

–Number 13 (tie): Nancy Pelosi. First female Speaker of the House, serving 3 years and 7 months. Sought to pass Democratic legislation. Seeks to pass Democratic legislation.

–Number 11: John Wilkes Booth. Giant Wingnut. Assassinated probably the greatest American in history, the Great Emancipator, the man who saved the union, Abraham Lincoln. Threw American politics into disarray, leading to the impeachment of Andrew Johnson and the disastrous, thoroughly corrupted Presidency of U.S. Grant.

–Number 9: Timothy McVeigh. Not just America’s Worst Terrorist, one of the world’s worst terrorists. 168 dead, including 19 children.

–Number 7: Lyndon Johnson. Vietnam. And Vietnam and Vietnam. Used an imaginary skirmish, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, to start a war. 57,000 Americans dead, maybe as many as 2,000,000 Vietnamese in addition. Aaaaaannnnnd . . . cut! The Civil Rights Act of 1964? The Voting Rights Act of 1965? The WAR ON POVERTY!?!? AAAUUGGHH!

–Number 4: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. American Commies. Spies. Well, Julius was. Passed on nuclear secrets to the Soviets. Probably. Both executed.

–Number 2: Barack Obama. U.S. President from January of last year to the present, 19 months. Umm . . healthcare reform? Nobel Peace Prize? The War in — oh, he didn’t start that. The War in — nope, not that one either. The Great Recession? Nopey nope. Yes, he’s got to be the second worst American in over two centuries. Still, he’s no . .

–Number 1: Jimmy Carter. Another of the Nobel committee’s devils. Evil incarnate. The Simpsons encapsulated the neon nightmare of pestilence and plague that Carter wrought upon the nation with these two words: Malaise Forever. His most disastrous policy would be . . ? I’m drawing a blank on Carter policies. Any of his policies. The whackos executed Ethel Rosenberg, just think of what they’d like to do to Jimmy. Better sneak up on him, Lucifer Himself is often swinging a hammer putting up houses for the poor.

Well, there you have it. And Good Golly.

But they seem to have skipped over quite a few thoroughly detestable Americans. Many of the Conservative ilk, perhaps? Don’t ya think? I do. More later.

ADD: Readers of Right Wing News throw in their own two cents:

Bhruic 3 hours ago

John Wilkes Booth as one of the worst Americans? His only mistake was that he was 4 years late.
john wilkes booth really
Gbvic 2 hours ago in reply to Bhruic

ahmen brother.

Bildo 3 hours ago in reply to Bhruic

Liberal troll?

Bhruic 2 hours ago in reply to Bildo

Classical liberal? Sure. Troll? Not so much.
Abe was less faithful to the constitution than any other president in American history. He is responsible for the deaths of a few hundred thousand human beings because he wanted to collect tariffs from southern ports, not to free the slaves. Lincoln was a tyrant that has been deified by revisionist historians.


If we learned anything from the Chelsea Clinton wedding, it’s this: nuptial zombies hate ‘Wooly Bully’

When you care about the little guy, the poor man, the blue collar worker, the people breaking their backs carrying America around for only a few dollars an hour, you better watch how you behave.

clinton weddingThat’s right: watch your ass, buster. Because if you start making more money than those poor souls you pretend to care about, you’re a hypocrite. If you spend that money, you’re a fucking scumbag. If you spend a bunch of it on your daughter’s wedding, it’s time they put your head on a pike.

Why? Because your poor buddies can’t do that, you ass.

The Wife Was Really P.O.’ed This A.M. — Chelsea’s Wedding Extravaganza
DougRoss@journal | Sunday, August 01, 2010

The wife was on a roll this morning, pointing out some interesting facts about the immense Clinton wedding that took place this weekend.

Cue the wife:

“This damn wedding cost between $2 million and $5 million. They hold this wedding at the Astor Estate, with its porcelain bath fixtures, paying millions of dollars, and claim to be for the little people?”

Me? I am for the Los Angeles Dodgers. That’s why I run around in circles in the hot sun all day. Otherwise, I would not be for them. I’d be, well, for myself, the stupid Dodger fan. Incidentally — sitting in the ballpark bleachers, eating hot dogs, drinking beer? Hypocritical. If you aren’t willing to be exactly like a baseball player while not being a baseball player, don’t bother.

“Here’s the spokesman (Clinton) for Haiti and he’s blowing ten grand on a cake?”

I get your drift. He should bake a cake out of broken hearts and plaster dust. He should bake a cake from the remains of the Haitian dead. He should bake a cake out of tragedy and misery and sorrow and loss. Then he’d be both a good spokesman and a good father. Also, a legend of Santeria. I bet it would be fun to watch the many zombified guests lurch side to side while the band play ‘Wooly Bully’ to sorrowful moans. Meanwhile, the Groom’s party wait patiently in line to kiss the Bride’s hypothalamus. Yes, President Bubba’s Nuptial Bone-In Voodoo Pastry will do that to a crowd.

“And all of the liberals defending this extravaganza claim it stimulates the economy. Can you believe that? These are the same geniuses who tell us that trickle-down economics doesn’t work!”

zombie_hamster cake begSurely, Doug Ross’ wife is no economist. Right? Shirley?

When rich people spend money, it proves supply-side thinking. Do the rich spend? Have they always spent? Yes. Game over.

What happens when the poor spend money? Yuck, who cares? I will point out a funny thing, though: the Clintons threw this giant wedding bash . . on the same day those crazy kids got married! What are the odds? It’s as if the marriage ceremony begged for a big party! Pshaw, I’m sure the Clintons just did it because they were tired of stepping over all the money bags laying around.

Of course, they could have done the right thing by Doug’s wife and spent nothing on the wedding, but that would have driven a stake into the heart of supply-side economics. This Clinton Wedding/Macro-Economic Macarena looms larger by the second.

“Apparently Chelsea wanted a quiet little wedding. She’s very publicity-shy. So why didn’t they tone it down and donate the money to Haitian relief? But, no, they had to hold an over-the-top, massive celebration when the American economy is suffering.”

The public have been fascinated with Chelsea for 18 years, but have you seen the Clintons welcome any publicity about their daughter? No. Does a 400 guest wedding qualify as an ‘over-the-top, massive celebration’? No. Shirley reads the tabloids, that’s her own silly fault.

sam the sham wedding bamd

Similarly far-sightedly, she thinks that if you’re truly sympathetic to someone, then you must become the same as them. I mean, c’mon — how else could you possibly know or care at all about them? You have to be like them, think like them, act like them, and keep them uppermost in your mind. Forever. “If it’s so special, being a poor schlub, then I’m sure you’ll be happy to be one for the rest of your life.”

Well, wouldn’t that simplistic rule make everything suck? Hell YEAH. That’s why Republican simpletons are the ‘Fuck You’ people in America. They’re deathly afraid of becoming the next guy: the poor, average, normal, ugly, boring nobody. They’re terrified of ending up like that. That’s why they don’t even want to think of putting themselves in another man’s shoes — WHAT IF I GET STUCK THERE? AAUUGH!

So they identify thoroughly with the privileged and powerful — THOSE are the folks they want to become. Those are the people they wouldn’t mind morphing into. But until that reward, they’ll keep on beating back the risks by hating their regular-old fellow men. That’s also why, in right-wing-land, nothing’s more gloriously American than clawing away from terrifying normalcy and toward singular success. Tell the homeless to take notes if they want something to eat. That’s the essential recipe for Republicanism.

“There really are two Americas: the Democrat ruling class and everyone else. These people are such f***ing hypocrites it makes me sick to my stomach.”

With a pinch of envy.


Ted Nugent writes Time Magazine’s ‘100 issue’ profile on Sarah Palin

Well, where to start with the jokes? My brain is reeling, I’m not sure where to begin. It’s like a snipe hunt, and they’re crawling all over our shoes.

. . Ted Nugent writes Time Magazine’s profile on Sarah Palin . .

Amazing. Well, the jokes have long since started of their own accord, haven’t they? Time magazine has been awful for as long as I remember, but ted nugent and womenTed Nugent? Ted ‘dumb as a bag of oil’ Nugent? Ted ‘Hey Hillary you might wanna ride one of my machine guns into the sunset you worthless bitch’ Nugent? Ted ‘Barbara Boxer she might wanna suck on my machine gun’ Nugent? Ted ‘Dianne Feinstein ride one of these you worthless whore’ Nugent? What, Time Magazine couldn’t find anyone more repugnant than Nugent to offer an opinion on a well-known woman?

The mainstream media continue to embrace their inner populist thug for the purposes of sales and ratings, Rush Limbaugh wins again. Back when I was a kid, when my Dad used to get Time Magazine by subscription, I can’t imagine they’d have asked Paul Stanley to write about Betty Ford. Or . . well . . Ted Nugent to write anything ever. They’d have more likely joked that the ‘Motor City Madman’ was an unlikely candidate for literacy.

The world has changed, and what qualifies for mainstream ‘discourse’ no longer does so by minimal standards of intelligence or civility. It is mainstream because it is the main stream: if attracts the most eyes and ears, and that is all. So if you’re a lucky, well-paid main-streamer, it means that you can bring the heat. No different than porn, really, you can get the ‘clicks’.

Here, three attention whores conspire together to spunky-charm their way into your hearts, like the worms that rot your typical mangy mutt to death from the inside:

Sarah Palin
By Ted Nugent
Thursday, Apr. 29, 2010

sarah, for tedIf Sarah Palin played a loud, grinding instrument, she would be in my band. The independent patriotic spirit, attitude and soul of our forefathers are alive and well in Sarah. In the way she lives, what she says and how she dedicates herself to make America better in these interesting times, she represents the good, while exposing the bad and ugly. She embraces the critical duty of we the people by participating in this glorious experiment in self-government. The tsunami of support proves that Sarah, 46, represents what many Americans know to be common and sensible. Her rugged individualism, self-reliance and a herculean work ethic resonate now more than ever in a country spinning away from these basics that made the U.S.A. the last best place. We who are driven to be assets to our families, communities and our beloved country connect with the principles that Sarah Palin embodies. We know that bureaucrats and, even more, Fedzilla, are not the solution; they are the problem. I’d be proud to share a moose-barbecue campfire with the Palin family anytime, so long as I can shoot the moose.

Nugent is an author, activist and rock-‘n’-roll legend

ADD: Of course, it turns out that Sarah Palin has written the Time Magazine ‘Leader’ profile for . . Glenn Beck.

Who’d have thought a history buff with a quirky sense of humor and a chalkboard could make for such riveting television? Glenn’s like the high school government teacher so many wish they’d had, charting and connecting ideas with chalk-dusted fingers — kicking it old school — instead of becoming just another talking-heads show host . .

. . imagine, say, 20,000 Glenn Becks unleashed on unsuspecting high school History classes across America; we’d never again be able to agree on anything that ever happened five minutes ago.

Like I said, our ‘mainstream media’ thing is nothing more than a proud and public circle jerk. Next up: Glenn Beck does Tea Party maestro Dick Armey, and then he introduces Ted Nugent, cue Elton John. And then the San Diego Chicken profiles Joe the Camel. See? Don’t pretend you don’t know who they are . .


Some blogs are just fucked up, like HillBuzz

That’s hillbuzz.org, jazz hands.

hillbuzz 5

Someone a few thousand miles away called the main blogger there a racist and he or she responded by turning bullshit, posting the names and addresses of blameless people like the terrific Rumproast‘s Kevin K..

HillBuzz has gone spiraling apeshit ever since, pulling in big wingnut traffic and donations by calling the few graffiti a wide-ranging and variably integrated Soros-Obama-DNC conspiracy. Yes, because a HillBuzz blogger isn’t wholly cerebral sunflower Cheeze-Whiz but a steely sniper of presidential power.

Anyway, aside from blogger ‘hillbuzz’ being a stupid fungal asshole, the site’s currently as funny as you will find.

Firstly, what the hell sort of hard right-wingers love Hillary Clinton? No, not kidding, that’s the ‘Hill’ in the name. Conservatives crazy for Hillary Clinton are HillBuzz.

Secondly, nothing and no one aren’t out to get them. The paranoia runs so deep that even the most innocuous comments get the Neo/Matrix treatment. It’d be overblown if it were satire:

“HB, may I ask why you like Hillary so much, and also Sarah. I know you started supporting Sarah as a protest against the nasty Obama people against Hillary. But now you sound like a loyal fan of Sarah.
Their politics are entirely different. Hillary wants public healthcare, Sarah not. Hillary for big(ger) government, Sarah not.
What areas of the democratic ideology that you gave up or will not relinquish? Hard to imagine you turning away only becuase of the base behaviors of the liberals, unless integrity trumps ideology. You said to vote them all out. No one on dem side worth saving because of personal integrity?
Just want to understand.
Thank you for helping our camp.
Take care.”

. . 2 . . 3 . .

TROLL DISSECTION 101: How to break apart a concern troll’s posting like it’s made of astroturf and Legos

This is such a weird concern-troll comment, left on a thread tonight, that we just had to let the comment stand, instead of hillbuzz and sarahdeleting it, to break it down for you and also ponder WHAT exactly is the intent of leaving something like this.

Here it is, in full, from a poster calling herself “Penny Long”:

[. . above . .]

This is such a great example of concern-trolling, we’re going to breakdown, line by line, what’s going on here. It’s so textbook David Axelrod, he might have even written it himself.

The post goes on for three thousand words. And when the bastard ‘Penny Long’ starts typing out insidious rhythms, hillbuzz gets it:

LINE THREE: But now you sound like a loyal fan of Sarah.

This line is strange because there’s no “now you sound” or “but” about this. We’ve always been a loyal fan of Sarah. Since before Day One, which for most of the rest of you was August 29th, 2008. See remarks above, we were on the Palin Express before the train tracks were even built.

This is CLASSIC concern-trolling, folks.

People who love music could help us with this analogy, we’re sure, but if you don’t focus on the words so much, but just get a sense of the beat in this question, there’s a certain rhythm to it, almost like a haiku.

Like this:

HB (gets your attention), two loud sounds, BOOM BOOM

May I ask you why you like Hillary so much: Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba baba ba ba

and also Sarah: DA DA DADA.

Some more of the ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba beat.


(But) BOOM


What political discourse might we find today at Free Republic? Photos of HILLARY CLINTON — YECCH DUDE!

Here comes the big speech, Freepers do like their politics. But they still prefer this crap:

Photos Show Mrs. Clinton After a Long Flight (CAPTION! WARNING – graphic material)

The AP has run a series of pictures of Mrs. Clinton arriving — now I understand this — after a long flight from somewhere. I don’t know how long the leg was. But remember I got in all kinds of trouble during the primary before Operation Chaos by correctly pointing out that a number of Americans would not want to watch a 60-plus-year-old woman age in office. I caught hell for that ’cause, you know, there are many obvious things that you’re just not supposed to say because of political correctness or sensitivity or what have you. But these pictures… ahem..

Britain US

Britain US

To: Libloather

Looks like she is adopting the new NO MAKE UP ´look´. Sure am glad she wasn´t elected to the Oval Office. Wow.

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To: Libloather


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Those are the first two comments. There are about 50 more, equally witty and sophisticated.


Hillary Clinton’s State Department reaction to President’s Nobel Prize: ‘Better they throw their accolades at us than their shoes’

Best reaction so far:

State Dept. on Nobel: ‘Better to be thrown accolades than shoes’
Posted: October 9th, 2009 05:09 PM ET

WASHINGTON (CNN) – “Certainly from our standpoint, this gives us a sense of momentum — when the United States has accolades tossed its way, rather than shoes.”

That’s the take of Hillary Clinton’s State Department on President Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, according to her spokesman, Assistant Secretary PJ Crowley.

Crowley was referring to the incident last December when an Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at President George W. Bush during his final visit to Iraq of his presidency.

Muntader Zaidi, who worked for the Iraqi television station Al Baghdadiya, hurled both his shoes at Bush and called him a “dog” during a press conference with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. He narrowly missed the president, who quickly ducked.

Meanwhile, on the right, the Peace Prize committee’s decision couldn’t be more tragic:

–A failure.
–A joke.
–A massive embarrassment.
–A farce.
–Some sort of parody.


Hate-Monger Michael Savage Asks Hillary Clinton for Some Help in Defending His Reputation

The way this story is unfolding is so bizarre, I can’t even come up with a headline to do it any justice.

Although he’s America’s #3 most popular radio guy, Britain has got a good case (as I made at length here) for wanting the guy to stay away. I don’t see any reason why a foreign country with a large number of Muslims should be forced to host him.

Oddly, Savage, one of the coarsest individuals in history, has gotten his feelings hurt over the entry ban. He wants to sue Britain for something and wants his name off the list. So his people went to the Secretary of State for help, which is really stranger than fiction given the way he’s buried her in venom.

Michael Savage Turns to Hillary Clinton for help on UK Ban

Michael Savage has turned to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in an attempt to remove his name off the UK ban-list.

Lawyers for Savage are formally asking she call on the British Government to withdraw its ban on the top-rated radio talk host, who is based here in SF. (Savage broadcasts on KNEW 910 AM, weekdays, 3-7PM)

“Do you think Hillary Rotten Clinton would take our side should there be some kind of catastrophic attack on our soil?… I believe that the appeasement that we have seen is only a prelude to what they would do. I think they’d march thousands of us into the hands of the enemy in order to gain what they would think would be a long-term peace. I think that they would gladly take the guns of the American military and turn them first on the American patriot, rather than turning the guns of the American patriot on the enemy within.”

Savage has hinted strongly that he may sue the UK for defamation of character and most legal experts agree he would have a strong case.

In an announcement of the ban May 5 by British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, Savage, the letter notes, was listed among radical “Muslim clerics, convicted criminals and Russian skinheads.”

“Today in America, we have a “she-ocracy” where a minority of feminist zealots rule the culture. At the top of this hierarchy is Hillary Clinton, followed by others, such as Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Sandra Day O’Connor on the U.S. Supreme Court; Barbara Boxer, the radical abortion supporter from California; Dianne Feinstein, the radical senator from California whose husband, Richard Blum, does big business with China. Together, they have both feminized and homosexualized much of America to the point where the nation has become passive, receptive, and masochistic.”

The letter, signed by Thomas More Law Center President, Richard Thompson, also asks Clinton’s State Department to find out how Savage’s name ended up on the list.

Savage’s radio show is not broadcast in the UK and it’s unlikely many UK citizens had even heard of him.

“We’re liable to have outright race war in America when she starts running. They’re crazy. They’d stir up a race war, a civil war in the country to get that hag, that harridan elected. There’s no question we’re going to have race war, race riots in America… You mean you wanna talk about a hate crime? Her campaign will be one long hate crime against white people.”

One upside development in this story is that the British Minister’s action has provided Savage with a huge amount of publicity; not that he needed it, but the ban notice has generated a record amount of traffic on Savage’s web site, and the bulk of his shows this week and last week have centered on the actions of Ms. Smith.

I suppose now if she disappoints him, he can always tell her what he once told a caller he disliked: You should only get AIDS and die, you pig. How’s that?”


your favorite thoughtful president sucks

I’ve been mostly unimpressed with the shots they’re taking at the new President, but I can be thankful for what they’re going ballistic about now.

Say–you ever been in a bad relationship where, for whatever strange reason, you just outclassed your partner in the fighting department? Whatever the subject was, you often felt guilty for seeing quickly or being automatically handed the means to wipe the controversy out in a few words?

It’s some good bad. See if this brings up any of those mixed feelings for you: the nasty-mouths on the right have figured out Barack Obama is the biggest dunce on the planet. Because Dumbshit uses a teleprompter.

‘Really, honey, I can’t even believe we’re talking about this. You cannot be serious–he’s an idiot because he uses a teleprompter? A teleprompter? You really believe that?’ (…and there ends the extended simile because there’s no way I’ll continue pretending I would undress any of these weirdos.)

Thers culled some quotes from Hot Air rich with the headiness that hangs in the air after a rout:

bwaaahahahhhahahaa…. Laura Ingraham wondered if he gets “tennis neck” from reading his precious teleprompter so often…

Rush just called The Precendent “TOTUS” – Teleprompter of the United States… SNAP!

Heh, I especially liked when Rush asked the Teleprompter several questions during the show, great stuff!

Hussein is a complete idiot, empty suit and parrot in addition to his other faults. Now the dimtards see it and they are EMBARRASSED.

LOL! President EmbarrASSment and his little dod TOTUS too!!!!! Worst. President. EVAH!!!!

Thers then crowned the idiocy with a post about the Irish P.M. following Obama up to a podium and re-delivering about 20 seconds of the President’s just-fresh comments after the teleprompter simply re-loaded.

“That’s your speech,” a startled Cowen said to Obama. “Why don’t these things work for me? Who said these things were idiot-proof?”

Obama followed with a Kennedy-esque quip:

…[when he] returned to the podium he returned the favor. “First, I’d like to say thank you to President Obama,” Obama said to much laughter.

No, the ‘victors’ did not bother to get it:

NOTE: Liberals need to learn that a teleprompter is NOT to be used in place a a brain.

By showing how fallible the man truly is, perhaps we can have serious debate about his policies and not a bunch of Obama-lemmings enabling him to do things that are bad for the country. His media-made aura gives him protection against criticism… As for you, I’m sure you’re just happy to ignore the ‘man behind the curtain’. Er, teleprompter.

The real story is the cover-up by the Obama team to make sure the press didn’t publish the video. He is NOT a great speaker, he is a great reader. Without the telepromptor he is a bumbling idiot.

Barack is the bumbling idiot, I see. This sort of genius from the right isn’t new, but this ‘nearly a mute’ attack sure is. How the hell did we ever get to the point that they’re going after one of the most historically eloquent, thoughtful, language-savvy Presidents as if he were some forensics flunkie?

Would you believe it’s George W. Bush’s fault? Mr. ape-gut-think is being missed sorely by people who felt comfortable without the perhaps burden of contemplation. And poor phlegmatic Maureen Dowd, she is surely one of them. It was her re-posted opinion that got the monkeys at Hot Air hucking so much poo.

Barack Obama even needs a teleprompter to get mad…

…Mr. Obama is still having trouble summoning a suitable flash of Irish temper at the gall of the corrupt money magicians who continue to make our greenbacks disappear into their bottomless well. He’s got to lop off some heads.

Never mind the New York Times posting, she’s never been one for rational dissection or analytic gymnastics by her politicians. She apparently likes ’em (the men) to be the instantly knowing and roughhousing types–long on action and emotion, the great American traditions (her dear old Dad, I’m betting). And therefore short on grinding out policy, or sitting with a complicated much of anything, especially a new issue or idea. Real politics are about killer instincts and fireworks.

The brilliant but flawed lawyer John Edwards (“a Breck Girl”) was a favorite and telling mark for her:

It isn’t like we didn’t know that the son of a millworker was a little enraptured by himself, radiating self-love from his smile and his man-in-a-hurry airs and the notorious $800 bill for a pair of haircuts and his two-minute YouTube hair primping to the tune of “I Feel Pretty.”

Certain men assume that power confers sexual privilege. And in American politics, there is an eternal disjunction between character and achievement. Sinners do good things, saints do bad things.

That was a compliment, believe it or not–brainy Breck girl was flawed, so he predictably tried to do good. Not that it’s easy to pick up that thread with the shag sneering carpeted wall-to-wall. Even harder to pick up on what she’s actually disappointed with or dismissing: being good but flawed, or being a ‘girl’. Predictably, there’s nothing in her writing to divine his perceived effectiveness as a politician or policy guy.

Of this, though, we can be accurate–the derision for ‘sinning’ is just a veneer. In the world of the eternally cheap, simple and coarse, or ‘politics’, there’s no real difference between what the lauded columnist did and does and what the keyboard knee-jerks are doing.

And the game is so old and effective, at least among the simplest of us, there’s no need to transcend it. As long as you feel like you can land a nut-sack shot, you win. That’s why veterans just start by aiming there:

The debate dominatrix knows how to rattle Obambi.

Mistress Hillary started disciplining her fellow senator last winter, after he began exploring a presidential bid. When he winked at her, took her elbow and tried to say hello on the Senate floor, she did not melt, as many women do. She brushed him off, a move meant to remind him that he was an upstart who should not get in the way of her turn in the Oval Office.

He was so shook up, he called a friend to say: You would not believe what just happened with Hillary.

‘Heh. Your dude sucks dong.’

No. Actually, it was the former President that was a sonuvabitch politician and rotten American: just look at the country and you can see the evidence everywhere. The convenient fantasies you have of the President that serve as fodder for your ‘writing’ (or barring that, ‘sexual politics as blogging’) are as impotent as your projection is.

Here’s something you’ll remain unfamiliar with for a while–the real ‘rub’. You’ve got nothing, you’re masturbating. Just because you can imagine the President as a loser doesn’t make him one.

Thoughtful analysis and communication matter: that’s why ‘brilliant’ Presidents do well. Hard to believe that even needs to be pointed out, honey.