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page x – tasers kill pt.iv

The taser is a sucker’s weapon. It gives the appearance of solving one of the nagging problems of law enforcement: what do with people who are out of their minds.

People who are wired as hell, agitated, are some of the worst things you face if you’re a cop. You can try to grab them and beat them, but they fight back. And you’ll probably need more than one cop, and you’re all probably gonna get hurt, too. It also looks ugly, and then there will be charges of brutality, and it will be in the papers, and there will be inquiries. So cops are almost always pissed off at crazy people.

Plus, a lot of the folks who become cops are itchy about control, they don’t like chaos. They don’t feel they should have to wait for a situation to get better–they’re supposed to make the situation better, and soon.

That’s why Tasers have been so popular. They are situation intervention machines, they stop a situation cold. And since they’re so famously ‘non-lethal’–would the New York P.D. lie to you?–it looks like a win-win solution.

That’s the obvious mentality of the cops here, they never thought twice about what they were about to do. The fable of the ‘non-lethal intervention’ blinded them to the reality. The guy who ordered the ‘tasing’ later killed himself.

[h/t Jason Phillips]