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Masters of War and Civility

Some people are so fucking civilized they have to prove it to you.

A kid sitting next to me in the café in Charlotte beat his plate with a fork and yelled at the top of his lungs for about half an hour. It sure was annoying until I realized it was a good chance to remind him that he wasn’t as special as his mother had told him. Sure, his mother was sitting right next to him. But she was too drunk to raise an objection. And who could blame her for drinking after giving birth to a monster like that?

A guy nearly knocked me down in a mad rush to get his bag off the conveyer belt. I told him to be careful because he might knock the safety off of my concealed 45 Auto. He didn’t get the joke, largely because he didn’t speak English. That gave me an excellent opportunity to remind him that he wasn’t mucho especial.

See how Mike did that? Telling the Mexican off in his own Español? Class.

Speaking of John Fucking Bolton . .

“You know, every foreign service officer in every foreign ministry in the world knows the phrase I am about to use, when you don’t want to go to a meeting or conference or an event, you have a ‘diplomatic illness,’” he said on Fox News. “And this is a ‘diplomatic illness’ to beat the band.”

And now Secretary Clinton is in the hospital. Pretty goddamned civilized.


My Abortion Could Beat Up Your World War Two

History reminds you, and me, and a few others, that there are tragedies of monstrous proportions. Crimes of epic evil. Acts of horror so vile and vast, they crack the collective consciousness. There are planet-rocking events that leave behind dead bodies by the millions and headstrong nations lifeless in their wake. If you’re typical, like me, the Holocaust comes to mind.

Professor Mike Adams just put up a new post. It covers a trending topic: How the Jews don’t know anything about tragedy, evil, or wholesale slaughter. They won’t even admit that their own females are clearly ‘Nazis’. And by that I’m not referring to the anonymous Central Casting types that get shot by Aldo Ray but our own fascist fanatics who, every day, murder innocent and defenseless people by the thousands. Re: The Unborn.

Mike Adams is not the first person to draw an analogy between the Holocaust and abortion, but we wish he would be the last one. (“Aborting Hitler,” Mike Adams, January 30th)…


David C. Friedman
Regional Director, Washington DC | Anti-Defamation League

Who are you, David Friedman, to poke your nose into a genocide? Or into a devout Christian’s blog? Who are the Jews to criticize Mike Adams and then refuse to pick up the phone?

Jews For Genocide
by Mike Adams | Townhall.com | January 19, 2012

…In my column, I correctly referred to the Nazi Holocaust as a Holocaust. I correctly referred to the feminist Holocaust as a Holocaust. I did not deny or in any way minimize any Holocaust. I simply spoke of two instead of speaking of one. If you are anti-Holocaust, then why are you morally superior for talking about one less Holocaust than I do? I just don’t understand your basic premise. Unfortunately, you will not pick up the phone to explain it to me when I call your office.

Uh-oh. We’ve hit a pile-up on the intellectual highway, and Friedman isn’t answering his phone. How many Holocausts were there? How many are there currently? What qualifies as your routine, every-day genocide? I see an argument on Aristotelian concepts coming. How many sides does your proper triangle have? What if I really like your triangle and I want one of my own?

[Friedman:] “Referring to abortion as the ‘American Holocaust’, makes for a catchy headline but it also undermines the historical truth of Nazi Germany, and Adams ought to know better. The Holocaust was the systematic industrialized murder of millions and should never translate into 2012 political analogies.”

[Adams:] Author’s Note: The headline was “Aborting Hitler” not “American Holocaust.” Friedman is undermining the historical truth of what I have written. He ought to know better.

Blog writer’s note. Here is Adams in the ‘Hitler’ post: “…That has been the story of the American Holocaust as well…” Which would be an argument, not a ‘catchy headline.’ If you prefer one of those things, how about Mike’s? “Jews For Genocide”. It’s snappy, it catches your eye, and it gets to the point. Adams is completely mild-mannered and reasonable.

For bonus appreciation, how about the opening of that ‘Hitler’ post?

Someone once asked me whether I would abort Adolf Hitler if I knew in advance he would try to launch a Holocaust against millions of Jews. I said I would not. That is because aborting Hitler would not have prevented the Holocaust. It would have justified it.

Killing the fetus who would later slaughter millions of defenseless people would have justified the Holocaust? Hmm. What if I waited until it was pulled out of Mommy’s vagina and then I stomped its evil little head? Not an abortion, but would it also justify something? Maybe Nuclear War? Or would that be No Big Deal? Given that Adams is a huge fan of capital punishment, not to mention the glorious War in Iraq, I’m not impressed by his moral posturing. I’m seeing a regular-old Wingnut.

Now, I think I understand your position. You don’t think the unborn are “people.” Well, what are they? Are you even prepared to offer an explanation of when a living fetus becomes a “person”?…

Finally, I must take exception to your decision to sign off using the word “sincerely.” You aren’t sincere. If you were sincere, you would take seriously the argument that the unborn are persons…

Unfortunately, you have become nothing more than a Holocaust denier.

If we know anything about the guys from the Anti-Defamation League, it’s that they’re a bunch of jokers when it comes to the Holocaust. Shoot, if they could only manage to take the subject matter more sincerely.

Of course the commenters at Townhall have taken their cues from Mike and piled on:

–Oden Wrote: 1 hour ago (7:41 PM)

“Clearly Friedman discounts the great anguish and suffering abortion causes Adams and his fellow anti-choicers. Friedman doesn’t seem to understand that Adams’s suffering is comparable to the suffering of Jews having their families split apart at Nazi death camps. Hard to believe Friedman could be so unfeeling as to deny the obvious moral equivalence and be reluctant to discuss Adam’s suffering with him for free…

“Isn’t that just like the Jews? Always going on about Jew suffering while minimizing the suffering of gentiles.”

1093 comments and counting


Cell phones – know what I’m sayin’?

Is this a new phenomenon? Or have conservatives always been uneasy with the cell phone? Has the Samsung Drazormnezia become the next Negro Music? Or the new extramarital orgasm? Or something even worse? Time to drag the riotous teens and their technological crack off to the political blogs for a talking-to. Cue Larry and Mike to save this country.

This is a cheery reminder of what right-wing Americans consider important. Time to face the dangerous chimera of “Your Behavior Sucks” and “Here Comes The Apocalypse.”

Smart phones and social media: Destructive
By Larry Klayman | February 12, 2012 | Renew America

First, the use of smart phones has become an addiction not too much different from excessive drug and alcohol usage. . . Second, the use of the written text message . . has significantly reduced the need to communicate orally. . . Third, smart phones . . are destroying personal relationships on an epidemic basis. I have been told by many friends that their spouses, girlfriends and boyfriends have become so hooked to the devices that they are kept on night stands . .

Kids are so whacked out on cell phones they can’t even communicate orally. They can’t maintain relationships with friends, family and co-workers. Worse yet, it’s become typical for a teen to keep his digital bong right on his nightstand. What’s happened to the world? Nothing good, Larry can tell you.

Slapping That Booty
By Mike Adams | February 13, 2012 | Townhall

Dear (Name deleted): . . recently, you have been getting up and walking out during the middle of my lectures. . . I suspect that is because you’re reaching for your cell phone in order to call your girlfriend.

. . you will lose a point from your final average every time you step out and then step back in during my lecture. This may seem harsh, but it will be of tremendous benefit to you. It means you will now be forced to act like a man, take charge of your relationship, and stop letting your girlfriend monitor you like a suspected terrorist.

Damn dude. Why you picking on me?

When a woman monitors you she is most likely cheating on you. She is making sure you are not nearby so she will not get caught in the process. If she isn’t cheating on you, she is very close to dumping you for someone she cannot control. Women love a challenge more than having a lapdog. Please think about what I have told you.

Oh I get it. It’s Valentine’s Day and you want to show me you care about me and my girlfriend. Giving us the tough love. Thanks man, I think I’ll cancel dinner tonight. After all nobody is more lovable or uncontrollable than I am.

Dear (Name deleted): . . I certainly support your right to listen to rap music celebrating the joys of slapping a “booty.” I mean, DAT is your right if you’re really into booty slapping. However, (especially given that we sometimes forget to turn off our cell phones) it is perhaps unwise to program the ringer in such a way as to celebrate booty slapping every time someone calls. Know what I’m saying?

I dunno bro. I likes de ring tone. *shuffle*

After all, the women might not share your love of booty slapping. And they might turn on you faster than a Yorkshire terrier.

All de bitchez be doin’ it. But now de laideez too? Damn. Dat’s wholly capricious and unfortunate. Hey everybody come on y’all, listen up cuz I’m only gonna say this once. University of North Carolina Wilmington Professor Mike Adams? You definitely be da *beep* damn. Gotta take this *click* WHEREYOUAT?


Spot the better Christian: gay councilman Joel Burns or blogging Christ-o-Con Mike Adams

First up, Mike Adams.

He pokes fun at death ‘cuz he’s satirical:

Eight Straight Suicides
Mike Adams | October 15, 2010

Officials on college campuses across the nation are alarmed at a wave of recent suicides involving Christians who have been harassed by homosexual activists . . None of the following eight cases have been covered by any of the three major news networks . .

. . because none of the ‘suicides’ happened. Did I say satire? I meant sci-fi.

Scott was a librarian at a university in Ohio. He was a member of a committee charged with picking books for a freshman reading program. He recommended a book called The Marketing of Evil, which was critical of, among other things, homosexuality. A homosexual faculty member publicly accused Scott of sexual harassment – merely for recommending the book. Shortly thereafter, Scott took his own life . .

. . Scott’s fine. Mike’s trying to draw parallels to skirmishes in the culture wars, as if anti-gay were a victimized identity. I would remind him that teenager Tyler Clementi’s sex life was surreptitiously broadcast for the entire world to see. That’s not just a deplorable act, it’s a criminal one. Oh, but wait — the perfesser will commit suicide:

Mike was a professor in North Carolina. The director of the local LGBSTQQCCISA (Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered, queer, questioning, completely confused, indecisively-sexed, and allied) Center kept sending him emails promoting LGBSTQQCCISA issues. The director of the LGBSTQQCCISA Center admitted that she did it to provoke him. He felt bullied. So he killed himself.

Sure, e-mails will do that, poor homophobic fella. What’s the point of all this blather? Stand aside for the lightning . .

These eight cases are all true except for one thing: The Christians who were bullied by gays and gay activists are all still alive. Not a single one has committed suicide. That is because they have centered their lives around Jesus Christ, rather than their sexual identity.

. . pow! The homofaggots are self-killers because . . well, you know. Like that 13 year old who shot himself in the head. Weak. Loser, or what? And the Christian gay perverts, whatever. Them too!

Which reminds me: Fort Worth city councilman Joel Burns. He wanted to say a few words to those same disgusting, un-Christian freaks. So he did:

Well, there you go. Now you’ve ‘seen’ both of them in action. One mocks and condemns troubled kids, the other reaches out to them.

Who would you say is the better Christian?


Why is the right wing so insanely obsessed with homosexuality right now?

This is crazy. I’m not trying to bore anybody, I can do that without effort. Conservatives, especially the internet types, have really gone nuts over the ‘Homosexual Agenda.’ The top-notch internet stupidity seems to be almost entirely gay obsessed:

The University of Notre Shame
by Mike Adams

. . The Observer, the student newspaper at the University of Notre Dame, has shown that our nation’s Catholic universities no longer provide an escape from the politically correct orthodoxy running rampant on our nation’s public campuses . .

The Observer declined to print a column that defends Church teachings on homosexual activity, which was written by Charles Rice – a Notre Dame Professor of Law. Rice has written a regular column with the Observer for nearly two decades.

. . the reason for the pattern is simple: The Observer carves out a special “opposing viewpoint” exception for homosexuality because the Observer is intensely homophobic.

And the reason for the intense homophobia manifested by Matt Gamber and the Observer is also simple: Homosexuals are less tolerant of criticism than any other portion of the American population, including feminists and Muslims.

But the consequences of homosexual intolerance are not as simple. They are twofold: 1) Homosexual intolerance tends to result in the suppression of contrary views, and 2) Such intolerance tends to make others fearful of talking to homosexuals. In other words, homosexual intolerance actually promotes homophobia.

People who fight intolerance promote it. When you won’t allow the mindless excoriation that singles you out to be broadcast, on-lookers get turned off.


Townhall’s Mike Adams still uncomfortable with women: you feminists should ‘toot’ more in public guffaw

I like Mike because he’s so transparently weird:

I Am Woman Hear Me Toot

I was recently made aware of a new sign that adorns (or adorned) the door of the women’s faculty restroom in the S&B building at UNC – Wilmington . . The sign reads as follows:


The reason the reader of my second book brought the sign into my office relates to the first chapter of Feminists Say the Darnedest Things. The chapter, which is called “Gosh! Idiot!,” tells of how I heard a feminist in our department trying to convince a (now former) secretary in our department to file a complaint against me – simply for using the phrase “Gosh! Idiot!” in the workplace. She was speaking loudly from the entrance to the bathroom – certainly louder than she had intended – as she was trying to persuade the secretary.

. . But, after I made light of the situation in my book, some feminists got angry. I suppose that the same right to privacy that allows a feminist to have an abortion allows her to encourage false accusations of “workplace harassment.” Nonetheless, I am now thinking about posting the following sign on the women’s restroom just for fun:


But, after seeing the real sign, my friend Bob Sacamano had a different idea. He thought it would be funny to post a sign on the restroom, which reads as follows:


After this, Mike really mocks the feminists:

So, today, I propose that we add another monologue to [The Vagina Monologues] performances. This new monologue will be called “Reclaiming Toot.” It may sound unusual but it really isn’t. After all, feminists say the stigma associated with the c-word can be removed by simply saying the c-word over and over. So why not repeatedly break wind in front of a bunch of howling students until the toot loses its power to control women?

How about that?


Townhall.com’s Mike Adams pretends to celebrate his birthday by obtaining 3 cats from PETA, drilling their heads and sucking their brains out to protest abortion

I’ve mentioned Mike Adams before, he’s extremely angry and dumb. And this is an exceptionally bizarre effort. The ‘participants’ in his bloody 45th birthday celebration: PETA (though I don’t know why), unwanted cats, spray paint, the local Women’s Resource Center, power tools, an industrial vacuum, blood-letting, skull drilling, sucking out cat’s brains, and maybe The Black Student Union.

This is a ludicrously abysmal post, even by Adams’ standards:

Mike Adams :: Townhall.com Columnist
Felines, Nothing More than Felines

Dear People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals:

This Friday, I will turn 45 years old. I’m planning to celebrate my birthday by arranging a small demonstration in front of Randall Library on the campus of The University of North Carolina at Wilmington. I realize this is short notice but I need a favor. Since we’re old friends I figured you could do this for me as an early birthday gift.

I’m looking for three cats that have been discarded by their owners because they were either unable to afford them or because they were just generally inconvenienced by them. It is my preference that you provide me with two white cats and one black cat. If you cannot accommodate me I would ask that you also provide me with spray paint – the kind your members spray on women wearing mink coats. For example, if you can only provide three white cats I will want to spay paint one of them black. I’ll explain that later.

I intend to take the three cats over to Randall Library at about ten in the morning. The Women’s Resource Center is located in Randall. I will call their staff beforehand and ask them to meet me out front. I don’t want my demonstration to disturb anyone who might be studying.

And since you’re so obviously sane, you and your long list of enemies and penchant for Mengele-birthday fantasies, I’m sure they’d be glad to meet you.

I can supply all of the other materials needed for the demonstration: a Black & Decker drill, an industrial vacuum cleaner, two clipboards, two pencils, and some paper. I might also need a water hose and three plastic garbage bags.

By now you may have guessed that it is my intention to perform – on all three cats – a procedure similar to “partial birth abortion.” I will use my Black & Decker drill to make a hole in the head of each cat, which will be large enough to accommodate the hose of an industrial vacuum cleaner. I will then use the vacuum to remove the brain matter from all three cats. Just as in “partial birth abortion” no anesthesia will be used on the object of the procedure.

I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t you just argue trying to do this with some newborns, for maximum effect, Mike? Other than you’re just a strange, angry human being? Why rope PETA into your abortion protest? They neither want to hurt cats nor write the abortion laws. I don’t understand the switch.

I understand that you may object to this demonstration as being illegal.

Wow, now that’s odd–that’s where he wants to start? Not that it’s hideously violent and obscene, and society will try to lock him up in a penitentiary? Is this supposed to be cool-headed satire?

But that objection does not have merit coming from you. You routinely destroy private property in order to make political points. Of course, these cats are no longer anyone’s private property. They have been discarded because they are too inconvenient or because they would be too much of a financial burden on their previous owners.

Oh, I see. Because the PETAs damage private property, you will torture and destroy and suck the brains out of helpless cats. So, somehow, the brutality of PETA’s lawlessness is equal to what Mike is going to do. It’s the law he’s desperate about, typical weirdo Conservative. I woulda thought by now he’d have at least hinted about the ‘evil’ nature of abortion, but, okay: for now, it’s raining cats and laws.

BTW, nobody is better at damaging private property than the military, but I somehow doubt that Mike’s going to maim recruits in front of the campus ROTC office.

Nor will the Women’s Resource Center be able to object on the basis of the illegality of my conduct. In March, they displayed pictures of nude children in Randall Library. People raised legal objections to the public display of pictures showing the breasts and pubic hair of these children. The feminist rebuttal was a simple First Amendment claim. Now, I’m claiming a right under the constitution to terminate life by removing brain matter.

‘Naked girl pictures’ equals ‘drilling holes in cat’s heads and forcibly removing their brains’. But strictly legally speaking. Of course, it’s so simple.

Incidentally, what Adams is so angry about here is The Century Project: the chronicling of individual women’s lives with nude photos from their births into their old age. Read about the head-scratching banning of the venerated show here. No wonder he wants to slaughter animals in front of the Women’s Resource Center–women are moved by the exhibition.

Finally, there will be objections that the blood of these cats will create some sort of health hazard. I’ve got that one covered, too. I debated a Ph.D student from UCLA on Fox News once in relation to a similar issue. His Professor of Theater was HIV positive and cut himself on stage so that his infected blood spilled out in front of the audience. He also relied on the First Amendment to defend his dramatic (literally) demonstration. We don’t have to worry about HIV positive cats. Once again, I am claiming a constitutional right to terminate life by removing brain matter.

Once again, because these people are non-lawmaking advocates of things he doesn’t like, Mike BREAKS THE LAW by drilling and killing helpless things.

After this little demonstration is over I will use the two clipboards, two pencils, and paper to create two sign up sheets. One will be used to sign students up for the student PETA chapter at UNC-Wilmington. The other will be used to sign students up for the student pro-life chapter at UNC-Wilmington. It will be very interesting to see which organization gains the most members in response to the demonstration.

After you do that to cats, can’t imagine anyone would join People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Mike Adams is obviously too right-wing overwrought to be remotely sentient at this point.

The Black Student Union might even want to recruit students at this event. After all, the one black cat is a symbol of the fact that 1/3 of those aborted in America are black. This is despite the fact that blacks are only 1/8 of the total population.

Finally, I will use the water hose and three plastic garbage bags to clean up any mess I might have made. I hope there will be no lasting trauma following my demonstration. After all, they are only cats. It’s isn’t like they’re human beings.

Wow, finally a mention of humans, in the last two words. He never even got to ‘babies’.


If I Win This Argument, Did I De-Nature Conservatism? You Gonna Follow Me Around Now?

Mike Adams, from a particularly cavernous hopper of average writers at townhall.com, delivers another definitive right-wing tract. What’s not to like about wingnuts delivering the umpteen millionth ‘Conservatives trundle like men and Liberals flit about amorously like anally jizz-leaking mayflies’ essay?

Yeesh. Don’t know how far I’ll get in before I just press ‘Publish’ and crack another beer…

The Nature of Conservatism

The terms “liberal” and “conservative” are bandied about by many who fail to understand the crucial difference between them. Many believe the difference lies in the liberal’s willingness to support government spending. But that explanation falls short. Conservatives are always willing to spend more on defense. Liberals would rather spend money on social programs.

Holy cow, he got off a paragraph that isn’t completely wrong. Next.

Others believe the liberal is the one who supports “change” while the conservative supports the “status quo.” That explanation also falls short. Ronald Reagan was a conservative. When he came to Washington in 1981 he shook the establishment and brought about change the liberals could not believe in.

Oh well, No. He just brought back 50s-style Eisenhower somnambulence.

If there is one thing that separates the conservative from the liberal it is his view of human nature. The conservative sees man as born in a broken state. This tragic view of human nature sees man as selfish and hedonistic by design. Given his nature, it is no wonder a man chooses crime. It is a wonder he ever chooses conformity.

This tragic view of human nature also explains why conservatives often speak of religion and family values. Given his selfish nature, man must internalize some reason to behave in pro-social ways. That fact that he falls short of these values does not mean he is a hypocrite. The one who does not even believe what he says is the hypocrite. The one who believes what he says and falls short is merely human.

Holy cow #2. This is really close to dead on, as far as the over-wrought ‘Conservative’ view. My head is spinning.

The conservative knows in advance that he (and others) will fall short of what religion expects of him. But his solution is not to give up on religion. His solution is to implement a back-up plan. In the context of crime, that back-up plan takes the form of a criminal justice system focused on punishment.

CLABANG! Or a similar notable noise! ‘I cannot meet my own impossible religious expectations, so I feel like a real scumbag sonuvabitch. And now it occurs to me, since you slime are exactly like me (but not smart enough to realize you have to hate yourselves–I’ve seen you LAUGHING), I need to write laws to protect folks from you. Who’s a dangerous sonuvabitch like me.’

According to the conservative, effective punishment is that which produces fear of transgression. Fear of transgression occurs when the punishment is swift, certain, and severe. In sum, the conservative believes we should first try to love people into conformity. If that does not work, we should scare people into conformity. But the liberal sees things differently. Everyone is born “good” with a blank slate. To the extent that people become “bad” it is because “society” corrupted them. Nowhere does the liberal explain how combining many good people makes a bad society.

And here is the honest difference: Liberal folks don’t have to straitjacket themselves because they’re essentially good. They’re capable of monstrous evil, absolutely, it’s a frightening possibility. But absent horrible circumstances or stressors, it’s really pretty easy to be a good person.

Universal Conservative ‘conformity’ is a fascist noose designed for the habitually wayward, behaviorally stormy and the mentally ill. In other words, Conservatives and Criminals. Not us, not me. It’s like living in a prison.

But this is what the liberal thinks. And it is why he sees the criminal justice system as one which should focus on rehabilitation. If people were taught to be bad then, surely, they may be taught to be good again. There are two victims for every crime: The victim of the crime and the criminal himself.

No. There’s only one victim, but there is often a second sufferer. Not all of those sufferers can de-criminalize their behavior by untangling the piles of self-hating, but many of them can. And speaking of self-hate and criminal behavior…

These competing views of human nature produce very different views on how a nation should conduct foreign policy. The liberal, of course, sees the United Nations as a valuable tool. Since people are fundamentally good, war is often a product of misunderstanding. The UN provides a place where we can sit down and talk out these misunderstandings in order to preserve peace.

Being a Genius at something is only notable when it provides useful results, right? Who of these United States Government War Architects can be said to have mastered human nature and morality well enough to have greatly benefited America and its planet, Earth? George W. Bush? Dick Cheney? Donald Rumsfeld? Condoleezza Rice? Paul Wolfowitz? Richard Perle? Stephen Hadley? Douglas Feith? The ‘Fuck You’ U.N. Ambassador, John Bolton?

Tens of thousands of women and children are dead. And this is the result of having a fine-tuned grasp of human nature? Your Morally Bottomless Uber-Brahmin acted rashly in the self-interest of their emotions, wreaking horrible carnage upon Iraq, carelessly slaughtering their fellow men and women by the myriads. Thanks, Mike, for wielding your ‘natural’ Conservatism.