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Say goodbye to Trayvon

Well he’s been dead for awhile. But it’s the Thrilling Big Trial that’s now about to go away, forever. So you all better hurry up and get in your final shots.

Cuz didn’t you think he was a loser? A gol ‘teef welfare waste? A quintessential n*gger? Didn’t you figure him for a gangsta punkass? And haven’t you seen him before, somewhere? This (snort) Tray-Von? Wasn’t he quite the strapping young buck, and didn’t George Zimmerman give him just what he deserved that fateful night?

At that point, the defense attorney displayed a shirtless photo of the 17-year-old African-American wearing only a hat with his bare chest and shoulders exposed. In the photo, which was originally released to the media by Zimmerman’s defense team in May, Martin sits expressionless on a couch.

O’Mara continued to show the photo to the jury for nearly two minutes as he explained that autopsy photographs did not show Martin’s “muscle tone.”

“But here’s him three months before that night, it’s in evidence, take a look at it,” he said. “Because this is the person… who George Zimmerman encountered that night. This is the person, who all of the evidence was attacked — or attacked George Zimmerman, broke his nose or something close to it and battered him on something.”

Don’t blame the establishment. It was his defenders that trafficked in race. His family, his friends. The liberal media. They wanted to make the criminal a hero. Haven’t they tried to turn this killing into a Thing? Isn’t it appalling? Isn’t it disgusting? To hang a murder rap on some poor fellow for no reason?

“This was a case brought because of political pressure — race politics in this country. I hate to say it: I hold the Rev. Al Sharpton in much higher regard than many of my colleagues . . but I totally believe that the Rev. Al is the catalyst behind the murder-two charge six weeks after the incident . . I think it is a self-defense situation, a classic self-defense when you strip it of all the trappings.”

Because, tell me. Wasn’t Sanford, the community – stripped of other considerations – overrun with these thugs? And weren’t they all black? Be honest with me now. They’re all black. He was black, too.

“I see those six ladies [in the jury] putting themselves on that rainy night, in that housing complex that has just been burglarized by three or four different groups of black youngsters from the adjacent community. So it’s a dark night, a 6-foot-2-inch hoodie-wearing stranger is in the immediate housing complex. How would the ladies of that jury have reacted? I submit that if they were armed, they would have shot and killed Trayvon Martin a lot sooner than George Zimmerman did.”



Erik Loomis to the white courtesy telephone

Hello Hitler, hello Stalin. Academic totalitarianism is back and better than ever. Visited upon you by us, the tungsten-hard Left, here come carnage, cataclysms and lecture notes very poorly organized. If we aren’t the most seriously dangerous bastards in the world . . .

Burning books, again. The nerve. Sure we pretend to be denizens of a world whose currency is words and ideas. But we’re nothing but fascists motorbiking from town to town, torching television towers, firebombing libraries. Burning rubber your arm felt nice wrapped round my shoulder, and I-ee-eye had a feeling that I belonged. I-ee-eye could be someone, be someone.

Once the photo started going viral, university officials removed it from their website and insisted it was just a joke. Hilarious, no?

Joke or not, while academia constantly warns of metaphorical right-wing book burners, academic arson is literally happening on the left.

They literally burn books, the metaphor. But we pretend to burn books, literally. Oh kill me.


It’s a Skeet-Gate Saturday night

Breaking news. A political earthquake shakes our nation down to its foundations tonight. Justice Antonin Scalia’s body was found hanging with the President’s monogrammed towel wrapped around his neck. Blah blah something something:

John Nolte | Breitbart.com

Some of you younger folks might not remember this, but there was a time when the media questioned Power. No, really, once upon a time, the media saw it as its duty to be forever questioning and skeptical of Power, especially when Power was in pursuit of more power.

Perfidy and blood-drenched Skeet-Gate? Yes, this photo:

Look at that. What a historic scandal. Obama shooting at something but not at skeet. Shooting is not the same as skeet-shooting, jackals. OH the White House thought they could away with that. But John Nolte was too smart, so now he has to murder the President. At the very least impeach his guts out, then kill him.

There are legitimate reasons that would explain the angle of his gun, but….

Because the photo is odd, some are asking perfectly legitimate questions.

But not the media.

They’re mocking the people who only love their dumb stupid country, Dumbfuckistan.


The media and The State are now one.

Through the looking glass, reverse vampires, you know the drill . .


Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s digital image expert may be an idiot

Some people are not smart. That’s just a fact. Those people probably shouldn’t be Sheriff Joe’s digital image technology experts. That’s all I’m saying. Sure, go ahead and mount yourself an American coup d’etat, loons, knock your selves out. Take your president down. But try starting your revolution without piling the caissons with derp powder.

Mara Zebest at American Thinker:

Strange Anomalies in the Famous Situation Room Photo

Recently, the MSM were shocked by the news that a girlfriend in Obama’s Dreams book was a composite. For many, such news comes as no surprise. The concept of a composite presidency certainly comes as no shock as someone who participated as a contributor and authored evidence presented at Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s press conference on Obama’s long-form birth certificate report.

Mara has made herself quite the Birther celebrity, hitching her star to the likes of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Jerome Corsi. She’s now known across the internet as “Adobe expert Mara Zebest.” Here she extends her expertise to vetting the famous Situation Room photo of Team Obama watching the Bin Laden strike.

But why in the world would it be faked?

The answer to that latter question can be summed up in one simple thought: To hide the truth. Obama was out golfing while the OBL mission was unfolding, and the administration needed the Situation Room photo op for public perception — to give the illusion that he’s presidential.

The alleged Zebest anomalies are an analytical muddle, if not allegedly explosive: midget-sized Obama, with his pinhead, eyes looking in the wrong place, some floating aides’ hands, and mysterious mutated arms. But then there’s this. This is proof:

Look at that! What the hell is that? Mara’s got the goods, and the photoshop lecture is off and running. What else are you trying to pull, Mr. Obama?

You, your amateur self, you wonder. So you look at the supersize image, and there it is. The photo, in the middle of the room. But it’s been obviously and intentionally blurred by the White House before release. Intelligence, anyone? Abottabad compound, perhaps? Satellite image capabilities, people?

Bravo. A responsible redaction on the administration’s part means the President preferred to play golf while his biggest gamble played out in Pakistan. This is how brilliant Sheriff Joe’s people are. I’ve been too busy to mock Mara properly after her May 9 post, but I wasn’t too busy today.

And whaddyaknow! Mara’s got another post up at American Thinker just now. Perfect timing. She says there’s another Situation Room photo that’s a complete fraud. Stare in wonder at Zebest’s image analysis:

Obviously, Obama was never actually in the room. And by the way . .

A final note focuses on the blurred photo in front of Hillary Clinton, in which the White House narrative offered the explanation that the blur was necessary to hide sensitive material.

What a surprise.

Fair enough. However, how is it that this supposedly sensitive document was obscured, while the binder sitting on Hillary’s lap is left untouched?

You could ask the same of the White House’s imaginary photoshop tech, you whackadoodle. Way to pick ’em, Joe.


Conservative race-blogger Dan Riehl unraveling before your eyes

Little Green Footballs’ Charles Johnson called out wingnut blockhead Dan Riehl yesterday. Dan accused unknown media conspirators of ‘lightening’ a photo of Trayvon Martin to play upon Americans’ sympathies. After all, black people look bad, light-black people look better, everyone knows this, and you assholes are trying to play games with Dan’s UNIVAC mind.

So many people read Charles’ post (27,000 hits and counting), it ended up at the top of Memeorandum yesterday. Dan, being brilliant as well as race-blind, called Charles stupid, lame, irrelevant, and tweeted that if Charles ever came by the neighborhood, he’d get beaten up. This came in between Dan raining the internet with half-eaten grubs, beating his sagging chest and pissing on the trees in front of his apartment.

Well, this wanted attention can’t go without some attention. Dan will have the world know what an idiot Charles Johnson is. Also, can you just believe these blacks? Or the Negroes and the black people?

What’s sad is how willing Johnson has been to throw away everything he seemed to once understand about the media and turn on so many once friends to do it. Worse is the race-based ignorance of so many blacks I’m seeing in attacking me, when they should be criticizing the media, instead

When Dan makes a race argument — ‘black people look guilty, grey people look less guilty’ — the blacks who react badly to it do so out of “race-based ignorance.” The guy who’s telling black people how the world sees black people is telling black people they’re stupid because they’re black. This is some sort of towering feat. Does Imbecile have a Mt. Everest? Consider it climbed.

No where [sic] have I said a darker image of Martin would suggest he was somehow guilty of something, or that it might justify his being shot in any manner.

Dan: “Clearly, it has been lightened, or softened, somehow. Along with other possible alterations, he looks far more, perhaps innocent is the right word . .”

Dan didn’t say that the dusky criminal face of Trayvon made him guilty of anything. He merely said the liberals photoshopped it to make him appear “far more, perhaps innocent.” Can anybody understand these blacks? Why can’t Dan say the dead kid belongs in a penitentiary yearbook? Everybody’s gone crazy.

Johnson, the many progressives and now many blacks who have been attacking me over it are being played and they don’t even know it. If anything, blacks especially should feel insulted and upset at the media, including the AP – not me. My whole point questions their judgement [sic] and worldview, not Trayvon Martin’s, or Zimmerman’s.

You have just read one of the greatest paragraphs in the history of blogging. The photo was never altered. But “many blacks,” who have seen more ethnic faces than Dan Riehl, remain mute in the shadow of the Associated Press’ racial crime. All Dan’s done, with his insect blogging, is question America’s judgment and worldview. That’s all. Dan’s also erecting a desert pyramid in his shorts.

By seeming to prefer using a lighter image of Martin to further fuel the story line that he was a total innocent in the encounter and Zimmerman is guilty before all the facts are clear, my concern is that they feel that making Martin look less black in the eyes of the their [sic] readers, somehow makes him look less guilty of something.

Are you cringing yet? You didn’t think you could have empathy for such an asshole. You surprise yourself.

As for the many blacks attacking me, when it’s actually the media, including the AP, who appears to be saying to them, lighter is better, while darker is bad, and they aren’t even able to see that, the pre-judgment and ignorance on display is just sad . .

Shall we just tiptoe away? Yes, we should. Dan is unconditionally pathetic.


Wingnuts go berserk after Trayvon Martin tragedy

When you’re a wingnut ass, what do you do when one of your own gets exposed? Turns into an object of loathing? Becomes the thing despised? You call upon your worst instincts, that’s what you do. Big-league Conservative blogger Dan Riehl:

. . a widely viewed photograph of Martin appears to have been altered, somewhat.

Here is what appears to be the original via the Miami Herald.

The one below has been observed in the media and at forums such as Democracy Now. Clearly, it has been lightened, or softened, somehow. Along with other possible alterations, he looks far more, perhaps innocent is the right word, in the altered image . .

Charles Johnson: “. . it’s a photograph of a low resolution copy of the picture on a sign at a protest — not ‘the original’ at all.” The light-skinned one is the original, Dan.

But check that: black people look guilty. The blacker, the guiltier. And liberals are playing games, so that the innocent Trayvon “looks far more, perhaps innocent.” That’s why the grayish Trayvon is clearly classic liberal bullshit. Dan thinks the murder is a political tug of war, and we’re conspiring to pull decent people over to our side for the big win. Dan Riehl is just dogshit. He reacts to Charles blogging his epic, stupid ass:

Punch him, Dan. It’ll prove you’re a stupid motherfucker. Same LGF thread, Dana Loesch. She is furious about the death of Trayvon Martin because liberals:

“But people have, screaming and crying and making this about a race, y’know, all of this and freaking, there have been a rash of break ins, and, they, I mean they interviewed one of the black neighbors as well, and she was like ‘yeah a lot of the break ins, y’know it’s a mixed neighborhood, some of this has been, y’know, black criminals coming and doing this.’ This is one of the black women that lived in the neighborhood, and she was like ‘YES!'”

Irate that people are angry. Some of the criminals were black, so, like, yes!

“They’re going to stoke this any way they can. This administration. Unbelievable.”

They won’t leave poor ol’ Zimmy alone. The nerve of this President, and this America. Now a video. Asking Trayvon’s mother if he ate chicken? WTH?

Someone posted the clip over at Topix.com, in the African American forum. Reaction:

THX00451, Seattle, WA:


Isn’t that just like a Negro… A shooting death preceded by a nice piece of chicken!

Truly hilarious video! That she-rilla looks like something out of “Gorillas in the Mist”…

Too funny, just laughing his ‘mother fucking lily white ass off.’ Over at Google groups, in both the alt.politics and alt.fan.rush-limbaugh forums, more routine hate:

Peter Polk:

Doesn’t this un-presidential nigger know when to shut his mouth for his own good? Anybody who votes for this fool is an idiot.


Bravo. Also, Conservative net-shouters, The Astute Bloggers, with the monster scoop:



That’s right-wing logic. Since he’s a “nigga” on his Facebook page, it makes sense that Zimmerman killed him. Do any of you really believe America is a post-racial paradise?


UPDATE: The picture isn’t even Trayvon, and the ‘nigga’ graffiti came courtesy bloggers.

Jawa Report apparently took down the altered image . .

Now, the reason I said altered is because someone added some “race baiting” text to the image. It does not appear even in the original Facebook page.

That image is visible here.

Make note of the added text which is not visible anywhere except for the original one posted at “Backwoods Home Magazine” which Jawa Report used as shown in my included screenshot.


Tales of the Great Recession: Mitt Romney Does His Own Laundry

The Rock n’ Roll rebel, takin’ it to the man:

When asked about Romney’s position on immigration, Gingrich said that deporting all undocumented immigrants is unrealistic.

“You have to live in a world of Swiss bank accounts and Cayman Island accounts and making $20 million for no work, to have some fantasy this far from reality,” Gingrich said.

What do island tax paradises have to do with Mexican immigrants? Newt Gingrich, that’s what. He’s winning, duh. He’s just burning, doing the Newtron dance.

As everybody’s noted lately, these attacks are working beautifully. Would Mitt care to fight back? Well, no. Why not? Because, in the very fancy parlance of the highest part of my guessing intellect, he’s a pussy. Gosh Newthro. Can’t play fair, can you? That’s on you, buddy.

Should Mittens grow some hair, there would be plenty of ways to skin a pest like Gingrich, one figures. This would not be one of them:

Look at that, will you. Can you imagine the luck? Turns out that Tagg . . wait, Tagg? [Tagg? Meet Track. Josh? Meet Willow. Welcome to Red Shoe Diaries cosplay. Mimosas up front, musk oil in the back.] Tagg Romney wandered past the liveried laundry workers to find Dad . . washing the Four Season’s sheets. Fates collide, or what? Good thing Tugger carries a decent iPhone/Nikon camera and tripod.

What a bold stroke from a zillion dollar campaign for the top job on the planet. Here Mitt stands in a starched white shirt, greying sideburns and all, pouring a tiny box of soap into a machine. This is a scene familiar to any of us stuck in $500 suites for weeks on end. Just a regular semi-billionaire, washing his wife’s bras. 23 shades of ecru.

My gob is smacked. What the hell is wrong with this man?

Romney happily explained the image to NBC News, “We do our laundry at least once a week, because we’ll be on the road for 30 straight days. Who else do you think is going to do our laundry?”

The laundry staff of the hotel? Or have we gone mad? Living in an eleven ampersand hotel, replete with the struggling working class cleaning filthy sheets, toilets and BVDs, he can’t allow them to touch a Mittens shirt? The Romney family tree could faint. Weasels could gnaw the Mexican roots.

The campaign may not have thought this through, I think. I’m sure the staff could manage doing Romney laundry without wiping their c*cks all over it. I’m also sure Mitt washes his own jeans because he’s a cheap bastard. The man’s as unlike the country he’d like to rule as perhaps a candidate can get.


“Now, the banks aren’t bad people. They’re just overwhelmed right now,” Romney said. “They’re overwhelmed with a lot of things.”

I don’t imagine anyone will take note of that sentiment.


Sheathe thy scalding jealousy O Crimson Barbarian!

Covetous wretch! Centaur has earned the love of his family. By standing long hours under a pitiless sun. Posing for photos. Cramming tourist lucre into his arm-garter. Bearing the beads of clan Trey Anastasio given him the night before. You sir have no right! No claim! You are lame. Away with you!


Maybe the gun-nuts shouldn’t post pictures of gun-nut Meleanie Hain, gunned down by her gun-nut husband

Over at Tucker Carlson’s wingnut site, The Daily Caller, they picked up an article from the Charlotte Observer: “In North Carolina you can let your gun show

The article ran a photo [below] of a man open-carrying a pistol: ‘Eric Shuford Jr., 67, of Cary typically keeps his Russian 9 mm Makarov sidearm with him from the time he wakes up . .’

gun nut eric shuford

In Tucker’s online fishwrap, though, it came with a different image:

Melanie's ghost re-surfaces

It’s a shocking image, really, one to question the editor’s taste and sanity, to say nothing of his pro-gun stance. Because that photo is perhaps the most infamous open-carry image of all time, burnished in our memories by violence.

The woman, Meleanie Hain, was an open-carry nut in Pennsylvania. She sued her local sheriff for a million dollars because of the emotional trauma she said she suffered when he revoked her permit after the soccer game photos became widely distributed. Another:

meleanie hain and gun and child

The Hain brouhaha and 2nd amendment deification went down at the end of 2008. About a year later, in October of 2009, her unhinged husband came home and shot her dead. He then turned the beloved gun on himself, ending his life as well.

I remember it. I wrote a post with my take on the paranoid psyches of the people involved: how the use of firepower as a crutch to lessen anxiety actually makes you vulnerable. ‘If only Meleanie had seen that her paranoia was well-founded in the relationships she kept with paranoid gun nuts like her husband,’ one wonders. ‘If only she’d traded in her gun for some dignity and common sense . .’

Meanwhile, maybe the firearms freaks should leave her alone?

She was shot dead, fellas.