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You started it, bitch

As for giving as good as he gets, Barack Obama isn’t just talented. He’s brilliant. He’s by far the wittiest president we’ve had in the last 50 years.

Touché. This is funny:

Nice Elon. Of course the president being – once again – such a divisive little man (he wears it like a suit of skin) only drives Republicans deeper into their homeland of butthurt. Mind you, we know exactly what he meant to say in his address because the text was released beforehand, so the jibe was clearly ad-libbed. It was only an answer to the Republicans trolling him with a sarcastic ovation. Nonetheless, he’s really a very nasty little tar baby politician.

Washington Times:

“Obama calls for civility, then immediately taunts Republicans over his two presidential wins”

Actually, Obama calls for civility and then Republicans immediately taunt him. So he answers back – and that’s where the brutality begins. These people are such a bunch of entitled jerks they think they own the franchise. Weekly Standard:

“Video: Obama Taunts Republicans: ‘I Know Because I Won Both of Them'”

Is there such a word as ‘back-taunt’? Not that they would dare use it, I’m just curious. Breitbart:

“Obama Gloats: ‘I Know Because I Won Both of Them’”

How about the word ‘gloat-counter’? Or ‘parry-gloat’? They sound as if he’s been giving them the wet willy for six years and they can no longer think. Comments?

• Regardless of politics, you got to admit, that was lacking class

• There is nothing “badass” about this homosexual illegal alien Usurper in the WH calling himself Obama he’s just a sock puppet for President Jarrett anyway.

• He slaps like a weak effeminate

…so the quip is a big nothing, but what a classless little fag he is for using it. Got it. This Bloomberg headline I love, trolling Obama’s trolling of the GOP’s trolling:

“He Won Two, But Obama’s Speech Shows There’s Always a Next Election”

So I guess we’ll see you Mr. Obama in 2017…aaaw but you won’t be around any more, will ya? I wonder how long it took them to come up with a riposte, probably about an hour longer than their target. Look, it’s the Former Virgin:

One wonders if Ben and his remarkable civility can remember Rep. Wilson interrupting a previous Obama speech with perhaps the classiest State of the Union moment ever.

Why yes of course Ben does, because last year he used Joe’s very classy SOTU hissy-fit to point out that liberals are all liars. As always, with these people, what constitutes fair play turns on the core belief that they are the powerless. In that miserable state it’s only proper to let them be as class-independent as they like…


President Obama recites Abraham’s Lincoln’s anti-Christian screed

This will surely be the last straw.

Ken Burns only asked the president to recite the Gettysburg Address so that it could be recorded for an anniversary project. But while reading the text to the camera, what did he do? He edited out “under God.” Might as well improve the damn thing while you’ve got a chance, right? It’s not every day you get the opportunity to insinuate your pal Satan into the minds of millions of unsuspecting Americans.

WASHINGTON — One nation under God? Under President Obama, maybe not so much . . the Commander-in-Chief joined a cast of 61 other noted lawmakers, politicians, news anchors and celebrities, including every living President, in reciting the Gettysburg Address, which President Abraham Lincoln delivered on November 19, 1863.

The dignitaries all delivered the address as Lincoln had written it, including the phrase, “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom” . . Curiously, however, in his version of the address, President Obama omitted the words “under God.”

Breitbart.com was properly alerted to this flawless act of jeebus-stomping communism.

Washington DC talk show host Chris Plante reported today that Barack Obama omitted the words “under God” from the Gettysburg Address when reciting the great speech for a Ken Burns documentary . .

Plante broke the story on Washington DC talk radio station WMAL on his mid-morning program, “The Chris Plante Show.”

To say the readers there went out of their minds would be an understatement. More than six-thousand comments so far:

tru…. Satan is cumin back 6666… g0d help us plz….. Obammer === Nazi Muzzler atheist agnostic christian Facist commie socialist Libtard…. We are all ded… thx obammer….

But. It isn’t quite as it appears. The real reason God will soon barbecue us all like hairy hamburgers traces back, past this president, to the speech’s author, Abraham Lincoln. He gave the very first written version of the address to one of his secretaries, John Nicolay. In it, there was no “under God.” The second version, too, omitted the phrase that today prevents us from collapsing into Luciferian madness and perversion. Three subsequent versions written after the address did include the two words. But Burns – who’s also a historian, oddly – asked the president to read the original version. Lincoln is believed to have inserted the nod to Him at Gettysburg, but no one’s really sure because it was a long time ago. Before the Sony Walkman PRO.

ADD: Even the Weekly Standard.

Somebody give John McCormack a raise. Or a drink.

Whether intentional or not, President Obama’s omission of these words from the most important speech in American history is quite embarrassing. Can you imagine the ridicule that President Bush would have rightfully faced if he added the words “under God” to a famous historical text (say, the preamble of the Constitution) in which they weren’t included?

I mean golly – say what? It was Ken Burns? McCormack’s post has since been deleted.

ADD Number Two: Even the National Review.

The NR did eventually get hip to the sinning of Burns/Lincoln but they didn’t delete the post, Weekly-Standard style. They merely updated it. Which leaves us to contemplate these comments, for all time presumably:

americanlatina11 • 4 hours ago

Democrats–God-phobic rats.

Michael Ryan • 4 hours ago

so why do we care, Lincoln destroyed the constitution to ruin the country with free roaming africans As for the blood ransom of the lash, every year blacks shed more white blood than slaveowners did in 500 years. Not that what slaveowners did has ANYTHING AT ALL to do with America or living American Whites

John – Atlanta • 3 hours ago

White southern slave owners were the founders of the Progressive party and latter in the early 1900s enabled Sanger’s abortion scheme to kill “empty eaters” aka blacks and mongoloids (Mexicans).

Obama choose to use the version Lincoln did not use, because he was not going to say the word God, just like in the three debates with Romney he did not use the words God, Creator, and Jesus.

The new birth of freedom will be under Satan, the stenographer delivered that message from the House floor directly from God.

And what better way to honor the Great Emancipator’s legacy?


It is still sophisticated to call somebody a nigger

Salon’s Rich Benjamin is so cool you couldn’t possibly have anything in common with him. You order a ham sandwich for lunch, he orders the quail egg crepes. You go to the hardware store for nails, he’s installing their solar heating. You read Fifty Shades Of Grey on the weekend, he’s editing Klepper’s Training Guide In Animal Husbandry. You marvel: “There’s a whole other world out there.”

When people hold their breath for your imminent words, isn’t it exasperating when you open your mouth, but don’t say much?

Finally the president has spoken about George Zimmerman’s acquittal. Even as the country waited for his singular response – the nation’s leader and a law professor who once looked like Trayvon Martin – the president danced around the issues. And what a dramatic anti-climax, listening to the president refuse to say anything insightful or profound about the acquittal. In signature professorial style, the president gave us the “context” to the episode and to black people’s “pain.” But he didn’t offer a meaningful opinion on the episode’s hot molten core: racial profiling, vigilantism, and “Stand Your Ground” laws.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Eric Holder delivered trenchant thoughts on the acquittal, demanding action. Before an audience of supporters, Holder recently called for a full investigation of Martin’s death after Zimmerman’s acquittal. Holder vowed that the Justice Department will act “in a manner that is consistent with the facts and the law. We will not be afraid.”

“We must stand our ground,” he told supporters.

Some of us have an Inner Child. Others have an Inner Nigger. Is Holder the president’s conscience? Or his Inner Nigger?

So unexpected. So refreshing. Of course, when Rich’s Inner Italian Auteur tries to tweak our dull sitcom, it’s the plot that suffers. The principals react:

wTallaksen • 7 hours ago

I think Eric the Red Witholder is Comrade ZerO`s, ( the White Halfrican`s) favorite pet whitey hating race hustling Marxist attack African Meerkat look alike critter!

jwcody • 8 hours ago

Holder is Americas top “NI**ER”

twolaneflash • 9 hours ago

I would suggest that Obama and Holder are Niggers through and through: inner, outer, to the bone.

So, a NOTE to the geniuses out there: You are not alone.


The New Black Panthers’ growing influence over conservative thought

Now that the verdict’s been handed down and the face palming, for the most part, is over the hard questions linger. Chief among them: How did we get here? How did a man manage to profile a 17 year-old neighborhood kid and then kill him without any legal consequences?

Ta-Nehisi Coates I think has the best answer. Frankly it’s a good one because it mirrors my own thinking and I have a blog. This has to do with the manner in which Stand Your Ground has polluted the legal environment.

Effectively, I can bait you into a fight and if I start losing I can can legally kill you, provided I “believe” myself to be subject to “great bodily harm.” It is then the state’s job to prove — beyond a reasonable doubt — that I either did not actually fear for my life, or my fear was unreasonable.

And how in the world does the state prove that? With difficulty. A psychic, maybe. Unless of course there are some terrific eyewitnesses. The best witness, really, being the – oh right he’s dead. A seance? Stand Your Ground legal reasoning happens to construct murder trials that are meant to be won. You might remember this the next time you get into a nasty fight. Remain calm, murder the other guy. Tell the police very little, and you should come out alright.

Of course there are other theories about our legal shambles.

If the head is split, you must acquit.

This is radio host Carl Boyd jr.

The George Zimmerman case was forced to court from day one when President Obama interjected himself in it . . Then came the race-baiters Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the New Black Panther Party proclaiming Zimmerman killed Trayvon because he was black. What about the evidence?

Naw, there was never a legal case here. No one even cared about this one little killing until the New Black Panthers got involved. I lay the blame for this fiasco at their dusky feet.

Like the racially-charged sham prosecution of the Duke lacrosse team, the racially charged prosecution of George Zimmerman was partly triggered by the threats of Malik Zulu Shabazz, the head of the racist and anti-Semitic New Black Panther Party.

Satanizing the miniscule Panther group happens to be J. Christian Adams’ life calling.

Shabazz is also the same defendant that Attorney General Eric Holder and his Justice Department cut loose from the voter intimidation case of United States v. New Black Panther Party, a case I prosecuted . .

After Trayvon Martin was killed, Shabazz took his act on the road to Sanford, Florida.

There, Shabazz used threats of mob violence, as he did in Durham, North Carolina, to cause Sanford law enforcement to tremble and to act.

The hands of the Sanford police department shook so badly they couldn’t even fill out the paperwork on Zimmerman’s indictment. Couldn’t even close the door on his cell. It took a Florida State Attorney, and a few Xanax, before George could be charged and brought to trial. The Nuge:

The race-baiting industry saw an opportunity to further the racist careers of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Black Panthers, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, et al, who then swept down on the Florida community refusing to admit that the 17-year-old dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe Trayvon Martin was at all responsible for his bad decisions and standard modus operendi of always taking the violent route.

Don’t snark at Ted because he can’t spell ‘operandi’. Cat Scratch Fever goes from ‘A’ to ‘B’ to ‘C’ and that’s as far as it gets. The gobbledygook is a phrase of Latin, and please remember: there are no italics in Kick Ass Guitar.

With an obvious racist chip on his shoulder, referencing the neighborhood watch guy as a “creepy ass cracker” to his fellow racist female friend who admitted under oath that that is how non-blacks are referred to normally in their circles, Trayvon had no reason not to attack, because it was the standard thug thing to do.

Yes, thugs, with ‘their circles’ and ‘things’. Which brings us right back to today:

Roslyn Brock from the NAACP—who by the way, at their meeting this morning, the chatter at breakfast is there’s now 100,000 signatures on the DOJ petition. Well, the petition’s great for raising the roof, if you will, on what they want.

But in reality – where is the Justice Department and their actions on this? . . They have a conflict now. Their Community Relations Unit…went down there and spent money, taxpayer dollars, to fund rallies or facilitate rallies against Zimmerman. That’s picking a side.

Tea Party radio guy David Webb riffing post-acquittal. He’s talking about the possibility of a civil rights case being brought against Zimmerman, as well as referencing a debunked anti-Zimmerman conspiracy theory. They fit together nicely, don’t they?

Now the DOJ should really be looking inside and saying, “Are we doing the right thing?” Will Holder do that? I doubt it. Let’s see how he acts with the New Black Panther Party on this.

Bullseye. Thugs never quit. It’s the same lesson from the shooting.


Thunderbird from Martha’s Vineyard

I think this is a real hoot. Self-snarking funny.

Gilded Class Warriors
Liberal grandees attack the rich while enjoying their lifestyle.
By Victor Davis Hanson | National Review

In his first term, President Obama was criticized for trash-talking the 1-percenters while enjoying the aristocracy of Martha’s Vineyard and the nation’s most exclusive golf courses . .

Before we get too far, let’s just cut to Hanson’s chase. The President is a big fat hypocrite. What’s more Obama’s insincerity has spread throughout the left like a wildfire, exposing the pro-poverty and heroin-chic crowd for the Park Avenue Set they’d rather be. If you think your Chrysler 300 will score a curbside spot at Le Bernardin, think again. You all should know Stuart Weitzman does not make a rope-sole sandal. (These last bits I added after peeking at what Victor’s obviously thinking.)

The message here is ‘You clearly want to be us. So quit playing games.’

And that’s what’s funny. Because Victor is very clearly confused. It’s bad enough that a President talks about the rich again and again without ever once kissing their asses. That alone whets his suspicion. But added to that, Obama speaks of the wealthy as if they were lucky? Or wielding of power? Or imbued with societal responsibilities? These things are simply not done. There is but one truth to be discussed publicly of fat cats and it is this: Me Too Please!

Obama knows this and what a liar:

Obama never quite squared his accusations that “millionaires and billionaires” had not paid their fair share with his own obvious enjoyment of the perks of “corporate jet owners,” “fat cat bankers,” and Las Vegas junketeers.

A devastating indictment, don’t you think? Obama never squared his mentioning that the rich pay low taxes with his own eating well and flying comfortably. This class of hypocrisy would kill a decent man.

Of course Obama is rich, tells everybody he’s rich, pays low taxes, and tells everybody he pays low taxes. Because it’s true. And now he’d like to pay more taxes, and he wants his fellow lucky ducks to do the same. This is an obvious deceit, of some Machiavellian stripe. For Hanson’s part, he will toss the government a few extra bucks after Obama goes bankrupt and lives in a cardboard box for the rest of his life. Fair is fair, after all.

Now, that paradox has continued right off the bat in the second term. In the State of the Union, Obama once more went after “the few” and “the wealthiest and the most powerful,” whom he blasted as the “well-off and the well-connected” and the “billionaires with high-powered accountants.”

Let’s get straight to the President’s dishonesty: The rich politician “once more went after” his rich neighbors with insults. “The few.” Which is true. “The wealthiest.” That’s true. “The most powerful.” True. “Well-off.” True. “Well connected.” True. “Billionaires.” True. “With high-powered accountants.” True. The word impeachment fails the development.

Obama frankly described the wealthiest among us in complimentary terms, and Hanson is galled by the attack. If the President had uttered something like “blue-blood,” Victor and his pals would have had to storm an armory to restore the Rockefellers’ reputation. They’re a defenseless bunch and Victor’s nearly a martyr, and whaddyaknow he happens to be landed and wealthy himself.

He also deigns it his responsibility to speak freely of American groups and classes, but he rarely picks nits in the mirror. He draws on a litany (here, here) of foul and derisive stereotypes to describe the poors and the ethnics, but we assume that’s all they really are, right? Certainly. Still, it would be wise of you to refrain from mentioning David Koch is “well connected” lest Victor unload both barrels of his class-warfare gun…

Like clockwork, the president then jetted to West Palm Beach for yet another golfing vacation at one of the nation’s priciest courses . .

…while the President, who’s rich, is rich.


The battle of self-interests

The guys who run Politico have posted some golly-gosh on the President who, you may have noticed, is not stupid. They call it “Obama, the puppet master.” Also “Behind the Curtain: Obama, the puppet master.” This Curtain must be some big deal. Anyway it turns out Obama is neither a fool nor is he pulling anyone’s strings.

. . the mastery mostly flows from a White House that has taken old tricks for shaping coverage (staged leaks, friendly interviews) and put them on steroids using new ones (social media, content creation, precision targeting). And it’s an equal opportunity strategy: Media across the ideological spectrum are left scrambling for access.

So this “puppet master.” He’s on Facebook?

With more technology, and fewer resources at many media companies, the balance of power between the White House and press has tipped unmistakably toward the government. This is an arguably dangerous development, and one that the Obama White House — fluent in digital media and no fan of the mainstream press — has exploited cleverly and ruthlessly.

Yes it’s all about how ruthless the Twitter can be, at least in the hands of Obama. You can see how “arguably dangerous” this is becoming.

February of 2011 the President sits down for an interview with Fox News. Bill O’Reilly interrupts him 48 times. June 2012 Obama meets with reporters in the Rose Garden to announce changes in illegal immigration policy. The Daily Caller’s Neil Munro shouts him down. Days ago at the National Prayer Breakfast, Ben Carson rants a lengthy tirade on the perfect glories of God, the Flat Tax and zombie Health Savings Accounts while Obama sits 5 feet away.

And this barely covers the insults the President has had hurled in his face. Which is to say that these media events have long since devolved into punk journalism, or skree-discussions. Taking direct shots at the President is a thing now.

In all these cases, self-serving people seized the opportunity for personal advancement. O’Reilly saw he could solidify his ‘Fuck You Pal’ bona fides. Munro was an invisible dolt at a doltery, but now we know who he is. Ben Carson is quitting his practice to run for President, and Politico dutifully publishes stories about him every day. If you think the President owes these people their fondest wishes, you’re crazy. Journalism has become the practice of masturbation. When the media become respectable, which likely will be never again, the President will, maybe, talk to them.


In lengthy praise of Uncle Tom

When you’re a God-fearing black man you’re allowed to say whatever you like.

The modern day Sambos and Quimbos fall under two categories They are the poverty pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who may have begun on the proper path but have since been co-opted by racist liberal Democrats . .

‘Sambo’ Jackson and ‘Quimbo’ Sharpton.

And you have the just plain stupid Black leaders who have been selectively bred to drink the Kool-Aid with an insatiable thirst, despite the glaring evidence of the devastating toll that liberal policies have wreaked upon Black America . .

President Dumbshit was bred to destroy his people.

They are the triumph of the changed Southern Democrat strategy adopted after realizing they couldn’t win with fire hoses, attack dogs and the hangman’s noose.

Once the Republicans stopped Al Gore Sr. lynching the Negroes, Junior sent the suckers to college. Will a mister Clayton Bigsby please proceed to the courtesy phone . .


Please, not while my vapors are in retrograde

What color are the ginger ponies in your world?

John Boehner looks bad, though to many in Washington he’s a sympathetic figure because they know how much he wanted a historic agreement on the great issue of his time. Some say he would have been happy to crown his career with it, and if that meant losing a job, well, a short-term loss is worth a long-term crown. Mr. Obama couldn’t even make a deal with a man like that, even when it would have made the president look good.

Johnny twied, but Bawack was mean. Aww. Let someone remind Peggers that the Speaker walked away from bargaining in order to accessorize his ‘Plan B’ truncheon with poison spikes and accordingly wave it at the President. The bill raised the highest tax threshold to a million dollars, threw the estate taxes back to the Bush era, and retained the miniscule rates on dividends and capital gains. Meanwhile it let expire the Child Tax and American Opportunity Tax Credits. Net result: Millionaires got a $118,000 tax break, the working poor got a $1,000 tax increase.

It was everything a Republican guerrilla could want. And Boehner’s people pissed on it. Had any survived, a single ‘Plan B’ provision would have caused the President to veto whatever bill came his way. But Boehner couldn’t get his own terrorists to carry the dynamite. The legislation wasn’t bad enough. Not nearly destructive enough. Though it favored the rich over the poor by hundreds of billions of dollars, it was too liberal. Give us something really despicable, they said, something we can get behind. The Speaker quickly adjourned the House and flew home. Oh Peggy the President has lost his mind.


When it comes to low taxes, Obama beats Reagan by a mile

Conservatives can whine all they want about the fiscal cliff. What if tax rates went up all of 3% on the richest people in the world? Dear Buddha! Given how high income taxes are already, I assume America would be promptly destroyed.

But the truth? HIGH TAXES DON”T EXIST IN AMERICA. If anyone says anything other than that, they’re either misinformed or lying. Probably both. Watch:

Tax Burden for Most Americans Is Lower Than in the 1980s

. . in fact, most Americans in 2010 paid far less in total taxes — federal, state and local — than they would have paid 30 years ago. According to an analysis by The New York Times, the combination of all income taxes, sales taxes and property taxes took a smaller share of their income than it took from households with the same inflation-adjusted income in 1980.

It’s true. Republicans have been obsessed with tax-cutting for those 30 years and so the tax code reflects it. You’d have to go back to the twenties, I’d bet, to see taxes on Americans this low. Not that the actual truth matters — you can never cut taxes enough for conservatives to be happy. This is the only truth that matters, and this is a behavior that must be protected at all costs.

Here comes Bryan Preston to do his part:

The New York Times Isn’t Called the Old Grey Liar for Nothing
PJ TATLER | November 30, 2012

. . The Times then pulls some hacky sleight of hand that will only fool liberals, using 1980 as its banner year. The obvious implication is that the current economy could do with higher taxes, which just happens to be the Democratic Party’s position in the fiscal cliff negotiations. The other obvious implication is that if higher tax rates were good enough for the man most identified with 1980, Ronald Reagan, well then they should be good enough for John Boehner et al.

The obvious problem with the Times’ second obvious implication: Those high 1980 tax rates and their drag on the economy helped elect Reagan. He started cutting taxes after his inauguration, which was in 1981. And the economy grew enormously. That growth undercuts the Times’ first implication.

Preston: Nice try liberals. It was after 1980 that Reagan slashed taxes and the economy boomed. Like you have the guts of Ronald Reagan, losers. Game, set, screw you. And here comes Romney’s economics adviser, Greg Mankiw of Harvard, to second that:

Over my coffee this morning, I read the following headline on the front page of The New York Times: “Complaints Aside, Most Face Lower Tax Burden Than in the Reagan ’80s.” Below it was a graphic comparing average tax rates for various income groups in 1980 and 2010.

The problem is that Reagan did not become president until January 1981, and his tax policy was not fully implemented until a couple of years later (and arguably not until his second term, when we got very significant tax reform). So the headline should have read, “Complaints Aside, Most Face Lower Tax Burden Than in Carter’s 1980.” That makes the story very different, as 1980 was the year the incumbent Carter was defeated by the challenger Reagan, who was proposing significant tax reduction as a key part of his campaign.

You will notice that neither one of them bothers with numbers to back up their claims. Considering how enamored with facts and numbers the Romney clan were, are you surprised? The truth is that Reagan can’t hold a candle to Barack “Tax Slasher” Obama. Using the wingnuts’ own taxfoundation.org breakdown of historical tax brackets relative to income (in inflation-adjusted dollars, of course), here are the tax facts:

Reagan’s income tax rates from 1983 or 1987 can’t touch Obama’s today. Once you factor in payroll tax rates (Social Security and Medicare), it gets even WORSE:

If Reagan is their tax-killing hero, what is Barack Obama? Jumpin’ GOP Christ? Except for one measly year (1988, where the rate for millionaires and billionaires bottomed out at 28%[!]), Ronnie can’t compare to Obama and that’s that. Period. Considering the chronically miserable fiscal state we’ve been in, this should end forever any argument that low taxes do the economy much, if any, good.


O Oysters, come and walk with us!

He means to swallow socialism. Mickie Fishmouth over at Sinecure Kings, Inc., declares war. On you. Give up now or expect an ass-kicking to follow.

And to make good on the threat, the Heritage Foundation filmed the guy’s bottom teeth. Mr. Michael Needham, in the role of the spokes-man(?), thrusts his twitching jut-jaw to scare the anchovy out of you.

You wonder: The barracuda guy. How did I end up seeing him here? Why is he the focus of the clip? Which Cousteau can I blame?

The fish-face must then be an expression of rugged individuality. Like John Wayne’s celluloid amble. Mr. Limpet looked just like a gunfighter. Cherokee Indians swooned at the sight of Charlie Tuna.

You might think more about this, but then comes: ‘Wait, am I safe here? Am I wearing any Eau de Krill?’ And then the inevitable: ‘This video stinks.’ Highlights:

The squishing of the mouth, the darting of the tongue, and the swallowing hard between declarations of hostilities are also normal behavior. You take this Needham to a shrimp buffet and it’ll kill him.


Karl Rove brays at the swirling wind

“But the president, he succeeded by suppressing the vote. By saying to people, ‘You may not like who I am and I know you can’t bring yourself to vote for me, but I’m going to paint this other guy as simply a rich guy who only cares about himself.”

“President Obama has been re-elected with the, becoming the first president in history to win a second term with a smaller percentage of the vote than he did in his first term . .”

Karl Rove’s hand-puppet George W. Bush lost the vote in his first term. So if he won a re-election, he’d have to get more votes. So what’s Karl’s point?

His point is nothing. He’s just making noise. He’s an idiot.

If you give me a million dollars, I will buy you something of value. I will get you a building. And you can live in it. You can locate a company in it. You can house Syrian refugees in it. Then you can clean and sweep it and sell it to someone else.

If you give Karl Rove 200 million dollars, he will hand it to television broadcasters. And they will build the biggest bonfire you ever saw.


National Review stands up for gals

Feminist activist and sometime editor at National Review Rich Lowry fully wondered if he’d have to burn his laminated Nineteenth Amendment card. Then he figured he could make his disgust with Barack Obama public by other means. With “The President’s Insulting Campaign,” I think he’s gotten Gloria Steinem’s attention, among others:

It is a mercy that the suffragettes aren’t around to see President Barack Obama’s campaign for the women’s vote. It would make them weep in dismay.

Elizabeth “Cotton Candy” Cady Stanton famously wept whenever men were boors. Incarnated nowadays, doubtless she’d drown herself. So it’s a good thing she kicked around in a more respectful era, female-wise. God knows where all the suffragettes would have ended up if presidents had brutishly pandered to their whims this way, probably hauling rickshaws in America’s chinatowns. The Lilly Ledbetter act also enslaves employers and more but there’s no time as Rich is off to the equal pay march.

The former uniter is now a divider hoping enough women buy his insipid pitch. Let’s be glad that Susan B. Anthony and the gals are spared the spectacle.

We hope the gals are dead or at least good sports.