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Now the real Menendez story begins

Days before the November election, Tucker Carlson’s garbage shop rolled this out:

Two women from the Dominican Republic told The Daily Caller that Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez paid them for sex earlier this year.

In interviews, the two women said they met Menendez around Easter at Casa de Campo, an expensive 7,000-acre resort in the Dominican Republic. They claimed Menendez agreed to pay them $500 for sex acts, but in the end they each received only $100.

. . The other woman recounted, with apparent bitterness, receiving from an intermediary only $100 of the $500 she had been promised. “He lies,” she said of Menendez. “He says one thing and does another.”

He even welches on his whores! Let’s not vote for this guy.

Well, it didn’t work, Menendez got re-elected. That didn’t stop the Daily Caller from keeping at it though, piling up lurid stories on and accusations against him: –Long-time escort. –New call girl charges. –Prostitution spree. –Only 16 years old. Actual DC headline: “Dominican prostitute: Sen. Bob Menendez ‘likes the youngest and newest girls'” Also: “Bob Menendez’s hometown a major sex-trafficking destination” Even his hometown was into hookers!

Well, we learned today that the whole thing was a smear job. A professional political hit.

The Washington Post:

An escort who appeared on a video claiming that Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) paid her for sex has told Dominican authorities that she was instead paid to make up the claims and has never met or seen the senator, according to court documents and two people briefed on her claim.

The woman said a local lawyer had approached her and a fellow escort and asked them to help frame Menendez and a top donor, Salomon Melgen, according to affidavits obtained by The Washington Post.

And Tucker hyped the ‘scoop’ as big election news. It was actually a conspiracy.

The escort, Nexis de los Santos Santana, 23, said in an affidavit she was hired by lawyer Miguel Galvan to do a taped interview with journalists in mid-October. Galvan explained to her that a false account was needed for a divorce case. De los Santos said she was surreptitiously taped implicating Menendez, Melgen and prominent Dominican lawyer Vinicio Castillo Selmán, Melgen’s cousin, in hiring prostitutes.

“Those are my words and that is me, but it does not reflect the truth,” she said in her affidavit.

In his statement, Galvan said the other attorney misled him about the purpose of the tape, saying he was working as a divorce lawyer for a client and simply needed someone to confirm infidelity on tape.

Now we get to see who was behind the crime to pay Caribbean hookers to subvert democracy in New Jersey. It’s a good thing they chose the Daily Caller for their conduit because, you know, complete joke. Otherwise this could have been a serious and sad episode, where the defeated Menendez, career over, could only say “I told you so” for the rest of his tarnished life.


Wiretaps indicate Silvio Berlusconi a sex-crazed buffoon

Mr. Greatest Politician Who Ever Lived turns out to be . . exactly as he appears. A shallow, horny old man with an addiction to hookers:

The wiretaps were released at the conclusion of an investigation into entrepreneur Gianpaolo Tarantini, who is accused of paying women to sleep with Berlusconi, 74, at his homes in 2008 and 2009 . .

“They are all well provided for,” Berlusconi tells Tarantini of the girls passing through his Rome residence in one of the thousands of recorded conversations released, which filled Italian newspapers on Saturday. In another conversation, a woman named Vanessa Di Meglio sends a text from Berlusconi’s residence to Tarantini at 5.52am asking “Who pays? Do we ask him or you?”

I suppose if you’re an Italian citizen, this is something tragic. To me, it’s hilarious. Silvio’s never pretended to be anything other than what he is: a two-bit, scummy, lying, douchebag billionaire.

Tarantini, an entrepreneur from Bari who sold prosthetic limbs before meeting Berlusconi in 2008, quickly became a confidant of the prime minister. “Listen Gianpaolo, now we need at most two each,” said Berlusconi in one call. “Because now I want that you have yours, otherwise I will always feel I am in your debt. Then we can trade. After all, the pussy needs to go around.”

You get what you vote for.


*sound of Dick Morris sucking toes* . . wait . . WAIT . . GOOOOAL

Soccer Is a Socialist Sport
By Marc Thiessen
June 30, 2010, 11:52 am

. . The world is crazy for soccer, but most Americans don’t give a hoot about the sport. Why? Many years ago, my former White House colleague Bill McGurn pointed out to me the real reason soccer hasn’t caught on in the good old U.S.A. It’s simple, really: Soccer is a socialist sport.

(. . in an anonymous suburban entertainment cavern, over blaring channel interruptions . .)

*click* *click* . . nothin’ much on today, Steve-O. *click* When’s the football draft again?

*click* . . wait, Bob. What the hell is that?

. . hmm, some sort of game, in a giant stadium . .

. . with, like, 20 dudes standing around on the field . .

. . while the referees go crazy and kick balls into these netted thingies . .


It’s almost as if . . the government controlled the means of production . .

Think about it. Soccer is the only sport in the world where you cannot use the one tool that distinguishes man from beast: opposable thumbs.

*click* *click* . . nothin’ much on today, Steve-O. *click* When’s the football draft again?

*click* Aw, fuck that, Bob. Boring. *click* Don’t they have that Swedish strongman thing on, somewhere? *click* That’s funny.

*click* *pause* Whoa! What the hell is that?!

*another pause* . . wha . . they’re . . kicking the ball?

*pause* . . yeah.


*pause* *shot on goal* WHOA! These dudes are out of their freakin’ minds!

Totally FUCKING CRAZY! Feet! Kicking everything! *laughs*

*laughs harder*

. . hoo . .

. . hehe . .


. . hmm. You know what that means? The government controls the means of production.

“No hands” is a rule only a European statist could love. (In fact, with the web of high taxes and regulations that tie the hands of European entrepreneurs, “no hands” kind of describes their economic theories as well.)

( . . with Klaus The Collectivist and Boris Bag-O-Borscht, as they are about to toss the CEO of American Eagle Products And Innovation into the East River . .)



The anchor! Tied to his FEET?

. . eh . .


. . oh, HAH! Sorry, boss.

What are we — capitalist pigs?

Capitalist sports are exciting—people often hit each other, sometimes even score. Soccer fans are excited by an egalitarian 0-0 tie. When soccer powerhouses Brazil and Portugal met recently at the World Cup, they played for 90 minutes—and combined got just eight shots on net (and zero goals). Contrast this with the most exciting sports moment last week, which came not at the World Cup, but at Wimbledon, when American John Isner won in a fifth-set victory that went 70-68.

Those were the greatest 11 hours in sports anti-history. Thank god for barely incremental tie-breaking. And for tennis, where the gladiators face death by locker room stare and taunting directed through the umpire, who is usually a banker. People across the Continent who Tivo’d the match tossed their units into the canals, and everybody’s gondolas fell asleep and drowned.

Why is Marc bothering with Soccer, anyway?

Perhaps in the age of President Obama, soccer will finally catch on in America. But I suspect that socializing Americans’ taste in sports may be a tougher task than socializing our healthcare system.

Aww, he feels sad. Markie doesn’t want the sports thugs on his back? Wants to be left alone? Turn off the TV.


Tobacco taxes make Al Qaeda masturbate

Tobacco Taxes Finance Terrorismderoy murdock06/07/2010

NEW YORK — The next terror attack on America could be a self-inflicted wound – specifically a cigarette burn.

Tobacco taxes are mostly a states’ thing. The revenues get funneled to terrorists? Really?! This I gotta hear. Gotta be some sorta LeCarre spy thingie where the bureaucrat in charge of moving funds from one account to another is blackmailed by his supermodel mole/lover. He gets killed, of course, with two rounds to the back of his head, all in some fancy beige high-rise hotel. Gets duct-taped in the silken sheets and hurled off the balcony.

Tobacco taxes create a perfect arbitrage opportunity that radical Muslims exploit to collect money for terrorist groups that murder Americans and our allies. Tobacco taxes should be cut, or at least frozen, before they fuel further Islamic-extremist violence.

Consider the first attack on the Twin Towers, which killed six and injured 1,040. As Patrick Fleenor recalled in a Cato Institute study, “counterfeit cigarette tax stamps were found in an apartment used by members of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad cell that carried out the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center” . .

A $2.70 spread separates Virginia’s 30-cent-per-pack cigarette tax and Connecticut’s at $3.00. Driving 1,500 cigarette cartons (10 packs per carton) from Arlington to Hartford yields $40,500 per trip.

Joint Terrorism Task Force Alert: The terrorists have invented . .


al qaeda resurgent

IT’S ALL OVER THEY’VE WON. Who the hell has any idea how to deal with this 9-dimensional ruse? Jesus, I’m not Spock. Other than our knocking down a couple hundred years of gangsters runnin’ hookers and booze and guns and cigarettes, where the hell would we even begin?

We can begin by blaming liberals, who, by hook or crook, become the American Crime Sink. All disgust comes to rest on them, meaning us, because we’re not dumb enough to take the charge seriously.

Thus, Deroy Murdock does as he pleases:

The Sexual Revolution Finances Terrorism
by Deroy Murdock

deroy murdockVAN NUYS — The next terror attack on America could be a self-inflicted wound – specifically an oozing chancre.

The American indulgence of free sex and depravity finances radical Islamists. Recent intelligence gathering found that terrorists have been launching live-sex websites from Belize. They seek to exploit our weakness to collect money for terrorist groups that murder Americans and our allies. Internet porn should be abolished, or at least frozen, before it fuels further Islamic-extremist violence.

. . or . .

Gun Control Finances Terrorism
by Deroy Murdock

deroy murdockPEORIA — The next terror attack on America could be a self-inflicted wound – specifically, something like a ricochet.

The government’s obsession with gun control provides the radical Islamists an enticing black market opportunity. Already overstocked with American arms, they sell high caliber weaponry to gun show enthusiasts at a premium by side-stepping background checks and waiting periods. They seek to exploit our constrictive regulatory environment to collect money for terrorist groups that murder Americans and our allies. Gun control should be abolished, or at least frozen, before it fuels further Islamic-extremist violence.


Christian groups oppose Georgia bill that would steer prostitutes aged 15 and under into diversionary programs

Punishment, punishment. When will these people get around to reading the New Testament?

Georgia’s Christian right comes out against bills aimed at child prostitution
February 1, 2010, by Jim Galloway

The season’s most disputed issue may have just surfaced at the state Capitol.

The weight of the state’s Christian right movement just came down in opposition to a pair of bills that would steer young girls under the age of 16 into diversionary programs instead of arresting them on charges of prostitution…

child prostituteRepresentatives from the Georgia Christian Alliance, the Georgia Christian Coalition, Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition, and the Georgia Baptist Convention all put in appearances…

“Who will benefit from the passage of H.B. 582 or S.B. 304? I’ll tell you who – the very profitable and growing pedophile industry,” said former state Sen. Nancy Shafer. “It is imperative that these bills be defeated.”

That makes no sense. The only thing being ‘decriminalized’, for the purpose of bettering the lives of young people, many of whom will have been forced into prostitution, are the acts of the prostitutes themselves. Many of these are as young as 12, or 11. The rest of the industry is on the hook for its actions, as before.

“Decriminalizing that means the police would have absolutely no interest in it at all,” said Sue Ella Deadwyler, who writes a Christian conservative newsletter. “They wouldn’t arrest the girls, they wouldn’t pick the girls up, they wouldn’t protect them from influence on the street from the pimps and the johns. It would be an absolute cultural upheaval in our state. Never in the United States, as far as I known, has juvenile prostitution been legalized.”

Unhinged much? The cops just pick them up as before, but they’re not formally arrested. And I don’t know what sort of life you’d have to lead to result in “absolute cultural upheaval” if sexually abused 14 year olds aren’t prosecuted.

“Sure there are those who are forced into prostitution, but I think most of them volunteer,” Deadwyler said of under 16-year-old prostitutes. “Many, many children have been scared straight because of arrest.”

Punish the horny little things.