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I just don’t know what to do, but someone does

We liberals have a history of working tirelessly to learn right from wrong, and to do the right thing when it matters. But when the rats start crawling out from under the floorboards, we’re frequently too timid about watching them only take the place over.

When the networks declared Florida for Bush (shortly after 2:15 a.m. Eastern), Gore told his advisers, “I want to concede,” and he proceeded to do so by phoning Bush. Gore’s mistake was not merely failing to check in with his own campaign staffers, who had very different numbers from the networks at that moment. His more fundamental mistake was thinking there needed to be a concession speech, from one candidate or the other, on Election Night…

Gore hadn’t realized that the fight for the presidency had only moved on to its next chapter. There was plenty of work still to be done to keep the rats from taking the White House over – which they inevitably did. September the Eleventh, the War in Iraq and the Great Recession were the horrific results.

Charlie is right here:

The FBI Is a Player in the 2016 Election, and the FBI Is Out of Control

…Clearly, there are FBI sources dissatisfied with decisions made not to keep investigating Hillary Rodham Clinton’s e-mails and/or the Clinton Foundation. They’re talking. There also seem to be FBI sources who are frustrated with what they see as the too-close-by-half relationship of the Donald Trump campaign to Russian oligarchs up to and including Vladimir Putin. They’re talking. And there are people completely outraged by the bungling attempts by FBI director James Comey to involve himself so directly in the presidential election, and they’re all talking. The FBI, in short, is out of control.

If you think the last minute swing in the polls [‘Enthusiasm For Clinton Has Ebbed’: Newest National Poll Shows Trump Up by 1 Point] has absolutely nothing to do with Director Comey’s independence being so above reproach he should be allowed to do whatever he likes, then sure why not – let’s spend this last week feeding and petting the vermin.

Fuck it: It’s RatFest 2016. Cue voiceover: This time, it’s like the other times

But we know from sad history that electoral politics is one area from which the FBI, and every other institution of the surveillance state, should stay away—or be kept away—at all possible costs, because they can do more damage by accident than any terrorist can do on purpose.

And now the FBI, after not having its records vault auto-Twitter function running since October 2015…has fixed the feed! Just now – lucky us! And its first new release of requests is 129 pages of its investigation into…Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich! From 2001! The timing!

The ham-handedness of this is pathetic, but the response is worse. No, there’s not much I can do. But there are plenty of Democrats in the government. The President can certainly speak up here. The Attorney General is essentially Comey’s boss and can call him on the carpet. But they’re not going to do that because…civility requires Al Gore do the right thing! Or some such bullshit.