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Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday! Christian cartoon squares off against Richard Dawkins

These are fun to look at. A cartoonist named ‘Dale’ contributes to the badly written, comma-ridden loon grotto Renew America. The scribbles posture as definitive take-downs of liberalism.

This particular one wipes Richard Dawkins off the planet:

Spreading his venom for God to kids under the guise of Scientism is about as putrid as it gets. Children using simple God-given logic conclude the existence of a creator. It requires an abandonment of logic to attain self omniscience and declare there is no God. The materialist’s faith in the escape hatch of “there just wasn’t enough evidence for me” won’t wash on judgement [sic] day. Here’s a book idea: The ghost of Christopher Hitchens, Jacob Marley style, appears to Richard Dawkins and sets him straight. Dickey would probably make a hash of it, too bad Hitchens isn’t still around to write it. –Dale

It’s some measure of God-terror that Dale prays the courageous and recently deceased Hitchens be his cowering pal. Christian class, thy name is ‘Inkboy.’

How about we ‘shorter’ this?

1.) “Richard Dawkins is just too stupid to be Christian.”

2.) “Nothing plus 4.6 billion years equals ‘sheer madness.’ Eternal plus 4 thousand years equals ‘stone cold logic.'”

3.) “Clay can’t see or hear you, so it can’t possibly know you exist. But it better say you have a big dick or you’ll smash it.”


On the Horrors of Lady Gaga, Easter and Freedom

(a little something for the holiday . .)

Some time this weekend, Lady Gaga will release a video for her song “Judas” featuring a familiarly convenient outrage.

I wanna love you,
But something’s pulling me away from you
Jesus is my virtue, Judas is the demon I cling to
I’m just a holy fool, oh baby he’s so cruel
But I’m still in love with Judas, baby

While the rest of us will pause very momentarily to realize Gaga isn’t original, conservative Americans will seize the clip as definitive proof that America is robustly, mockingly anti-Christian.

And I’m a genius because — look! It’s already begun. Take in the shock of clueless Christian attorney Jennifer Smetters decrying the “moral decay of our society” and the video’s “poorly timed” (jeez) declaration of war:

“Restraint and respect is what we pride ourselves on as a moral and civil society and they are walking all over it. That doesn’t make it right.”

That makes it wrong, maybe? Oh well. Listen to Bill Donohue, Catholic League attack dinosaur, while he’s afflicted with a similar apoplexy:

“You can’t even show a depiction of Muhammad on TV, in the newspapers, and whatnot. And I’m not out there to say let’s have equality by dumping on the Muslims. I’m simply saying why does it take fear as a motivational ethic on the part of some people to respect Muslim rights? Do they want Catholics to pick up a machete in order for them to get their rights?”

Smetters’ rant, though aggressively loopy, is nowhere near as bizarre as this one: Christians have no rights in your America! Do we have to kill people to get you to notice? A chastened Lady Gaga would enter a penitentiary!

What a comical notion. There is no right to worship in any manner or form without being offended by your fellow man. There is, however, a concrete right for him to express himself in almost any manner he pleases.

I’ll tell you that this is true because “Freedom of Religion” is a subset of the larger “Freedom of Speech.” It is difficult to imagine a world where “Freedom of (your or my favorite) Religion” eventually allows for the freedom of anything or anybody outside of it. The history of man demonstrates that religions, like almost all other institutions of power, grow discriminatory and violent as they subsume society.

And the Founding Fathers knew this painfully well as they’d seen it in Europe. That’s why the very first amendment, right out of the gate, prohibited their new, powerful central government from favoring any religion. And, here, let’s stop beating around the bush — THEY WANTED THE ESTABLISHMENT CLAUSE TO PREVENT THEIR NEW CONSTRUCT FROM BECOMING A CHRISTIAN INSTITUTION. There’s just no other way to understand their intentions.

So, friends, since I may speak as I like, assemble as I like, worship as I like, but the government, unable to favor any (read: the currently most powerful) religion, cannot do anything about it, I can only conclude this: it’s absolutely okay to rip other people’s beliefs. No kidding — the nation looks like it was set up so you and I could do it.

That would really be freedom of speech, right? Yes, right, the Founders weren’t kidding. Of course, the way in which you might attack a religion probably says something about your respect for your fellow man or, at least, for their belief system. I imagine someone might comment about that.

So, noting all that, let us turn the tables on Bill for a moment. What is it that the Donohues of the world are feverishly upset about? What is he saying about us?

He’s not really saying that Lady Gaga, the person, is the problem. She could sing in her basement for the rest of her life and nothing would ever come of it. Nor is he saying some video is the problem because other people record and upload crap-blasphemy all the time without Blustery Bill caring a whit.

He’s saying that we are the problem — we’re his problem. We watch the video, and we hum the song, and we blog the words, and then the crime is done, and it’s way too late — Catholics’ constitutional rights have been beaten into the dirt.

And you can see the only place this leads, can’t you? With all the Gagas and Mahers and Dawkinses of the wayward world? When you and I listen to someone other than Bill Donohue, we trample his freedoms. It’s as brutally simple as that. We should probably expect that from a man who begs to punch atheists’ faces.

Sorry, Bill, regardless of whatever approaching holiday, religions remain ideas. And no matter how special your favorite idea is, America can’t both attend to it and leave it alone. No idea has yet grown beyond free speech. Even Catholicism, Bill, hasn’t killed free speech.

The Christian (and Muslim, sure) hysterics would demand you act otherwise. “What’s the big deal? You can just tiptoe around us.” But aren’t they a silly bunch? And don’t they fundamentally disrespect us and our American values? I think so.