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Adam Kokesh and a twelve gauge equals Rosa Parks

Watch Adam Kokesh:

Now Alex Jones!

Adam Kokesh Has Done It! Iraq Vet Open Carried In DC

Former Iraq veteran Adam Kokesh staged an open carry protest in Washington DC today by loading a 12 gauge shotgun near the White House – committing at least four felonies in the process.

“I committed at least four felonies this morning and got it on video,” Kokesh texted.

The two together!

“I want to draw a comparison with Rosa Parks as you have and I’m greatly honored by that . . so if I may the events that took place this past Independence Day with thousands marching throughout the country were about alot more than the second amendment or the fourth amendment or the NSA or gun rights in general. It was very specifically a call to overthrow the United States federal government. And I think that we’ve come to a point that we can get a critical mass of Americans to realize that we’d be better off without it than with it . .”

[. . breaking . .]

Adam Kokesh and libertarian activists expected to provoke a police response when he posted a video of himself apparently loading a shotgun on Freedom Plaza in violation of D.C. law on the Fourth of July, but it arrived on his doorstep with an overwhelming boom Tuesday night . .

Back to our hero!

“. . and Rosa Parks, when she went to the front of the bus it wasn’t ‘Well I think the government should be able to say who should be able to sit at the front of the bus but it should only be white people and black people screw yellow people and red people and forget about them.’ No it was ‘We are independent human beings and we have inherent rights based on that that are absolutely universal.'”

And of course:

Kokesh’s supporters are urging people call the US Parks Police non-emergency number at (202) 619 7105 to demand Adam’s release “and that charges be placed on the individuals that committed a B&E, vandalism, destruction of property, theft, and kidnapped Adam at our home.”

Because we all remember when Rosa Parks sat quietly at the front of a Montgomery bus with a shotgun to her side and a promise to the media to kill anyone who gets in her way. And when the local Park Service arrested her, she called for the dissolution of the United States which, if I recall, caught the paternal attention of the U.S. Justice Department resulting in a Summer of Love, civil rights, etc.


It’s a Skeet-Gate Saturday night

Breaking news. A political earthquake shakes our nation down to its foundations tonight. Justice Antonin Scalia’s body was found hanging with the President’s monogrammed towel wrapped around his neck. Blah blah something something:

John Nolte | Breitbart.com

Some of you younger folks might not remember this, but there was a time when the media questioned Power. No, really, once upon a time, the media saw it as its duty to be forever questioning and skeptical of Power, especially when Power was in pursuit of more power.

Perfidy and blood-drenched Skeet-Gate? Yes, this photo:

Look at that. What a historic scandal. Obama shooting at something but not at skeet. Shooting is not the same as skeet-shooting, jackals. OH the White House thought they could away with that. But John Nolte was too smart, so now he has to murder the President. At the very least impeach his guts out, then kill him.

There are legitimate reasons that would explain the angle of his gun, but….

Because the photo is odd, some are asking perfectly legitimate questions.

But not the media.

They’re mocking the people who only love their dumb stupid country, Dumbfuckistan.


The media and The State are now one.

Through the looking glass, reverse vampires, you know the drill . .


Happy Gun And Battlefield Surgery Appreciation Day

All across America, giddy gun nuts brandishing their favorite acting Clint Eastwood squints and for real death factories gathered together today for the birthday of Martin Luther King Junior Gun Appreciation Day, a celebration of wasted human development and abated sexual adequacy. Though the meeting between the Southern Toofless, Midwestern Fatbags and Idaho You Name Its has the effect of soothing somewhat their common lust for Orlando Bloom’s haunches, the real goal of the day is to allow the routine mishandling of weaponry to result in public human slaughter rather than the paltry private offing of family pets, Nazi pottery and children. Thanks, it’s going well:

Emergency personnel had to be called to the scene of the Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh, North Carolina after a gun accidentally discharged and shot two people at the show’s safety check-in booth just after 1 pm. Both victims were transported to an area hospital, and the Raleigh Fire Department announced that the show would be closed for the rest of the day . .

UPDATE: Two similar incidents occurred at entirely separate gun shows in the Midwest, one in the Cleveland suburb of Medina, Ohio and the other at the state fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Indiana. In Ohio, the local ABC affiliate reports that one individual was brought to a hospital by EMS, and in Indiana Channel 8 WISH says that an individual shot himself in the hand while trying to reload his gun in the show parking lot. That brings the tally to 4 victims of gun violence so far at three different gun shows during the country’s first Gun Appreciation Day.

UPDATE: CNN is reporting that three people were injured at the gun show in Raleigh, not two as originally reported. All were victims of a shotgun that fired while the owner was removing it from a case.

3 shootings, 5 hospitalizations. On the plasma-splatter scale, I give it a hearty 10 pints.


This Sarah Palin would slap the bitch out Lindsay Graham’s mouth

Found this interesting bit of Conservative propaganda art on the Renew America website. The artist is a talented guy you can track down by going to the ‘DaleToons’ link.

It’s Sarah Palin:

sarah poster2

Great image.

Look at it for a bit, and you’ll probably pick up on some fascinatin’ stuff.

The forward, muscular arms, broad shoulders and the thin waste. The beefy legs and long feet. Sit with it for an another minute and you’ll also see that her upper torso is immensely long. Greatly extended, like an NFL receiver’s, or an extra from Avatar. The image presents an incredibly long and athletic build. This is a man.

The sturdy post she’s sitting on? How could you miss it? I assume the artist meant to compliment her on her spunky, open sexuality. And, of course, there are the shotgun shells in her crotch, buttressed by her splayed legs. The legs of a powerful man, but there they are.

Last: if you ignore the outlined head by her left elbow, the snake’s body forms a great pair of tusks for an African elephant. When I first saw it, I swore she’d put down a tree stump on the lifeless and unseen head of an animal she’d just bagged on safari. What a great metaphor for the future of the GOP.

Other than that, it’s an image dripping with what Conservatives want to see.

sarah love

I’ve been working in the L.A. art community for, oh, 12 years. I’ve probably handled 100,000 pieces of art, installed maybe 10,000 of those, and I can tell you: this is the single greatest statement of the pulchritude and power of transvestites I have ever seen.


Neurobioligist / shooter Bishop punches IHOP customers

Previously: “U of A-Huntsville shooter Amy Bishop has a long history of violence when faced with conflict”

In March, 2002, Bishop walked into an International House of Pancakes in Peabody with her family, asked for a booster seat for one of her children, and learned the last seat had gone to another mother.

Bishop, according to a police report, strode over to the other woman, demanded the seat and launched into a profanity-laced rant.

When the woman would not give the seat up, Bishop punched her in the head, all the while yelling “I am Dr. Amy Bishop.”


U of A-Huntsville shooter Amy Bishop has a long history of violence when faced with conflict

The authorities really screwed this one up:

amy bishop. . Amy Bishop, a mother of four and a Harvard-educated neurobiologist who had been denied tenure, is accused of shooting six people at a faculty meeting Friday in a rare workplace shooting by a woman.

She was charged with one count of capital murder, Huntsville Police Sgt. Mark Roberts said. “There will be additional charges,” he said…

The tragedy took an even eerier turn Saturday when it was reported that Bishop had shot and killed her teenage brother, Seth Bishop, in 1986 in Braintree, Mass. And late Sunday, The Boston Globe reported that Bishop was a suspect in the attempted mail bombing of a Harvard Medical School professor, Paul Rosenberg, in 1993. No one was charged in the incident.

So, would you have charged her in the brother’s killing if you knew she tried to commandeer a car and flee?

A former auto-body worker claims Amy Bishop put a gun to his chest and demanded a getaway car just minutes after she shot her brother to death 24 years ago in a controversial case that is now being reviewed…

[Tom] Pettigrew said he heard noise coming from where car keys are stored, so he went to investigate.

“I go over to the door and I can sense that she’s right near the door,” Pettigrew said. “I’m thinking it’s a BB gun. I open the door and she’s right there and we basically bumped into each other and I got a shotgun right in my chest!”

“And she’s like, ‘Hands up!’ and I’m like, ‘Yes ma’am’ ”

Bishop appeared agitated and nervous, Pettigrew said. The University of Alabama professor now accused of killing three colleagues Friday said she needed a car because, “I got into a fight with my husband and he’s going to kill me,” the worker recalled.

Pettigrew then watched as Bishop walked through the dealership looking at cars, all the while grasping the gun.

. . or charged the brother-killer with attempted murder when a professor of hers got pipe bombs in the mail?

The professor who is accused of killing three colleagues at the University of Alabama on Friday was a suspect in the attempted mail bombing of a Harvard Medical School professor in 1993, a law enforcement official said today.

Amy Bishop and her husband, James Anderson, were questioned after a package containing two bombs was sent to the Newton home of Dr. Paul Rosenberg, a professor and doctor at Boston’s Children’s Hospital.


Shotgun Jesus ends The Christmas Feud

To most people throughout Europe and the Americas, Christmas is a time of having fun, giving gifts, and bringing “Peace On Earth, Goodwill Toward Men” to life. It’s a positive thing. A steely heart bending to the whims of the Yuletide season has been a staple theme of storytellers from Dickens to Capra, and enjoyed by Christians and non-Christians alike.

But real Christians hate that shit, of course, and think anybody who fails to show proper reverence for Jesus’ made-up birthday have no right to have fun. Enter Ron Lake of Nipomo, CA. He’s standing up for Christianity by using his front yard to remind you that Jesus would bust a cap in Santa’s ass:

Controversial Christmas Display, Jesus versus Santa

NIPOMO – One Nipomo man’s holiday decorations has his neighbors banding together to get it removed.

JesShootSanta5The display is of Jesus and Santa, the two icons of Christmas. However, Jesus is holding a shotgun over the dead body of Santa Claus.

Neighbors want the display taken down citing that there are children in the neighborhood and they find it disturbing. “I know its freedom of speech, but it’s pretty disturbing and there are lots of children, that’s our main concern,” says neighbor Susana Cruz.

The artist, Ron Lake says that it represents the commercialism of Christmas.

Lake also says that his display it is a work of art and open to interpretation. “You can tell your kids and make it as if there’s a Santa Claus, and let them believe all that, but you can’t explain these things or ignore this thing. I don’t get it,” says Lake.

The controversial display went up on Monday, and since then multiple complaints have been filed with law enforcement trying to get the display removed.

Just outside of the chain link fence that separates the display from one of the main roads in Nipomo is a school bus stop.

JesShootSanta16Neighbors say children walking to the bus stop see the traditional nativity scene, or Santa soaring through the skies and kicking back on a Harley Davidson.

But then they stumble upon Jesus packing a double barrel shotgun bearing down on the Santa.

“Its private property, and everyone has the right to it, and I have the right to stand up and say I don’t like it either,” says Karen Clement who lives near the display.

“Christmas is not about Santa, its about Jesus, not the Jesus as the killer with the shotgun, but come on there’s a little humor here, a little tragedy here,” says Lake.

C’mon it’s just a humorous thing, right? But it’s also a little tragedy. And Christmas, Ron would remind you, is not about this Santa person whom Christ probably would blow to smithereens.



*doing a Schwarznegger* Silent night, bitch.