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Anything happen today? Sure.

As night fell on Tuesday after a day in which rebel forces gained “full control” over Moammar Gadhafi’s fortified Bab al-Aziziya compound in Libya’s capital, heavy fighting was reported in a southern desert city, Sabha, that rebels forecast would be Gadhafi loyalists’ last redoubt . .

That’s some big news. Also: Charges were dropped against the ultra-powerful, ultra-capitalist Dominique Strauss-Kahn. So if you’re an immigrant with a checkered past, don’t allow yourself to be sexually assaulted by a powerful man. Right, lesson learned.

In a bit of freak news, an earthquake hit the East Coast. Folks in D.C. felt it. How big an earthquake? Nobody ended up with stitches after running through broken glass.

So, a tremor. Hello, blog friends, Los Angeles calling. And this is how you rate these things — people getting injured, or bricks falling on your car, maybe killing it. Once that happens, you have an “event.” This quake, instead, was perhaps interesting. Something to chat about over a pint at the end of the day.

Of course, to the chattering class, whose sensibilities get knocked senseless by the Drudge Report on an hourly basis, the earth shaking rates a new chapter in the Bible. Who’s in charge of writing that thing, anyway? Oh, right, Matt Drudge:

Matt Drudge’s above-the-fold coverage of the earthquake featured a series of links about the story and a link telling readers that “Obama was on golf course…”

. . developing . .

BREAKING: President Played Golf Through Tremageddon
Matt Drudge | Capitol Testament Correspondent | August Without Question

Unnamed White House sources have confirmed that President Barack Obama remained at a golf resort for the entire duration of the capital temblor crisis, now commonly called “Earthgate.” Those same sources also tell the Drudge Report that the president himself will now take responsibility for the decision to play golf in advance of the natural disaster.

After a 5-something earthquake rolls through L.A., nobody — but nobody — gives a damn where the mayor was at the time.

Here’s something about earthquakes: they’re utterly random. They often come around in the middle of the night. So if you’re concerned about where the California governor was when the ground started rolling beneath you, you’re mentally ill.

But if you’re apparently wondering where the president was, when Matt Drudge shit his chair, you’re a journalist?

Yes, I know some of you panicked at feeling an earthquake for the first time. But there’s no reason for this political crap. If a flaming meteor landed in an Alexandria parking lot, killing and injuring no one, would you demand to know where the president was at the time? Yes, some of you would.

Meanwhile, while golfers cower, men of brilliance do this:

House of Cards
PowerLine | by John Hinderaker | August 23, 2011

If we have any geniuses in American public life these days, they are Mark Steyn and Michael Ramirez. The earthquake along the east coast had barely subsided when Ramirez drew this cartoon:

See? They were stacking the national debt when the tremor hit, and now it’s fallen to the ground. Time to collect the debt and, uh, sort it into, err, re-stack it so it, eh, hmmm. Anyway, that’s what happened today.


Take a guess what Debbie Schlussel is furious about

She got off a real scorch-and-burn post today (I know, I know: the sun rises . . and then it explodes in an angry fireball that reduces us all to plasma [ . . the satanic blood-product]). There’s something about this Memorial Day that’s gotten under her skin, and she is plenty pissed off. Let’s have some fun with Deborah Furor-Fuhrer, shall we? Jawohl.

Okay, she’s targeted whom? Who could it possibly be that uses and kills our soldiers? Spits on their graves? Wow. Who is this awful sonuvabitch?

So, the next time you enjoy […], remember the men who gave their lives for America didn’t give it so that their graves could be used to prop up […] the other 363 days of the year . .

Hmm. “So, the next time you enjoy a Memorial Day speech by Barack Obama, remember the men who gave their lives for America didn’t give it so that their graves could be used to prop up vacuous politicians . . ?” That would’ve been my guess, but no.

“So, the next time you enjoy a couple lines of blow, remember the men who gave their lives for America didn’t give it so that their graves could be used to prop up immigrant coke dealers . . ?” Not even close.

“So, the next time you enjoy my blogging, remember the men who gave their lives for America didn’t give it so that their graves could be used to prop up Nazi alphabet epilepsy . . ?” Only in a verrrrry parallel world.

Here, this is what Frau Cherry-Slushy-Braten blew a blood vessel over, and how:

So, the next time you enjoy PBS’ Memorial Day concert remember, the men who gave their lives for America didn’t give it so that their graves could be used to prop up PBS’ hatred-filled programming the other 363 days of the year.

G-d bless our fallen troops. G-d curse those–including PBS–who caused more of them to die in battle and then spit on their graves whenever given the chance. I’m sure many of our war-dead are turning over in their graves.

So, to be clear: “many of our war-dead are turning over in their graves” . . because PBS, as usual, is broadcasting the National Memorial Day Concert.


Fox News’ bitch/ad: ‘Shame on CNN for not covering D.C. protest.’ Pic in ad was from CNN’s video coverage.

I can’t begin to guess how many times I’ll have to type out ‘How stupid do you have to be…’ as long as Fox News is around.

Last weekend’s Teaparty protest in D.C. pulled in 50-70 thousand people, which was impressive. But it certainly didn’t pull in the two million people right-wingers swore it did. And it certainly was nowhere near being the largest event held in D.C., ever–that was Obama’s inauguration. Nonetheless, Conservatives are furious that it didn’t get more coverage and media traction than it did.

Of course, perhaps it was less actually newsworthy than hoped because…
1.) This 9/12 event was dreamed up by Fox’s Glenn Beck who invented the ‘9/12 Project.’
2.) The stage, podium, microphone and show were run by Dick Armey’s Conservative lobbying firm ‘Freedom Works.’
3.) The protesters couldn’t come up with an actual single reason for what they were doing. They’re well known to be motivated by a number of free-floating anxieties and are utterly clueless as to how they’ve been specifically ‘victimized.’ Though they actually pay lower taxes now, they typically swear that new Obama taxes are killing them.

That doesn’t make for compelling news, unless you’d like to see your people flaunted as dumb corporate stooges at 6:30 tonight.

Regardless, Glenn Beck’s boss, Fox News, was still very angry. It actually took out a full page ad in the Washington Post trying to shame its competitors for ignoring the non-historic ‘historic’ event:

CNN’s Rick Sanchez responded to the tantrum by blowing Fox out of the water for its lying stupidity. He also notes that the lower right image splayed in the ad is taken from CNN’s own camera work. In other words, Fox borrowed an image CNN generated while covering the event to slam CNN for not covering the event.

Really stupid. Other reactions: ABC spokesman Jeffrey Schneider described the ad as “outrageous and false.” NBC spokeswoman Lauren Kapp said that “the facts . . . prove it wrong.” CNN spokeswoman Edie Emery called the ad “blatantly false.”


How big are your balls? Conservatives fantasize 97% of their D.C. Teabaggers’ party.

The Teabaggers got together again yesterday, lowering their essential arguments on an unwilling nation. ‘No’ to communism, socialism, death panels, usurpers, blackie terrorism, restless legs. All the imaginary things now in America that no one would have imagined back when the DOJ was populated by lawyers educated by televangelists.

So they showed up and they did protest things that are not in the least either happening or threatening them in any way. Man, this is not the Sixties, for sure. This is the aughties, at least for another hundred days or so, and protesting is great fun for the wrought-brained morons of the world.

And it’s also great fun for the Conservative internet business foisters of the world who apparently wrote their breathless coverage of the ‘demonstrations’ last week, or perhaps last year. None of anything they posted was within the Galaxy of Roughly True, but the gloriousness of their Teabaggers’ thing was in the stars all the same.

Just how many people showed up and complained about things they don’t know anything about? How many people did their Glenn Beck impersonations yesterday? A lot, an impressive number.

‘Tens of thousands’ is the term that keeps showing up. Let’s say it’s fifty thousand, sixty thousand, fine. So how the hell is it that supposedly sane people gifted with some eyesight can report that a million angry Americans showed up? Or two million people, nearly one percent of the nation? Overserved? Off the meds?

Well, these ‘sane’ people are the usual whackos. Otherwise known as ‘right-wing internet sites’. (more…)