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CPAC argues over the ingratitude of slaves

CPAC’s “Trump the Race Card” confab.

I — it seems to like you’re reaching out to voters not gettin’ with the program you’re offering us at the expense of young white Southern males like myself — my demographic. Um, I studied literature, English literature ‘n stuff, and as I read about the past, I really came to love my people and my culture. And that — I know that’s anathema, I mean I know that’s bad to say. Yeah, so, so my question would be, I mean I feel like my people, my demographic, are being systematically disenfranchised. And furthermore — ya know — people like the lady over here in the red shirt applaud and say “Yay that’s good.” My problem is, why can’t we be more like Booker T. Washington Republicans? His famous statement that ‘Let’s be unified like a hand but separate like the fingers’?

The questions is, ‘Why can’t we be more unified by Booker T. Washington Republicans, versus Frederick Douglass?’ They call Booker T. Washington the second Frederick Douglass. Frederick Douglass was the originator. Okay? So when you study Douglass — Douglass was not –

How about about unity and diversity?

What about it?

Why can’t we . .? Why can’t we be . . ?

Douglass talked about that. Give you an example. Here’s an example — when Douglass escaped from slavery, I think 10 years or 20 years after he escaped from slavery, he writes a letter to his former slave master and says “I forgive you. For all the things you did to me.”

For giving him shelter and food all those years?

Think Progress:

After the exchange, Terry muttered under his breath, “why can’t we just have segregation?” noting the Constitution’s protections for freedom of association . .

When asked by ThinkProgress if he’d accept a society where African-Americans were permanently subservient to whites, he said “I’d be fine with that.” He also claimed that African-Americans “should be allowed to vote in Africa,” and that “all the Tea Parties” were concerned with the same racial problems that he was.

At one point, a woman challenged him on the Republican Party’s roots, to which Terry responded, “I didn’t know the legacy of the Republican Party included women correcting men in public.”


J.T. Ready, liberal activist, meet Jim Hoft, gentleman Rhodes Scholar

I love this game. Violent neo-Nazi gun-nut who hates everyone kills four, commits suicide. Who do you think he was really? Gosh, who can tell?

“The truth is that negroids screw monkeys and rape babies in afreaka. Then stupid white man who licks kosher jew rear lets negroids in. … Stop Negroid immigration and integration now!!! Nature will take care of the rest.”

It’s the forward to “It Takes a Village.” I have a theory, myself. I’d say Ready wasn’t a peacenik. He wasn’t a multi-culturalist. He wasn’t preaching togetherness and understanding. He was a raging neanderthal, or “Republican.” J.T. was your “white folks made this country great so I prowl the border with my semi-automatic looking for Mexicans” type. Know any liberals like that?

He was your values voter turned up to 11. Among the border vigilantes in the world, like the Minutemen, the defenders of white people in the world, like Pat Buchanan, the Negroid haters in the world, like John Derbyshire, and the anti-Semites in the world, like David Duke, Ready was simply more well-rounded and passionate than his brethren.

Not that he didn’t impress plenty of them. They loved the guy when he was running for Mesa City Council in 2006:

His anti-property-tax campaign platform and failure to fizzle out as the reports of his past surfaced has his opponents on guard and girding for a possible runoff election in May. . .

After a late start, he began picking up endorsements from several notable East Valley Republicans, such as state Rep. Russell Pearce and state Sen. Karen Johnson, among others.

His racism was fine by Mesa. It was after they learned he’d been kicked out of the Marines that they abandoned him. That’d be fine by us, the moonbats, except that he’s absolutely satanic. He continued to roll with his right-wing pals [courtesy the SPLC, Spring 2008]:

The past president of the Mesa Community College Republican Club and current Maricopa County Republican precinct committeeman, Ready is deeply involved in mainstream conservative politics. He’s also an outright neo-Nazi. Ready spoke at a rally put on by the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement in Omaha, Neb., last September (where he was billed as an “Arizona Republican activist”)…

You figure that’s a Republican with a future. Except he became too notorious for Arizona politics. He was a black eye for the rabid white people. The name of the game there is keeping your public racism on low-boil, so they abandoned him. Still he continued: forming a border militia group. Sending out his neo-Nazi gang to patrol “Occupy Phoenix”:

“Sporting assault rifles, they posed flanked by dozens of cops. Recognizing key NSM [National Socialist Movement] organizers in their midst, several people confronted them and set about informing the generally ignorant crowd that before them stood actual fascists, armed to the teeth.”

Several of the heavily-armed “Border Guards,” were at the camp late Saturday night at Hance Park, and were no comfort to Native Americans and others in the movement.

The online Downtown Devil reported at 10 pm, “At least three members of the Arizona Border Guard are still present with sidearms and one has donned a gas mask and a ballistic helmet.”

Even running for Pinal County Sheriff as a Democrat:

Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready Runs for Pinal County Sheriff as a Democrat
Phoenix New Times

. . “As part of our exploratory committee for Sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona- the Chairman and I visit a Black neighborhood to better understand the concerns of the people and how to utilize their help in combating Mexican drug cartels. Seems how we have an official Malcolm X street sign, one of my priorities will be to add a George Lincoln Rockwell sign as well.”

Rockwell, in case you don’t know, was the infamous fuhrer of the American Nazi Party, assassinated in 1967 by a disgruntled stormtrooper.

You can see what J.T. was up to. He’d gone so far around the bend, his act was beginning to poke out the other side. Look at the political rebel appropriating Black Power symbology to further an anti-n*gger agenda. In a peyote sort of way, it makes sense. More to some than others:

Horror!… Neo-Nazi #Occupy Phoenix Protester Goes On Shooting Rampage – 5 Dead
Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, May 3, 2012, 11:38 AM

Back in October we reported that Neo-Nazi Jason Todd Ready was patrolling the #Occupy Phoenix camp with AR-15′s. . .

Of course, since this was not a Tea Party rally the story was never picked up by the liberal media.

Someone should have reported white supremacists crapping on Occupy Phoenix, absolutely. Yes? No, Hoft claims that Ready was, in fact, a movement leader. Which is so far past hot damn it requires a word for planetary-core temperature stupid. “Magma chamber derp,” or “Hoftian,” perhaps.

As Jim Treacher says, “The Occupy Camp is a great incubator for domestic terrorism.” That’s an understatement! . .

It looks like poor unhinged Charles Johnson jumped the gun on this one. JT wasn’t a rightwinger after all, huh Chuck? Hopefully Mr. Johnson will be honest enough to post an update with corrections.

Contrast reality this way, and you’re the J.T. of blogging.


Russell Pearce’s neo-Nazi pal kills four people then shoots himself

Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready shot and killed four people yesterday at the Gilbert, Arizona, home where he lived.

A border militia leader on Wednesday shot and killed four people at a Gilbert home, including a toddler, before committing suicide, sources said.

Sources identified the shooter as Jason “J.T.” Ready, a reputed neo-Nazi who made headlines when he launched a militia movement to patrol the Arizona desert to hunt for illegal immigrants and drug smugglers.

Ready was a white supremacist and familiar presence to Arizonans who followed local politics. He was a political ally to former Arizona Senate President and Tea Party celebrity Russell Pearce, the architect of the state’s controversial anti-immigrant S.B. 1070 law.

J.T. Ready and Russell Pearce

Pearce endorsed Ready for Mesa City Council in 2006 and appeared with him at several rallies. In 2004 Pearce was photographed attending J.T Ready’s baptism into the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). Church documents reveal that Pearce ordained J.T. Ready into the LDS priesthood. Pearce has since claimed he was unaware of Ready’s neo-Nazi affiliations at the time he made the endorsement.

Ready lived at the residence where the shooting took place. He was living with his girlfriend, Lisa Mederos, one of the victims.

Authorities have not identified the other victims, but reached by phone Wednesday afternoon, Hugo Mederos said the victims were his ex-wife, Lisa; their daughter, Amber; Amber’s boyfriend, whose name The Republic is withholding until his next of kin could be notified, and Amber’s 18-month-old baby, Lilly.

Mederos, who lives in Tampa, said Ready lived at the home with his girlfriend, Lisa.

Ready was a former Marine who headed the U.S. Border Guard, a militia-style group that routinely performed armed patrols in the southern Arizona desert. Early this year, Ready had formed an exploratory committee for a run as Pinal County sheriff.

In a statement of organization filed Jan. 11, Amber Mederos was listed as treasurer of the Committee to Elect J.T. Ready. Her name was nowhere to be found in amended paperwork filed March 12.

Ready recently formed the “U.S. Border Guard,” an anti-immigrant militia. The group sometimes roamed the desert at night looking for suspected illegal immigrants attempting to enter the state.

J.T. Ready, left

In an earlier photo, Ready was seen supporting the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement at a Nebraska rally.

J.T. Ready, second from right

He was 39 years old.


Michael Steele is Beginning to Look Like Malcolm X to Me

If you thought like me that Herman Cain was the strangest black man in the Republican Party, you were wrong. Months ago, when I called Allen West a ‘Walking Anger Management Problem,’ I sensed that he was even more…unique…than that. At the time, he was completely losing his shit over the diminutive, post-cancer chemotherapy patient Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The optics may have been bad, but he really had no choice. She is a woman and she questioned his authoritah! He is A Real Man.

But remember this? He got mad at NBC, too:

West has denied NBC News’s reports of his involvement with the gang, and recently told Hotline On Call that the story can’t be true because the Outlaws do not “accept blacks, Jews or gays” into their ranks.

The West campaign has responded to the reports, denying their veracity and accusing NBC of a biased reporting:

“In what can only be described as a political hatchet job by the liberal mainstream media, NBC News – through reporter Lisa Myers – made an outrageous claim that LTC(R) Allen West condones criminal activity. Myers clearly has an agenda to try and stop good people like Allen who oppose the far left policies that are wreaking havoc upon our country.”

Turns out he just gets mad. Ask him about Herman Cain:

Scott Hennen: Is it an attack on a black conservative because he’s a black conservative?

Congressman West: Oh come on, I mean you know I was the only black member of a white supremacist motorcycle gang, so liberals and there are certain others I would say even within our party that are not comfortable with strong black conservative voices, and I would say there are people that feel very threatened by that because we do stand on principle. We are someone or entities that are out of the mainstream, if you want to call it that, so liberals are definitely going to come at you.

So I guess Herman Cain is not the only black man in the GOP who would get a special kind of thrill if somebody called him “Cornbread.” Or something. This is why we can’t have nice things, like participatory democracy. It is also why the following is all over the interwebs these days:  “2012–It’s Not Just an Election, It’s a Restraining Order.”

One thing is sure, we are going to have to stop cracking jokes about Michele Malkin winning the award for being the white supremacist with the darkest skin.


The despicable Nazi-loving architect of S.B. 1070, ‘Tea Party President’ Russell Pearce, defeated in Arizona recall

Just when you think Arizona is beyond redemption. Jerry Lewis wins, 53.4% to 45.3%:

In a stunning blow to the Tea Party movement, a huge turnout in Mesa’s conservative LD 18 overwhelmingly voted out Arizona’s hardline State Senate President Russell Pearce in a historic recall election today.

As the self-proclaimed “Tea Party President,” Pearce’s national role as the figurehead for punitive immigration measures also turned the recall election into a referendum on the state’s notorious SB 1070 “papers, please” immigration law, which Pearce had made the hallmark of his legislative career.

. . the proud pinnacle of his career. It was a Nazi loving, Whites only, citizen-of-Arizona-not-America, I-drink-Jan-Brewer’s-milkshake-I-drink-it-up career [take in Russell’s shenanigans here, here]. And tonight it’s over.

This is gigantic news.

Considered the de facto governor of Arizona, the seemingly invincible and right-wing extremist Pearce became the first state Senate president in American history to be thrown out of office in a recall election.

. . Only a year ago, Pearce’s ascendancy to the Senate president post was hailed by many as a watershed moment for the Tea Party movement. Within days of his reign, Pearce and his Tea Party legislators introduced a flurry of radical bills, including an effort to “nullify” federal laws.

“This election sends a message to other Democratic efforts,” said Dan O’Neal, with the Arizona chapter of the Progressive Democrats of America, “to not be afraid to take on issues and races in red states.”

This was, by far, the most powerful Tea Party person in all the Western U.S.. This is like the Progressive movement losing Alan Grayson. Bigger. Now Grayson’s coming back, and Pearce is gone. Beautiful.


Dear America: Your Tea Party is a clusterfuck of morons, racists and clowns

Know your Tea Party people. Know them by their words and deeds . .

Dale Robertson, President and Founder of Tea Party.org:

Jim Russell, White Plains Tea Partier, candidate for New York’s 18th district.

On the mixing of human races:

The most serious implication of human sexual imprinting for our genetic future is that it would establish the destructiveness of school integration, especially in the middle and high-school years . . In the midst of this onslaught against our youth, parents need to be reminded that they have a natural obligation, as essential as providing food and shelter, to instill in their children an acceptance of appro-priate ethnic boundaries for socialization and for marriage.

He announced his candidacy, and then they threw him a little Nazi Party.

Christine O’Donnell, Delaware candidate for U.S. Senate.

On the mixing of species:

American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains. So they’re already into this experiment.

Next: Tea Partiers with fully functioning human brains.

–Candidate for Colorado Governor, Dan Maes.

From his website, on his short career as a cop:

At one point in my 2 years there I was place (sic) undercover by the Kansas Bureau of Investigations to gather information inside a bookmaking ring that was also allegedly selling drugs. I got too close to some significant people in the community who were involved in these activities and abruptly was dismissed from my position. I was blindsided and stunned to say the least.

You know what else stunned Dan? Having his ‘undercover cop’ fantasy arrested.

Who wrote [the claim] on the website?

“Whoever typed it, typed it. That’s all I’ve got to say,” Maes said, before referring questions to his campaign spokesman.

Later, his spokesman, Nate Strauch, confirmed that Maes had written the comments.

Call homicide, Dan’s campaign just died.

–Tea Party Candidate for Governor of New York, Carl Paladino.

The New York Post:

It was just about a year ago, hours after the death of her son in a car crash, that Cathy Paladino’s husband told her he was the father of a 10-year-old girl with another woman — and that all their children and most of their friends already knew.

Think that’s funny? You should be on his e-mail list. *DING*, you have mail:

Good ol’ Carl.

–Speaking of funny, how about that brilliant satirist, former head of and spokesman for Tea Party Express, Mark Williams:

Perhaps the most racist point of all in the tea parties is their demand that government “stop raising our taxes.” That is outrageous! How will we coloreds ever get a wide screen TV in every room if non-coloreds get to keep what they earn? Totally racist! The tea party expects coloreds to be productive members of society?

HA HA HO. Hilarious.

. . repeat after me: Islam is a 7th Century Death Cult coughed up by a psychotic pedophile and embraced by defective, tail sprouting, tree swinging, semi-human, bipedal primates with no claim to be treated like human beings or even desirable mammals for that matter.

Stop, you’re killing me.

Sharron Angle, Nevada Tea Party candidate gunning for Senator:

What is a little bit disconcerting and concerning is the inability for sporting goods stores to keep ammunition in stock . . That tells me the nation is arming . . They’re afraid they’ll have to fight for their liberty in more Second Amendment kinds of ways . . . If we don’t win at the ballot box, what will be the next step?

A fair question, considering you’re out of bullets. Guess you’ll just have to throw rocks at the Coloreds.

–Tea Party fave Rand Paul, Senate candidate from the rugged state of Kentucky.

On the abhorrent mining practice of mountain top removal:

. . I think coal gets a bad name because I think a lot of the land apparently is quite desirable once it’s been flattened out. As I came over here from Harlan, you’ve got quite a few hills. I don’t think anybody’s going to be missing a hill or two here and there. And some people like having the flat land. Some of it apparently has become quite valuable when it’s become flattened.

A desert can be valuable, too. Atomic weapons testing.

–And Sarah Palin, of course, the queen of the Tea Party klan.

Here she roils the Seas of Couragebilly from which the Campaign Hope Tea Admirals rebelliously pride-weigh their Reaganchors:

I’ll know that I have spoken up and I will speak up to thank people like Mr. Reagan, as we honor his dad, to encourage you too, Alaskans, to do the same and don’t just hang in there and go along to get along but stand up and speak up, and be bold and demand that Washington be prudent with our public monies and prioritize for America’s security, and forget the political correctness that makes one guard your conversation, and couch our words so cautiously that they lose meaning, and we lose effectiveness, and then we lose hope because we start thinking that politicians are only worried about their poll numbers and attracting campaign contributions for their next bid so that they can hold on to some title and some position.

Well said. OR, in a word — a single Tea Party word:

Oh. And also. Jesus:


Multiple allegations arise that James O’Keefe might be racist. His ‘Taxpayers Clearing House’ video won’t absolve him.

James O’Keefe may be a white nationalist. Multiple allegations arose today that he had behaved in such a manner and participated in such events as to support accusations of racism.

Most of these allegations were brought up in an article by Max Blumenthal at Salon.com.

James O’Keefe’s race problem

A photo of the righty stuntman at a white-nationalist confab illustrates a career marked by racial resentment

— The event:

According to One People’s Project founder Daryle Jenkins, O’Keefe was manning the literature table at the gathering that brought together anti-Semites, professional racists and proponents of Aryanism. OPP covered the event at the time, sending a freelance photographer to document the gathering. Jenkins told me the table was filled with tracts from the white supremacist right, including two pseudo-academic publications that have called blacks and Latinos genetically inferior to whites: American Renaissance and the Occidental Quarterly. The leading speaker was Jared Taylor, founder of the white american renaissancenationalist group American Renaissance. “We can say for certain that James O’Keefe was at the 2006 meeting with Jared Taylor. He has absolutely no way of denying that,” Jenkins said. O’Keefe’s attorney did not respond to a request for comment on his client’s role in the conference.

— The magazine and website: American Renaissance. The Southern Poverty Law Center identified American Renaissance as the communications arm of the New Century Foundation, which asserts white supremacy.

IQ and Race: The Web Sites

Under the aegis of “scientific” studies of intelligence, a number of scholars and commentators have argued that there are significant IQ differences between blacks, whites and other races. Here is a list of key Web sites that carry some of these arguments. Although not all of these sites are explicitly racist, many are, and the arguments they promote are used widely by white supremacist groups to legitimize racial hatred.

American Renaissance

This is the home site of American Renaissance magazine, which was founded by Jared Taylor, author of the controversial book Paved with Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America. The site carries articles that include “Is There a Superior Race?” and “The Myth of Diversity.”

— The Man: Jared Taylor. The SPLC identifies Taylor as a white supremacist.

New Century Foundation

american renaissance 2Jared Taylor, the man who heads the New Century Foundation and edits its allied magazine American Renaissance, is a white supremacist who celebrates the “clear conception of the United States as a nation ruled by and for whites.” The foundation and magazine, based in Oakton, Va., tirelessly advance pseudo-scientific theories linking IQ to race and advocate eugenics — selective breeding to “improve” human genetic stock.

The foundation also puts on bi-annual conferences; the 2002 event was advertised like this: “In all parts of the world, whites are afraid to speak out in their own interests. The costs of ‘diversity,’ racial differences in IQ, the threat of non-white immigration — politicians and the media are afraid to discuss what these things mean for whites and their civilization.”

Taylor also has noted approvingly that until 1967, “strong opposition to mixed marriage was enshrined in law” in 16 states. In “The Myth of Diversity,” Taylor writes that “diversity” has led to civil rights claims by all kinds of groups he doesn’t like. “Anyone who opposes the glorification of the alien, the subnormal, and the inferior can be denounced,” he complains. “The metastasis of diversity is a fascinating story, but the disease began with race.”

Here’s a clip of an interview by video journalists ‘American News Project’ with Jared Taylor:

As for O’Keefe himself:

By O’Keefe’s own account, his racial troubles became acute when he entered the multicultural atmosphere of Rutgers University’s dormitory system. In an online diary that has since been scrubbed from the Web (but not before being captured on Daily Kos), he wrote that he was forced to live on an all-black dormitory floor after refusing to live with the gay roommate he was initially assigned. O’Keefe claimed his next roommate was “an Indian midget … who smelled like shit.” The roommate left, however, and was replaced by “a greek kid.” The new roommate complained to a residential administrator that O’Keefe had called his neighbors “niggers,” prompting the school to expel him from the dorm. He rejected the accusation as a “complete lie,” writing, “I was lead out of the room crying and screaming at him and my situation, no friends, no one one [sic] to talk to, forced to go in front of a black man, Dean Tolbert, to defend myself and help explain that I did not call anyone any names.”

Here is one of O’Keefe’s prankster videos that I posted previously, calling it a ‘piece of shit’. Does this guy have racist tendencies? See for yourself: