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Confederate Yankee comes across scenario to blow liberals away, claims it would be perfectly justified

I can only assume Confederate Yankee serially spent plenty of ‘alone time’ in the nearest Confederate Condo Crapcloset after this post. Those gunpowder-and-ballistics Palin pics surely are now spotty and plenty worse for wear, assuming they’re not just stuck together like stacks of rice paper mats after a corn syrup monsoon.

confed yank 2Labor union SEIU turned up the heat on the business flaks and banksters by staging protests directly in front of their homes. They realized that bringing a few hundred people to demonstrate outside the mega-skyscrapers of the powerful and insulated results in nothing much effective, so they changed tactics.

The scene is certainly more aggressive, and its politics are controversial. Huffington Post reported on the cacophony this way:

Class Warfare: Hundreds Protest Outside Bankers’ Houses In DC
First Posted: 05-16-10 08:00 PM | Updated: 05-17-10 05:46 PM

Huge raucous crowds converged outside bank employees’ houses on Sunday afternoon to demand banks stop lobbying against Wall Street reform.

“Bank of America: bad for America!” shouted community leaders outside the house of Bank of America deputy general counsel Gregory Baer.

The Chicago-based grassroots organization National People’s Action, in coordination with the SEIU, bused more than 700 workers from 20 states to Baer’s neighborhood, one of the wealthiest corners of Washington. The action kicks off several days of protests targeting K Street for lobbyists’ role in financial reform.

Baer’s son was in the house at the time and got scared, though no harm or destruction resulted. The group apparently packed up and moved to another bigwig’s house. Confederate Yankee, however, caught an electric whiff off the fear and fired back:

It’s All Fun For Them, Until One of Their Little Unionized Terrorists Get Shot
Posted by Confederate Yankee at 08:07 PM

I was offline most of the weekend, spending the bulk of Saturday and Sunday in an NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course with a class filled with NRA instructors. All of us were concealed carry permit holders, and all had previously taken the Personal Protection in the Home course (more on the courses at another time, perhaps).

As a result, I didn’t get a chance until today to read about Nina Easton’s account of a SEIU/NPA mob action that terrified the teen-aged son of a Bank of America lawyer, who was alone when the mob poured out of 14 buses and stormed their home . .

You can tell where this is going, right?

If a homeowner in such a situation felt that a chanting mob banging forcefully on door [sic] and windows was attempting to break into the home, they would be fully justified under the laws of many states if the [sic] decided to start firing a gun through the door into the tightly packed mob behind it in order to stop what they felt was a felony home invasion in progress.

Now that would be the felony home invasion of all-time. When the massive group pours out of a whole bunch of buses, wearing the same colorful shirts, carrying signs, marching up and down the street and yelling cliches through their bullhorns, you can be sure they’re there to sneak up on the front door and stampede it if you inexplicably answer the doorbell. “WHOOOIIIZZIIITT?” Wait for the 110-decibel pleas of “SSSSHHHHHH!!” coming through the hand-helds, bouncing through the neighborhood. Then you can tiptoe to the door and brace for the worst.

Gotta admit, it’s a brilliant strategy. After they’ve tied you up and taken all your jewelry, long after they’ve skulked away in the bright light of day, disappeared in an elephant migration of diesel-spewing buses, how will you ever identify them? There are hundreds of them, dammit. Of course, you might just tell the police you’re being robbed — they are, after receiving all the calls from angry neighbors, standing there monitoring the whole thing. Nonetheless, go ahead, pull out your rifle and pour a couple clips worth of high-velocity rounds through the door at the “tightly packed mob behind it.”

This is not an extreme nor unusual statute, but a simple acknowledgment of castle doctrine and stand your ground laws applied to a bizarre situation.

confed yankNow there’s some logic: it’s a bizarre situation, I feel scared, time to blow your noggin off. Unless you mean after the fact, then I would agree: indiscriminately and blindly opening fire upon a crowd of protesters in your front yard would be a bizarre situation, AKA “wholesale slaughter.” Incidentally, considering the unarmed hundreds of them, good luck convincing anybody that tactic constituted a reasonable solution to your problem.

No jury on earth would convict a family trapped by 500 thugs screaming through bullhorns and causing them to reasonably suspect that their lives were in danger from a mob they thought was breaking down his door, and it’s doubtful there would even be a prosecution in many jurisdictions.

On second thought, that might be true, knowing what some places in the country are like. Doesn’t mean it’s legal or justified or that you wouldn’t be a notorious mass-murderer of working class types. But then, you’d also become a celebrated anti-union Bernie Goetz for the far-right, so your ticket would be eternally punched. Hmm, this is an even better Confederate Yankee fantasy than I’d originally figured.

Barack Obama’s comfort with thug politics and love of strong-arm behavior may get some of his supporters killed one day, and he’ll have no one to blame but his own tactics and allies.

Grab some Jergens and go satisfy yourself, Yankee. God fear monkey nuts.

vervet monkey 3