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Gun nut shoots his wife

Last week:

Police said the spouses were sitting across from each other in a booth about 8:15 p.m. on Jan. 2 when the man reached into his front pants pocket and accidentally discharged a small pistol, striking his wife in the leg just above the knee. She was treated at a hospital and released.

The man had a valid permit to carry a concealed weapon, said Officer Dan Friesen of the Lenexa [Kansas] Police Department.

Your man card has been validated.


Five days in Herman Cain’s Libya

This was an awful week for Herman Cain.

After Monday, when he couldn’t recall what the devil Libya was, Cain worked mightily to set his campaign back on ‘solid ground.’ He spent the rest of the week attacking something, anything, of the embarrassment to save dignity.

Unfortunately, on Thursday he started weeping in the middle of another media sit-down, this time with WMUR in all-important New Hampshire. Then on Friday, while trotting out yet another defense, he stumbled on the devil again.

Herman Cain thought the Taliban were taking over Libya. A tough week:

“Do I agree that they now have a country where you’ve got Taliban and Al Qaeda that’s gonna be part of the government? Do I agree with not knowing what the government was gonna . . which part was he asking me about?”

There was a widely read piece by Molly Ball in Thursday’s Atlantic titled Herman Cain Meltdown. Molly said Herman was coming apart at the seams.

I’d draw a distinction. While Herman is clearly looking worse for wear, it’s not because he can’t handle the heat. It’s because he’s utterly incompetent. Beyond getting out in front of people and touting himself, he’s got no talent for politics. He’s playing a game he can’t win.

I doubt you’ll ever see him with any better command of foreign policy though he nearly just gaffed his campaign to death. He still has no interest in Libya or Egypt or Afghanistan or any other place as far as three time zones away. You’d ask, “Why doesn’t he sit down with a foreign policy expert, or an international current events primer, or something?” He never wanted to before, and he doesn’t want to now. It’s no more complicated than that.


CNN’s anti-immigrant blowhard Lou Dobbs is such a big deal that people are trying to shoot his wife and his vinyl siding

“…they’ve threatened my wife, they’ve now fired a shot at my house and, uh, while my wife was standing next to the car…uh, it’s become something else…and if anybody thinks that we’re not engaged in a battle for the soul of this country, right now, you’re sorely mistaken…”

“…my wife now has been, and I, have been shot at, uh, our driver, uh, my house has been shot and hit, uh, an investigation continues, I’ve had bodyguards now, and, you know what, I’m not in a mood to put up with little fools like Geraldo Rivera, uh, it’s time that we really awakened to what is happening in this country, it is ugly…”

NJ Law Enforcement Appear to Contradict
Dobbs’ Version
of Gunfire Incident

Interviews with the New Jersey State Police yielded a rather different assessment of the events described by Dobbs. In a phone interview conducted yesterday, Sgt. Stephen Jones, a NJ State Police spokesperson, chuckled out loud after he heard about Dobbs’ account of the gunfire incident. Jones commented that he “wouldn’t classify it [the gunfire incident] as very unusual.” He also confirmed that there are hunters in the area, and stated that, “at this time of year hunter [shooting] complaints go up.”…

Another New Jersey State Police spokesperson, Sgt. Julian Castellanos, noted that “it’s a wide open area and there are hunters in the area.” Castellanos explained that the bullet had hit the house in vicinity of the attic; it “hit the vinyl siding and fell to the ground” without penetrating the vinyl, he said…

When asked to comment for this story, Dobbs disputed the New Jersey State Police’s account, saying in an email that “there was no hunting season underway three weeks ago.” However, an official at the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife Bureau of Law Enforcement confirmed in a phone interview that state hunting seasons were underway at the time of the gunfire incident three weeks ago.

Asked what he thought of Dobbs’ version of the gunfire incident, Sgt. Jones stated, “I’m really going to leave Lou Dobbs’ assessment to himself.”


prominent republican wives, latent feminism and the epidemic of ‘kabong syndrome’

The latest ugly incidence of wives of well-known Republicans attacking their husbands with stringed instruments has been the cause for a number of lurid headlines:

–Gary Skoien, Former Cook County GOP Chair, Beaten
By Wife
After Being Found With Prostitutes

–Fmr. GOP chairman caught with hookers, beaten by wife

Police report: Skoien with two prostitutes

Inverness Police say former Cook County Republican Chairman Gary Skoien admitted having two prostitutes in his children’s playroom when his wife walked in on him early Sunday morning.

The allegation is in a domestic battery report from Skoien, 55, against his 36-year-old, 5-foot-4-inch, 110-pound wife. He said she beat him with her fists and an electric guitar…

The police report said Skoien “told [the responding officer] he did in fact have prostitutes with him in the playroom when his wife caught him.” The playroom looked like “a struggle of some kind took place there…There were items turned and tossed around the room,” the report said.

“That’s how it was reported to us,” Barrington/Inverness Police Deputy Chief Jerry Libit said…

On Sunday night, he said his wife was driven home from a function and she went to bed. Skoien called a friend who came over and they were talking in the playroom when his wife woke up and began beating him with her fists and “a hard heavy electric guitar,” he said.

“I called police because I thought I was going to be killed,” Skoien said.

In an effort to understand this violent phenomenon, becoming more widely known as ‘Kabong Syndrome,’ we turned to an expert. In an online posting on her forensic blog “Tragic and Pre-Modern Feminism“, Professor of Women’s Studies at Webfeau University in Whitetower, Maryland, Emma Keen wrote that blood-letting domestic confrontations by well-to-do Republican wives is reaching epidemic proportions.

‘Forced to stand by their spouses and appear matrimonially satisfied under a mind-numbing array of conditions and insults, the tension between fantasy for them and reality for the rest of the adult female world starts out as a sore point, but eventually grows into a bristling, volcanic emergency. Unattended, it only requires a final relationship assault for a cataclysmic eruption to follow.’

These wives’ unique choices of weapon to register their dissatisfaction, the ‘Kabong Syndrome,’ is a particularly effective method of causing injury, both physical and psychological says Keen. Battered husbands are often left with years of therapy to recover; teenage children’s posters consisting of Who and Nirvana concert footage often cause panic attacks. The question, Keen believes, left for investigators and sociologists in the aftermath is ‘why’?

“The key to understanding the phenomenon, I now believe, is assessing the psychological perception of the household stringed instrument from the wives’ perspective. In most Republican homes, this object–say a guitar–holds almost no practical value: unattended, unplayed, nothing more than a decorative object. Yet there it remains every day, ever-present, on display. Still, it’s taken out when friends or family show up, but for no real reason: to be handled clumsily by strangers and then returned to some quiet corner after the event.”

“There is something powerful in the perceptions about the forlorn family instrument that causes wives in crisis to reach for it and vengefully crown their husbands.”

The most famous incident of the ‘syndrome’ may be nothing more than a myth: does the Professor put any stock in the rumor about the former first lady, Laura Bush, beating the President with an acoustic guitar in early 2006?

“Ah, yes, that story–she supposedly hit him over the back of the head with Hank Williams jr.’s Martin D-12 after George began secretly drinking with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. What a great relief it would be to the suffering Party wives if she admitted it were true. But I doubt we’ll ever really know.”