Camille Paglia on legitimate rape (…it’s French)

So Bill Clinton is just like Bill Cosby, is he?

Camille Paglia, the political and cultural critic, has been a brave and brilliant provocateur on Salon for almost 20 years now.

Of course the former president is. Because Camille Paglia, though not a brilliant writer, or person, wants to poke your eye with a stick.

Right from the start, when the Bill Cosby scandal surfaced, I knew it was not going to bode well for Hillary’s campaign, because young women today have a much lower threshold for tolerance of these matters.

…Monica Lewinsky–I mean, the failure on the part of Gloria Steinem and company to protect her was an absolute disgrace in feminist history! What bigger power differential could there be than between the president of the United States and this poor innocent girl?

Concerning sex acts between consenting non-comatose adults, the thing that distinguishes ‘assault’ from ‘adultery’ is the power differential between the parties. Are you but an office secretary? And is he a millionaire? Or a corporate CEO? Is he the nation’s Commander-in-Chief? Then undoubtedly a crime has been committed and you need to go to the hospital immediately. No it doesn’t matter who started it or why, you’re a victim of extramarital intercourse…

It’s a very sophisticated style among the French, and generally in Europe, where the heads of state tend to have mistresses on the side. So what? That doesn’t bother me at all! But the point is, they are sophisticated affairs that the European politicians have, while the Clinton episode was a disgrace…

It was frat house stuff! And Monica got nothing out of it.

…unless you, poor innocent girl, happened to get a little something out of it. No I don’t mean bawdy pleasure or tawdry romance, or any of that other cheap psychological crap. I mean something tangible. Something real, and sophisticated. You know what I’m talking about – a little taste of the ka-ching Material Girl stuff…

Hillary was away or inattentive, and he used Monica in the White House–and in the suite of the Oval Office, of all places. He couldn’t have taken her on some fancy trip? She never got the perks of being a mistress; she was there solely to service him.

…like an all-expenses paid jaunt to Monte Carlo. Or some diamond earrings. Would it kill you to leave a little cash on the nightstand, Grampa? What exactly does an innocent girl have to do to earn a little respect around here? From Camille Paglia, to begin with?


Theater shooter John Houser: Not much a drifter, very much a conservative

If you want to find out something about the Lafayette, Louisiana, theater tragedy you can get on the google and learn that shooter houser at a city council meetingJohn Russell Houser was something of a ‘mentally ill drifter’ from Phenix City, Alabama. Then, if it interests you, you can try to learn more about Houser and google him - and that’s when you find out that he was as much a well-to-do conservative firebrand as he was anything else. It may be that Houser’s struggles with mental illness came and went, and that he spent some short time as a ‘drifter’ toward the end, but it was certainly true he’d been a conservative activist all his life.

Houser was born in the mid-1950s to a wealthy conservative family in Phenix City’s neighbor, Columbus, Georgia. His mother and father came from prominent families, and his father won a local seat as tax commissioner. As far back as everyone can remember Houser hated African-Americans and women.

This weekend, friends from Columbus High School remembered him as odd, and said a more mean-spirited mindset seemed to lock in place when desegregation came to the school.

“He was a racist,” said Fife Whiteside, a longtime acquaintance. “He always had this racist rhetoric.”

Race was not Houser’s only interest. Calvin Floyd, a talk radio host who knew him, told the Washington Post he had “an issue with feminine rights” and said: “He was opposed to women having a say in anything.”

Instead of homelessness and drifting, Houser chose college and eventually earned a degree in accounting. He later went to law school and earned a law degree, though he never to took the bar and never practiced law. As an entrepreneur, Houser owned at least two businesses: Rusty’s Buckhead Pub, and the Peachtree Pub. He and his conservative buddies liked to hang around in his bars and talk right-wing politics.

As he grew older, he grew even more conservative. He was virulenty anti-government, anti-tax, and frequented whatever local city council meetings he could find to say so.

Houser indicated that he frequently spoke out about wasteful spending at Columbus City Council and Water Board meetings, and the city’s former mayor said he remembered him.

“He came to many City Council meetings and he was in tune with a lot of issues that were going on in the community,” said Superior Court Judge and former mayor Bobby Peters. “He was very outspoken, highly intelligent, really didn’t trust government and anything about government.”

“He always thought something was going on behind the scenes,” Peters continued. “He came across with a very conservative agenda.”

He even confronted local politicians.

Whiteside won the [school board] position, but later made [tax] decisions that Houser didn’t like. Mild support turned into virulent animosity.

“One night I was at my office,” Whiteside said, “working late. I had the lights on. I thought I heard something outside, so I made my way over to a window and looked out – there was Rusty, spying in my bushes. Looking back at me.”…

Whiteside said Houser unleashed an anti-tax rant that seemed endless. “It took me forever to get him out of my office,” Whiteside said. Houser liked to work out at the local YMCA, and “in a fist fight he would have been a formidable opponent. I was never afraid of him but I guess, looking back now, that was my mistake.”

Like almost all conservatives, he was rabidly homophobic:

But Hostilo noted that Houser wasn’t always mellow. At a public water board meeting about a rate hike, Hostilo recalled his friend “went off on homosexuals controlling the city.”…

Two years ago, the two crossed paths at a barbecue restaurant and Houser sat down at his table. He said Houser immediately started complaining about the Obama administration and decrying the attack on Confederate heritage.

“He said people were out to destroy the Confederacy, that they want to destroy our heritage,” Hostilo recalled. “And I said, ‘Who?’ and he said, ‘the homosexuals.’”

He despised liberals as well.

rusty houser facebook pageOn a Twitter account created in March 2013, a John Russell Houser with the handle @jrustyhouser had two single tweets:

“The Westboro Baptist Church may be the last real church in America (members not brainwashed),” he wrote June 5, 2013, talking about the church that protests military funerals.

The same day, he tweeted “If you don’t think the internet is censored, try reading a newspaper from a country that hates liberals the way I do.”

At some point he got married and bought a house in Phenix. But it was the end of that marriage that seems to have undone the furious right-winger. In part because of the divorce Houser apparently went bankrupt. He completely trashed the house and then, later, left Phenix City and moved into a Motel 6 in Louisiana. On Thursday he sat for 20 minutes watching Amy Schumer’s “Trainwreck” in a Lafayette theater before standing up and firing randomly at the audience, injuring nine and killing two. Then he killed himself. Does that make John Russell Houser really crazy? Or does that make him really angry, i.e., a diehard conservative?

One thing none of Houser’s former friends understand is why he was in Louisiana and how he could be described as a “drifter” by law enforcement. Hostilo said he believed Houser had been financially secure.

“I always understood his family was very wealthy and that he was very wealthy,” Hostilo said. “He’s not the kind of person I would have thought would drift away from everyone he knew.”

…but then…

“If you had told me the other day that five politicians on a city council had been shot, then I would have believed it was Rusty,” Hostilo said. “But when I heard it was innocent people in a movie, I just couldn’t believe it.”

Maybe he was both.


Ross Douthat’s worst editorial ever

Cheap. Tawdry. Craven. Insulting. Stupefying. It’s difficult to settle upon a single word or phrase that sums up the faceslap that Ross Dothat just posted in the NYT’s op-ed section. Trying to take down Planned Parenthood for daring to participate in biomedical research, Ross penned a moral scolding so lacking in mature thoughts or feelings that it’s hard to describe.

To begin with, he calls it “Looking Away From Abortion.” And, no, Ross isn’t referring to the post Roe v. Wade practice of terminating unwanted pregnancies, he means the actual act. Strike that, he means the bloody surgical procedure. Actually he means all those predictable human babies on the street under your shoes.

Looking down, Selzer first thinks he sees oversize baby birds, then rubber baby dolls, until the realization comes that the street is littered with the tiny, naked, all-too-human bodies of aborted fetuses.

Later, the local hospital director speaks to Selzer, trying to impose order on the grisly scene. It was an accident, of course: The tiny corpses were accidentally “mixed up with the other debris” instead of being incinerated or interred. “It is not an everyday occurrence. Once in a lifetime, he says.”

And Selzer tries to nod along: “Now you see. It is orderly. It is sensible. The world is not mad. This is still a civilized society…

“But just this once, you know it isn’t. You saw, and you know.”

Having established that squished fetuses look disgusting, he goes in for the editorial kill. Other gory medical stuff whatever, but anyone can see that this is bad.

But in the end, Planned Parenthood’s defenders insist, listening to an abortionist discuss manipulating the “calvarium” (that is, the dying fetus’s skull) so that it emerges research-ready from the womb is fundamentally no different than listening to a doctor discuss heart surgery or organ transplants. It’s unsettling, yes, but just because it’s gross doesn’t prove it’s wrong.

Which is true, but in this case not really true enough. Because real knowledge isn’t purely theoretical; it’s the fruit of experience, recognition, imagination, life itself.

A surgeon dispensing a cervical tumor to the biohazard trash fully demonstrates experience, recognition, and human imagination. Hallowed this be – the fruit of life, itself. But the same surgeon diverting a frozen fetus to a university laboratory wages mortal sin. You’re deep in denial, idiots. And if at anytime you want to start throwing up, Ross will hold your hair.

It’s a very specific disgust, informed by reason and experience — the reasoning that notes that it’s precisely a fetus’s humanity that makes its organs valuable, and the experience of recognizing one’s own children, on the ultrasound monitor and after, as something more than just “products of conception” or tissue for the knife.

Get that? The aborted fetus inspires “a very specific disgust, informed by reason and experience.” Which is precisely why Douthat would never go and crush a whole bunch of them under your feet for, say, the first five paragraphs. He’s not a hack, okay?


Bobby Jindal, totally awesome

Louisiana Governor and presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal in April:

bobby jindal bad april

In June:

bobby jindal bad june

So at the end of the month…

Jindal immediately released a statement saying he would institute the language through an executive order, which he later did…

“Governor Jindal has violated the Louisiana Constitution by setting up special protections for those who share his belief system,” said Marjorie Esman, the executive director of the ACLU’s Louisiana branch…

“It has not gone unnoticed that Governor Jindal not only issued his ‘Marriage and Conscience Order’ just hours after the House Civil Law and Procedure Committee voted not to advance an identical bill, but also one day after announcing an exploratory committee to prepare for a presidential run,” the lawsuit says.

Jindal launched his White House bid Wednesday.

The new Bobby Jindal, in July:

bobby jindal bad july

George Pataki, do take note.


U.S. Army to gun nuts: No thank you

They may not have been born with the sort of courage that compels a man to drive down to the Army station and sign up for a tour of duty in Afghanistan – there’s that UEI auto tech scholarship maybe coming from the Kiwanis Club, in the Fall, and the Call of Duty: Tehran Strike release is right after that (Christmastime) – but if Abdul from around the way thinks that he can just walk up and take out one of their local mall heroes, he’s got another thing coming.

In the wake of the attack civilians armed with handguns, rifles and assault weapons have assembled outside recruitment centers and military facilities in Georgia, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Idaho and other states…

Stewart Rhodes — president of the right-wing militia group the Oath Keepers — urged the group’s members to station themselves outside recruitment centers prepared to kill.

The toughest of the brave, these men are. How otherwise to describe the fine Americans who would pick up a Bushmaster .223 and patrol an office of the military, deep inside the homeland? Poised and ready to kill? Sure the Gas N’ Sip on Jefferson boulevard is where the real action is, but Fox News cameras haven’t been there since The Great Hip-Hop Powerball Riot of 2009. These grizzled warriors have answered with grit and determination – heck, with their lives – upon hearing the call of battle. Or upon hearing the call of Betty, from the Sunglass Hut next door, as they’re somewhat similar in logic and timbre. Anyways I’m sure the U.S. Army is quite pleased and impressed.

“If questioned by these alleged concerned citizens, be polite, professional and terminate the conversation immediately and report the incident to local law enforcement,” said the command letter.

Because if there’s one thing that the Army knows about, it’s guns. And it doesn’t matter at all who has a gun or why they’re walking around with it, we should only have as many as possible. So all of you mamas boy washout open wound flatfooted four-F fatty liver Alex Jones conspiracy studs: Please get out your M-16s and stalk our country’s recruitment centers.

The U.S. Army has warned personnel at recruitment centers to regard all armed civilians as a potential security threat…

They say they aim to gun down anyone who attacks, but the Army warned personnel that these people could pose a threat.

Or, maybe, could you please back the fuck away from us?

A police report said 28-year-old Christopher Reed was holding the rifle outside the recruiting station near the River Valley Mall in Lancaster, about 40 miles southeast of Columbus, at about noon when someone asked to look at the weapon. While Reed was clearing the ammunition from the rifle, he accidentally fired a shot into the pavement.

Reed was given a summons to appear in court on a misdemeanor charge of discharging a firearm within the city limits. A call to a number listed for him in the police report rang unanswered.

Before you kill somebody?


Little Ben Shapiro files charges against the big bad trangender lady

Apparently going on CNN and taunting a transgender woman by calling her ‘Sir’ is pretty awesome. Until she’s had quite enough and tells you to STFU, and then clearly some sort of crime has been committed.

On a panel discussion over Bruce Jenner’s receipt of ESPN’s Arthur Ashe Courage Award, [Zoey] Tur grabbed Shapiro’s neck and growled, “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.” Shapiro later alleged that Tur had threatened him after the appearance, “I’ll see you in the parking lot,” and that CNN security had escorted Shapiro to his car after ensuring Tur had left the premises.

That would be the play-by-play from Shapiro’s own Breitbart grotto. So feel free to replace Tur’s growling with ‘speaking to Ben much like other transgender females might but not like Broderick Crawford’, and the neck-grabbing with ‘laying a hand on Ben’s Kleenex-tissue back to chide him.’ We’re pretty sure the part about Ben crawling between the legs of studio security and then leaving the parking lot in a cloud of smoke and screeching tires is accurate. I’d say it’s likely in this case that Ben got his almighty butt hurt after being seriously rattled in front of a nationwide CNN audience by someone he disdained as effeminate and disgusting, then hearing the sorrow in her voice after having figured him out so quickly:

“You’re consumed with hatred. You’re a little man, a little boy.”

Of course Ben, seeing a television p.r. disaster in the offing, what with him looking frightened of a lady who’s probably on more estrogen than a 300-pound Octomom, immediately sought to dispel any impulse from the Todd Kincannon/Gateway Pundit peanut gallery to laugh and point at him by filing a vigorous battery report with the Los Angeles Police Department. Which reads:

“Susp & vict became involved in verbal argument over TG issues…susp became angry and…grabbed victim’s neck stating ‘cut that out or you will go home in an ambulance.’”

Signed: Benjamin Shapiro, thunderbro.

As for me, I will not be doing any pointing or laughing. Because I’m pretty sure Zoey could have kicked the living crap out of the little man had she been in the mood. It’s likely Ben only realized how close he came to serious embarrassment, in the form of real physical harm, some time after the incident was over. He probably thought a criminal complaint was wholly warranted right after he logged online and looked up who the hell this Zoey person was, and what she’d been doing all her life:

In 1988, Tur was credited by the Los Angeles Times with saving the lives of 54 people during a freak southern California storm in January of ’88.[12] Tur piloted a AS-350B Eurocopter helicopter through 60 knot winds, at night, to airlift stranded tourists from 22 foot seas that pounded apart their hotel, the Portofino Inn. Timing the interval of the waves, Tur and Byron Alperstein, the camera operator, made a dozen near zero visibility takeoffs and landings without losing a single victim.


In August 2006, Tur was cited by Israeli medics for saving the life of an IDF soldier during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict[15]During a Katyusha rocket attack, Tur’s television news crew found a 19 year-old soldier trapped in his crushed automobile. With the soldier unconscious, and not breathing, Tur, who had been shooting a documentary for an American satellite news operation, performed an emergency tracheotomy, intubating the man and restoring his breathing.

Oh, how it must sting. Being thoroughly outclassed by a dudechick.


Wagging his steel in Putin’s face

Why must they laugh at Scott Walker’s mighty sword?

He singled out China and Russia as needing to face American muscle.

“The United States needs a foreign policy that puts steel in the face of our enemies,” he said.

You cannot. Make this shit. Up.


Carly Fiorina throws herself under the feminist bus

Carly Fiorina made a Buzzfeed video. Yes, you should stop reading here. Snarly made her way to Buzzfeed – or the other way around – to riff on the way women often get treated in the workplace. Which is a good idea because an automaton reading cue cards can really make you feel sorry for human beings, you know?


The clip is especially poignant considering that at any time Carly could *sneeze* or *cough* oops and her iris cannons leave wisps of smoke where the actors once stood. But also because of this: How DARE it. How dare the CARLYTRON go and kiss Satan’s butt.

Carly is funny, engaging, and smart—but she used that power for evil. She walked into a young, modern, progressive venue, and threw her own womanhood under the bus in an effort to pander to a base that will never vote for her.

Carly The Powerful threw her womanhood under our bus and, therefore, evil. That’s how you write about politics, folks. This thing that liberals keep mewling about, women being treated like second-class citizens, is a matter of propaganda and not reality. The only person who’d want to bring it up would have to be a pandering politician

Fiorina has defined herself as a businesswoman, CEO, and force to be reckoned with; she should not have to—and should never (NEVER)—have to play into the hands of liberals who work every day to manufacture divides in our society.

History informs us here. Did Martin Luther King Jr. play into the hands of liberals? Did he try to come off as soft and weak? Did he want to divide our country with rhetoric and politics? Or did he fix a sneer on his face, and cowboy up?

This isn’t effective outreach; it’s Stockholm Syndrome.

Fuck those whiners. King soldiered on, without complaint. Which I’m pretty sure is why he got shot (can’t be too careful with the quiet ones). And all those noiseless people in the shadows, what you call ‘background’? We call that ‘leadership’.

As Professor Jacobson once said with regards to conservative candidates going on shows like Letterman, that exposure comes with a price.

This is what happens when you wander onto our internet. See also: Breitbart, Powerline, etc.


Donald Trump slams John McCain, prisoner of war

Dateline: Donald Trump takes the Republican caucus by storm. I figure this is because the billionaire has the guts to tell it like it really is – as he did again this morning, while talking about Senator John McCain.

He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero — he’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, I hate to tell you.

If nothing else The Donald gets you to thinking. Is John McCain a war hero? Are prisoners of war all losers? Are winners the only people who should run for president? Can we trust a mouthy billionaire? These are thorny questions. Good thing I’m a liberal.


New Republic reveals the teenage concubines of Bernie Sanders

The liberal New Republic digs deep, deep, and delivers us the sort of ballsy investigative reporting one would otherwise expect of Washington Post-like operatives Woodward and Bernstein. The exposé:

Bernie and little boys

Just who are these poor young men? Why are they being kept in the shadows? What sorts of dastardly things are they being forced to do in those archives? Not sure about you, but I don’t think I trust this ‘Bernie’ fellow any more.

These men work for Sanders’s presidential campaign, the headquarters of which is a stone’s throw away, and they have been tasked with digitizing the entire archive—a gargantuan effort that left the librarians flummoxed when staffers announced their plans last week. It’s a vast trove of some 30 boxes of documents chronicling Sanders’s eight-year mayoralty of Burlington and other early political activities.

A 30-box trove of old papers? At the University of Vermont? Oh, I see. Bernie is the former mayor of Burlington – not a child molester. It’s weird how those two things get so easily mixed up, you know?


Great moments in liberal media

On Tuesday, after the terms of the Iran accord were announced, CBS News’ Major Garrett asked President Obama:

“Can you tell the country, sir, why you are content — with all the fanfare around this deal — to leave the conscience of this nation and the strength of this nation unaccounted for in relation to these four Americans?”

…but friends, please don’t accuse Garrett of behaving un-professionally or asking un-answerable questions. He happens to be the rare reporter who keeps tabs on the conscience and the strength of this nation, and we’re very fortunate to have him.


Calling Southern whites a bunch of animals, alright

I am reminded of an essential truth about America.

In an ironic twist to the GOP’s war on the poor, it turns out that the people who are the most negatively affected by Republican cuts in food programs – are Republicans themselves.

Statistics reveal that the city holding the most beneficiaries of the SNAP program (a favorite target of the GOP) is 99.22% white and 95% Republican. Owsley County, Kentucky earns the lowest median household income in the country, but they are the most prolific government-takers in U.S. existence.

The people who need the most government assistance, and who use it most frequently – as well they should – are poor people in Republican states.

Take a look at who uses food stamps in America:

food stamp usage in america

You see the South is deep red. A solid block of food stamp reliance extends from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia to South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia. Already devastated by poverty, and a lack of state assistance – at the insistence of a deep-red Republicanism that runs rampant through local politics – you can imagine what would happen to white folks if federal assistance were to be cut off as well. If, say, the GOP of Oklahoma were to have its way:

OKGOP and food stamps

If the GOP could only stop the government from hand-feeding white people in the confederate states, the mongrels would learn to feed themselves. I’m sure Bubba will appreciate hearing this.